Memoirs – Chapter Forty Six

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There are some people who have a nasty habit of trying to be larger in deeds than they are really in life. My in laws are exactly like that. Ever since I married their daughter there is a lot of things they started doing which before marriage I am certain they did not do. If there was a way of for asking for a car they already would have. Get this straight, a son in law is not an employer for his mother and father in law meant to give them money. Most in laws do not know that and try to take advantage. They seem not to acknowledge that a son in law also has his own extended family to consider as well as the very wife he is married to. Not fighting back when in-laws ask for something is not a sign of weakness but usually it is one of respect so as not to cause tension. I often warned my wife every time they came to speak to them but she seemed not to heed my calls. I had to make sure they were comfortable though but this did not mean I was going to change my stance. I did not even know how long they would be in town for as they had not even said they would be here in the first place. What a way to spoil such a beautiful day.

It was not five minutes after I had received the call from the BnB, still savouring my victory that my wife came storming down the stairs furious over the fact that I had not put her parents in a hotel. I was so surprised. When my parents had come, they had stayed at the very same BnB and I remember my wife going to see them and saying how beautiful it was. Now I knew what she had meant was that it was beautiful for my parents but nowhere good enough for my parents. That is marriage for you. No matter what best intentions you have! A part of you always leans towards your own blood when it comes to granting favours. Marriage does not stop you from being originally from that family no matter how much you say your new marital family is your priority. I did not want to shout back especially in front of her cousin who had just arrived because it would make us look like a fighting couple hence a bad first impression. I almost certain they had asked her to report on me on how I treat their daughter because they were that kind of parents. They wanted the best for their daughter as long as it directly benefitted them.

I explained to her what had happened and how expensive it was at the Garden Court. She totally ignored me and said I should have consulted her. She said her parents should not sleep at that filthy BnB when there were hotels all over. I snapped at her and said,
“So its good enough for my parents! You booked them there the first time and it was good enough and now you say it is not good enough for my parents?”
I said furiously but without raising my voice. It stumped for a moment when she realized that she was the one who had booked them there in the first place not that I had a problem with it all. The place was actually very beautiful and cosy so why should it be a bother. She wanted to say something but the words would not leave her lips because now it would mean she would be admitting to putting my parents in a place she considered inferior! She just mumbled something like, ‘this is not right,’ and walked to her cousins room whom I am sure had heard everything.
I heard her close the door behind her and I sat there alone and began to think of all that had transpired that day.

Her cousin was from I’m NU2 near Sisa Dukashe’s stadium. Her parents had never been well off resulting in their three kids being raised by different relatives. I know a lot of people say that if you are poor why have so many kids when rich people only have one or two but truth be told when you are in poverty children are your only source of joy or pride even if you cannot afford to give them. Most so called rich and educated people complain and moan about how they pay taxes to raise these kids but reality is the social welfare grant is there so you can moan all you want for saving other peoples lives with your hard earned labour but pay you shall so get with the program. They were not lazy parents either, if I am not mistaken the mother was a domestic worker and the father am not so sure. I did not mind her moving in because it would help with the chores in the house and we would be able to help someone else. Living just two people is not entirely nice to be honest as we run out of conversation eventually and start fighting about unnecessary things.

Khanyi called and asked my wife if she could pick her up at the airport. I heard my wife say she could not as her parents were around she had to go to them. I saw her looking at me and I knew what would happen next. She leaned over the kitchen counter and asked,

“Baby will you please go pick up Khanyi at the airport she is stranded!”

My wife had this thing of wanting to please her friends come what may. She could simply have said no she could not pick up and ended it there but no she had to over commit herself and volunteer me. I did not mind leaving the house because it meant fresh air from the tension the parents had caused. I also did not change as I was wearing track pants after the parents had surprised us.

I picked up my keys and drove to the airport. When I got there I called Khanyi to wait for me in the pick up and go area. She was there and she looked amazing. She came and I helped her put her bags in the boot. She was still sour towards me but I pretended not to notice and started making conversation. Eventually she cut me short and asked me to apologize for the misunderstanding. Women are all the same! Whether she is the Mrs., nyatsi or even one night stand they always want an apology. Its part of the respect thing they have going no matter how much lack of self respect she might have! Here was a nyatsi wanting to be shown respect! Deep! I did so and immediately she lightened up.

She started being flirty and telling me what I had missed out on. When we got to her place she went ahead to open the door whilst I walked round to take the bags. As soon as I entered the door she closed it behind her and locked. She walked straight up to me and without hesitation pulled down my pants and pulled my schlong into her mouth.

Hold up, this was the same schlong that had been in my wife not more than three hours ago. Should I stop her? Hell no! I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the second mouth there in one day.

I wish I had read 50 Shades of Grey so I could tie her up and have my way with her the way I wanted to! I told her I had no condoms and she replied,

“I have a full box don’t worry!”

I don’t know whether to find that comforting or worrying?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
I must say this first, you really are an amazing writer whose talent I commend.

My problem: I am 42. I am married to a husband who for 13years of our marriage was not emotionally available. He always had something to do, a project stressing him or something. We do well for ourselves, live in a gated community and drive big cars, kids in private schools etc. The lifestyle is good and all along I never thought I needed more as breaking up our family was not an option. A year back I got myself a Ben10. He is 26. The boy is a demon in bed and there is nothing he won’t do for me. Initially it was just sex but the better it got the more attached I became. He was single at the time but two weeks back he told me he is seeing someone else his age. My first instinct was to break up with him but I did not. I fear I have trapped myself because I am so happy and satisfied when I am with him. My husband simply does not care no matter how much I try motivate him to do things. He is too lazy to notice that I dress sexier, tighter, shorter, I gym etc. I doubt he is having an affair either because that’s how lazy he is.

Kindly advise me on how to handle my Ben10 situation. Oh I asked my husband a few times for us to go for therapy and got a flat NO and a cold shoulder.

Thank You

Desperate Housewife

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  1. THanks for the read, to miss desperate housewife … you know what you are doing is wrong. But it sounds like you don’t want to stop. I understand the BEN10 gives what your husband does not. You can’t be jealous that the BEN10 has a women his age, you still have your husband. Becareful because as women we tend to fall very easily to ones who give us the attention we need.

  2. Ta Mike that was a nice read.what kind of parents and daughter r these so ungrateful shame they like to command as if they own u luckily u can still handle them in a polite manner but shem they’re so demanding ghhhhaaa

  3. Lolest….Mthobisi turning in to Christian Grey….probably the nyatsi would enjoy that but not the Mrs….im so sure of it

  4. yoh asithandile is playin wit fire. y wud she ask her husband to go fetch her frnd. she should have just her frnd to take a taxi

  5. nice one Mike..eish now i see why married man end up cheating,this poor guy can’t help it

    Q &A
    I feel really bad for you Desparate Housewife, you have it all but miss affection from your husband there is not much you can do to re-candle the attraction between you guys if he is not willing to work at it. About your Ben10 situation him seeing someone his age could turn out to be something serious he could even end up marrying this new girl so be prepared for that possibility, i say leave before it gets to that we all know you should not be cheating and this young man is only with you for the money.Try to focus your attention on communicating with your husband and letting him know you feel neglected ,try take a vacation just the two of you somewhere romantic maybe that might help.Most of all you should pray maybe some devine intervention will help your marrige, All the best

  6. Lol,sometimes I feel sad for this wife being cheated on like this and some days and some days m just like:”yeh she certainly deserves to be cheated on..:””””D

  7. to desperate housewife: you can only do so much with your husband to try put the spark back into the relationship. as for Ben10 sweedy don’t be selfish you knew he would get someone else eventually and he rightfully should. Let the young man have his own life just like you have yours

  8. Mike you really did not proof read this one, I never like it when people complain but this time I could not hold myself. Desperate wife all marriages go through challenges, some of them can be resolved and some just become part of the marriage. I do not judge you for what you have done, the temptation became attractive until you became addicted to it. The truth of the matter though is that no matter how we look at it is wrong. Your husband is working hard to provide for his family but unfortunately he is maybe clouded by his background. Some men are just not romantic no matter how you try. Accept his weakness and think about how much you would loose should you get caught. You stand to loose more than gain because the young men will not settle with you, there will be no money, the husband makes it possible for the affair to carry on. Pray sister to get the devil to let go of you and focus on the good things about your husband not the negative ones. God will help you.

  9. Yoh. Sis khanyi thts filthy mxolisi y wudnt u stop her tjo. As for Asthandile she now calls u “BABY” lol marriage marriage marriage, thanx mike for great story n a lesson. QnA u xud go back to just take it lyk sex aker u can not marry urt ben 10 so just continue with the relationxip or brake up n find urself another ben 10 who has a gf to take care of ur needs n in that way mayb u wudnt get too attached ,but am asking myself how old is ur hubby

  10. To desperarte housewife, you also need to occupy yourself with other activities e.g church and spending more time with your children. I was once tempted to have an affair as my husband is also very busy and is a womanizer and I was tired of being lonely in a marriage. The bad thing is that a relationship takes away the precious family time besides the fact that it may turn very ugly should you get caught. I stopped doing it for the sake of my children as they were now missing their mother who was getting occupied with the boyfriend. I was also becoming a bad example to my daughter even though she was young but could see what was happening. Try and get a job or something as it may be having ample time on your hands that causes you to be lonely besides the husband who is not affectionate

  11. QnA: Unfortunately you are seeking for advise when its too late, you should have seeked for advice before you decided to shag around with a ben10. Your reasons for cheating dont justify what you are doing…Cant believe the poor man is working so hard that you have a luxurious lifestyle just to be repaid like that. if he didnt want to go to the therapy u should have tried other ways of getting to him. What u are doing now is bringing shame to the family your husband built..

  12. “Should I stop her? Hell no! I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the second mouth there in one day.” Mmmmm MEN

  13. Thanks Mike, thatha Khanyi Thatha!!! Asthandile is really dom with a capital D.!!! Clap once – I tell you.
    A to Q: let me just point out a few things here:
    1. Your husband may seem lazy, not fazzed and whatever to you, but 99% chances are – ‘He is a DEMON elsewhere to someone else’
    2. Just enjoy bonking the young man and let him enjoy his life with a girl his own age.
    3. Try and not get emotionally involved with a Ben 10, or anybody else that matter – it doesn’t end well and more often than not, it’s a woman that is left with a broken heart.

  14. Tjo tjo tjo Asthandile ke oo a fana ka monna wa hae. As for desperate house wife, whats gonna happen to you when your husband finds out hore you are cheating. You gonna loose everything that you have. Find yourself a hobby or go to church and pray about your situation.

  15. Hi desperate

    My sister u r 2old 2b doing wat u r doing,yes ur husband might b lazy 2satisfy u in bed bt dat does not give u da right 2go&sleep around with young men who r half ur age&r also old enough 2b ur kids.u were supposed 2maintain ur standard as a grown,married&respected woman.If ur husband is cheating it does not give u da right 2go sleeping around.ur Ben10 has a right 2date ladies his own age cuz he is not urs&will never be urs.stop wat ur doing so dat u can still maintain ur dignity&pride.we r young ladies who r married&we must look up2 women like u 2guide us&show us da way not wat u r doing.go 2church&be a woman of God so dat u can still protect ur family&guide ur kids in da right way.Mosadi o tshwara thipa ka fa bolageng so show us dat&be dat gud of an example.

  16. Good read Mike- Q&A , sisi I have noticed all my frenz are in affairs though kept very secretive. The truth is women have phases where u need an energetic man but our husbands are stressed or tired. Thus when the young ones see u and give u all hubby is not giving. After 40 women our sex life inproves but man seem not to catch up. So u need to speak to him, also stop wearing nities and play tricks to get his attention. Ben10’s are a nuisance when u end the relationship rather make ur man the Spiderman we all dream of.

  17. Trust black people to bragg, big cars and all… Like really? As if we care! A2 Desperate cougar! Do what your heart desires… It is as simple as that… Your happiness should always come first… Stop worrying about your selfish husband and have fun!

    @ mikey.. Great Chapter…!!!

  18. Good Read, i understand what you are going through. Money, big cars and the luxuries can never fulfil you, you need a husband to complete you. Not getting attention drove u to this, so i suggest you leave your ben 10 and try working harder on your marriage cos one thing i know women get attached easily . It may start as a shaging game but you end up falling in love with that person. Cheating has never been a solution !!!!!!

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