Memoirs – Chapter Forty Four

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People need to get something straight! In a relationship you are only guilty if you are caught! It is not hypocrisy to overreact to something you too have done if you have not been caught! This is why we encourage one another never ever to confess especially to cheating because that means you are as good as being caught! You do not get a reward for feeling guilty and confessing and usually either the person dumps you or never trusts you again. My wife may just have kissed another man and I had slept with someone, not that I remembered but who cares I had not been caught. If we went to court I would win hands down so I now had a decision to make! I had worked all these years of our marriage and taken care of her every need from panty to hair so yes she was an ungrateful bitch which made very angry! Unfortunately she was an ungrateful bitch I loved with all my heart!

I had to make a quick decision as I could see that she had turned and was walking towards me. My insides were numb, frozen even in spite of the warm of the sun on my back. Its like I had swallowed a block of ice and was hoping it would slowly melt. If I shouted at her or even broke up with her, in spite of her guilt, I could end up pushing her away for good. Second option was to pretend I did not see it but that would eat me up inside to the point of eventually hating her and being abusive. I am not violent. I do not beat up women. I am not trying to be a hero amongst other men I just don’t have time for violence. A lot of people argue that your partner crosses a line of no return hence why you resort to violence but I believe you have time and energy to waste. Thirdly was to remember all the things she said I did not do for her anymore or never did and do them so she could remember why she chose me over all those suitors. Its not cowardice I believe, its using your brains not emotions to reason for you.

When she got back she knelt before me but I don’t think it was to beg but more about to sit down. She said she had something to tell me which might make me hate and look at her differently. Crap! She was about to confess. If she did that and I still stuck to my third option it will be as though I was rewarding her for what she had done by me doing all the things she hoped I would do. Women tend to construe that as though you are so arrogant you do not even care she cheated. Usually when a man chooses to look past your indiscretion its because he believes in your ‘happily ever after’. I immediately told her that if it was a confession she wanted to make it would be most unwelcome because all I wanted was that from now onwards we both would do things differently. Nothing from the past because that won’t build us. She looked a bit confused by what I was saying but I convinced her that this was a good thing for us. She hugged me with tears in her eyes and told me that she was lucky to be loved by me. In my head I was telling myself that all the best cheats cry crocodile tears. She said she did not feel like being at the beach anymore and wanted to go home! I did not want a scene so I obliged her and we packed up and left. It was only three pm in the afternoon so there was still a good five hours of sunshine left. Sitting by the pool at home did not feel the same.

When we got to the house she said I should not take out the things in the car. We will do that later she said. She led me to the pool and stripped naked right there outside. Even I felt self conscious. It was broad daylight and there were people walking on the road some we could even here. The neighbours all they had to do was look into our yard and see everything. She jumped into the water and said I should join her. I was not sure what to make of this but I jumped in. She said I was no fun because I was not naked but no worries, she went under and pulled down my pants. I was naked! Its a lie that cold water makes your dick go down. Mine was hard as rock! She pushed me towards the stairs of the pool and set me down. What was going on here?

I don’t know how best to explain what happened next but from now onwards this will be the manual I will give any woman who will ever go down on me. My wife must have been doing lots of research but how? When you give a blowjob do not start with putting his member in your mouth. Nope that is not what she did. She started from the ball sack. She licked it as though she was licking an ice-cream and she took her time. Its wonder how the water in the pool did not choke her really. She gently put each “ball” in her mouth and sucked it. She was very careful at it so it was not a rushed job. This was not the woman I had married and I often complained about. She then licked the stem of the candy all the way up to the temple but did not put the dick in her mouth until even I could see the vein on the side. She chuckled and said ‘wow so its true’ meaning this is something she had researched! It was only then she put the helmet in her mouth and though clumsy I could feel she making an effort to circle with her tongue. She also made a valiant attempt at making junior go down her mouth as far as possible but when she gagged a little I stopped her. The aim was not to kill her, hello! I pulled her up and made her sit on the creation of her hard labour, junior standing at full attention ready for action. As I entered her secret place, it was warm, it grabbed me like a suction tune and enveloped my dick. I could feel myself throb inside and inspite of all the water it was so well lubricated! We had never done it in the pool and here we were after a huge fight where I found out she was cheating!

As I thrust in gently at first the mood was building up. I was so horny and turned and on! This was heaven until I heard,

“Ahem ahem!”

What the hell! Who the hell had entered my gated they must wait or fuck off I thought violently!

My wife screamed when she looked up! I turned to see what was going on.

Standing there was my father in law, mother in law and my wife’s cousin the one who was moving in!
Clearly they had decided to not only escort her but come a day early!

Worse, I was pounding their daughter mercilessly, married or not!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I hope you share this and your readers find this in good faith.

When people seek for advice they had to admit defeat. That they can’t solve their problems and are very desperate. How people respond can
either have three effects.
1. Help them. Show them the right way. Give them hope and a second
chance to whatever it is they need to deal with.
2. Change nothing
3. Break them down and push them over the edge.

On that note, what may seem like a tiny stupid problem to you may be a huge uncontrollable problem for others. And how the people they seek advice from respond could be just that little thing they needed to finally end their lives or hate themselves further. Seeking for advice is hard, accepting the truth or consequences is other hard thing on its own. I plead with readers that if you feel you can help solve it have the best advice for those seeking it, do not start of with an insult. Rather keep your opinions to yourself. Calling people “ungrateful bitches” etc does not help.

I’ve seemed for advice from you guys (readers) and I’ve gotten great feedback. But was rather stunned by some of the responses. Name calling is so unnecessary. Not everyone is thick skinned. Not everyone react to situations the same as you. Not everyone is you. Sensitivity is key

Thanks to those who had great advice, sympathised and refrained from the name calling. You make a difference to my life and too so many other people’s. To this who have nothing but judgment and don’t think what their words could do, know this. The rhyme we learns as kids “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me” was
wrong. The harm words can make may not be physical but emotional and mental. So think twice. You just might make a suicidal person actually
commit it thanks to your support.

Thank you

67 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Forty Four

  1. Thanks Mike.

    Yho! Yho! Yho! Mxolisi! LOL but the again that’s what happens when people come in unannounced! LOL

  2. Talk abt bad timing. Tnx Mike. @upset I agree wth u 100% if sum1 doesn hav anythn positive/advice thn its not a crime 2 nt comment abt th problem

  3. Hi upset,
    Your advice is so incredibly refreshing! People like you make this cruel world a better place to live in. Thank you for your heart warming advice! Stop cyber bullying! If you have nothing encouraging and better to say, then don’t say anything at all.

    King regards,
    Ms grateful

  4. Oooh yeah ds chptr is very hot!Eish fmly nw dey r hr 2 disturb.Dey mst go n wait in de house while de couple is dressin,”Romantic chptr indeed” it deserves an award.

  5. lol a father in-law shouldnt see such mara, this will scar him for life.
    Thanx for the lesson on dick-sucking, hope to share it with my daughter one day.

  6. Morning every1 & thank U ever so much Morena Maphoto
    Romantic chapter indeed…until “ahem, ahem, Eish!

    Upset,,,,I feel U my dear…& U R 101% on point. Some ppl can be very insensitive I tell U. Hope U feel better by the day. God Bless U lovey!

  7. nice 1 mike @Upset when you seek advice its hard to hear/swallow the naked truth but through those inputs its your choice to take the positive out of the negative and yes we don’t handle things the same way as people but that’s no excuse that we must tell for example a person who maybe cheated that they were in bad space NO, we must tell the truth as to how we see it as you asked for advice not a compliment and yes sensitive people might be pushed over the edge by comments but you bring something to the public don’t expect mercy as there are senseless people out there and there are people who value different things if you check on Mike’s writing its well researched, well informed, street wise and accommodates every1 on the fact that all his books relates to daily life experience and very naked truth no reserves on the truth and its read by matured and experiencing youth both female and male

  8. In laws neh, hahaha great read mikey thanks.
    @ upset, i agree with you 101% apologies for were i ever got carried away, if ever i did!

  9. Hey Mike this is literally the best chapter by far. the way you described the scene in fine detail, I was picturing it in HD. to the UPSET writer I second you there hey, most of the time people judge without fully comprehending what the person might be going through. a reality check is necessary from time to time by there is no need for name calling bcz that is just a low blow…

  10. thank u upset for the advise .I always shout at my partner before thinking things through,not considering another persons feelings in every situation.have a blessed day all

  11. Parents inlaw are such mood killers mxim

    Oh well I do agree with u mike
    all the best cheats cry crocodile tears.

    I recently found out that my partner is cheating with someone and worst part is we both DJ’s and I’m pregnant!

    Its very hard to forgive such and yup they do forrget to delete their whatsapp chats, I didn’t confrount him yet but I’ve been giving him the cold shoulder ever since I knew! Its not easy and for sure he wouldn’t even think I’m cheating cause of this pregnancy but it aint a shield either way!

    Although Mxolisi is a cheat but now he doesn’t have to feel guilty no more

  12. Yhu yhu yhu. That must the most embarrasing thing ever, being caught spreading your legs by your parents!

    @Upset. I agree, especially aboutthe name calling, its really uneccessary. I do however believe that when we advise people, we should refrain from sugar coating and tell the truth as it is and sometimes the truth does not come in a nicely wrapped box, it can be aggressive. It also depends on the tone of the issue. When reading some of these “seeking advice” stories I tend to pick up a sense of pride in what people have done (buts thats just me). There is a difference between giving constructive advice and giving judgemental advice. We should refrain from the being judgemental as we are not perfect.

  13. Hawe maaahhh!!! This chapter was so good, I read it twice. Imagine ur inlaws pitching during d dance. Hawe mah! Eish Mike, when u good, u good!!!

  14. Nyc chapter yet not realistic… Things like that happens in the Bold and the Beautiful… @ upset, sorry it but you need to Dzeal… The truth is hard 2 swallow we know that… We can not colour code everything otherswise the nation will be misled. Therefore if any person is scared to be hurt by our point of views in any matter then this will not be the ryt platform… Sis Dolly myt be a better option 4 those who are weak at swallowing the truth…

    1. Then you have never had a passionate relationship, these things happen hey, I can attest to that. Being spontaneous and adventurous can take you to a different level intimately.

      1. Its unrealistic because this couple apparently lives in the surburbs and people do not just enter your property without you knowing. Its not like in the township where one only realises they have visitors when they knock at the door. Then again these chapters arent always well researched, in missteps of a young wife it was stated that there is a mine in Bloemfontein and well there arent any mines in Bloemfontein. I suppose thats the kind of unrealistic things Ba2tjie was referring to

  15. Wow Mike – when you are good, you are good bhuti!
    1. ‘In a r/ship you’re only guilty if you are caught.’
    2. ‘All the best cheats cry crocodile tears!!’
    Both these statements made me blush, coz they are so true, and yes I’ve been guilty of them on a few occassions before.
    Hhayi ke as for the inlaws walking in on them- bayaqina!!! At least now that know that they are daughter is really taken off – ayiswele niks!!! Too bad ke coz the younger sister will want some of that candy stick.
    A to Q: sorry Upset, some ppl are just cruel but just ignore them.

  16. Good Day Upset.

    When I read your post, I thought to myself ” wow this person literally sucked the words out of my mouth’. People tend to be followers and once they notice the trend is “insults” they follow suit. We never know how deep in trouble a person is, and how our words can impact he/she who asked for advice. It is simple humanity, if you have negativity then do not respond. So thank you for saying these words. To those who believe that one must accept the good advice with the bad, then you clearly have never been in a situation where you needed to reach out to strangers.

  17. Now this is embarrassing and awkward being caught by your parents having sex. One thing I’m sure about the in laws and the cousin will never want to swim in that pool.

    Thanks Mike

  18. Wow Mike, you are gifted bhuti and we are so blessed to have the privilege experiencing your work, beautiful chapter and will definitely use the advise.

    Dear Upset

    Thank you for your letter, I share the same sentiments, the name calling and harshness is definitely unnecessary, let us respect each other as human beings.

  19. I ddnt read the posing a question to readers part ealier and I usually dont because I always contemptously ignore these questions but from now on because of what Upset has said, i will. A tiny problem to me might be a huge hindrance for someone out there, that is very true!…. Thank you Upset for remindin us to be Human and not read other pplz problem as a comedy show event material.

  20. Dear Upset

    I am with you on this one, we can give advice without being insulting telling the truth doesn’t mean you must degrade the next person it takes a lot for someone to share the dark parts of their lives with strangers.

    With that in mind its imperative we treat everyone’s matter as we would want them to treat us. *Golden rule of life.

  21. Thank you for a great read.
    I have a question tho Mr Mike. In all your stories, Im yet to read about a couple that uses protection. Is this by choice that its not the case or is it a mistake? I really dont wanna believe that people out there dont use protection,or is that the case?

  22. Haai the father is a perv…which parent stands thr and clears their throat? And still watches haai suka. As if they dnt kno wat couples do…it feels like they stole MY mojo nxa. Thanks mike

  23. Eish! Thats embarassing! Well they must deal with it moes! Kaofela re rata phanaphana!

  24. Nice read Mike. @ QnA anyone who equals insults and name calling as advice they are really disturbed. Words can brake and build. I’m guessin those who are saying u are a grown up will act like grown ups and adress everyone with respect

  25. @sue I remember Thandeka and Python using protection. There was a chapter where they were going to have sex, but Python stopped because they didn’t have condoms.

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