Memoirs – Chapter Thirty Four

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Money is not the root of all evil it is the evil! Had she tried to blackmail me? Like I said at the beginning, my wife’s sister was like an open pit when it comes to money! This was a precedent I was not willing to allow because she would bleed me dry. I asked her if there was any other way and she retorted by saying so its true! I had just confirmed I was cheating by trying to negotiate. What was I doing? I told her that was this was the last time I gave her money and she said nope it was only the first. She said that she would tell her sister what she had witnessed. I was stuck. I gave her r200 and again she said I was not taking her seriously. She took her phone to dial and I upped to r500. She put down her phone and said with a big grin,
“Thank you!”

It was at this point that she heard Lindiwe’s door open! I don’t think she had actually noticed that there was a downstairs in the room. She came to see who it was. Lindiwe was fully dressed as though she was going to work. She walked into the room and was very formal in how she spoke. She asked,
“Is this your wife Mxolisi because I heard you on the phone?”
I immediately said no it was my wife’s little sister who was on her way out. Not to be outdone, Khayakazi asked her who she was and Lindiwe referred to herself as Adv. Mvuleni and that she was my colleague. Before she even finished she turned to me and said she was off to see a client. She said one of her labour unions had asked for a brief so she must cater to it since she had today. This woman was so efficient she actually had serial killer tendencies. The way she kept a straight face it was as though nothing happened last night at all. When did she even bath?

As soon as she left Khayakazi asked why she was in the same flat as me and I explained how we were seeing similar clients so it made sense. We did the research together and it was cheaper on company funds. She said she was not my type as “you like the dumb pretty ones!” That was a snide referral to her sister and I made it clear that I did not welcome that. The sisters did not get alone to such an extent that they even fought constantly about everything. I told her I was taking her to breakfast because I had a two o’clock meeting. That was a lie but I needed to get rid of her. She turned me down and said why bother go for breakfast when she already had money. She said she was leaving and just as sudden as she appeared she left! I hope she gets hit by a bus!

Alone again I called my wife. This time she picked up the phone and she sounded jovial. She told me yet again how sorry she was because of her jealousness. She explained that now that she was working she was starting to see how there are reasons to be jealous. Before she did not care because she could not put faces to competition but working with so many people she was surrounded by it. She also said something I did not expect. She said Khanyi told her to be careful of her boss because he was getting too friendly. She said she was so happy and appreciated the friend that Khanyi was and she thanked me for allowing Khanyi to stay in her life. I asked her where Babalwa was and she said she did not know because they hardly ever spoke. She also mentioned Azile, and said she worked at reception. In her mind the girl did not like her and kept on giving her the look. Yeah women have a look they give each other when they either disapprove or do not like each other! Guess it was that look. I remember Azile. She was the receptionist who greeted me when I went. I reassured my wife that she will come around its just office politics. What else could I say in this situation? In a man’s mind usually a women sees situations which are there! Women have too many squabbles and too many fights and it does not met which environment they are in. It can be church, workplace or even at her local society or stokvel! There will be someone she will say either does not like her or she does not like! How this comes about to be honest I do not know but if the lord made us the same where would the fun in that be. I warned not make enemies at work though being a new person they can make problems for you.

Eventually I got a chance to speak. I explained to her that we had requested to share one 3 bedroom apartment. I did not say two. She was a bit taken aback but I immediately explained that we were keeping late hours and because one was three floors down before with the elevator not working it did not make sense to us. I also invited her to come see for herself what the set up was. This was more as reassurrance I was not really inviting her over. She would just be a distraction and follow me around. She told me that she was fine with it, surprise surpise as long as I knew that had a beautiful wife waiting at home for her. That’s another thing, beautiful women normally don’t feel threatened by women less pretty than them. Fact! They judge quickly and often dismiss their threat even quicker! This explains why growing up in most crews there was and is only one stunning girl and the rest are not! Gives her all the time in the world to be queen.. I did not however tell her that her little sister had come because I figured if I did it would appear the only reason I told her of Lindiwe and I was because of that. I was happy though. My wife was back!

When I got back to the room I decided that bathing was recommended. I could not find my watch though so I figured maybe in my drunken state it had fallen in bed. I went to the bed and flipped off the covers! Shock!

In hotels they give you these crisp white sheets! Why? Because they don’t fade in colour after all the washes! Another think that they do very well is retain stains. I am a guy and as all men we know and I know what the stain of a wet dream looks like! At my age however we don’t have wet dreams so the only thing that can cause a stain like that is if either you masturbate and cum or secondly, if you had sex and some of your sperm dripped onto the sheets!

Had we had sex last night? Without a condom? Heaven help me!

*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am 27 and am unhappily married to a 33year old guy. Ever since I gave birth six months ago my love for him just disappeared. I don’t want him to touch me or even cuddle me. He did absolutely nothing wrong that I know of and he is a good man. I don’t want to lose my husband but I do not know how to find the love I once had for him. Do you think I could be bewitched or maybe he pregnancy did something to me? Please help me before I lose a good man.

Thank You


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  1. Shame man, unhaPpy wife… Its maybe post stress of the pregnancy! Ask him yall need to go for family counselling I think… You going through something and he needs to know! But you will be fine, just make sure he knows you love him but the space you in is not well with you… Communicate otherwise he will be out the door if he is not yet out!!!

  2. Hawu how far did this drinking go kanti with uLindiwe? Was it so much so that you cannot even remember what happened?
    That’s why us Rasta’s we don’t promote babylon water…
    Thanks for the chapter Bra Mike…

  3. if I was mxolisi, I would have reminded the lil sister who is paying for her varsity bills. Never allow a person to succumb you to blackmail lol…QnA ever considered seeing a therapist because you’re showing signs of post giving birth depression. See a doctor about that and in a few months of therapy you will be fine

  4. I really don’t get why would a person comment first before they read… ai any way thanx Mr Maphoto for the great read,its always a pleasure reading this blog.

  5. Mxo bathong what have you gotten yourself into? So Lindiwe is only lesbian when she is sober? iyho
    Thanks Mikey

  6. A to Q

    Dear you must be suffering from what they call post-natal depression. it`s uncommon but its there and it happens, you can either do counselling or allow yourself some time and space , you will soon outgrow it. No need to worry yourself much.

  7. hi mike you are a great writer but can you and your co-writer please proof read the chapters before publishing them. the grammer is just WRONG

  8. Mornings and please let me answer u Mrs gloria: well sweety its very normal what u are feeling and almost all women whom I know and are close to me went to the same stage as u. Remember that now u have a new person in your life and as a mother u feel obliged to focus on the baby and think about it always but be careful aas to not to fall in the trap that most woman do by just ignoring the feeling. U and ur hubby need to take time away to bring back the spark by starting in steps like taking a walk together and hugging. Going out for a picknic as a family etc and please talk to your hubby and make him aware that u still love him and u will be surpriced how he can also help out. Enjoy being a mom and wife.

  9. Gloria

    What you are going through to other women happens before they give birth so it is normal. Take the time to deal with it soon you will be back to your normal self. If you can afford it get a nanny so that you can get time off and make time for your hubby. I am glad you realise that you have a good man and whatever you do remember there are very few good man out there and so many women who are looking for them.

  10. Ugh this man lol.

    A2Q: I think you might have post-partum depression. You should talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling. A lot of women go through this, don’t feel bad, it’s just a hormonal thing and your doctor can help.

  11. Thank Mike,
    A2Q: You could be suffering from post natal depression, but to know for sure seek professional help. They will also advise you and hubby how to deal with it.

  12. Thanks yet again Mike for keeping the chapters coming!!
    Q&A: my dear its normal for a woman to lose her libido after childbirth. It be post-natal depression. This might leave you feeling “no love” for him but it is not necessarily the case. You ned to speak to yo doctor for proper diagnosis. It is further important that you speak with your hubby so he can understand what you’re going through & to give u the support u need. This could also traumatise him & be scared 2 have children again. So work through this together & get professional help – yo doctor or a counsellor.

  13. QnA: that is very bad hey and its clear that the baby has filled the void that u had in your life and unfortunately there are many single mothers who wish their baby dads were around…but for now u might not see the need to have your husband but later in life ul need him

  14. We need Memoirs everyday Mike. Your chapters are a great read just please correct the grammer. Would be great to have the old layout back as we can’t go to prev or next chapter without going back to the home page.

  15. A2Q: Before we start quoting Freud and the bible, and scare Gloria, we need to understand that it takes more than a feeling of not loving your hubby to actually say you are suffering from post natal deppression. Is this your 1st child? Are you sad, weepy, tired all day, howz ur appetite, … etc? All those need to be considered.

    It could just baby blues, and that’s normal to most women after giving birth. And it goes away on it’s own, though your timeframe is questionable.
    Also, have you found routine again in your life already? e.g. If you were working, are u back at work now? If u were studying, have you caught up with whatever you missed? Are u coping with the newborn? Have u adjusted? Other than the ‘love’ feeling for your husband, is there anything else amiss? Were you happily married before the baby since you say you are ‘unhappily married’? There are other factors to consider.

  16. I wonder if Lindiwe knows what happened? Hopefully she will have the mind to take a morning after pill.

    @ Mr Jacks, your are polluting the issue now. Who said anything about not needing the baby’s father?

    A2Q: Gloria, keep in mind that our advise is based on what you tell us. Sure, we don’t know everything and it will probably go away on it’s own. But if those that are saying it’s post natal depression are right, then you need help from a professional. PND happens to about 3/10 new mothers. And in our culture it is often neglected. Or bathi uloyiwe. If left untreated it can get out of control and sometimes recur in your next pregnancies. So talk to a professional, even if it is just to rule it out. And talk to your hubby. He may just surprise you, and be more understanding than you think

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