Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW- Chapter Twenty Five

with Thozama Mqikela

After the golf game Mfundo suggested we have breakfast, they have an in-house restaurant at that golf place, I told him I need to get to work and I wasn’t really hungry, in all honesty I was so hungry I could eat a horse and I didn’t have to get to work that early it was a few minutes after 8. I went to the Women Locker rooms to take a shower, I was the only person there, I don’t think women obese over golf like guys do. There were few guys playing at the golf field when we were playing but no females to be seen I was the only one. I took of my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel and went in the shower, I was enjoy the warm water against my body when suddenly I felt someone touch my back I almost screamed from shock but the person put his hand in my mouth, I turned around to look who this fool was, it was Mfundo butt naked, I asked him what the hell was he doing here he told me the men’s showers were full and he figured that I needed someone to help me wash my back, I laughed. He looked at my naked body admiringly and told me how beautiful I look, I told him to stop it, he held my breast in his hands and started massaging them, the water from the shower was running all over me, he pulled my face to his face and started kissing me hard with so much passion, my knees felt weak, I missed being touched, being held, I could feel my honey pot getting wet and not wet from the shower but from the amazing things that this man was doing to me, as if that was not enough Mfundo started sucking my nipples, I was breathing hard and heavy just as my body was getting excited from this Mfundo went on his knees with the water splashing in his head he went down to my honeypot as he was about to start sucking I pulled him up and told him that he shouldn’t because I was on my periods, he stood there for a few seconds looking like he had been thrown with cold water in his face, grabbed his towel and left. Did this mean I will not be getting the 20 grand I asked for? I was starting to worry. I quickly changed into my work clothes that I had brought rushed to the parking lot and drove off to work.
I arrived before Cindy and she eventually showed up after 10 saying she was caught in traffic, I didn’t really care but I said it was okay. She asked how Mthobisi was I said he was fine, I was now feeling so guilty about what I had done. My husband was stuck behind bars and I was busy other men in locker rooms, what kind of a wife am I? we started working and I kind of got lost in work until Cindy said she would be going out for lunch and asked if I wanted to go with her I told her I had cooked last night and brought left-overs as lunch so I was fine, she left. A few minutes later Mfundo walked in our office, he had that sheepish naughty smile on his face, I told him not to get any ideas there were people around, he said he was just dropping off my money and would not be staying for long, that suit me just fine, I was feeling so self-conscious being around him after he had seen me naked this morning, I could not even look him in the eye, I don’t know if it was embarrassment, shame or guilt I think it was all three. Mfundo gave me and envelope with the R20 000 in it, this felt so wrong, taking money from my lover to save my husband, but what could I do? I needed this money more than anything, I had to get Mthobisi out one way or the other. My husband was pimping me and he didn’t even know it. I thank Mfundo for the money and reminded him that this was a loan and I would pay it back in 2 weeks, he told me he was in no hurry to get it back and left. I decided to call my husband and tell him that I have the money, I tried him on all the numbers that he had called me with and they were either off or no answer, this was getting frustrating now after all the hard work I went through to get this money. I decided to wait for him to call. Cindy came back from her lunch and Mthobisi had still not called, I was starting to get anxious, around 4 my phone rang, I was so happy thinking its Mthobisi, it was not Mthobisi but the Investigating Officer handling Mthobisi’s case he told me that Mthobisi had told him that I would be dropping of his money, I should be in Hillbrow at 6, I asked Hillbrow Police Station, he asked if I was stupid, why would I want to take a bribe to his work place, this bastard was rude I wanted to hang-up but I was doing this for my husband’s freedom and these were just small huddles that I had to jump for my husband to be free. He said I should meet him at Spar it’s in Caroline Street in Hillbrow it’s not far from the Police Station, I knew where Spar was atleast so I agreed. At 17:00 both Cindy and I called it a day, I drove to Hillbrow, traffic on the freeway was a nightmare, on my way Mthobisi finally called he told me that he had given my numbers to the investigating officer and I shouldn’t be alarmed when he calls me i told him he was late his officer had already called me and I was on the way to meet him, Mthobisi asked if I had managed to get the money I said yes I borrowed it from Victor my Stepdad, he was quiet for a bit and asked if I had told Victor what the money was for I told him the story of wanting to buy shares, he laughed and told me I was becoming good at this lying game and he didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing, I told him I was learning from the master this made him a bit upset because I was calling him a liar indirectly so he changed the subject and told me to be careful Hillbrow is dangerous especially at night, he said he would call me again after 6 to see how things went. I got to Spar and parked across from Spar the street vendors were packing up their stuff and getting ready to leave, I sat there waiting, people kept walking past and looking at me this was scary, I waited for 10 minutes and decided to call the Investigating Officer he answered and pretended not to know who I was I told him we had an appointment and I was waiting for him at Spar he told me that there had been change of plans he was now in Yeoville and I should drive to Rocky Street and look for a place called Malalaituka, what? Is this man insane I had wasted enough time waiting here and now he was sending me Yeoville, I was fuming from anger, to be honest Yeoville is about 10 minutes from Hillbrow but I didn’t care that place is downright dodge and I didn’t want myself there, it’s not called the Capital Of Nigeria for nothing, but then again I was doing this for my husband’s freedom, I decided to put my pride aside and drive to Yeoville, I got to Rocky Street my phone rang, I thought it was Mthobisi it was the Tracker Company they told me my car was moving in a dangerous area and asked if I was okay, I wanted to laugh but I told them I was fine and everything was okay, I was visiting a friend that stayed in Yeoville, the perks of having a tracker they remind you when you are in danger making you even more paranoid, I double checked to see that all my doors were locked and closed all windows, it was now getting dark, I passed Shoprite and after the robots at Shoprite I decided to ask around for this Malalaituka place, I went inside some internet café there are a lot of those in Hillbrow and Yeoville there was a young girl at the entrance she asked if I had come to the saloon, the internet café had a saloon inside I asked her if she knew where Malalaituka is she said I should keep going down and after 2 robots I will see it, it’s a restaurant with a car wash it will be on my left, I thanked her and left.

As the girl had said I saw the place on my left, I parked outside there were a couple of cars I didn’t know if I should go in or stay outside, so I decided to sit and wait, Mthobisi called he wanted to know how things had gone, I told him that his man had told me go to Yeoville I was now outside some place called Malalaituka waiting for him, Mthobisi told me that he was probably trying to see that I was not being followed or trying to trap him that is why he was sending me around, I told him that this was ridiculous, my phone was beeping I told Mthobisi that he needed to hang-up his cop friend was calling, Mthobisi hung up, investigating officer told me to go inside and order something to eat he’ll meet me inside, I did as I was told order steak and pap and chakalaka that’s what everyone seemed to be eating and I needed to blend in, one of the waitresses came and sat on my table she smiled and asked if I had the money with me, I told her I had already paid for my food, she said “you don’t understand I mean do you have the money”? wait, was she with the Investigating Officer? She told me that the IO (Investigating Officer) could not be seen with me and he didn’t trust that I was alone so to be on the safe side for both of us I had to give the money to her and she would pass it on. I told her I will only believe that if I get a confirmation from the IO himself I was not just going to hand her the money for all I knew she could have just over-head a conversation and is now taking chances, I called him and he confirmed that she was his girlfriend and I should give her the money I was a bit sceptical this was a lot of money and I seriously didn’t want it ending in the wrong hands but Mthobisi knew what he was doing I just had to trust that this was going to work, I gave the waitress the money and left. I drove home feeling a bit relieved that this was coming to an end. The things we do for our men!!

*****THE END****

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