Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Thirty Four

Thozama Mqikela



Before I could even answer She Rocks stepped in between us and told Mthobisi not to be ridiculous, she told him that this is her boyfriend and I had only meet him last night. Mthobisi said he had been worried sick about me and had tried calling me and there was no answer on my phone and after the hijacking, he just had been over-worried and over-protective over me because the last thing he wanted was to lose his wife to some senseless crime, he went on about how he would not be able to survive without me and how I was his everything. He then apologized to Siyabonga while straightening his t-shirt after he had roughed it up when he was attacking him and introduced himself to him, my friends thought that this was the sweetest man under the sun, they even forgot about Siyabonga and told him they completely understood what he must have been going through and how lucky I was to have such an amazing man. Okay, okay I admit I should have let my friends call him but knowing my husband he would have shut down the club and caused a scene and that was the last thing I needed, Andiswa had a bit of an idea of what my husband was capable of but she didn’t know the full story and the rest of my friends had no clue about my husband’s shenanigans and I was planning on keeping it that way, you can share a few things with your friends but not the hectic stuff that will make them go tjooo, and next thing you know you are the subject of every stokvel out there and that will include people you have never meet and probably will never ever meet discuss your business, not that I didn’t trust my friends but I know that keeping a secret is not as easy thing especially when it’s not your secret coz you know you have nothing to lose if you share it as long as the secret-owner never finds out. As a secret-owner you wonder why you get dirty looks from people that you never even associate yourself with kanti your gals ain’t loyal.

A wife should never sleep outside her home without her husband knowing where she is, this is common sense no one should have to teach you that, I had broken that rule but to my defense I was drugged and had no self-control so this is a valid excuse it’s not like I was out in a hotel with Mfundo, speaking of which what the hell did Mthobisi do to him? This was neither the place nor the time to be asking such questions not that I had the guts to ask anyway. My mind was racing with a lot of thoughts; the stupid drug must probably still be in my system. Cleo started explaining to Mthobisi how I had been drugged, oh shit, shit, that’s the last thing I wanted Mthobisi to know he will be worried sick, my friends and I had had no time to discuss a strategy on how we were going to handle this situation, well Mthobisi didn’t give us a chance it was only a few minutes after 6 and he was here already so how on earth were we suppose to strategize. His eyes popped wide opened, he said “Cleo, my wife was drugged and you didn’t see it fit to call me? And you call yourself a friend?” Oh wow that was so hurtful to Cleo I had to defend her, I told him that if Cleo and the rest of the girls were not there only God knows what would have happened to me, all they did was try and keep me safe. Mthobisi asked all of us if we knew who spiked my drink, we all said no. He said “Lesedi go get dressed we are leaving”. I did as I was told.

Cleo’s car was parked behind mine, I didn’t even know how my car got to Siyabonga’s place, and she reversed her car out while I said my goodbyes. Mthobisi actually went to Siyabonga and shook his hand and thanked him for taking care of me, poor guy said it was no problem at all, and said Mthobisi can thank him by coming to church this Sunday, my husband laughed he thought he was joking until She Rock explained that Siyabonga was close to being a Pastor at his church, Mthobisi was a bit embarrassed for laughing so he said we’ll be at church on Sunday, I gave him the “you on your own look” he then turned to She Rocks and said “sms the address to Lee, she’ll be driving us to church” then winked at me, I hit him with my elbow playfully and he came from behind me and put his arms around me and whispered in my ears “I love you Honey, don’t ever scare me like that again okay” my loving, charming, sexy husband was back and I wanted to make love to him right there and then but we were amongst people I had to hold myself. We drove home following each other, when we would get to the robots I would open my window and say ”let’s race”, he would look at me and say “let’s race in reverse” then we would both laugh coz we both knew how impossible that would be with all the other cars around. We got to the N1 and I remembered that I had put the money that Victor gave me in my bag, where the hell was my bag, I wanted to park on the side of the road and look for it but Mthobisi would also stop and want to know what I’m doing, I didn’t remember what I had done with my bag in all that club drama, oh Lord please don’t tell me the money is gone. I was getting anxious; I started speeding I could not wait to get home so I could search the whole car properly. Mthobisi caught up with me and drove next to me and signaled for me to slow down, shit I didn’t realize I was going over 180. I didn’t even know where my phone was, ja neh, last night was a hectic night. Hubby signaled that we should off ramp at the Gordon Off ramp, I wondered where was he taking me, to my relieve we went to a Clearwater Mall to have breakfast.

We sat down in a restaurant and I ordered breakfast and water, drank a glass of water and while we waited for the food I excused myself telling Mthobisi I’m going to the bathroom, I ran to the parking lot to go search my car, I found my phone lying at the back of the car on the floor it was off battery must be dead, but right now I was not really interested in the phone, I checked under the chairs nothing, went to the boot with my fingers crossed hoping and praying that it was there, I opened it slowly, the boot was empty my knees were weak I had to hold onto the car just to balance myself. WTF happened to my bag even better question what the fuck happened to the money? I have never lost money, not even when I was a kid I was always responsible, always made sure I remembered where I put money, I knew never to mess around with money, when it comes to money I am extremely careful. Too loose R20 000 the first time you lose money is no joke it’s a bloody disaster damn couldn’t I just loose R20 just to ease into the process of losing money, not such a huge amount for my first time. I didn’t know what to think my mind was just buzzing. I wanted to scream but how do I scream when I’m in a parking lot with cars passing all around me. I refused to believe that this was happening to me, what have I done to deserve all this bad luck, why me? Why? In my self-pity state I remembered that my husband was waiting for me in the restaurant.

When I got back my breakfast had already been served, Mthobisi asked what took me so long I told him my stomach was running, he said he wished he had not asked, usually I would have laughed but my head was still in the missing money. My husband asked if everything was okay, I said I didn’t feel so good, he said it’s probably the side-effects of the drugs and maybe he should take me to a doctor I told him I just needed to rest I was fine, the food could not even go down, I was too stressed to even eat. He then asked if am I not going to ask how his lunch went with Mfundo yesterday, my stomach started turning from fear, I tried to act all cool and said I had actually forgotten about that, that of course was a big lie and I was hoping that he believed it. He ignored my lie and said Mfundo was acting very strange and uncomfortable, like he was hiding something or like there was something he did not want him to know, oh-oho stupid Mfundo. I was now curious and nervous at the same time I asked him what did Mfundo say to him that made him seem “uncomfortable”. I was now sitting at the edge of my seat anxious to hear what he had found out, my husband was his usual cool, calm and collected self, his face gave nothing away. He looked at me and said the most ridiculous thing I had heard all week “Why didn’t you tell me Mfundo is going to be in Cape Town next week”. I told him I didn’t see the importance of telling him who was going and who was not because he had not wanted to discuss Cape Town he had just wanted to fight about it. Mthobisi said “I don’t know how or why but I think Mfundo organised for you to get hijacked, think about the circumstances surrounding your hijacking, he knows something”, the only thing that came out of my mouth was “Honey please tell me that you didn’t hurt him”

***THE END***

Mike Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

38 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Thirty Four

  1. Mare Mthobisi ke tsotsi hlena!lee y a sa tswe month yena b4 go ballata?eish I so feel for her,she won’t even ejoy CP like she thot cos Mthobisi will definatly knw wat is wat eish!

  2. Mrn Thnx Mike n Thozama u guys never dissapoint us n u r alwys on tym.Hu really took de bag wt money i think its sum1 hu drove de car 2 Siyabonga’s house.Myb Siyabonga yooh.Cnt wait 4 2moro 2 hear wat hpnd 2 Mfundo n if hs nos abt hijacking.Enjoy ur wknd nna im stil in bed.

  3. Good read Mike! Mthobisi is being all protective and being a hero, what happened to that mysterious caller while he was underground?? That women who asked about him??

  4. Oh how I would love to get a man like mothobisi, bad boy but really loves his wife. Lol! Love this book!!!

  5. Thanks team!!! Ttjjjoooohhh Lesedi, you’re screwed ntombi, 20 thousand times over for that matter. That’s the number of times Mfundo will screw you till the debt is repaid (and goosh, interest is still not factored in). Take out a loan and just pay him!!! This 3 some thing is getting very dangerous (Lee, Mth & Mfu), ngaze ngasaba!

  6. Wudnt want to b with sum1 like him at all,nope too bad but too sweet the type that can kill you and claim they did it for love noo

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if mthobisi decides to join lee and mfundo in cape town. This man has all the time in the world to do thee most ridicule things and lee how about you ask him to look for your handbag I’m sure he’ll find it. Urgh can’t I have a mthobisi in my life.

    Mike and thoz you guys still owe us a chapter since you didn’t post one on fathers day.

  8. tjo! tjo! tjo! Lesedi Ifeel ur stress gal…its Mfundo, ur husband now ur money….shame cc cant wait 4d nxt read…Thanx team M&T!

  9. I won’t b suprised if Mthobisi is behind lee’s drink being spiked, wit his conections u’ll neva know, feel sory 4 lee

  10. Yoh lee now am also confused about what ur husband could know hai but ur husband being a thug that he is he’s very sweet man tjo so wish I could find someone like that but not the scary side of him, now whr could the money be ? Or did SHE ROCKS put ur bag in a safe place gues will find out tomorrow. Gud story zama keep up the good work

  11. Money gone!!!!! hmmmm il be too stressed, now why does Mtho think Mfu is the one behind the hijacking? shit is about to get real. Lee don’t go to cape town else mfu is a dead man when you guys return.

    Mikey and Tzee do let us know when DOZG is out phela we still waiting for the novel.

  12. Tjoooo I feel for Lesedi, dnt knw what to say of Mtho though, this man is a mystery for sure, u never knw how to deal with him, I cud use some of that in my relationship. Lol. As for the money, I wish one of the girls found it and put it in safe place cos all hell will break loose if its not found and I’m suspecting Mtho is involves in all of this. Great read as always guys, u r the best! God bless.

  13. ThanxXx MT (Mike/Thozama) 4 today’s read!!!Lee gal I feel 4 u! Yo man is supercoolsweetdangerous lyk dat!!! Go to Cape for work and work alone….forget abt Mfundo n 4get abt any other man!!!

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