Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Three

with Thozama Mqikela


I don’t know after how long but when I finally came to and opened my eyes panic set in. Where did the blood come from the only thing I could think of was Mthobisi’s cronies must have found me and shot me, oh my God, I have been shot??? Before I could even reason in my head I screamed “Naledi, Naledi, I have been shot, help me” my sister came rushing in she turned on the light and came to the floor where I was lying down, I could see the shock and panic in her face, she asked who shot me and where was I shot I said I don’t know, she touch my arms and stomach trying to see if she could find any gun wounds, she checked my whole body and found nothing then she burst out laughing and this moment Lwazi her husband came in and asked if everything was okay, my sister was on the floor laughing she told him that I had started my period and for some reason I must have had a nightmare about getting shot because when I saw the blood I screamed that I had been shot, this turned to be a huge joke on both of them, they were laughing so hard Lwazi even had tears on his eyes, he said I should stop watching too much movies, I rolled my eyes and asked my sister to help me up because I had bad cramps, Lwazi went to go watch TV with the kids. The pain in my stomach was still bad, I went to go take a shower while Naledi finished preparing dinner, I felt so stupid for being so dramatic but after the crap I had been through who could blame me for being paranoid.

I joined everybody in the lounge we ate dinner, my sister knew her way in pots but we have our mother to thank for that, meat was the order of this house in fact meat was an everyday thing, Lwazi being Xhosa demanded that every meal has meat, I was not complaining but I knew I could not live like that every day. After we had done eating Naledi offered me a hot water bottle and pain killers for the cramps in my stomachs I took the painkillers and declined the offer of the hot water bottle I am scared of that thing, I always imagine it bursting open and the hot water burning me. Buhle my sister’s 8 year old daughter goes to a Christian Private School she offered to pray for my cramps, she said she usually prays for her smaller brother when he has stomach aches and he gets better I found this to be too cute so I agreed who can say no to a cute 8 year old, even if you didn’t believe you will act like you believe. She put her small hands in my stomach and started praying “Father God in the name of Jesus I thank you for your grace and mercy I thank you for my Aunt Lesedi and I declare that she is healed in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ” I had my eyes closed but after hearing these deep words this child was saying I opened my eyes to look at her, she was so focused on what she was doing, I wanted to laugh but I had to hold it in and not hurt the little girl’s feelings, she finished praying and told me “You are now healed”, wow just like that the faith of kids is amazing, I agreed that I was feeling much better. I told my sister the R2 500 she was paying a month on school fees for her daughter was worth it she was so disciplined, smart and well behaved, but I knew I would never take my son to such an expensive school, I still had tertiary to think about, if I was paying that much for Primary how much would I be paying in High School. My sister and her husband were money blowers they knew how to blow money, I doubt if they were saving any.
The next morning I was woken up by my sister and told that we need to get ready for church, was this woman serious? I had not been in church in ages and I didn’t even bring church clothes my sister said not to worry because their church was in Randburg which is close to my place so we can go past my place and I can change. It didn’t seem like I had a choice in the matter so I agreed. Lwazi and the kids were leaving early because Lwazi needed to take the kids to Sunday school and he had some men’s class to attend in church, I had to drive with my sister who insisted on driving my car since I still had a bit of stomach cramps, her driving was as bad as ever but thank goodness it was Sunday morning and there were not a lot of cars on the road, we got to my place in one piece, security saw my car and opened the boom gate, I ran up to make sure that everything was in order in the house while my sister was still struggling to park the car. I put a few things that those thugs had moved around in the house, I had not heard from Mthobisi since yesterday but I figured maybe he could not get hold of a phone. I went to go change wore black skirt, black t-shirt and a black blazer, black shoes and let my hair hang my sister came into the bedroom and said I looked like I was going to a funeral with my black everything outfit, I ignored her and put tissues and lip-gloss and cell phone in an orange handbag, my sister told me to take my tablet with, I asked why she said to take notes at church, I grabbed my tablet we left I was feeling much better I told her I would drive this time. We got to church, I had never seen so many beautiful, expensive cars in a church it looked like we were at some rich person’s wedding where everybody hired expensive cars for show-off, I looked at my sister and asked if this was a special parking she laughed and said most people in this church drives expensive cars, my sister’s husband must have fit-in so well in this church, when we walked in the men were in suits not just ordinary looking suits but expensive suits, the women also looked so good in their fancy formal wear they had gorgeous shoes all I could do was admire, I was actually drooling at the shoes, I’m a typical women, shoes drive me insane. My sister was well known, people kept greeting her and hugging her, thank goodness I had not come in jeans I would have felt so out of place. The choir started singing they were so good they sounded like Angels, everything in this place was just impressive. The Pastor came out, it was a woman Pastor, she looked so beautiful, she started speaking she had a Nigerian accent but looked South African. I whispered to my sister and asked if she was Nigerian she said yes, she preached so beautifully, she talk about forgiveness and not giving up, she preached about how the challenges in your life were not meant to break you but to shape you and build you up. It felt like she was talking to me, I was so hyped up I had answers to my problems I knew what I needed to do. The people in the church were using their tablets and phones to take notes, no one had a Bible they had Bible apps on their phones and tablet, in this place technology was just on another level even the pastor was using a tablet and no Bible, ja neh you see new things every day.

When church was over I told my sister Mthobisi would be coming back today so I would be going back home, eish lying in the house of God felt bad but I could not tell my sister what was going on with Mthobisi, sometimes it’s okay not to share everything especially the not so good stuff. She said she would drive home with Lwazi and the kids. I drove home, on the way home Mthobisi called he told me that he had made progress with his case, he was doing something to make sure that he got out on Wednesday when he went to court, I was glad to hear that, he told me he needed my help, I said anything, I told him I would do anything to help him and I was not giving up on him and our marriage, I know I had wanted to divorce him but I was now a new person church had transformed me, I was not giving up, yes I had been weak but you can’t back down each time life throws you a few challenges this was what the Pastor said and I was determined to put it into practice in my life. Mthobisi was very happy to hear this he told me that he wanted us to go to counseling when he got out of prison, hallelujah there is a God, a black man suggesting therapy this was a miracle on its own, I had suggested so many times that we go to therapy and he had always flat-out refused and told me black people don’t do therapy it’s just wrong, I was so happy to hear him say that. He told me he had managed to get hold of the investigating officer of his case and they had spoken and the officer wanted R20 000 to make the dockets disappear and without the docket there would be no case so he needed me to go meet this Officer and give him the money. I hit the brakes so hard I had not realized there was a car in front of me that was stuck I tried swerving to the right but the was a car coming it was too late for me all I heard was a loud BANG. SHIT!!!! I had hit the car in front of me!!!

*****THE END****

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I am a 20 year old gal dat just got 2 PTA n I’m studyn here! I have slept wit over 30guys witout usin a condom n knowin dat I am HIV positive! I dnt thnk getn cancellin wil help I think sleepin wit all dis men n punishn dam will help! I cry all da tym @ nite n I reali feel bad now n dont know what 2 do anymore! Pleaze Help.

Miss HIV Spreader

61 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Twenty Three

  1. As for miss HIV you can’t dish out punishments to people who didn’t have anything with your getting infected. Manage your own disease and stop destroying other peoples lives. HIV is not a death sentence obviously if you live positively and take your meds.

  2. Miss HIV spreader

    Are you aware dat ua destroying other people’s life , I mean u can’t blame all men for getting infected .yeah I also urge you to control ua situation, by spreading de disease u aint helping uaslf instead ua ua destroying uaself. Take care of uaslf gal

    Tnx mike

  3. Dear Miss HIV spreader, you know what you’re doing wrong. They are innocent and know nothing about what your past is. Also, you’re comitting a crime and could end up in jail for a long time. Sleeping with all these men without a condom also puts you at risk of contractin other STIs. Being HIV positive isn’t the end of the world! You can still turn your life around and you’ll be suprised how long you can actually live. It’s not too late! Trust in your lord, find strength from your family.

  4. Miss HIV Spreader

    What are are to trying to accomplish with this deed?Don’t you think you are complicating and changing other people”s lives like yours has been changed? What about the children, family, wives of the men you want and infecting? Does it occur to your mind that what you are doing is wrong and that you are punishing men for the wrong reasons?

    Your 1st mistake was having unprotected sex. From that mistake you should learn. It is your stupidity that got you in the place that you are in right now! Should we now feel sorry for you? No! I am not going to feel sorry for a person who is delibarately endagering the lives of others.

    You need to accept that YOU ARE HIV POSITIVE and that won’t change! You spreading the virus will not change your current status. You won’t achieve anything by doing that.

    Surely you must be a beautiful, intelligent woman…you seem to lack self-esteem, confidence and acceptance. You need counselling not only by a therapist but by a psychologist or even a pyschiatrist. You need to know the impliactions of what you are doing. The risk you are putting yourself in and others. You are way to young, you need to enjoy life, live it responsibly with the aim of achieving the goals you had set for yourself then. Your status won’t change!

    I have a cousin who is 22, her boyfriend infected her and the boy didn’t even know himself! Maybe that happened to you but she managed to find closure and accept her status. We as a family never turned her back on her. What I am trying to say and emphasize on is that you ACCEPT your situation and not focus on punishing others for your MISTAKE! It is your mistake to have unprotected sex but not another man’s mistake. Our actions and choices do affect those around us.

    Learn from that mistake and make choces for a better future for yourself. Embrace your youth and beauty in a way you never have. Get your vision in place!

  5. Like the twist,thot was havin a miscarriage.Miss Spreader wot do u get 4 infectin these men,u certainly dnt get cured,ds it make u feel beta?dnt thnk so u just renderin ur immune system weak coz sme of these men r guilty of the same crime as u so go to ur nearest clinic nd take responsibility for ur life nd sleeping with any1 without a condom these days is just plain stupidity shm

  6. Q%A I would like to point it out to you that it takes two to tango as much as you would love to blame the person who gave you hiv you should also take the blame for letting them penetrate you without a condom infecting innocent guys is not the way to solve your problem you are only making it worse by re-infecting yourself, you need to come to terms with your status go for counseling and take your meds HIV is not a death you can live a healthy positive life

  7. Miss HIV spreader

    Its really sad that you think infecting innocent people with the virus is the right thing to do. There are so many people people infected and affected by the virus who lead normal healthy lives. You need help cos being angry at the world is not only destroying your life but other people’s lives as well. It doesn’t matter how or who infected you what matters is how you deal with your status going forward. I hope you’re are caught and punished for what you are doing cos being HIV positive is no reason to go around knowingly infecting others.

  8. Hiv spreader, I think you are wrong about counselling…it can help u deal with all that anger u are luving with…I wont judge u cause I am not I. Ur shoes, but I will urge you to get some help…u are putting ur life and the lives of others in danger…I think that maybe if u accept your situation then u can be able to move on…I really hope that u will consider getting help. I will keep u in my prayers.

  9. Dear Miss HIV spreader,by what u r doing 1 can guess that u r double ignorant and can also guess that u never contracted the virus by mistake but by ur ignorance because it shows that u don’t LOVE YOURSELF.I think u short of information and knowledge about HIV. It might b that NONE or NOT ALL of the guys u slept with did get infected, and there is another possibility tht some or all of those guys r already infected, and if that is the case then u have REINFECTED YOURSELF 30 times and is going 2 increase ur virul load. If u continue that way soon u will b having full blown up aids. My advice 2 u is go 4 counselling if u haven’t yet and take ur treatment and u will live longer and STOP DECREASING ur LIFE SPAN.

  10. HIV Spreader…!!!Am prayin 4 U dear..!!! Yo therapy B gins now jus Go tru these Coments people Are Postin..!! This is So Rong Sisi U knw it 2. Spreadin yO Legs 4 All these Man Will not Cure U.These r the Evil deeds I Urge U 2 Change Yo Ways plzZz.!!!U are So Yang Hiv is NOT the end of the World. Find Purpose SoOn.!!!*Sick*

  11. I know this might be building blocks to misteps, but hey the focus is a bit confusing….Nikkie predicted right yesterday. Its now periods…..to be honest this weekend postings were drag however, you will know better and I will keep reading. Thank you for everything, most things are eye opening. Keep the good work up.

    Please stop what you are doing and get a professional help.

  12. Miss HIV stop that nonsense right now…by sleeping around you are exposingyourself to reinfection…this will make the HIV strand u r infected with multiply and mutate at a rapid rate and you are effing up your CD4 count… Accept your status and learn to deal with the disease…HIV is manageable…to those guys you are infecting, much as it’s wrong and cruel ALL OF US ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN HEALTH…just because she ‘seems’ innocent and looks fresh does not mean you must not condomise…ZITHANDE…

  13. Awesome read as usual. Mthobisi is a thug mann haaai!

    Hiv spreader get help babygirl. U r killing yourself faster too.

  14. Great read Mike & Thoz I love the twists…

    Q&A Guys must just stop sleeping around without protection nizofa for a few seconds pleasure I’m not saying what HIV Spreader is doing is right .
    Ayeye, some guys in PTA must be shi*ing themselves right now.

    There is no law in SA that says spreading HIV is illegal, a friend of mine was infected by her boyfriend, he knew he was positive she tried opening a case and cops couldn’t help…
    I’m afraid that HIV spreader is unstopable unless guys insist on condoms, which is highly unlikely!!

  15. It really pisses me off when some people discovers that they are HIV positive and the first thing that they do is infect innocent people in a way of getting “revenge”. Why do you that instead of going for councilling and get help. You are destroying other people’s lives and future Miss HIV and not only you are doing that you could be reinfecting yourself with HIV in which you are cutting your life short.

    And not so long ago there was this poor girl on twitter who was crying her heart out and venting her anger and exposing some phumzile ngcatshe guy who deliberately infected her with HIV and now this. What is this world coming to?

  16. Nyc read once again mike,,,tnx

    Miss HIV spreader, I actualy don’t know where to begin, but what u r doing shows how selfish u r…..u r self- centered, uneducated, no brainer u r actualy a MURDERER…how many innocent souls have u infected , u should go to jail for what u r doing…u r cursing your family.(izinyembezi zabantu aziweli phansi, uzovuna okutshalile my dear)

  17. .Mike be a good citizen and report this woman!

    Q n A: aowa ngwanyana kwena hao swabe!! Argha man its people like u who don’t deserve ta live nxn yerrr ha.a man no matter how selfish one is maar eseng jana man! Commit suicide tuuu u’re not doing any good ta this world

  18. Wow where do you get the energy to sleep with so many guys? Sex is awesome man but slow down. You need to calm down and learn to love yourself. Respect yourself girl yoh. You’re hurting yourself and so many other people and its just sad. Your body is a temple stop acting like a prostitute

  19. You need to concentrate on your studies. Focus on something positive. Your behavior is destructive and irrational. You should go to counseling so you can learn how to deal with your status and move forward. You have a long life ahead of you as long as you take your medicine and stop this behavior because you’re putting your health, along with everyone else’s, in jeopardy. Are you aware that you could get reinfected with different strains of the virus? And other infections as well? Please stop this. It’s obviously not making you feel any better.

  20. Mr mike

    you’re always good as awlays But please try to write in paragraphs..ibulala amehehlo into ende & end up have to browse searching for the last word you were reading.

    Thanx again for the reading

  21. My sista you need to accept Jesus Christ as saviour in your life,therapist can help for a short term bt Jesus will always be there for u,he will wash away yo sins,n throw em in elwandleni lokukhohlwa n u will have peace in yo life

  22. Uhm all you guys shouting at her saying its her own stupidity she got it,what if she got raped???people are so quick to talk,I’m not saying what she’s doing is right,but none of us know what she’s going through,but as for her,sleeping with all these men vele won’t change her status,its gona live her feeling worse that she already does,and all those men,unless she has been with him for a while then that is messed up,I don’t feel sorry for them,we’ve been learning about condoms from grade 4,you can’t have a one night stand with a girl you barely know,without a condom!now these man,we can say its their own stupidity

  23. Thanks Team for the great read.
    A to Q: Ms HIV spreader, what you’re doing is both wrong and stupid at all levels. Infecting other ppl is wrong, and you’re also reinfecting yourself – which is certainly not clever. Men can be the most hurtful and self centred creatures out there, and you just wish that person grief, pain and all the worse possible hurt in the world. Stop sleeping around and just stay strong.

  24. Hi Mike, my comment is directed at your sentiments with the QnA. I know that it’s hard to accept that there are people who do these kind of things out there and it’s easy to blame the person who comes out to admit it but this could be a way of reaching out and of helping other people who need it. Most of our young ppl fall into the trap of not using protection and don’t realize that with a few minutes of pleasure, not only ur life but those around u can also change. I see this as a cry for help and instead of judging the legality and moral values of this young woman, we could help her to change her life and other people who are due to fall into the same trap. This 1 woman’s story could change a lot of other people’s fate out there and I know ur blog reaches out to more young people than any 1 person could hope for so it’s better to use such platforms to educate and save our sisters and brothers out there. Please make sure that such stories get out there as you never know if by publishing 1, u could save a child, sister, brother, mother, father or even a friend by opening their eyes and making them think twice before endangering their lives.

  25. Ao mare!let’s hope Lee ha a lemala go lemetse koloi fela,hiv spreader u nid 2 council urcelf nd stop crying!then go 2 a professional so u cn get.u still young nd hv a whl lot of lyf 2 live,dnt gv up cos hiv is nt a death sentence!bt da way o etsang ka teng wa ipolaya shem!

  26. Mara this HIV advisors are so contradicting themselves ‘HIV is not the end of the world, stop destroying other people’s lives’ like wtf?! How is HIV not the end of the world if your life is destroyed when you have it?! Wena ngwanana why o sa nwe dipidisi and build your future living like everyone other woman who take their contraceptives daily, nosonso eo o ntseng o e etsa is gonna kill u and u going to leave every man you infected behind enjoying their lifes, o dom if o nahana o swetsa motho by infecting them with HIV…try cancer maybe…oops I forgot u don’t infect anyone with cancer! U wasting your life and no one else’s. Dummie

  27. In the name of Jesus save ur marriege gal,A2Q I heard of this storry befor n it was a gal from UJ now its Pta,I just hope that u find Jesus he will save u bby,its painful wat u going thru

  28. Report her Mike nxa she’s punishing people who’ve done nothing wrong to her. Akaboshwe nje inja esile

  29. Thnx 4 d great read yet again Mike! A2Q : Miss HIV wat ur doing is actualy Crime, stop being so selfish nd ur nt only destroyn ppls lives ur also killn urslf. Ppl lyk u deserve 2 b locked up!!

  30. Yho!! What I find most alarming about this is that there are 30+ people that have actually had unprotected sex with this girl! As much as I believe what u r doing is totally wrong and immoral because it is done deliberately, I cannot entirely blame u for “destroying” other people’s lives because the onus is on them 2 ensure that they play it safe! Choosing 2 engage in unprotected sex with u is not entirely your fault as they could prevent themselves from infections by condomising.

    Having said that, I still do not agree with your mentality and I am sure that u can c that what u r doing is not making your infection go away or helping the epidemic that we are faced with! Learn to accept your status, it is not going to be easy but it is not impossible. Read up on positive mentors who have been living with the disease 4 decades and their lives have not stopped! Life really does go on after being infected and you do not have to add to the bad situation by spreading the disease but u can add to the fight against HIV!

  31. Dear HIV spreader when you think you are infecting more men;you are also re-infecting yourself with other strains of the HIVirus.You have self loathing gal;you need to man-up and take full responsibility for your status.You r letting the virus win.There are many ppl who live to old age with HIV bcz they take care of themselves and adhere to treatment.You r just accelerating your own death.Change whilst you still can and get extensive counselling.

  32. Mthobisi is just an educated thug I feel sorry for the wife cz she’ll be stuck, he reminds me of my ex.
    As for the HIV spreader go with God!

  33. Mike, I think you should report Miss HIv, what she is doing is a crime. Frankly I don’t think she wrote her letter to seek advice, she clearly knows what she is doing, she knows it is wrong and she has already decided that counselling will not help her in any way. Mentioning that she has already slept with 30+ men and possibly infected them is just to for shock value. This girl doesn’t need advise, she is gloating, nxaa!

  34. good read mike!!!!
    miss HIV spreader, you should be incarcerated for infecting people knowingly. the sad truth is that you would not probably see 25 because you would die of reinfecting yourself. HIV is not death sentence,change ur ways before it is too late.

  35. I agree with Figi, Miss HIV is just gloating. Prison won’t do her any justice, she needs to die and quick!!!!!usetyenziswa nguSatan

  36. @Miss HIV spreader… How’s about you try councilling before you reach the decision of whether or not it will help you because the only person you are really punishing is yourself! Selfish behaviour is unexceptable.

  37. Thanks MiThoz, interesting twist. Also loved the msg at church.

    A2Q: Miss HIV Spreader, I have to agree with the readers who think you are gloating.
    From your letter, you say:
    (A) you don’t think counseling will help
    (B) you think sleeping with all these men and punishing them will help
    (C) you cry all the time at night and really feel bad now
    (D) please help
    Do you feel bad because of what you are doing to all these men? Do you feel bad because you are angry about your status? What exactly do you need help with? Do you need help to stop crying at night and feel better? Do you need help sleeping with all these men and punishing them? Do you need help dealing with HIV?
    It’s just so sad that ‘all these men’ didn’t really make their health a priority and protect themselves at that time. But you are not punishing those men because, unlike you, not everyone thinks HIV is a death sentence, so even if you managed to infect some of them, they might handle this better than you and not feel sorry for themselves and their lives move on. Because HIV is not the worst thing that can happen to a person!!!!
    But wena, you have also put yourself at risk of contracting a different strain of the virus. It cud be a strain ur body might no be able to handle. Weakening your immune system and dropping your CD4 count is just plain stupidity.

  38. Dear Mike please report this selfish vindictive girl, what she is doing is a crime and inhumane, if she’s slept with over 30 men that means she’s infected double or triple that amount of people it’s actually sick what she is doing because those men are probably in relationships and cheating with more people and uknowingly infecting other people, I strongly feel feel you should report her please.

  39. Mike pls for Goodness sake don’t report her, this is a catch between u n ur God! Remember Jesus once made an eg wiv a woman who was believed to be a slut Jesus said anyone who’s no sin must throw a stone to tt woman, so please sisilingo esi this is gonna toture u all ur life. Take it easy man as if it never exist. Its her problem to deal wiv.she doesn’t show any remorse all she cares is her peaceful sleep,don’t allow her problems become yo’s.

  40. Ms spreader wat u doing is jst rng&sickening wit dt said the men dt u slip wit whrz their brains cz thse days u cnt slip wit any1 witout a condom as much as ur to blme they mst also tyk responsibility fr their lives wake up&smell the coffee

  41. hey mike i need a copy of your book how do i get it and also please give the details for the payment

  42. Lyf is so hard sumtymz,xem on dis women wit broken mindz.thiz wrythnz ar teaching us a lot tanx 2 mike.

  43. Funny how every1 is coming down so hard on Mss HIV Spreader as if she holds the men she sleeps with, with a guy and forces them not 2 wear condoms , I’m not saying she is right but with every1 knowing about HIV I don’t understand y ppl will not protect themselves it shldnt make any difference how long u hv known ur partner but the minute u decide u want 2 stop using a condom u first go for test that’s just common sense is it not nha? Hayi mani let’s not try put a blame on her only every1 has a responsibility 2 protect themselves. Mss HIV spreader u r being truly stupid coz what u doing is jst going 2 kill u faster u might thing u spreading ur virus but only 2 find out u just getting urself re infected b wise n just accept ur status n condomise qha. Life is worth living try n live positively . All de best

  44. @HIV Spreader
    I do not judge u infact I know what u r going through, when I was 15 I was raped & I got infected with HIV for d longest time I was angry at d world & I hated men completely bt I got counselling 4 a year & I decided to live my life to the fullest. The person who infected me was family & they died 10years ago. Currently I am 30now & I am married & have 2kids surprisingly my CD4 count is over a 1000 & I’m not taking ARV’s yet. Don’t let a small virus take all ur power, take back ur life & enjoy living. U only live once so live it to d fullest, punishing d wrong people will not fullfil u infact it will leave u with so much guilt!!

  45. QnA:Our cute handsome brothers pls hle keya kopa,condomise.Aaaahhhhhh I can’t bliv dis .Oooohhh dis s too much way too much.Even u beautiful ladies out there let’s take care of ourselves.
    To be honest I hav got no words to u dear .Mhk.
    Thank you Mike

  46. QnA:Our cute handsome brothers pls hle keya kopa,condomise.Aaaahhhhhh I can’t bliv dis .Oooohhh dis s too much way too much.Even u beautiful ladies out there let’s take care of ourselves.
    To be honest I hav got no words for u dear .Mhk.
    Thank you Mike

  47. Hi Mike

    It makes me very angry when i see people thinking HIV is something to play about. Theres a girl that went crying to twitter and all the other blogs that you can think of saying Phumzile Ngcatshe infected her with hiv and left her pregnant. Mike that girl is a sick girl in the head because there are so many people who knw exactly what is going on there. She got dumped for a younger girl that she keeps posting her photos of on these blogs as well. That girl has anger inside her, got raped by her step father which is a sad thing to happen to anyone, but that doesn’t give her the right to post other people’s pictures who are not her, create accounts on twitter using different names. if all is true why can’t she use her real name. Mike this really leaves me angry because people’s images are ruined here by an obsessed person.

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