Memois – Chapter Twenty Nine

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Temptation! That’s the one thing that people are not allowed to say exists because acknowledging it means accepting weakness. Well maybe I am too vague, women are the ones who do not want to acknowledge that temptation exists and for them it always becomes a matter of who is strong and who is weak! Temptation! Its not an excuse its reality. Lindiwe sitting there in her home clothes, pyjamas in this case was incredibly tempting. I tried not to look at her in a sexual way but much as I tried to concentrate on the work and the problems I was going through at home I could not. It put me in a happy place and I found myself calming down. I told Lindiwe that much as I wanted to work tonight I could not. I was not feeling well I told her. I needed to lie down. She said she was tired too, that flight must have taken its toll and thank heavens.

The cold shower thing is not a myth. Its real. I took one and I calmed myself down. I just wanted to sleep and forget that everything that had happened today had happened. I hardly slept though. I had nightmares of me losing my wife. Was I to blame for allowing her to work? Everyone who says 50\50 in marriage is clearly not married because that does not often lead to a happy relationship since we both become the head of house! I am a lawyer. I am not oppressive but ever since my wife got her job the house had become very tense so maybe I had a point. The change was very evident. I could not tell her what to do anymore because she now felt that she could do whatever she wanted to do. I had never stopped her from that before but now it was more defined. She was not cheating, I am certain of it but when you are in a marriage and things start to go south that is usually the first thing you suspect.

Around midnight Khanyi called me again. She said that she was just checking up on me to see if I was nicely tucked in. She wanted us to facetime but I lied and said I did not know how. She told me what a pity it was because she was sitting all alone naked and it would have been nice. Much as I wanted to give in I told myself tonight was not the night. Khanyi was really the aggressive type that kept a man on his toes. She was very attentive I also noticed. She asked me why I had not responded to her sms about where I am staying. I told her I was too busy and when I got done all I needed to do was pass out. I asked. Her about my wife and she said that the reason why they had gone out for drinks was because she (Khanyi) did not want to expose Asthandile to everyone too soon especially if they had the planned party that weekend. She said that in their company it was normal to have impromptu outings as they worked in entertainment. She had a point. She said that Asthandile would be going on her first out of the office assignment with her new team that weekend in any case meaning that she will not be available for the party. Khanyi also emphasized how she had made sure that my wife was part of that team. She did not say why though. I was a bit relieved. When we said our goodnights I was better off.

The following morning I was sleepy. Lindiwe being the superman than she was was ready to fire. When we got to our clients premise we had to be vetted which made me irritable. They behaved as though they did not know we were coming. When eventually we got inside to start work it was a very tense meeting. They wanted to terminate our contract because according to them we were not playing our part. I knew this portfolio like the back of my hand so the negotiations started. By the time we finished they had re-signed a new contract which in fact actually made them pay us more! That’s how well I, sorry I mean we, had played it. We were so excited Lindiwe and I about this major coup we decided to have drinks.

Naturally the first person I wanted to tell was my wife. Its instinct. When you are married your closest friend is the person you share a bed with. It was already about 6pm at this stage. The phone rang and rang but she did not pick up. I assumed that maybe she was still in traffic as Cape Town is not known for its many roads. Going home is always a mission. I did not want to get drunk or tipsy before I spoke to her. Besides this was just one victory we still had more to do tomorrow but at Union Buildings this time. Who knows, I might bump into someone important so cannot go there smelling of alcohol.

Lindiwe insisted that we at least have a shot or two to acknowledge our victory. We did so. We decided that room service made more sense than going downstairs.

Lindiwe was talking to an old roommate she bumped into at reception. She introduced her as Karabo Mokgotho and she was one of the managers at the hotel. I excused myself and let them catch up. When I got to our room my wife called me! Finally! I asked her to give me a moment so I can close the door. She was not her usually jovial self but I was so relieved I ignored that. She told me about her weekend. I already knew but I could not tell her that so I acted genuinely excited giving her suggestions even. I think she did not expect that so she warmed up to me. All I had to do was pretend I liked her job to keep her happy. I could feel the warmth returning to her.

As I made myself comfortable and we started talking, Lindiwe walked in full of excitement and shouted,

“Karabo gave us champagne Mxolisi, let’s celebrate whoop whoop!”

She actually said whoop whoop! Yah neh! I tried to point that I was on the phone and also cover the mouth piece with my hand but it was too late my wife asked,

“Why is she in your room?”

I explained that no, it was because we had gotten the contract but my wife responded,

“No, your door was closed meaning she has a key to your room so again I ask, why does she have a key to your room?”

Caught in a lie!

*****The End*****

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Hey Mike.

I’m a 21year old girl and I have just come out of a relationship where my heart was broken by the man I was with. Its just been 2weeks and he has already moved on and it kills me that he moved on so fast. Friends have suggested that I get rebound…would getting a rebound help me get over this man because I wanna forget about him.

Broken Hearted Girl


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  1. Wuuuuuu Lindiwe’s uptight a** is getting shagged, lol.

    a2q: wht if u get a rebound guy who is also playing games? rather let things, with time everything will fall in2 place.

  2. A2Q girl take yo time to heal coz dat rebound is gona hurt u again…u cnt replace some1 wit some1 else I kno dis from experience!!!

  3. Lies always has a way of coming out neh! :*

    QnA I don’t think getting a rebound will help you in any possible manner hey . Get better n fall inlove wth some1 hu will love u2 n don’t trust too much hey.

  4. Some1 yesterday commented to say dat ppz dat jump in to say yay 1st 1 wat wat ba tena ay its true man vele if u don’t have anythn to say abt de chapter or QnA .SIT

  5. Lindiwe wants Mxolisi, she is just playing it cool, “we see you”!

    Broken hearted girl, as corny as this may sound, time heals all wounds. Don’t rush into another relationship to forget another, give yourself sometime to reflect so you can move on with a clear mind.

  6. Dear broken heart

    We all go through break ups, its part of life. We hurt people and we also get hurt in the process. That one is reality but the truth is…truth is we define ourselves with the partners(we have soon to be ex’s). That is how we loose ourselves and well…you are yet to experience that.

    As painful as it may be for you, this is the time you put yourself first!it hurts, I know but you gotta focus on something else to keep your mind busy. I assume you are studying, so focus on that plus its exam time. Just shift your focus from pain and hurt to something more constructive

  7. Wow shit just got real
    A2Q: You heartbroken so obviously you need to loosen up so ya get a rebound live a little have loads fun and,maybe if fates allows it your rebound might in fact be the one

  8. hey evryone

    we trully have talented writers in mzansi. i kinda feel for mxolisi. the guy is seriously fighting temptation(with Lindiwe of coz) and he gets caught out with the lady that he aint banging. the IRONY in the whole thing.
    I guess karma always has a way of biting us in the ASS H.A.R.D even.

    keep feeding us the daily addiction mike.

  9. Poor mxolisi this is so unfair to him . Does he really have to live like this yoh! I feel for him. This woman is a problem n y does he have to hide his job ,they say more money more problem he should have told her its not like they sleep in 1 bed .
    A2Q . Hi lady I say cool of a bit n then u will go for a relationship later cos if u get a rebound u will b hurt more . N his actions clearly shows u exactly how he feels about u, his simply saying to u “move on we are history” so its best if u heel ur heart n the love of ur life will come ur way gal.gud luck

  10. Thanks Mike, as always. Yyoohh Mxolisi, usenjeni shame! At times telling the truth from the beginning would have saved you from all this lying and sneaking around.
    A to Q: nothing heals a broken heart Sweetie, they say time heals, and in the mean time just cry and let it flow! Going through a break up especially when you still love that person is torture at its best, but don’t get romantically involved with another person, that won’t make you feel better, it’s just gonna get worse coz you’ll be comparing,… Get a new hobby, focus your energy on other things just to get over the guy; but at the end of it all you’ll survive and feel great after that.

  11. Q & A No it won’t help you get over him only time does that and if you’re wondering he’s not over you as well.

    1. Hear, Hear! As Queen B says, he is not over you as well. But ke wena don’t let what he does or doesn’t do thwart your growth/ moving forward.

  12. Thanks Mike
    Q & A a rebound doesnt work, take time to heal, cry every night if you have to. Enjoy being single!!

  13. Simple question to male bloggers out there or other females if they’d know: Do guys (males) hurt as much as us ladies when things go sour in a r/ship or when it ends? It’s always as if, it’s only us females that hurt and men just don’t care. And I think what hurts me more in a break-up is thinking that he doesn’t care (with tears filling my eyes). Sorry to hijack your platform Mike.

  14. KaManyosi

    We get hurt as much as you do (Maybe more), the reason we act as if nothing happened its the way we were brought up (Tiger dont cry). I’am a very emotional GUY and got dumped last month, Yersteday I found out the Girlfriend has gone back to the Guy he cheated me with last November, I love her too much, but my pride wont allow me to beg or show her how much I miss her. My point is we od get “Hurt”

  15. iyoh broken hearted girl

    I’m in the very same situation as we speak,only differnc is mine he cheated on me wit a gal hu he fell in love wit recently nd now the gal claims that she is pregnant..This things happens girl jst go to ur secret place and cry all ur tears out..i alwys say only God will revenge..jst be strong and dont get too quick to find a will heal in tym..I think us as women we need to stand by each other to stop dis men from hurting us…take care luvi

  16. OMG Mxolisi is in trouble.
    QnA: rebound? Does it help coz trust me you wil stil b thinking abt the other. I think you shouldn’t rush to nxt relationship, its stil early dear, go out with your gals n enjoy being single. Your Mr Right will come at the right time. Take care

  17. Mxo wants to bang this girl or hotel manager, where does she get the key open his room. Did the hotel manager gave it to her…? Anyway, Mike is the best!!!! I like your line of thinking…its awesome Man!

    When you break-up……never look back cause no one will be there to answer all funny questions you will and in the process, you dont heal. My advice: This too shal pass!

    KaManyosi: – Man have feelings like any other human being and they also get hurt! The biggestproblem with us, is pride: Tigers dont cry type of attitude……but deep down you will be hurting big time!

  18. Dear Q n A
    My rebound got me pregggies n i ddnt evn luv him,take ur tym n heal,u were nt meant 4 each other

  19. Not even half way finished reading, but I had to comment.

    I can’t belieeeeeeve this man automatically thinks the problems in his marriage are because of his wife working and NOT because of him cheating and being afraid of her finding out. Are men really this stupid? Mike, I’m losing faith in the male half of our species as I read on

  20. Thanks Mike,
    kanti yena uMxolisi can he not explain that it’s a suite, not that she is in his room!!! Hayi suka, nale ndoda iyisiyoyoyo nje. He just moves with the wind/ liquor. UKhanyi this side, wife the other side. When exactly does he take a stand and become a man? Or is he waiting for a spine donor??

  21. A2Q: Sisi, break-ups usually hurt. It doesn’t matter if he moves on right away or not. It still hurts.

    You are young. So for you, the sky is the limit. The best rebound is moving on with your life. This is your chance to work on yourself. Sure, u can find another man. But are you ready for that? Because if u are not, you will hurt him. Do you really want someone else to feel the pain you are feeling? Especially when you could have avoided it. However, don’t close shop, just work on improving yourself, ie. school, work, pursue goals and such. If a man comes along while u r working on urself you will worry about it then. In the meantime, take time to heal. Time is, after-all, the world’s best elixir.

  22. Lovly mike tnx…QnA no cc rebound will nt help instead b hurt more, wat u need is time to heal then move on trust u really need a break my dear.

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