Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Twenty One


with Thozama Mqikela


Mthobisi must have called like 20 times and I would let the phone ring a few times then drop it. I knew it was him because the number was private. I dropped it just for him to know that I was rejecting his calls. This must have frustrated the shit out of him but I wanted to punish him, I wanted him to feel what I was feeling, I was beyond angry. Eventually he realized the whole phoning thing was not working and I dont know how he did it but he did so he sent an sms asking where I was? I deleted the sms without replying but I read it! He sent another one asking me to go to my mother’s house but not to tell her that he was arrested he didn’t want her judging him, I deleted this sms as well, a few minutes later my mother called telling me that Mthobisi had just called her and told her that we had a disagreement and I was not talking to him. My mother gave me a lecture of how important communication in a marriage was and how marriage is about compromise and how I should hear Mthobisi out. She emphasized that the man had almost died and we both should be celebrating life instead of fighting. Mthobisi the bastard is good, he was now playing my mother to get at me, I thanked my mother and told her I would speak to my husband. I called him back, he told me he couldn’t speak because the prison guards were doing head counts to make sure they were all there, that’s what happens in prison you get counted every morning, evening and whenever they felt like it, there is no freedom in jail you are told what to do and when to do it. He told me he would call me back when they were done being counted and he will have to switch off and hide his phone in case it vibrated while they were being counted that would get him in serious trouble, he hung up before explaining any further I figured the prison warders must have arrived.

I sat and waited for his call until I fell asleep, I had the most beautiful dream I was running in this beautiful garden filled with the most beautiful flowers all kinds of flowers and I was happy had no worries in the world, my dream was interrupted by my phone ringing I rolled over and answered it was Mthobisi but he was not calling with his number he told me the prison warders had found his phone and confiscated it and he was now using a cellmates phone, he said he couldn’t speak for long because the phone didn’t have enough airtime, I told him I would call him back, I had loaded R600 airtime on the other phone that I had smuggled in Hillbrow Police Station for him and now all that was gone, taken by the bloody prison warders they were obviously going to use the airtime. I called him back immediately he told me how much he needed me and how he would not survive this without me, I told him that he got himself in this without me and he will get himself out without me. He swore that this was just a big misunderstanding his only mistake was going to the wife of one of the miners who had died underground, and now they were pining all this illegal mining shit on him and he was in no way involved, “ Lee you know me, I am not the person that was described in court , I am the man that loves you with everything that is in him” I told him you are not the man I married, he told me that the state would say anything to discredit him and make him look bad because they are trying to build a case against him. This was my chance to ask him questions, I asked him who was the woman who kept calling me about him, he sounded surprised, I read him her numbers and he said he had no idea who she was and had never heard of that number before, I couldn’t tell if he was lying or telling the truth this man was just too higher grade for me, I could never tell if he was lying or telling the truth I guess he had just lied to many times to me. I asked him about Thomas, he said Thomas was a friend of his and the least said about him the better, he told me that Thomas is the one person I should trust and if anything like today ever happened with those guys showing up at my place the one person I should call is Thomas. I asked why had I never meet this Thomas person before if he is such a good friend, he said Thomas is hardly ever in the country he travels abroad. As I was about to ask more questions Mthobisi told me to visit him in Sun City tomorrow and visiting hours were from 12:00 to 14:00 he told me in this place the warders were very strict so I will not be able to bring him the stuff he needed, he gave me a list of things he wanted, he wanted full chicken but I had to cut it in pieces and put it in a see through plastic bag, a loaf of white bread and I must make sure it’s sliced bread, a cartoon of cigarettes this is basically 10 packets of cigarettes and I have to remove all of these cigarettes and also put them in a see through bag, a pack of 100 sweets and 100 chappies, he asked me to buy him R300 airtime first thing in the morning before I even come to the prison he explained that in prison you buy favors from other prisoners and prison warders with airtime and cigarettes and this is why he needed a lot of cigarettes and airtime, the sweets and chappies were just to keep him busy because days are long, 1 day feels like 5 days because you have absolutely nothing to do but think, think about everything and nothing, after giving me the list he told me his other cellmate needed to use the phone and he has to hung up. He told me he loved me and will be home soon, I hung up without saying I love him back. When I said “I do” I was not saying I do to marrying a jailbird, a criminal, a liar, I was saying “I do” to happily ever after, to romance, to a fairy-tale and right now I was living in the worst nightmare I would not wish this kind of life to anyone not even my worst enemy, I was not going to stand for this bullshit, at this moment divorce looked so attractive, now I understood why people have irreconcilable differences, how do you recover after this? How do you even look at the person in the eye after knowing what you know. Even marriage counseling does not prepare you for this kind of shit. I fell asleep with my head buzzing, after what felt like two hours of sleep, my sisters kids badge in my room telling me I should come watch cartoons with them, I grabbed my phone to check the time it was only 07:16, don’t these kids sleep in, it’s a Saturday for crying out loud, I didn’t want to seem like the grumpy aunt so I dragged myself out of bed and went to the TV room with them, we watched Cartoons after cartoons until finally their Nanny arrived after 9 she apologized for being late, made them breakfast which gave me a chance to sneak off for a quick bath got dressed in leggings long blue Guess t-shirt and Adidas Sneakers, I didn’t put any makeup on I didn’t need to look pretty I was going to Prison after all and I doubt if anyone there would care how I look, I needed to dress comfortable this was going to be my first time going to Sun City Prison, I was doing a lot of first times this week. I got a call from security in my complex Maria who is my cleaning lady was at the gate, she only comes on weekends, I had completely forgotten about her and she didn’t have keys to the house so I told security to tell her that I would call her because I’m not at home. I called her on her cellphone and told her not to worry about cleaning today Mthobisi and I are away and we will be back during the week, I told her I would pay her for today, she was happy to hear she will be getting paid for not doing anything, not that she did much anyway, we have a washing machine because she refused to wash the washing with her hands saying it will give her arthritis, it takes her 2 days to iron clothes of 2 people, I have learned that complaining is a waste of time so I just let her do as she pleases. Some weekend she would only come on Sundays claiming she was sick, I never even bother asking questions because she always has these long answers that will leave you feeling sorry for her and regretting asking her why she had not come. I decided to go buy Mthobisi list that he had given me, my sister and her hubby came downstairs and were surprised to see me going I told them I had to go home and open for Maria, my sister wanted to come with me I told her Maria was getting impatient and I couldn’t wait for her to bath she understood, lies were becoming a regular thing now and I was getting used to lying and I honestly didn’t like all these lies and cover-ups I had to do for my husband. I drove to Columbine Square went to the Checkers there, bought full chicken and bread and the cartoon of cigarette’s and the R300 airtime and called Mthobisi from the number he had called me with, some guy with a rough voice answered I asked him for Mthobisi he passed the phone to him I told him I got the airtime he told me to sms it to the number I had called and told me how happy he was that I was coming to see him, I had no response to that and just hung up. From Winchester Sun City is 10 minutes drive, I had never been to Sun City before, I had passed the place a couple of times while visiting my friend who stays in Naturena, I had also been to Tinti’s which is a Shisa Nyama place and bottle store right across Sun City, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would be coming to such a place to see my husband.

*****THE END****

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  1. Top ten… Lol! Nice read… I would die if I were to visit my hubby at prison. By the way he is visiting his friend in prison for car accident that killed a person! Great day yall!

  2. Morning ya’ll & Thank U guys. Thozama dear,,,just 4 feeding us the dose…its highly appreciated. I mean its not like we paying U…..its mahala!!!so we R gr8ful nonetheless. Stay Blessed Angel!

    Eish! Ba tsoga early ba ya kae ka satertaga…15 com.ents already! Tjo,,, e re ko bala!!!(•_•)

  3. Kant when lee said in sickness and in health,for better or worse,4 rich and poor,I DO,what did she think she vowed to?fairytale only happens in the movies,u creat your own happy ever after,geeezzz she must just suck it up already n support her poor Hubby

  4. I LOVE this diary, can’t get enough.. I hope we’ll get a surprise tommorow (another chapter) 😉 #wishful thinking.

  5. I think you should post more when your on the road, I found no spelling errors or sentence construction that is wrong, lol it looks like the editor is sabotaging you here mmmmm anyway nice chapter

  6. Marriage ain’t easy ne! Lee must be traumatized!

    Good thing she is an early bird coz visiting hours @Sun City are from 7am till 12 noon! Awaiting trail visits suck coz the process is long + u only get a short period of time to see the person and there is always drama at the windows coz the intercoms dont always work so u end up having to sign to the person.

    Shame, besoek is not pap n vleis!

  7. I knw hw it is to go to visit a partner in jail!your life stop all together cause someone u lov choose to rape,kill ,steal ,hijack ,rob a bank!U see a different person ,u wil never trust that person again!U wil always b thinking is he telling the true ?or lying to me as always?this nt the way to life shame!Scared ,angry ,always lying like him to ppl u love,walking around scared!Ga se bophelo bjo!me I walked away!

  8. tjo mike wa tsamaya yo…from kzn, sandton m now Tintis (naturena)…I cant wait to hear what streets u used in sun city maybe u might pass mine cos I’m oso staying in de premises. ..or u might meet my hubby at work…enjoy today as well.

  9. Hi mike I’ve been checking nw n then if uve uploaded any new chapter bt u haven’t I understand its a holiday bt please make a plan I’m addicted to all ure books.plsssssssssssss

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