Memoirs – Chapter Forty Seven

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From the onset I must say this. The biggest difference I feel in why women get this relationship thing so wrong and almost always end up on the receiving end of it all is this issue of sex and how much importance we attach to it. A lot of women, especially the married ones tend to equate sex to love or something closely weird like that. Are they wrong about that? Mmmm good question but I think yes they are wrong! Yes we all get emotionally attached at some point but it’s wrong to think sex is love because with sex it’s only about physical satisfaction because it is usually when your emotional needs are not met that you get played or play yourself. Sex or making love give women the illusion of closeness and togetherness but to most men its a pleasurable relief and well, that’s it. Saying it is wrong because no woman wants to be told that but I have shared enough discussions with men married and single alike and they all love at the ridiculousness of what women think sex is. When animals do it does it mean they are in love? Food for thought! A lot of women get so angry when they think that a man justifies cheating yet when they cheat themselves they are quick to say that it was because he either cheated himself, was not emotionally available or the best one yet, he does not give me enough attention? Really? You want him to work and make money for you to buy hair and nails and wonder why he is always distracted? Are you a toddler that needs to be constantly monitored? Asthandile had all my attention, was unemployed and received everything she ever wanted yet now she was running around kissing so called gay guys! Attention my ass! Get over yourselves, people cheat because they are weak and lustful not because your useless husband took the other mans dick and stuck it inside you. It is not because he did not hold you enough at night or cry with you because you broke a nail.

Who says you can’t talk with food in your mouth? Please! Khanyi even said where the condoms were without taking junior out of her mouth. Her blowjob was very different I must say from what I had experienced from my wife. My wife had been gentle and slow about it. She had put effort and thought into it. Khanyi was like a hungry child eating a piece of meat. I had to be careful she doesn’t bruise me but at the moment it was too good to pay attention. The difference between a side dish and a wife is that the wife you make love to. There are so many things you can’t do with your wife largely because she will remind you in the morning not to do that because it disrespects her as the mother of your children. You can’t hit the chocolate box on your wife and come to think of it, oral with her is also a bit much. There is just something not right with it and I can’t place my finger on it. Khanyi even now on her knees, yes her knees, I was thinking of all the ways I was going to punish her! I had wanted her for a while now and this was pure lust nothing more! She was not even that attractive to me but she had that ‘fuck me’ personality and loved to tease! Now it was time to pay the piper!

I lifted her, didn’t know I was that strong and navigated myself somehow through her apartment to the couch. She had an open plan kind of setup with a kitchen that went straight into the lounge tv room area. It was separated by the kitchen counter which also served as the kitchen table. My house was definitely bigger than hers but it was quite convenient. She had said her condoms were in the false bottom on the couch and I somehow managed to feel for them and found them. I pulled down her pants and she was wearing a thong! Its thong right the one that goes through the ass? Yes that one! I didn’t turned her around, knees on the floor, chest on the couch. I did not even bother to take off the panties, what for, I pulled the thin strap out of her ass to one side and I immediately thrust. Thank the ancestors for her because she was already wet, very wet in fact. This was not making love! Every thrust I made I made sure I went as deep as possible which only made her moan louder and louder until she was screaming. I didn’t care who heard but I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying it. All men can tell you what their best ever shag was and for me this had to be it! The way she moved and felt underneath me, the way she gave me full access even though she was still full dressed apart from her pants which I had pulled down just made it feel dirtier. I took out all my frustrations out on her! From the difficult inlaws, almost cheating wife, Lindiwe and her drama and every other stress I had experienced in the last couple of weeks. She was the one who was paying for it and this just gave me strength!

I don’t think she had expected me to be that forceful and dominant as she was always the one playing the mind games. Well now, looking at her beneath it was clear that the game was over and who had won! Respect is earned! My wife would never have allowed me to have sex with her like this. It was too dirty and selfish she would most definitely say. There is a reason why its called the forbidden fruit, its because it tastes so good and you can do whatever you want with it knowing that you don’t have to cuddle later on. When I was done I took off my condom and looked for the bathroom. I know they say don’t flush your condoms rather dispose of them in the bin or something but who does that? That’s evidence as far as I am concerned. I wrapped the used condom in a tissue paper and I flushed it down the toilet.

Would you believe she was still lying in the position I had left her, chest on couch, knees on floor and ass sticking up panting like a dog on a hot day! If I didn’t know better I would say she looked like Miley Cyrus with her tongue out panting as though trying to catch her breath! I smiled at my handiwork!

She asked if we could go again because it was better than she ever hoped for!

I looked at her and calmly said,

“That was the first and last time! I am going home to my wife!”

I walked out!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a university student in Jhb and I must say most of the things you wrote about in Zulu Girl Goes to Jhb were true. I am a first year originally from the Eastern Cape. I have fallen in love with a Nigerian guy. He is sweet and gentle and treats me better than any South African guy I have ever dated. He is not that rich but he is decent. I don’t know what he does for a living because every time I ask he is never straightforward. I am not going to use stereotypes to judge him but I wanted to ask if there is a way of finding out a person’s past e.g. through the police or something. I like him but I am also wise to the fact that there could be dangers attached to him.

Kindly advise

Xhosa Girl

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  1. Thanks for the good read. And tjo Mxo the last part hurt me aswell shame things we put ourselfs thru as woman. Be wise close your legs period esp for married man. A2Q I don’t why you grls get urslfs into situations wth nigerian they r dangerous ull realize later. Stay away from dem

  2. Yhooooooo I give up I’m sorry to say this married men are dogs without a tail #deeply Disgusted at how Mxolisi has made Khanyi pay for all hs sorrows n then he brags about going to his wife stupid man that’s not how u thank a p***y for u will need it one day I so wish Khanyi would blackmail the fool*** Nice read Mike as always

  3. Thanks abuti Mike….as for khanyi ai I feel u sistas that the problem wen u wana get naughty with a married man tjo as for leaving u like that wanting more ???? I hate it wen that happens

  4. That was the first and last time! I am going home to my wife!”

    iyooooo dia bowa hierso , tnx Mike … keep up the gud work

  5. YOOOO i caint belive Mxolisi just said that to Khanyi, what a nerve… i agree with Vee- Tee Khanyi should blackmail the fool…. Either way thanks Mike for our daily dose

  6. Lmao Khanyi askies u left wanting more haha shame. Thanx Mikey nice one as always n steamy dis days neh;-). Have a wonderful weekend errbody.

  7. lol diary of a xhosa girl. I am not clued up on that, but I think you would have to make use of P.I. atleast coz i don not know of any institution that has info on other people readily available to anyone

  8. yoooooo Mike this is my second month without sex but today ur diary woke my feelings up i wish i cud just get one round nyana in th office gape am wet and i i thnk i wil continue dating now.



  10. wow nice 1 Mike, u inspire me 2 continue 2 write, i so lv 2 write but ur page give me hope and inspiration thnk u n God bless u, continue doing ths great job

  11. Now I tell you, its a rape, you always have to be nice to her even if you didnt enjoy it, bad move mfana boy…

  12. Haha Mike Mike Mike πŸ™‚ this was thee best chapter by far. Oh well khanyi they don’t call you a side dish for nothing why are asking for some more when you know damn well there are boundaries when it comes to your friend’s husband. Oh well I hope he meant when he said that this was the first and last time. ’cause this man just cannot keep it in his pants especially when he comes to khanyi.

  13. Mxolisi disgusts me. I just cant. He makes me cringe and just enforces my I never want to get married principle. He is a dog.

  14. tjooooooo Mxolisi i dont think you can get rid of Khanyi that easy…..this one knows her staff(the married ones i mean)……hehehe

  15. Yeah true thats why we end up blackmailing the b***ts.
    Your day will come dear…….

    Anywho thank Mike, I am sure with all the lesson I’m get from this blog I will make a great wife.

  16. “This was the first and the last time…………Im going home to my wife” tjooooooooooooo Mxolisi mfana. Sorry Khanyi hey being left wanting more is not a nice thing…but well i think thats what you get for dating a married man kwaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. It’s sad being a side dish, u are a fuck & go stop basically! This chapter sure got my blood flowing even though!

  18. Uyalunga uKhanyi ngoba ubukela phansi umngani wakhe, any woman who does that to another woman amaziyo thinks they are better than the other woman when infact they are downright low. Khanyi is the one after Mxo and men are weak it is hard to say no to someone who avails herself not that we are justifying what Mxo is doing. Khanyi must find herself a man and leave amadoda abantu alone otherwise uzotjiwa njengenja

  19. Wahahahahahahaha!!! Oh these comments r killing me!!! Khanyi got exactly what she deserves…but yea we all know that IT aint over!!!

  20. Day off…woke up in blankets and went straight for my dosage of Memoirs…HORRIBLE idea lol how heated is this??? Amazing read love, can’t wait for the next chapter!! Wow…

  21. damn, going thru everyones comment. Ya’ll r killing me game down. This read really got me weeeeeeeeeeeetyyyyyyy, mara askies Khanyi, u had it coming & thanx atleast i knw not to even try be a sidedish. Got myself in almost de same position but managed to get out b4 it got too steamy. Basicly he satisfied me but he neva got any & i thot ‘ No man stop, go to ur wife’. Dnt wanna be left like a dog drooling for more meat. ‘notproudofittho’.

  22. Hahahahaaaas where is my boo when I need him…….Khanyi this serves U ryt, U went after Mxo your friends hubby , how low is that as for Mxo this is just the beginning brother from now on uzozwa ngoKhanyi uzonya Baba, dnt say I ddnt warn u

  23. Geeez Mxolisi lust is lust weather ungazama to candy coat it stl same, secondly u might say my wife my wife stl u lost respect fr her….QnA Xhosa girl, I think u already know the answer meer fact he doesn’t giv u straight answer something fishy jst bcareful n enjoy being loved……

  24. Great read…life would be simple if we just accept that men will always cheat its not that he loves you less,he loves you but temptation is everywhere as they say we only human we must all be able to deal with the consequences of cheating…nothing beats secret affairs.

  25. Heh Banna Mxolisi? Just like that? Damn Khanyi askies boo,being a side fuck must be really horrible. Tjo shem

  26. wooooow this was awesome…rewsrds of being a side dish is tht u wud be told abt the precious little wife…haaahaaahaaahaaa
    A2Q if u want a background about ur lover you have to ask him, its up to you whether you want to stay or leave because of his shady dealings, but ill ask you to be wary of him and always open ur ears….ur boind to pick up something if his shady, goodluck

  27. The fact that you are first year simply means u should focus more on your studies than chasing these guys who have already made it in life. Focus on your studies young woman, life is lived once and you dont want to wait around to discover the truth about his dealings. Rather be safe and hang around the age group you are studying with. In your first year you should try to avoid these things. I hope u look out for your future first.

  28. Haai no mike u cant turn up the heat like that…its dangerous lol. Loved the chapter dear. Imagine being left naked nd embarassed in ur own house lol

  29. i’m a married women as well but i feel sorry for Khanyi, Mxo uyinja maan sies you make me sick i hope that will teach Khanyi a lesson…..

  30. Xhosa girl. I once concluded that dating a nigerian is jus like d8n a zulu cos u both don’t know their houses n families (gave zulu as eg cos im pedi n dating a zulu), that was when I wanted to judge my brother for dating a nigerian. But khumbulekhaya can get to kzn. But at the end of the day any relationship is about takin risks. Take ur risk, maybe wat he is doing is embarrassing him n he jus dnt wan tell his sa gf he is selling hair. Ask him wat he is doing n nt indirectly. U probably doubtin a good man. Nigeria have good men too…I believe

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