Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Four

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A lot of black people can tell you this and its not even us crying wolf, when you work for white people you have to up your game because they have these ridiculous expectations of you. Maybe we have a different work ethic between the races but they always seem like they are doing more than you are doing. I will give you an example of a farmer or those road engineer guys. The white guy stands on the side and barks out orders whilst the black guy breaks his back doing the heavy lifting. At the day the blame or credit is placed on the white guy if the job was not well done as though he lifted a finger. The same was true in my law firm. I am not in anyway making excuses for incompetence but as black lawyers we were simply outgunned here. The bar is white, the cases we get often the white guys get the good ones and so on. That is why when Lindiwe and I went on that work trip I had celebrated like I had gotten a promotion itself. Its because for some reason they do not seem to think we can handle the job which we went to the same university for. I did not graduate from under a rock! I went to one of the best schools in the country yet I was treated like I graduated out of Jeppe College! That’s the reality of being in private usually. In any case they wanted me so I had to go see what the drama was.

Lindiwe and I walked in at the same time meaning we did not even have time to discuss what could be possibly going on. In the boardroom, yes boardroom not office even though that’s what he had said another of the partners was there. This was serious. Named partners do not often make meetings, even disciplinary ones yet I had them both in one meeting. Often they are golfing with “clients”! If you are a young professional you really have to learn this most boring of sports just to be able to be invited to the things that matter. What the hell is a handicap?
“Good morning Sir!”
I said as soon as I sat down. I still had a smile on my face because the last thing you want to do is look guilty for a crime you did not even commit and at this stage did not even know what it was I had to fear. Lindiwe also greeted but I noted she did not look at me one moment. I guess she did not want us to give away our secret. Never sleep with a collague! Its fun yes, its naughty yes as it breaks most rules but above all the level of awkwardness if it was a one night stand is way too high for comfort. Now we had to pretend that we had never seen each other naked? Ah, this was a bit much.

One partner then said as soon as he sat down,
“Guys we have a problem! What happened in Pretoria?”
I must say I appreciate how candid and forthright he was but I was stumped? Was that a trick question? I almost said I beg your pardon but I did not. I explained our meeting and how we had dealt with the issue getting us the firm a big deal in the process. I was very confident as this indeed is what had happened. Lindiwe concurred with me that this indeed was the case and straightened her skirt as she did so! Eish, those thighs, that tight fitting skirt, I wished I could just lift her up and put her on the table and just fuck her hard! Mxolisi concentrate! I shouted at myself inside me! What was going on with me? I recompossed myself. The partner talking then said,
“We have been trying to re-sign that company for a long time and we have all tried and failed. You guys go there for two days and not only do you sign them up but actually you signed them at a higher retainer is quite something!”
He said coldly. Was this because we had succeeded where they had failed? You will be surprised there are people who do not want to be outshone even if it benefits them let alone by a black person. I am trying not to make this about race but at the beginning I did say that my law firm was indeed black and white literally and figuratively.
“That’s a good thing right the fact that we resigned them and got us a better deal? From our mandate I remember that we were given full authority including resigning them at a loss if need be.”
Lindiwe stated to them. We were very confused about what was going on because so far they had been vague.

The named partner looked through some papers as though he was looking for something then spoke up for the first time,
“An allegation has been laid against you two that you bribed them into signing the contract! No not bribe, you blackmailed them!”
He said sternly! Was this man crazy? Had he really just said that? How on earth did we blackmail them?

“I beg your pardon sir, we what?”

I asked him with a stupid and shocked look on my face. Firstly to blackmail someone you have to have leverage. They were just our clients and I knew nothing of them. Why then would I blackmail them because I had nothing to gain from it? It was not worth losing my job over that’s for sure.

“Sir that’s a serious charge. We did not blackmail anyone and they will need to prove that we did in any way because if they fail I am going to sure the shit out of them!”

Lindiwe said going into fighter mode. She really was a warrior this one. In the business world the most painful thing is to sue someone because taking money from someone who worked hard at making it is so painful. Its a wonder why sugardaddies allow these kids to get their money! Making money is hard which is why suing is really a hammer blow!

“You are entitled to that remedy because at this point we have no choice but to put you under suspension whilst we investigate. You can seek legal council of your own but I should warn you, should you be found guilty we will send your matter to the legal board!”

Just like that!

Good morning to me indeed!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I have been dating my man for three years now. We do not live together but we see each other at least every todays and sleep over etc. We are both 25 and both agree that its too soon to get married. All in all he is a good guy and we have our fights here and there but nothing major. The problem is temptation has entered my life. I kissed this guy at work and now every spare time we get me and this guy fool around. Its so much fun I won’t lie but I know that I don’t even love him. My boyfriend is a very safe guy who does not take risk. We are comfortable but I can’t say we have fun. We have date night and go to braai’s and house parties (formal things). I miss that sense of adventure where I can let loose and be crazy. This guy does these things to me. I have spoken to my man about improving our social life but he is so set in his ways. Am so frustrated.

Please Advise


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  1. Thanks Mike for early dose, bribed? didn’t see that one coming! but I have a feeling Lindiwe is behind this.

  2. Been waiting for too long,this is getting more & more interesting,thanks Mike..AQ2I guess you must talk to him more & even suggest places otherwise uzolahlekelwa okukhona ngokungekho. Remember 80/20 rule!!

  3. Lebo stop fooling around with this work guy and focus on ur relationship…cause u will lose a good guy chasing after temporary adventure..incorporate fun things and spice up ur rship

  4. Thanks Mike. Short but sweet.
    Lebo.What is the problem here really? No wonder men believe we women dont know what we want. It’s because of women like you! for once can a woman be happy with the good man she has? PLEASE!! You just said your bf was a great guy so what is it that you want? If he started going out all the time you’ll be back here o tlo re seleka o re botsa gore he doesn’t spend enough time with you nyweee nyweee nyweee. Make up your mind sesi! Do you want the boring good guy who loves you or a bad boy player o tlo go robang pelo wa swaba? Many, many women would love to have a man like yours, myself included, so give the poor guy a break or let him go so he can find a woman worthy of him. O tlogele go re seleka ka non-existent problems mo. Grow up!!! No one is perfect and you can’t have it all. be happy with what you have and stop being selfish.

    1. I think you are bit rude to Lebo and believe me you can advice without being rude or you can keep quite I mean she just said she’s frustrated but I don’t think she will appreciate your respond try by all means to be sensitive when you respond to people’s problems.


  5. I think Lindiwe did blackmail them,there was one meeting she attended alone.

    @Tumi,o opile kgomo lenaka,motho o busy o tibisitse 20% and she will lose the 80%

  6. Siyanda I agree with you. The post is too short and therefore made it extremely boring. Would’ve been a lot better if we were at least told how they blackmailed the clients

  7. Well said, Tumi…

    Girls mess up good guys and they go ruin the rest of the world…

    Know what you want and go for it, you won’t have the best of both worlds forever…

    Enkos Bra Mike

  8. thank you Mike and team but this is very short, yaa ne I pity Asthandile because now her hubby will be busy with her friend trying to relieve his stress.

    Tumi off course cheating will frustrate you because now you start comparing between the two men you are with hence before you cheated this didn’t frustrate you, at the end of the day you are the one that knows what you need so the decision is lying with you my dear make up your mind before you frustrate your b/friend and give him a reason not to trust women. Try to make fun on what you guys normally do.

  9. Good read mikey as always . @Lebo u must stop chasing 10% in the relationship and learn t focus on the 90% that u hav. U dont even knw the guy so much and u want to loose onsomethng valuable.

  10. Wow what a chapter.
    @Tumi there are women out there who would give the world to be with great men but settle for less, now here you are with more and you wana settle for less? Sister dont stress about what you cant change rather appreciate what you have. In life you never realise what you have till its gone.

  11. Nice one Mike,

    @Tumi, i sence you dont like your boyfriend and take him for granted, because well, he is not what you want. He is great and all but not what YOU want. do you both a favour and end this. These games you playing will just hurt you both.

  12. yhooo at least you and Lindiwe are on the same side.
    Q & A – He’s doing these things to you………exciting times indeed. Sisi sometimes being young means trying new and exciting things. But be very careful that you don’t leave a good guy for temporary adventure.

  13. Wow thats a twist i never expected thanks bra mike. @Lebo focus pn showing ur man how much fun u can have together rather than telling him. Make him meet u somewhere nd go crazy together. And leave that guy at work please ull lose a gud thing over a fling

  14. This chapter is so confusing,what just happened? Why people ly about such things? Thanks Mike.
    QnA: dear,there’s no temptation, you are just being naughty that’s all. Ask yourself this question “is it worth loosing the man you love?”
    Bring a spark back to your love life,plan the outings that will make u happy. Remind him of the things that made you fall in love with him. Men don’t speak in riddles we do so at times you have to be brutally honest with them. Good luck and stop flirting naughty gal ☺

  15. Ae bo LEBO ke di febelina vele so I aint surprised ! girl please stop trying to justify your whoring ways by blaming your boyfriend for not being fun. I say leave him and have your fun instead of playing him for a bloody fool!

  16. Ndiyamsola uLindiwe kulenyewe nguye onolwazi olunzulu ngayo……”Lebo ustout wena kutheni ungazami ololonwaba lwakho lomzuzwana nomntu wakho??? uze ukhumbule ukuba umntu wale temporary lover yakho uyakhala ke yena wonwabile nje wena!

  17. People be blaming Lebo here,amazing hey! Lebo it’s normal to find this other person other than your partner who can give meaning to life, a person who will tickle you when your partner doesn’t know you like to play, a person who will reveal this other side of you that u never knew existed, this person who makes you happy….it is normal and yes it happens to most people that’s is why most ” good” girls are with tsotsiz it’s only because they make em feel better,

    Sometimes this relationship cud work out fine, guy changes and you even get married But mostly guy 2 is a player and to him you are just ” another girl” he will bang n pass, my advise to you dear Lebo is weigh out the options, you know very well what you want in life, do you want a committed guy who you can build a future with or u just wanna play njeee, don’t male long term decisions based on injabulo yeskhashana,

    Follow your heart as you make a wiser choice….good luck!

  18. Thanks Mike,Lebo omo gwanti klarr just grow up!I lost my woman cause I liked things then she did the same to me n I found out.just make a choice Ohhh use condoms lol

  19. @ following, how can her b/friend of 3 years sunddenly become an option, I as a guy would also dump lebo if I found out that I was an option after being together for so long, its simple lebo go have your fun and leave the poor guy alone just don’t come back here when he has moved on and the fun provider has gone back to his lover too!

  20. I am disappointed with the way the matter has been handled, by now you would have thought that such situations are a thing of the past. Clearly being black “might” be a sin forever in the eyes of a white man. If even our own “black” legal guys cant defend themselves in this instance. Indeed Lessons are learned from your Writings……Thanx Mike!

  21. Thanks Mike. Lol… Satan has just entered your house, and this time round – she’s stark naked.
    A to Q: speak to your fiance about all your concerns, don’t make him choose. Just state the facts…

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