Memoirs – Chapter Thirty One

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Whether Lindiwe was making moves or not I was not sure because of the alcohol. Something was happening though and I was not blind to it. This is the uncomfortable truth of what it means to be a man or rather what we men think it is to be a man and something women might not want to hear. We call it the thrill of the chase or hunting and nothing beats the sensation. I can say it in so many different ways but nothing can ever quite describe it. A fundamental reason behind men cheating comes from when we think a woman is flirting with us. Whether married or not a flirt tends to garner a response not wife friendly. Even when you think that your man is so secure under you, do not underestimate the power of another woman flirting with him. When a woman is playing hard to get yet being overly suggestive you tend to notice and want to notice even more to make sure you were right in the first place. Our curiosity is heightened tenfold at this stage no matter who she is. Yes looks matter but the thought that you are going to play the game and win is often hard to resist. Lindiwe was suggestive without being obvious. She was a no go area for so many reasons but that was what made her intriguing. A month ago I had never cheated on my wife but now that I had kissed Khanyi I was about to cave in to temptation for a second woman. Its like that period of moral recklessness which most girls who have been in long relationships go into after they break up with a cheating boyfriend. You call yourself a fool for having been faithful for so long whilst he played you for a fool then allow two or three guys you would never had shagged to get their chance. Imagine falling from one guy landing into two or three in a short space of time!

I sat next to her and told her that the alcohol was getting to my head. She accused me of being a weak drinker something which I was actually proud of. Who wants to be hardcore drinker? Its embarrassing really and in this economy its a non starter. I reminded her that we had work to do for tomorrow and she said no as there had been a change of plans. She told me that the client we were. Seeing had postponed to the day after on account of an unforeseen emergency. That meant for tonight we could actually relax. I hear a lot of people saying they want to be lawyers. Well, it’s not as glamorous as you see on TV. Such free time therefore was a good thing.

I was not one for champagne so I asked if she minded if we or rather I ordered something more man friendly. She said that was a sexist thing to say but when I asked if she would consider Heineken she said it was not a lady drink. I am not sure if she was joking but she gave me the go ahead. She said she will stick to champagne. I noted that she did not actually seem to enjoy it but if there is one thing I have noticed is that when girls start working they often tend to move from bottles that comes in six packs to drinks they consider more refined. Men on the other hand we stick to what we know because our bodies are can handle it. What’s the use of making fool out of ourselves on things we don’t? I always say only a fool believes that alcohol will fix their problems and make them forget yet here I was trying to forget mine by drinking. My life was becoming too complicated.

Lindiwe who was clearly tipsy now started telling me about her life whilst she drank. If there is one thing alcohol is good for it loosens the tongue. She told me that she was actually a single mother, surprise surprise! Her baby daddy as we call them nowadays had left her the moment she broke the news. He came back 8months into the pregnancy and apologized wanting her back. She said that with the way he betrayed her she would never ever go back so not only did she say no to him but also she had made sure he never set eyes on his child. They had dated for about six months according to her and what was supposed to have been a burst condom had produced a child. Single mom. I did not see that one coming! I asked her why if it was an accident she had not used to morning after and she said she actually had and guess she was the one percent that slipped through the cracks! I asked if she knew where the father was and she said nope she did not and was not interested in finding out. She could raise her child on her own and did not need him. I am not sure how I felt about that because denying a child its father especially one who wants to see the child is for me just sad and pathetic! It was not my place.

I looked at my phone and I had no missed calls nor messages. Not even from Khanyi. This was very strange and I was not used to this. Lindiwe asked me to put my phone away because it was making me tense. She asked me what was going on but I was not about to open up about my wife and I fighting because she already called my wife insecure. There are some things you keep away from colleagues.

I stood up and went to the bathroom and when I came back she was playing music out of the TV. A song was playing and she was jumping up and down saying how this was her song. It really does not matter how old you are I guess this getting excited over how a song belongs to you. Its like how girls scream for absolutely no reason when they see each other at the mall in what is clearly fake excitement! Just greet the person and hug them, no need to screech like a badly serviced taxi! I just have to say though, the world owes the man that broke Beyonces heart dearly for all the heartbroken songs she has produced because whatever he did must have been profound. The woman can belt out an anti man song like no other. Imagine though for a moment what she will produce if JayZ ever breaks her heart! I swear it will be music history! The song was a slow song!

She asked if I could dance with her and at first I refused but she would not hear anything of it. In fact she jumped into my hands and started moving my hips with hers.

Its inevitable my manhood was pressed against a warm body, grinding on me in the name of dance and now standing fully at attention, begging to be released from the confines of my pants!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have a guy who absolutely loves me and but I do not feel the same. At most we can be friends in my eyes but the guy won’t listen. He goes above and beyond to make sure I am catered for. All my friends think he is amazing. Even when I am in trouble he has become the first person I call because he never let’s me down. I feel guilty but if I don’t call him and he finds out he gets really upset. The irony is most guys I have dated have been total shit yet I loved them. Why can’t I fall for this one though?

Please advise

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  1. I don’t think he wil shagg her… or will he?
    Eish amadoda never can trust them….
    I guess uLindiwe othatha i PLUG for amadoda…don’t like the reserved quiet type…basile abantu abathulile …

    Thanks for the chapter Bra Mike..

  2. @jah lady… i wish he can just shag her once and for all

    A2Q True love is so scares this days my dear, so please dont make that mistake. give the guy a chance and somehow you will learn to love him. maybe the reason is that you still thinking of how to fix things with your ex but the truth is they’ve neva md u hapi and neva will.

  3. Im just hoping that his wife wont rock up and find them in the middle of dance. As always…nice one Mike. you never disappoint.

    There is nothing wrong with not loving someone! Its normal

  4. Morning Mike, this book is very slow for me, yes its nice, but it drags a lot. i am not complaing, but truth be told, surely the next chapter will be in this hotel, doing nothing….. hope u dont get offended by this…….

    Q2A, if u dont luv him, leave him, coz u will neva luv him, even if u force ur self to be with him, u will just hate him instead, so i cut ties with him nd explain to him in detail dat u dnt hav any feelings for him. u will get a man who luvs u nd luv him back…be patient dear.

  5. A2Q Just know his not going to feel that way forever about you, meaning soon he will find someone which will phase you out of his thoughts about a good women. and it will be fair not to disturb what he will be having.

    Good luck

  6. Good guys finish last. Women are naturally attracted to bad boys, it triggers some sense of adventure. As much as we love this it always end in tears. We tend to classify good men as weak or sissy boy’s, society/media has created the perception that men have to be masculine and act like jerks to be considered ‘men’. However you can’t force yourself to love your friend if you’re not attracted to him, in due time you will gind a good guy

  7. This chapter was a drag. Oh well!

    So its true that some women prefer bad boys to good ones. If you don’t love him, then you don’t love him, he justs needs to understand that so you both can move on, there is a thin line between love and obsession.

  8. Mike u r taking forever watseba mxm, Batho ba batlo kga or abakge *Morogo o gona mos naughty look*

    i dnt hv anything for u cc hu needs advice u cnt force natural things to or not to operate sori neh

    otlaba strong

  9. Not to complain or anything Mike but ur chapters have become rather too much of a suspense. Not enough details but a lotta hints and mystery. These days u jst leave us hanging in the middle of the story

  10. Its heating up, i must say i didnt expect that from Lindiwe

    A2Q Love is a decision, and it can be cultivated and nurtured. Sometimes people are in love and dont know it yet because they are hung up on preconceived notions about love. It can start as cool as a morning breeze and become as fiery as the Kalahari sun as time go on. I say give that man a chance, and do not judge him with your past experiences with other men. I’m one woman who believes that if a man treated me like that i would stick to him.

  11. Yeses! I swear I’m going thru what this. Guy is going thru except the fact that I’m not married! Ai this is hard

  12. You don’t love the guy, u will never love him, spare him the heartache, don’t date him… Love should neva be forced if u not feeling it, then don’t jump in, let the guy go, distance urself from him, get urself outta trouble, ask ur friends/family, stop depending on him. Also tell him u gona be silent and he should also try nd respect that, you need a timeout from this cz u might end up falling for the IDEA of a superman n not the man himself! Tsamaya ausi! Hamba! Go! Leave! Wicheva one just leave the guy.

  13. Nice chapter keep it up

    QnA: as for you just make the same mistake other women make of taking good men for granted and regretting that later in life. You need a responsible man in ur life and clearly that guy u see as a friend is responsible

  14. Oh Mikey, such a drag!but keeps us guessing whats next although they becoming almost predictable, great read non the less.

    AtoQ Why settle for a bad boy who won’t treat you like you deserve when there is someone who adores you. I think you love your friend you just afraid that if you date him things will change between you too. You love him so much he is the 1st you tell when you not okay. Think about it!

  15. Q2A Give him a chance. Loving is not a feeling but a decision. When feeling are gone the decision remains. We always want those that dont want us and run awau from those who trully want us. GIve a guy a chance and see where it goes, life is short to be hung up on ex’s that treated you like trash.

    Appreciate thi guy for being in your life or else someone else will

  16. A 2 Q

    Many people ended up with men who adored the ground they walked on and still think its the best decision they made because they are more comfortable emshadweni than those who were madly in love with them. This love thing is tricky so one may never really know. The danger of trying this is that you might just meet someone who will sweep you on the floor and you will break the poor man’s heart. If uyakholwa strong my advice will be talk to the holy spirit and do not be hasty about your decision, take your time and God will show you the way. Abaningi are married today but they regret having chosen someone whom they loved opposed to the one who cared. It is a necessity for us women to be taken of, it sustains imishado and that is infact what we fall in love with as isikhathi siqhubeka. Some people are lucky to have both though, that is why I am saying it is tricky and requires time and the assistance of the holy spirit.

  17. man and their weakness thou,i feel pity for the wife thou bcoz as incesure as she is,she knows when to trust her gut feelings……..
    just hope they don`t shag thou

    Thnx Mike,always a pleasure reading ur book

  18. Temptations Temptations.. As for a sister with a problem yuuu i wish i could help but we doing exactly the same. the guys who really love me are those guys that plays me mncm:(

  19. Can we get more of the story and less of the explanations cause its really starting to bore some of us. The story takes forever to reach its climax and that’s why you’re getting quite a few comments these days people are starting to lose interest because you have lost the essence of the story and you’ll lose fans because why read a story you can predict and that is too short? Ai no

  20. Thanks Mike.
    A to Q: Love at times is overrated. There’s a saying we used to say between us girls that: ‘Ake uye la uthandwa khona, hhayi la othanda khona, ngoba lo omthandayo akakufuni yena.’ If it’s just fun that you want then do not go for this guy, continue with your bad boys; but if you’re thinking of settling down, then he is the man for you. There is untruth that is usually potrayed by people, that you marry somebody you are madly inlove with and nothing else. A few ppl get to marry like that, the rest of us marry ppl who cared, loved, pampered us and made sure that we were happy.

  21. At Mike, if i could clone u i would, hai cha the suspence is killing me, waiting for the next chapter

    Refer to God’s word and you will understand what love is, imagine then how many times we reject God’s love and yet he doesnt stop loving us. Your friend has displayed what love is and if u want to reject its really your choice just be prepared to let him go for good should you choose to let go

  22. A&Q sisi I was also in the same boat and I prayed fasted the guy never left he was always there for me when I was hurting, sad needed a friend picked me up late from work no questions asked he was very patient then my mom told me that these days woman want to love and that’s where we make the mistake even the bible never said woman must love it say man must love woman must submit, woman learn to love a man it might take a while but if a man treats u rite u end up loving them. And the guy I never picture my future with is now the guy I’m planning my future with if I had known this in 2005 I would have laughed at my self. He worships the ground I walk on I’m his everything he respects me and I love him now God knew what I needed

  23. Mhm someone is about to get laid yoh is it really true that men can’t hold themselves around panties? Anyway nice story to read lol n oh I wonder what cud lawyer’s wife be doing with the big BOS mmmmmm too spicy

  24. Aysuka abanikane ay lokhu kuthatheeeeelwa ay ay,todays chapter was only in the hotel yet nothing happened,

  25. A2Q

    To the one who is loved and loves not in return. I was married for over 10 years and my experience tells me that the balance of the love scale should always weigh heavier on the guy’s side for the union to last longer or be a better fit for the wife. If he treats you like a queen, worships the ground you walk on, loves you despite your weaknesses, etc, etc then all you have to do is respect him. Marriage is about the man loving his wife and the woman respecting her husband; the language of love for men is respect and that is what they respond to while women seek to be loved. There is a book currently being sold that explains this concept and its name is more or less “Men need respect and women need love”.

    We have been brainwashed to believe that both parties have to be madly in love, but look at the real world and you will see that it does not really work that way. Be blessed in your choice.

  26. In isiZulu the is a saying that “abafazi niyathanda ukuthanda kodwa anifuni ukuthanjwa” the day you understand my dear he will be gone for good and the isn’t anything you can do about it…

  27. I do not even know the way I found themselves in this article, on the other hand considered this submit was fantastic. I wouldn’t recognize which you’re but you will some sort of well-known blogger while you are not really witout a doubt. All the best!

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