Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Thirty One

Thozama Mqikela



After hearing about the breaking of knees Tyler started singing like a church choir boy, fear is a great motivator, he told us that there was another boy that had been bragging about stealing a BMW he said he was high when the boy was talking about the car and had not paid much attention. David again started explaining to me that these kids smoke drugs like Nyaope, cocaine etc and when they want money for their drugs they will do anything, they can even kill, I was lucky that I had come out of the whole incident alive. I wished I had never gone to that restaurant with Mfundo and I so wished that I had never agreed to going to that BnB, I was regretting all the choices I had made but it was too late for regrets, these were the cards that life had dealt me and I just had to deal with it, you know what they say sink or swim. So my hubby’s thug friends told the boy Tyler to take us to his friends place. Ryan’s car was at the parking so they left the young boy we had found at the house at took Tyler with them. Ryan sat in front alone, he was the driver, David and my husband sat at the back of the car with Tyler in the middle, I guess this was to make sure that Tyler doesn’t run off and I was told to follow behind them with my husband’s car. I drove behind them for about 10 minutes we got to other flats, I parked behind Ryan’s car. Mfundo came to me and told me to stay in the car, I did as I was told, they went in I don’t know which flat they went into a few minutes later I saw them coming out with another guy, scrap that they were dragging this new guy out, I watched from the car and Mthobisi came and stood by the window and told me to follow them, I followed, I wondered where we were going, maybe this new boy also came up with another name and we were probably following that up, I was getting tired of these drive here, drive there to beat up someone games. Only when we stopped did I realise where we were, we were in the same driveway where I got hijacked, we were at the BNB where Mfundo and I had gone to try and get our freak on, my heart was beating soo hard it felt like it was going to come out of my mouth, I could see the lights on at the house of the old lady that had come to assist us after the hijacking, I wanted to run to her house and ask her to help me, coz in my heart I knew I was next to receive the beat downs, I was convinced that my crazy husband must have known about the affair, how else would he have known I was at this particular BNB, I needed to plan my escape very fast. I was shaking like a leaf, I knew I could not run with Mthobisi’s car it has a tracker, he would find my ass before I even turned a corner, the gate to the BNB opened, they drove in, this was my chance to run, but where the hell do I run to? I didn’t even know the place so well and running to that white old lady’s house would only be putting her poor sweet soul in danger I could run and try and find a taxi but problem is I didn’t even know where taxi were in this place and in some areas taxi’s pass on specific routes and I doubt very much that they passed around here they usually go on busy roads and this is one hell of a quiet street. I was screwed, there was no way out of this one, none whatsoever. You know how people will tell you that in life you always have a choice that is a lie; here I was with no choice. Ryan must have seen me hesitating or maybe Mthobisi told him to hoot, the sound caught me by surprise I jumped so high my head hit the roof of the car, I tried motivating myself “Mthobisi loves me and would never hurt me”. Who was I kidding, I had no idea who my husband was and the past 2 weeks I had been discovering a whole lot of new things about my husband. I drove in slowly and stopped behind Ryan’s car, I looked at the wall trying to see how high I would have to jump when shit breaks. They all came out of the car; I sat inside and didn’t move an inch it felt like if I moved they would hear me, I wanted to be as quite as possible and maybe if they don’t hear me they will forget about me. No such luck, David came this time and not my husband, oh Lord Mthobisi must be so upset that he doesn’t even want to talk to me I thought. David stood next to my window he started explained that they knew the owner of this place and when he heard that Mthobisi’s wife had been hijacked outside his property he asked that they bring to him whoever had done the hijacking, I could see David talking but I was not hearing anything I was just for the moment when Mthobisi comes and asks me about Mfundo. I said a small prayer in my heart “good Lord if you get me out of this one, I promise I will behave, I will be an obedient wife who asks no questions, please don’t let them hurt me”. This life that I am living is no life to live, and once again we go back to people who say you have a choice, I did not choose a husband who is a thug, I choose a loving, caring, amazing husband I don’t know when and how he had turned to this person. It’s like when you have a cheating husband when you decided to get married he was not a cheat, he was as loyal and faithful as any man could be and 2-3 years down the line he reveals his true colours and starts cheating and you don’t know if he had been cheating on you from the beginning and you were too love blinded to see or if this is something that started now after a few years of marriage, that’s exactly the same way I felt about my husband I didn’t know when these criminal activities had started and I even envied woman that have problems of cheating husbands compared to my problem, they are drowning in a damn, in small water, I on the other hand am swimming in the ocean with sharks and I have no life jacket.
Mthobisi had gone inside the BNB; he came out with a white man I figured that must be the owner of the place, he was bald, and well-built looked like the type that was a regular at the gym, my husband pointed at the 2 boys that they had taken at the 2 flats, the white dude went to them, he punched the last boy that we had picked up so hard that he went flying and hit the floor, my mouth dropped wide opened, WTF? David was still at my window so I asked who that man was, he said that’s Thomas, I knew that name I could not remember from where but I knew the name, then it hit me, he’s the guy that my husband had asked me to call the night he got arrested. How stupid and foolish could I have been, out of all the BNB’s and hotels in Joburg I came with my lover to the biggest thug’s BNB who happens to be very good friends with my husband, I had dug my own grave and now I was going to get buried in it. My mouth became dry I started sweating, I swear this crazy life was giving me high blood pressure, David looked at me and asked if I was okay, I said I need water, he went inside to get me some, Mthobisi and Thomas were busy with the 2 boys they were talking and the white guy kept punching them, Mthobisi in all this had not lifted a finger, he was the perfect gentlemen just asking questions and the others were doing the beating I started wondering if he was saving his energy for me, why did I even attempt having an affair, all the signs were there that I should not continue with this silly affair and I still forced matters, some things should not be done by certain people and I fell under the people who should not have affairs. It’s like guys who are married to psycho women they should never have affairs because the psycho wife will go and beat-up your mistress and her entire family. David came back and handed me the water, I drank half of it without stopping, Mthobisi and Thomas came close to the car, I almost shat myself, Mthobisi asked if I was okay I said yes I just have a bit of a headache, he introduced me to Thomas and told me he is the owner of the place, Thomas apologised for me having to see him do that to those boys in front of me as a lady I should not have to see such things he said, I said it was okay. Shit if this man is the owner then he has the registry of everyone that comes in and Mfundo’s stupid idea of a story of saying we were dropping some women here would not hold, what if they had cameras at the gate and they view those cameras and no women comes out of the car, I should never have listened to that stupid man called Mfundo, he was sitting at home comfortable with his wife while I was here about to have my ass buried alive. Thomas said he needed to go wash his hands he would be back he went inside the house, I asked Mfundo how he knew that I had been hijacked at this BNB, he responded coolly and said he had called tracker and the told him everything. I said “everything?”, he smiled coldly and said “yes Lee, everything” he then walked away and spoke to Ryan for a few seconds then took Ryan’s keys and got inside Ryan’s car, I was a bit confused of what was happening now until I saw Ryan put the last boy that we had come with from the last flats on the floor he positioned his legs directly opposite the tyres of the car, Mthobisi started the car, I ran out to Ryan’s car screaming and crying, I begged my husband not to run over this boy’s legs.

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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  1. Tanx Bra Mike, I go with those who wish that mistep be during the weekday, its a good dose b4 i see my boss face. Blessed sunday to all, peace

  2. Yoh! I pray lee doesn’t get caught xem rly feel sorry for her who knws wat ds thugs are gonna do 2her ay mthobisi is heart-less…anyway thanx Mike and Thozama I wish we had misteps during da week…next week just seems too far

  3. Its always drama with action thts why I love this missteps, how I wish it could be daily though, good 1 Thozama and thank u!

  4. Iyooo, this is now deep. This guy is connected to the wrong people. If these guys r prepared to do all these dirty work for him, what is he doing for them? Lee is rolling with a thug and thugs normally dont abuse their women…….so I feel sorry for Mfundo. If Mothibisi knows about Mfundo, then Mfundo is the late!

  5. Nice chapter bt I feel like it was more detailed only on their whereabouts nt on any particular conversations. So plz bra Mike, I’m BEGGING you please please ngiyacela plz let missteps be for during the week alongside with memoirs of a tired black man and make confessions a weekend blog. Nxt week is just too far

  6. Thozama u r a freakin great writer. This is funny and scary at the same time. Very carefully thought out

    Lee yena nje. I will say a lil prayer for her shem

  7. Thanx mike dat was a gr8 chapter..bt plz plz cn u bring bck d dairy of a zulu gal…ngiyacela shame

  8. Lee, your man is a real thug. You must change your mind about going to work in Cape Town, irrespective of the money.

  9. Thanks Team, this is captivating,… Mmh next week Sat is too far kodwa. Wooooooh Lee usenjeni Nkosazana, pray hard ntombi – you need a miracle to save you out of this one.

  10. Omg mthobisi maaaan he’s a scumbag .I feel sorry for mfundo if mthobisi find out what you’ve been doing to his wife we might as well say R.I.P mfundo!

  11. Nice one missteps during the week confessions on weekends please please Mikey next week is just tooooooooooooooooo farrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lee you should be thankful that the hijacking happened just imagine if you and mfundo went inside the BNB while you busy kissing and touching mfundo infront of Thomas. And you had no idea that he’s your husband’s friend and the guy you’ve been calling, your ass would’ve being double fucked by now. So don’t stop praying or else it’s going to be your legs that will be run over by a car and mthobisi will be the driver of that car.

    I fully agree with those that says missteps should be posted during the week and confessions should be posted on the weekends.
    Thanks Mike and Thoz.

  13. Thozama n Mikey…u r gr8 writers. YES I agree with da other reader for Missteps to b moved for during da wk read n Confessions to b a wkend read….thank u a mil.
    I feel sorry for Mfundo n Lee.

    1. One doesn’t need to say more than that. The sad part is he hasn’t even gotten some yet. So he will die for thinking about hitting it without actually hitting it. I feel double sorry for him shame. It will prove to be the most costly thought to ever cross his mind.

  14. OMG Its a good thing thing that this hijacking happened before they could get in. Thomas could have recognised her and she would be in hot water now. Thugs love really hard it wouldnt make sense for him to attack Mfundo is the one who will get his knees run over.

    To those who want Misteps during the week think about it this way: having it on the weekend gives them enough time to think and write the story well. Putting the story during the week will just compromise its quality and length. lets just enjoy it during the week. Or Mike can Post is from Friday to Sunday ke at least

  15. These guys have friends everywhere. Ask me, I know. I was once in that type of relationship. You can’t do anything without them knowing. It’s like they have you followed. Mfundo is the one who is in deep shit.I feel for him.

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  19. Lol ay shame lee, I feel sorry for you and mfundo….. Mfundo is dead nje…..njengoba mthobisi ethi he knows eveything ay shame…… LEE DON’T GO eCAPE TWN coz mfundo will want your honey pot….. And m sure mthobis unabangan lapho what if he fnds out……..

    Next week is very far, I will b happy if I could see MISSTEPS ON TUESDAY


  20. Its true what they say hey, you can never really know a person no matter how long you have been together for. Lee this should tell you just how little you know about your man neh.

    Ah shem Mtho is a real thug yho and he is heartless.If he kills and buries lee no one will ever find her shem. Lee cancel the trip money or no money just cancel it shem.

    I agree with Tamz though if missteps is moved to weekdays it won’t be so fun.

  21. Yho I was sweating while reading this one, Lee dear stay away from Mfundo if u know what’s good for u.
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    as for Mfudo,R.I.P papa coz Mtho is gonna panel beat you hard.

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  24. Lee usekakeni my girl, I hope that old woman angaphumi coz she’ll recognise u. I was once in ur situation ngiqala nokucheater ngavele ngabanjwa. Yhoo I still have nightmares about that day!!

  25. The only person I’m feeling sorry for now is mfondo what mthobisi will do to her if he finds out he has been screwing his wife… N lee needs a break to smile n be happy she’s the unluckiest person I know,maybe not compared to Thandeka thank u mike!

  26. this book is much more interesting, it makes me so nervous… to think of my dude that guy is just scary and i can never confirm what is about to happen. but it is so exciting…

  27. This stuff belongs on DSTV Mikey…all your books in fact.

    Thanks for the entertainment man u r Sooo GooD

  28. Mike missteps is an absolutely fabulous diary, and I feel u should post as often as you can whether it be weekdays or weekend nje, I enjoy reading and with silence since u last posted, I’m about to go out of my mind! #plz Mike those who work during the week can catch up with later. I mean diary of zulu girl worked out like dat and so can missteps. 🙂 please reconsider pleazzzzZzze!

  29. Pls read the script before posting…u wer talking abt Mfundo’s name while u meant Mthobisi….pls b professional

  30. its a good one Tozama n MIKE Now listen to me…if u really knw wats good for u…….move this to WEEKDAYS…..Ndicingba ndivakele

  31. Hi Mike. I never comment on these blogs that you have been posting. However, i feel the need to because of the fact that you seem to make the same mistakes…which i have ignored but feel that it’s now time for me to say something. Please read your work before posting. I’m saying this because i realised in the previous chapter you keep referring to Mthobisi as Mfundo. As the reader it needs to be clear to me which character you referring to. Please, proof read your work first or ask someone to assist you in correcting mistakes you may not see.

    I am otherwise very happy with your blogs and love them to bits.

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