Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Six

with Thozama Mqikela



I woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning, by 07:00 I was driving to work which was an all time record for me I am not a morning person at all I don’t see the point of being at work at the crack of dawn, I read somewhere that geniuses woke up after 9 so maybe my reasons for not being a morning person were a fact that I was an unrecognized genius, who am I fooling I am downright lazy, Mthobisi’s mother reminded me of how lazy I am every time she came to visit, she would tell me that Koketso my sister in-law got up at 5 am and would start cleaning before everyone got up and they would be woken up by the smell of breakfast. At my house they would get up and wait for me to get up, it’s not my fault that they got up at 7 am on a weekend those are my resting days Mthobisi’s mother needs to take a chill pill, this is not the 80’s wives have rights now and we work as hard as the men any ways but telling her that would be disrespectful so I shut up and sleep. Today for the first time in a long time I could smell the fresh air, I could hear the birds singing, this was going to be a good day, tomorrow my husband was coming home and nothing could bring me more joy and happiness that knowing my husband was going to be free in 24 hours.

Traffic was a nightmare but I didn’t care I was so happy I felt like waving at every person that I drove next too but I didn’t push it that far people are always grumpy in the mornings I didn’t want to be shown the middle finger, it felt so good to have the heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. I got to work after 8 and got cracking, Cindy came a few minutes later, she went on about how her father was stingy and didn’t want to give her money for a new car that she wanted the car cost half a million, this girl was a real spoilt brat, I asked her what she did with her own salary she said she shopped with her money, and would not be able to afford it anyway. I told her that her car looked good and she didn’t really need another car, she just laughed and said I wouldn’t understand, I obviously was not going to win this so I let it go.

While Cindy and I were working I got a message on Skype from Mfundo saying he misses me, I replied and that’s how the chat started, I told he didn’t know me that well that he would miss me… he replied “I miss your juicy lips” I started blushing I replied “lol” Mfundo wrote “Lets go out tonight, there is a really nice place that I would like to show you” I reasoned in my head, there really was no reason for me to rush home, no one was waiting for me so why not… I replied send me the address. He sent me the address it was a place in Germiston, I’m not too familiar with Germiston but I have a GPS so I was not worried about getting lost. Time seemed to be going slow I was really looking forward to my “date” with Mfundo. At 16:30 Mfundo sent me an sms saying he is leaving the office for our date and can’t wait to see me. I responded and said I will see him soon. Immediately after that I told Cindy we should knock-off we’ve done enough for the day, we packed our stuff and left. I got to my car and entered the address Mfundo had given me on my GPS and hit the road. On the way Mthobi my hubby called, he asked where I was I told him I’m on the way home, he told me how much he appreciates what I had done for him, paying the Investigating Officer and supporting him through everything, I suddenly felt guilty, before I could respond that loud mouth woman on GPS said turn left on Smith Street, shit I had forgotten that the GPS was on, I was hoping and praying that Mthobisi had not heard that but the damn thing is to loud to miss, he asked why am I using the GPS to go home, damn I could not think I told him to hold on the were cops ahead, there were no cops I was just stalling I needed to think of a lie, after a minutes I picked up the phone I told him that I was taking a new route to go home because there was an accident on my normal route and I didn’t feel like being stuck in traffic, he seemed to believe that, he told me to call him when I got home as he was worried since I’m traveling on a route that I didn’t know I said I will, he told me he loves me very much and can’t wait to hold me in his arms and tell me in person how much he loves me and show me how much he missed me, I smiled and told him I love him too and I meant it. I arrived at my destination, it was a nice intimate fancy restaurant that Mfundo had selected, I got the door there was waitress who welcomed me I told her I was meeting someone here I saw Mfundo from across the room I walked over to him, the place was really stunning, Mfundo stood up and gave me a kiss on my lips, this was the first time we had kissed in public it was scary I looked around just to make sure there was no one around that I recognized the place was filled with white people thank goodness, the only other black people besides us were 2 guys having drink and I didn’t recognize them, white people mind their own business even if they know you and saw you cheat its none of their business, black people would be taking pictures post them on facebook then tag you and your partner, you will be left having to explain your cheating self.

We sat down I order salad and fish he order lamb shank and baked potatoes and I had cocktails, I read somewhere that if you want to get a woman in bed get her cocktails, those things make woman super horny, it’s true all my female friends agree with this concept, so in 2 hours I was so turned on I wanted to rip Mfundo’ s clothes of and have him right there and then. I even moved my chair from across to sit right next to him, he was all smiles, I kept rubbing his big boy underneath the table and I could feel he was hard, I wanted him and I told him as much I knew what I was doing was wrong in all levels but I have needs too. We were kissing and fondling each other and the waitress kept coming to ask if everything was okay, I felt we were making them a bit uncomfortable, this is the freedom you get when you are out of your hood where everybody knows you. No one knew us here and we felt like we could do whatever we want oh and alcohol will always give you that feeling of you can do whatever you like wherever, alcohol brings out the wild side in some people and it brought out the crazy, lustful side of me. Mfundo said he knew of a BNB that was close by and we can go there and continue this there I didn’t even think about it, I agreed. He quickly paid the bill and we went outside, when we got to the parking he said we should rather use one car and we’ll come back later for the other car, I didn’t care I said let’s take my car, he said he would drive my car as I was a bit tipsy and he knew the where the place was and I didn’t so it made sense for him to drive.

We arrived at this BNB the street was empty and its in a very quiet area, as Mfundo was about to hit the intercom at the gate a Golf 5 came out of nowhere and hit the pavement, we were both surprised thinking these people have just had an accident, while we were still watching that not sure if we should go out and see if they need help, 2 guys came out running and came to my car they knocked on both front windows at the same time with guns, I opened my window and they told me ”get out” I opened my mouth to scream the one guy said “scream and we will empty these bullets in your ass” I closed my mouth immediately, I got out Mfundo also got out they started searching us, I was petrified shaking like a leaf they took Mfundo’ s phone and wallet, my phone was in my bag inside the car, they told me to remove my wedding ring I said No, the one guy asked if do I want to die, Mfundo said just give it to them, this man is a bloody coward he didn’t even try to put up a fight, I immediately removed the ring and gave it to him, they also told me to give them a watch I was wearing that my husband had got for me for my birthday, then the bastards took my car and drove off. I became sober same time, trauma will bring you back to your senses, we stood there for a few minutes not saying anything I guess we were both trying to process what had just happened. We were left there stranded with no phones, no money, nothing. The first words that came out of my mouth were “what the hell am I going to tell my husband, he is going to kill me”….

*****THE END****

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Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I once wrote you a letter about an abusive father. My mother eventually got him arrested. Through your help I got a sponsor for school and I have moved to a better and more responsive school. Its like our luck has changed because we were awarded an RDP house and coming from a shack background its a palace. I do not know many other ways to thank you but if anyone deserves to blessed it is you Mike. Thank you in so many ways. My mother calls you her son in law because of all the help you gave us without even knowing whom we are. She said I should invite you to Kuruman for lunch so she can show her gratitude. Again Mike I hope you receive all the blessings in the world.

Thank You


44 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Twenty Six

  1. Hooray I’m second for the first time in my life. Its amazing how I become so excited when I see that you posted something, thanks Mike.

  2. Its good to know that our responses to Q’s & A’s can have positive impacts on people like Lisa, im glad things are going great for you..

  3. Auuuch, I didnt see this coming….lies bring all the badluck hey. This is by far amazing chapter. Well done Thozi and Mike…its awesome.

    Mike, pls let us know how it goes with your Mother in-law from Kuruman (Lisa’s Mom), should you go and get your ”gratitude”. On a serious note thou, Lisa is one in a million that you are helping. Well done my auti!

  4. Oh sh*t ….but let’s hope tracker ppl will help cos those thugs won’t ansa ur phone to give the code……
    Congratulations Lisa baby n yeah abuti Mike u have to go to Kuruman ntate.

  5. Oh wow! Missteps is my favourite of all.. I like the consistency, the drama you don’t see it coming. Thanks once more <3

  6. Thanks team!!! Wow wow, this woman has a lot of explaining to do!!! Ttjjo!! It’s like being involved in a car accident uhamba nomuntu owrong, in the wrong place and time – how do you explain that!! Mmmmhhhnnn, nkc kwashuba!!!
    Big-ups Mike for being able to help Lisa out, wish to hear more positive report backs from other Q & A’s.

  7. OMG!!!! she is worried about her jail bird husband who lied to her about his illegal businesses if it was me i would tell him the truth after all he is the 1 that pushed her Mfundo

  8. wow lisa thats such a beautiful story,God is great all the time 🙂 To Mike please continue touching more lives

  9. Mike God bless u for helping Lisa, mm shame Lee usenkingeni but nayo lendoda (hubby) iyo ekwenza ufike lawukhona

  10. Hey Lisa I’m so happy for you and your Mom. As for you Mike o ska fella moo o tswele pele ho thusa moo ho hlokahalang. Jehova a o okelletse. Thanks

  11. Heheehee.. My weekend action movie..Im lovin this..our jason statham Mthobisi wil deal with these thugs before midnight come wednesday..ra leboga Thozama

  12. Mthobisi won’t be pleased about this , the results of cheating neh but atleast you have mfundos car to get home with. Nice one guys keep up the good work

  13. Wow Lee u in trouble dear……..just say u where called by a client for dinner in Germiston the minute u arrived home, so when u were leaving they took the car dnt mention Mfundo unless u want to die.

  14. Ummhhhmmm, I hve a feeling mthobisi got his wife followed. How come they knw bwt da bdae present watch, and the ring? Hehhhhh, all hell will break loose here, ds women totally acted stupid.

  15. Ayeye!! I wonder how is she going to get herself out of this 1. Thank u mike, u never disappoint! Stay blessed

  16. Awwww Lisa 😀 im so happy for U babe! Mike may the Lord shower U with blessings and please papa ba o emetse kuruman… I love happy endings

  17. Ayyyyyyy I think mfundo is behind this for insurance of his money…… Why dd they hav to be in that BNB,,,,, khon okushaya amanzi and if his not lee should tell mthobis the truth bwt the hijackng but athe behamb with frnds yoh ay amanga anedlel nje yokubambisa somtyms

  18. Thanks guys. These 2 shud give up, this affair is not happening.

    Our God is indeed an awesome god!!! Congratulations Lisa. Mike, for people like you, we could never thank God enough. Ade akusibekele, akwembathise izibusiso.

  19. If Lee had gone home when she was supposed to non of this would have happened, serves her right! Lies always have a way of catching up with the liar lol.

    God is indeed great all the best Lisa. Team Mike keep up the great work

  20. Wow Lisa stay blessed sisi, we pray that and more good things keep happening for you and your family and thank you for coming back to say thank you, i will also join you in thanking Mike for all his efforts,siyabonga bhuti, your crown is in heaven.

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