Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Thirty

Thozama Mqikela



As I was running on the corridors rushing to reception I bumped into the last person I was hoping to see the company’s biggest gossiper, I ran right past him acted like I didn’t see him, continued running, then I heard someone running out of breath behind, it was the chubby Indian man behind me running, I stopped so fast and turned around and asked him why he was following behind me, you could see in his face the excitement of what he was about to discover, this man got really excited over gossip and he knew something was up with me, I’m sure he could smell it, he said Andile had told him that I would be going to Cape Town and he should get me a laptop asap, I could see he was carrying a laptop bag, I lifted my hands and asked “so?” I was getting annoyed now, he said he had my laptop with him and figured that I must be late for a meeting so he assumed that I would be needing the laptop for my meeting that’s why he was running behind me, this man is unbelievable I told him I do not need the laptop for my meeting and to go set it up in my office I will call him if I had any problems, he didn’t seem too happy about this but I didn’t care I could not afford to be the news in the office. I waited till he turned a corner and was completely out of my sight then continued running to the reception, what did these cops want now? Lord what if they beat me up like they did Mthobisi, nah they would dare, too many witnesses and there are cameras everywhere, Lord what did my husband do this time? Or is it about the bribe that I paid to the Investigating Officer? I had so many questions when I got to reception I was completely out of breath and sweating, I , there were just a few clients waiting for the people they were there to see at work. I went to Phumla and asked her what had happened to the cops? She pointed at 2 gentleman wearing ordinary clothes no uniform, they saw that Phumla was pointing and came to me, they asked if I am Lesedi Jumbe, I was so scared my voice wouldn’t even come out, Phumla answered for me, they said they needed to speak to me in private, I asked Phumla to check if there are any meeting rooms available, she pointed us to a room down the passage, I lead them and when we got to the room I told them that I was tired of being harassed and if they wanted to know anything about my husband they should be speaking to him and not me, they looked confused and asked me what I am talking about, after venting that much I actually felt like an idiot I asked them why there were here they said they don’t know my husband and they were just asking the reception lady if my husband worked with me they are just here to discuss the hijacking, yhooooooo I was so relieved I could have hugged them but I didn’t push it that far. They said they just had a couple of questions to ask me, they asked if I saw the people who took my car would I recognise them I said yes, they asked a whole lot of other questions about the hijacking but I didn’t really care as long as it had nothing to do with my husband. After filling forms and answering questions they eventually left.
When I got back to the office Cindy told me that Jet was not very happy with the fact that I had dismissed him like a child, I laughed and told her he is a child in a grown man’s body, we both laughed. My phone rang it was my husband, he told me he was coming to get me something had come up and he needs me to come with him, he was not being very forthcoming and knowing my husband I was not going to get anything out of him, I told him he can come and get me and we will do lunch, he said “No, I’m picking you up and you won’t be coming back to work today, this is important Lee”, I didn’t really have much of a choice so I said okay, he said he loves me and hung up. I told Cindy I needed to go to the Police Station the cops said they had a few cars they wanted me to identify, Cindy said she would cover for me. In less than 15 minutes Mthobisi was calling to say he’s downstairs, I went down to the parking, I asked what are we going to do about his Q3 he said we should leave it at work I will get it tomorrow. We drove off in his Golf 7, I asked him where we were going,he said one of his friends got word about my car so he was taking me to see if I could identify the guy. I laughed coz I honestly thought that he was joking the cops could not find these guys and Mthobisi’s friends found them just like that? This was a joke I told him as much, he looked at me with a serious face and said , this is not a joke there is nothing funny about you almost getting killed, there is nothing funny about another man disrespecting my wife and putting a gun on her head, that shut me up. My phone rang, it was one of my friend’s Cleo, she wanted to talk about the girls night out, wanted to know where we will be going tomorrow, honestly I could not think about that now, she was started telling me about this great place that has recently opened in Soweto and we should go check it out, I said okay we’ll see how the others feel, Cleo is one of my closest friends, no kids, no husband, she is absolutely amazing, she’s smart, beautiful, charming but can’t find Mr. Right. She’s been in and out of relationships with guys always breaking her heart. She would not stop talking so I told her I was rushing somewhere and we will catch up tomorrow. Mthobisi obviously overheard the whole conversation, he asked about the girl’s night out, he never really cares when I go out with the girls he knows it’s harmless fun, I told him I needed some time with my friends he agreed, even told me he will give me money for drinks, wow, I smiled and thanked him. my phone was going crazy with whatsap messages from my friends, they were discussing the girls night out, I responded on a few messages to Mthobisi’s annoyance, he hates it when I chat on my phone coz I do not focus and not hear him when he speaks which was what was happening now, soo I put the phone on silence and focused on my husband, he talked about his friends that I was about to meet, I found this all to be so weird that my husband has these friends that I have never meet before. We arrived in Boksburg, we meet Mthobisi’s friend outside the SARS building, a coloured man in his 40’s Mthobisi introduced him as David, David told me how sorry he was that I had to go through that whole experience and that he was going to make sure they found my car, I didn’t know what to say so I said thank you, we then all 3 of us drove to some flats in Boksburg, outside was another guy by the name of Ryan, he was at the entrance waiting for us, he lead us into the flats and David and Ryan t started speaking in Afrikaans, from what I could understand Ryan had been standing at the entrance to make sure that the guys we were here for didn’t leave and they were still in the flat, so we walked to the flat, we got there was a young boy of about 19, Ryan asked him who else was in the house, the boy said he was alone, they asked where Tyler was and the boy said Tyler was gone to steal a battery, they asked him what had they done with the BM, the boy said he didn’t know anything about a BMW, Ryan punched him so hard the poor boy moved back a few feet and fell on the couch, I had been sitting down, I stood up from shock of what was happening, Mthobisi said I should go outside, while I was still listening to Mthobisi, Ryan picked the boy up and started slapping him, I was close to screaming, Mthobisi pulled me by the arm and said let’s go outside, we went out but I could still hear the young boys screams from outside, I asked Mthobisi what the hell was this and he said we trying to find your car, before I could respond another young coloured boy came he looked about 23 years old, as soon as his eyes laid on Mthobisi he made a run for it but it was too late for him coz Mthobisi was too fast for him, he had not even covered a few meters when my husband grabbed him and took him inside the flat, this was now Tyrone the guy they had been waiting for but they kept busy by beating up the other boy, this is why it’s so important not to hang out with the wrong crowds because you will suffer for their sins. David called me in and explained that he runs Boksburg, I didn’t know what he meant by “run” I mean he was not a mayor or anything like that and as far as I knew Mayors are the ones that run a town, he was still explaining that since my car moved from Germiston to Boksburg Tyrone must have been involved or must know someone who had taken my car, Ryan was now beating up Tyrone like crazy, I tried focusing my attention on David who was still explaining that they must have removed the battery from my car which is why the Tracker could no longer pick it up. The beating was not working on Tyrone or maybe the poor boy didn’t know anything, I told them that the guys that hijacked me where black and not coloured, David who had taken the role of my teacher schooling me about this insanity that was going on around me said that the other guys who were driving could have been coloureds he asked if I saw the driver I told him that everything happened too fast I didn’t see the driver.

David said that the beating was not effective on Tyrone we needed to do something more drastic. Mthobisi took out a hammer from the back of his pants, up until now my husband had not been doing anything he had just been watching, I asked him what’s he going to do with the hammer my husband replied, “I’m going to break his knees”.

He was as calm as a baby suckling its mothers tit and more! This was a worrying thing!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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