Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Two

with Thozama Mqikela


I will always say this from now onwards. People take their lives for granted and do not fully appreciate the lives that they live. The moment I got there my heart sank. Prison is full of poor people that for one reason or the other were imprisoned by rich people. DO you know how rich lawyers are let alone judges? Have you ever considered that once you are poor guilty or not, if you are accused of a crime you probably will not win. You simply do not have the resources to fight the system so forget getting a so called good lawyers. all the people had a story to tell and yes I was one of them at this moment but I knew I would be going home to a cosy home. I got to the entrance and there was already a whole lot of people there.

I followed the sign that pointed to Visitors and drove that side. I got out and saw a prison warder in brown uniform. You could tell now that this was serious as these were unlike the Hillbrow cops. In Hillbrow everyone had been dressed in blue uniform, in this place the prison warders were wearing the brown uniform. I approached the one who was walking up and down assisting people who seemed confused. I told him I was visiting a prisoner and didn’t exactly know the procedure he told me to leave my bag and phone in the car and only take my id and the food that I had brought for the person I was visiting. At least they were allowed food in this place I thought, he asked if I had a transparent plastic bag to put in the food I told him I didn’t and he pointed me to a tuck-shop where I could buy a bag for R5 and also told me I need to go to an office next to the tuck-shop to give the prison warders there the details of the person I was visiting. I proceeded to the tuck-shop there were people buying dinks and sweets and to them this seemed normal. In fact others knew each other from previous months they kept asking each other about how their “prisoners” case was going and they were all chatty and didn’t seem as stressed as I was. I bought 4 plastic bags and went to the next room where there were two prison warders writing down names. I gave them my name and id and told them who I was visiting. They gave me a small paper with my name on it and my id number and Mthobisi’s name and a number, they gave me my id back. I went outside and there are chair outside, I sat there and put Mthobisi’s food in the plastic bag. I removed the cigarettes from all 10 boxes and also put them on 1 of the plastic bag, removed the sweets and chappies also place them in their own bag, this was just so unnecessary but I could not complain everyone else was doing it so who was I to complain.
After I was done I went inside what looked like a waiting room, there was a female prison warder giving all the visitors instructions of what we should do and what was not allowed in prison etc, no one was really paying attention to her I think I must have been the only one paying attention, I wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t want to see myself locked up in this place for breaking a small stupid rule. Eventually they started calling people based on their numbers, luckily for me they were starting with people that were visiting prisoners awaiting trail so I got to go with the first batch of people but there was a whole lot of us about 50, we went through a gate where there was a male and female prison warder the female prisoner was searching females and checking that all food and everything else that you brought was in a see-through bag, if not in a bag you were told to leave it at the entrance and you will get it when you come out, a lot of people had to leave their stuff behind and thank goodness none of my things were rejected, I got past the gate and I’m expecting to see my husband to my surprise there is a bus waiting for us, we were told to get in the bus, I never knew Sun City Prison was so big, it even has roads it’s like a huge complex except most of the residents are dressed in Orange. The first stop the bus made we were told it’s for Female Prisoners awaiting trail so everybody who was visiting a female got of which was about half of the people in the bus, damn I could not imagine what must be going through those women’s minds being stuck behind those huge walls, I actually felt sorry for them even though I didn’t know them and realised that I might be going through all this but at least I was not in jail. No matter how bad things look when you look at other people’s problem and compare them to yours you start seeing how little your problems are especially when those people’s problem is being stuck behind bars.
Eventually we got to the Male side this was a long ride and I was getting anxious I wanted to get this over and done with, I really did not like being at this place. We had to sit in the waiting room and people’s names were called out, they actually called the name of the person you are visiting and from there 2 more prison warders were checking the food again to see that no illegal substances were brought in. Some people had put money inside cigarettes; going to visit in prison will make you see things that you never thought existed. There was a lady who brought Pap, the warders poked the pap and found that she had put a knife inside the pap, she was taken away with her pap. Mthobisi’s name was called I walked to the next building with my package. All the prisoners that had visitors were put in one big room with windows all around, I spotted Mthobisi, there were more prison warders behind the counter and they asked if I can spot the person I’m visiting, I pointed them at Mthobisi, they took the food gave it to him, Mthobisi pointed me to a window at a far-end. I sat down across him awe were separated by a window and he told me to press the button at the window when I speak coz it has a speaker and that’s how I will be able to hear him. I actually didn’t know where to start, Mthobisi started by saying “I love you Lee” he told me how much he missed. I asked him what his plan was, he told me I should not worry because he was going to get out come hell or high water he will be out of this place. He told me he was making progress and things were looking good so on Wednesday he would definitely be coming out, I reminded him that he had said that before, he just laughed it off. I told him I did not sign off to be a “Prisoners Wife” and I was not going to stand for this and if he planned to make this prison visits he should just know I will not be part of it, I made it clear that this was a first and a last time that I would set foot in this place, I know at this moment I sounded selfish but I was feed-up, I had had enough. Mthobisi assured me that this was the first and last time he was ever going to put me through this. We chatted a bit about the family then the prison warder came and told us that the time was up and they were switching off the speakers. Mthobisi told me that he would call me to check if I arrived safe, I left and waiting for the bus to take us back to the entrance. Got back into my car and drove to my sister’s place I felt so tired it must have been the ups and downs of prison, I was feeling depressed and my sister was in a chatty mood and I was not I told her I had a headache and I wanted to take a nap. I must have slept throughout the day coz it was dark when I got up, I was woken by the most terrible cramps in my stomach, I actually screamed out from the pains. I tried getting out of bed but with every move I made the cramps just got worse, what the hell was wrong with me, I started thinking that maybe it’s hunger cramps since I had not eaten all day.

I decided to go to the kitchen I’m sure my sister must have made so delicious dinner made, I got up as soon as my feet touched the floor the cramps were unbearable I could not even stand I fell on the floor while lying on the floor I could feel something was wrong with me I just didn’t know what, my pants felt cold I touched them thinking I must have fallen in water, I brought my hand close to my face, my hand had blood, had I fallen on top of blood???? I passed out!!!

*****THE END****

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Hey ma name is hlatsi n m doing ma last year @ skul n ma bf is doing his 2nd year. I got pregnant last year november n in december I found out he was cheating then he apologised said it was a mistake I then forgave him … Ok we r in a long distance relationship january I went back to school every month I came by to see him buh I recently found out he was still seeing that girl ,u know being pregnant n cheated on … I felt as though ma life is coming to its end,I den burned his bag n torn his shirts n underwears … I still love him I don’t wanna be a single parent buh I feel betrayed now I’m in a open relationship with him buh I’m not okay with it… I just need advice gore ke direng since kemo rata n kele preg

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  1. Hlatsi, please wake up and accept reality. This guy will always cheat on you. He will bring disease to you realationship. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to accept his nonsense. Concentrate on your studies and yourself. You true love will come along one day.

  2. Been waiting for this chapter Q&A ai, i will forever be confused for the whole day by ur question. Clearly this guy thinks so little of u that even while u preggies he gonna go cheat

  3. Q & A :For you and your baby’s health, distance yourself from him! I know it will be hard but think of your baby. The truth is, he doesn’t love you. If he did, he wouldn’t hurt u like this. Focus on your pregnancy, rely on your friends’ and family’s support. Forget about him and don’t let him hurt you any longer! Stay strong ..

  4. I know maybe most people havent read “ICherry Yegintsa” blog. Some of the paragraphs are the same with this chapter, maybe its the same author…….Thozama seems to be so clued up about visiting police stations and prisons. The whole process takes the entire chapter. If this blog is going to be mirror image of Icherry Yegintsa, I think it will lack creativity and its cause. Will wait n c! Im not impressed with this one.

    I was left with more questions than answers, nut let me not confuse you even worse. You must let this guy go!

  5. Then she had a miscarriage, I read dis line somewhere Mike, its either Icherry Yegintsa or diary of a xhosa girl, dont let me down now, o buwe hao felletswe re o thuse

  6. Eish…In my hearts of hearts,i believe she miscarried.Having to deal with so much stress and now this?? *tear drop*.

  7. Q&A: i agree with evryone. Let de guy go, clearly he does not love u. It will be hard believe me, bt u will get through it. I believe u r still young and will find love again, bt if u stay wit dis guy u will always b hurting nd stressing urself and ur baby.

  8. I read icherry yegintsa bt the onli resemblance 2 this is the miscarriage part whch cld b a coincedence,dnt thnk Thoz nd Mike hav the time to go nd still other ppls ideas shame

  9. Hey Mike

    This read seems like a page too many out of dairy of icherry ye gintsa as events and description of clothing co relate to that story.

    You are a brilliant writer though.

  10. i know those cramps very well, Lee lost the baby and he wasnt even aware that she’s pregnant, shame poor Lesedi.

    Dear Hlatsi, my advise to you is to make wise decisions and as you said you still love him i believe you can do the right thing for your sake, and your unborn child, it’ll be easy for people to tell you to let go of your child’s father but it just wont be easy, so try to control your temper, burning his things wont solve anyhing and it wont stop him from seeing that other woman, make him miss you, and act stupid, he’ll wonder what you’re up to and it’ll eat him up, he’ll eventually come around, and wena get someone that you can open up up to in the meantime, bottling things up wont be such a good idea for your unborn child, and if anything happens to that child u gonna blame it all on yourself. good

  11. De way she is so busy she didnt even realise she is prgnt.Mxolisi is really givin u stress.Gal in a rltionship u mst leave space 4 dissapointment dnt trust too much @least its ur last yr focus on ur studies n gettin a job bcs ur Mr Right is nw Mr Player.

  12. Hi mike

    Thanx for this great blog. However i would like to point out some things to you. Prison warders are now called correctional officials,and prisoners offenders. Hope this helps going forward

  13. I’ve read the blog icherry ye gintsa and without throwing shade, but the last paragraph does seem like a coincidence.

  14. thanx mike and Thozama…and congrats mike for ur new upcoming TV series of Confessions of a sugarbaby…I cnt wait

  15. Is she having a miscarriage like Bonelwa in icherry yegintsa, haaiii Mike and Thozama this is not on. This blog keeps on changing with every chapter and now I feel like I’m reading icherry yegintsa again….!!??!!??

  16. Awu shame Lee, ddnt knw she’s preg n jst had miscarriage askies, feel her pain excatly wat i hv experienced, sharp pain unbearable……

  17. I thought I was the only one who noticed this writer , writes almost the same as icherrie ye gintsa and I saw that when she started naming her clothes

  18. Really not feeling this prsison what what. This blog is becoming a drag. Not at all what I expected 🙁 boooooo

  19. Wooh people ok u’ve read icherrie yagintsa thina abanye we didn’t n we not interested so pls stop comparing. You have a lot to say maan. Siyabonga Mr Maphoto n Thozie job well done.

  20. Hahahahahaha! I just had to go read this Cherry Yegintsa blog, and I must say I too find it a bit too much of a coincident… Lol I bet this blog will change tomorrow. It won’t be a miscarriage watch and see. Thanks Thoz tho!

  21. guys i dnt thnk our two talented writers can copy other stories.unless if its the other way round.this two have been writing the most impressing chapters n m certainly sure that copying cannot be their style @#mike try to write about something different from others coz readin the same thing in different dairys sucks

  22. I’ve read icherry yegintsa and most of Missteps chapters sound exactly like icherry yegintsa.

  23. Yes its true Teejay. It reads like iCherry Yegintsa but lets wait n c singam judje kwangok uMike I dnt think he can copy someones writing

  24. QtoA – hi dear, I totally related to ur idea. U had panned out ur life in a certain way and had certain rules u still wanted to follow. Let me be honest, this guy does not respect u and thus does not earn any respect back from u. He knows what situation u r in,yet he decides to be selfish. And maybe he is yung,but so are u. And u had to stand up and grow up. I am in a similar situation,the only difference is that I learned to respect myself more and thus my pregnancy was more smooth sailing. I’m proud to be a mum to a healthy baby girl. Trust me,when that baby comes,u wil know what true love is. Forget him.

  25. Hlatsi dear u beta off alone love he’ll neva change love urself enaf to let go plus he gave u a blessing so him js let him go, I’ve been there trust me its hard but ul survive

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