Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Eight

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I was not afraid of Khanyi. In fact I figured if I showed any sign of weakness then she would have me where she wanted me. I went to drop off Zimasa, well after a good 45minutes of her getting ready. I honestly don’t get it, why do women take so long to get ready? Do you have more parts to wash, lotion and powder than men? A woman will get angry for a man being impatient when she is an hour late herself knowing you have an appointment! The only time she will not be late is when she has a hair appointment? Nah, that one she will never make that mistake and it becomes your fault if you get her to that appointment late! Now I was going to have three women in my house, three! I have to count Zimasa though only 17 as a woman because she brought her own brand of drama.

When I got to my in laws place they were already on Zimasa’s case. She had chosen to wear these tight shorts but truth be told they were quite long for them to react like this. They were longer than mid thigh and when I had picked her up I actually had not been aware that they could be perceived as sexy. Now that they went on and on about it I had to look and maybe they were a bit on the tight side. Funny enough half the people in Mdantsane, older ones included dress like this so what was their problem. They were only making it awkward for all involved! Could they not have waited to embarrass her when I had left. No tact whatsoever. When I left there I headed home to confront my demons. I actually think I needed this time to speak to Khanyi to get to the bottom of this.

When I got into the house she was sitting in her room with her door slightly open. It was almost as though she was waiting for me to come back so she could hear me enter. She said she did not want to go through the fridge for food without permission. Ok that was awkward. I told not to be ridiculous and I told her jokingly that mi casa su casa! Bad mistake again Mxolisi! You don’t tell your mistress that what’s mine is yours! She gets the wrong impression and in this case, for the first time since all this happen I detected a smile on her face. I could not see the smile clearly through all the swelling but it was going down. How on earth could someone hit someone else like this? No no no! This is wrong indeed! I asked her if should make her something and she said no she just needed a banana if I had one and it must be mashed because she could not open her mouth that wide. Khanyi, Khanyi, Khanyi! Those words were dripping with sexual innuendo and even how she said it was so suggestive. It was hard not to swallow spit and this is what made me suspect she was lying even more!

When I went to the kitchen and came back she was curled up in her bed. Now she was back to playing victim. She asked me if I could feed her because the bruises on her hands still hurt and immediately she showed me! Had this woman been hit by a crowbar. I did not refuse nor did I protest. Asthandile was coming in about eight hours in any case so this was time to bring out the lawyer in me and grill this twisted woman.

“I am so sorry I left the door open yesterday. I don’t know why I did not stay to make sure you had locked behind you. It was very bad judgment on my part and you…”

I stuttered I think did not know the right words,

“…you paid the price for it”

I began. Immediately the tears came out of her eyes. She did not even hesitate bringing out the waterworks. She stopped eating and turned her back at me. Dramatic much I thought! This woman was a liar of note!

“When I heard I could not believe it! I was so shocked! I felt so bad! And again I am sorry.”

I said. I was not sure at this stage how to angle in back into the conversation the way I wanted it to go. I stood up to leave.

“The truth is you don’t even believe me,”

She said in what was barely a whisper,

“You think I lied about this to get back to you about what you said after we were done! I am not stupid. How could I have planned that happening so fast because that was the first time we slept together so how could I possibly have known you would say that to me?”

She asked me! She had a point. I don’t think she had expected me saying that was the last time because that was incredible sex unless she already had her goons sitting outside. Another thing is she knew I suspected she was lying which I feel bad about. In law school they always told in cases of sexual assault most women do not report for fear of being victimised and above all being accused of lying and trying to trap a man. Looking at this whole case this is what had just happened!

I told her the truth that part of me did not believe and that I had gone to Wynberg to see the so called rapist and that kid was gay I said! There was no way it was him. She said that the police were wrong about the kid too. She said when they broke into her house or rather walked in since I had left the door wide open for them, the kid just wanted to steal, it was the other guy who wanted sex. The kid had tried to stop him saying that this was not his thing he was leaving but the big guy slapped him and told him he must stand there and watch how a real man dominates a woman. He said maybe this would stop him from being a “faggot”! She said the big guy even offered the kid a chance but he had refused and left saying he was going to call the cops himself if he did not stop. That’s when the big guy got out of her and proceeded to beat her up. This time she was crying and a part of me was crying too. Khanyi might be a homewrecker but to treat someone like they were used toilet paper, worthless and useless is wrong.

I actually had tears in my eyes. I stood up because I did not want Khanyi to see my tears. This was so sad. I was so sad.

My phone rang.

It was my connection from Wynberg Police Station!

“Ek het slegte nuus, meneer; hierdie diere het die seun verkrag tot hy gedood het van inwendige bloeding.”


I asked him to translate to English because I was totally lost!

“Askies! I have bad news sir, these animals raped that boy till he was dead from internal bleeding!”

What had I done?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I have always wanted to be married and have a wedding. I have been dating the same guy since high school right through university. I am 27 now and he is 29. In January he proposes. He has already paid the dowry (lobola) and now we planning the wedding. I was so excited at first but now even the thought disgusts me. We are wedding in September. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to get married. I swear nothing happened. He did not cheat nor did I. I woke up one morning and had changed my mind. What should I do? Help me please am messing up my own dream.

Thank You


Good Morning

Women’s Month is fast approaching. In August the blog would like to run testimonials of abuse and this includes physical, sexual and emotional. It does not matter whether you are male or female. Please share your stories. If you notice I have been trying to do a sexual abuse theme to create awareness. Every letter you post as your testimonial will be posted on the blog after every chapter like we do with our QnA. I believe that the more people become aware of the level of abuse people will stop pretending it’s not happening. You can keep your identities hidden. email to

Be Blessed and Stay Strong

Mike Maphoto

23 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Fifty Eight

  1. Morning ya’ll & Thank U Mike.
    TRUE, these things happen,,,now the poor kid died just by being with the wrong company. How I wish they cud have done that 2 the big guy who raped Khanyi…Eish, Mxolisi what have U done?
    @runawaybride U have bridal nerves lala….relax & go for ur happily ever after experience darling…its not that bad after all. Its every woman’s dream. U cant change ur mind now…
    Rather go 4 pre-marital councilling…it shud help 2 calm U down..2 late lovey!!!Gud luck & God Bless ur marriage!!!

  2. Oh my that poor child, although i was under the impression that he was moved to a safer holding cell too. Iyho guess you can never really know.
    Thanks Mike

  3. Today’s chapter was jus sad, rape some1 till they die, now thats jus something else. Worst the guy wasnt even sentenced. Q&A u jus getting cold feet, I know the idea of comitting to one person for the rest of your life is scary, thnk things through clearly and dont make any drastic decisionso

  4. Your writing Mike confirms the saying that truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for explaining the ‘themes’ it makes for easier reading because much as we live in the real world reading about it takes a strong constitution. Keep up the good work Mike. We appreciate it.

    Runaway bride. I so get u, u have no idea. I remember how I felt a few months before my wedding, I had to take each day as it comes or I would have bolted like a horse. U could go see a psychologist or a priest just to help you unburden yourself but the 2 best things u can do is talk to your God & secondly realise that u are one of those people who sometimes find it hard to go through with the reality of their wishes. It is a common thing for certain personalities & u will find it happening more often as life requires more from u. Its not to say you are making the wrong decision its just that when you are faced with the reality of what you wanted something in you baulks at the reality of seeing it through. When the kids come u might find yourself in a similar situation. I have learnt to live with and talk myself through such moments. Hang in there and take each day as it comes, the mind can be its own enemy. May the Lord be with you through this difficult time.

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