Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Sixteen

with Thozama Mqikela
This all felt like a horrible dream, how I wished I was just having a nightmare and that none of this was happening. I figured tomorrow when I woke this last week would just disappear and will just become a figment of my over active imagination. I had to sit for a minute and try and make sense of all this, nothing made sense, all this didn’t add up. I had to find answers of what was going on and I knew I was not going get them from my husband. I had to think like him but did I really know anything about this man that I called my husband? Even thinking that felt so wrong. When did my husband become this person, why had I not seen or suspected anything was I that blind? I had cried enough from thinking he was dead this time around I was not going cry for something that he did to himself. Where had that gap in the ceiling come from in our bedroom? I had so many questions but when you are tired you cannot think straight.

In the wee morning hours I was woken up by my an sms on my phone. It was an unknown number and it said, “Call Mark on Mthobisi’s phone. Lawyer” I got up and took Mthobisi’s phone out of desperation. This was getting to mysterious now. It had to be Thomas who had sent this. Its funny that the police had had actually left the phone. It was in the laundry room with the things he came with from the mine so they had over looked it. One thing I was not delusional about was finding sms’s from his phone. I knew my man was too smart to leave any evidence lying around. I got his phone and luckily it had no passwords as I scrolled his phone book looking for Mark’s number, I found them I called the number from Mthobisi’s phone it rang a few time without an answer as I was about to give up and drop. A white man answered, “Mthobisi for fucks sake’s it’s 3am, whatever it is I will deal with it tomorrow”, I quickly told him that it was Mthobisi’s wife and Mthobisi has been arrested and he asked that I call him. Mark asked if I knew which police station they had taken him to I said Hillbrow. He told me he will take care of everything tomorrow and I shouldn’t worry my husband will be out and those Hillbrow cops were taking chances as usual. He said he would be at the Police Station first thing in the morning and I should sms’s my numbers he will call me to give me an update. I agreed and apologized for disturbing his sleep and hung up. The house was a mess, those bloody cops had thrown everything all over the place, nothing was left unturned so I decided to clean up and put everything back in its place, I knew going to bed would just be a waste of time.
By 06:00 I was done cleaning up the house I wasn’t sure if I should go to work or stay at home but I knew staying in this house would drive me up the walls and I couldn’t go to the Police Station since visiting hours were only from 14:00. I decided to go to work, I took a shower, put on my cream white knee high skirt, gold silk top and a black blazer. I brushed my weave and tied it in a ponytail, but on a touch of make-up not to heavy I did the smokey eyes so that the puff eyes would not be too obvious, put on a bit of lip-gloss just for control and my black heels. I looked too damn good and looking good makes you feel good, I had to try and cheer myself up somehow and looking like you’ve been hit by a bus when you are going through hell is not the answer to your problems. I decided I would be taking Mthobi’s Golf 7 to work since it was parked behind my car and I really didn’t feel like moving cars. I grabbed an apple for breakfast, my Laptop Bag and my bag and headed out, I got into Mthobisi’s G7 I kept a pair of my sunglasses in each car. My hubby has two cars the other being an Audi Q5 and for the first time it hit me, how could he afford both? You know when you are in marital bliss all these things you never actually notice it. I put on my sunglasses and hit the road. I don’t remember the last time I had been to work so early, traffic was a nightmare! I sat on Witkoppen road for over 20 minutes, then I had to sit on William Nicol for over 30 minutes because some traffic lights where not working. Same shit different day. This is so common people were are now so chilled about it, they’ve become so used to traffic its scary. The lady driving next to me in Willian Nicol Road was even doing her make-up while sitting in traffic this made me laugh, the guy driving behind me was reading a newspaper this made me nervous, what if he accelerated by mistake and his car hit me, I changed lanes, eventually traffic was moving and hubby’s car is a machine on the road, it didn’t drive it flew, I loved it. I got to work at 08:15.

Colleagues came up to me to hug me and tell me how happy they were that my husband was safe home and they kept asking how he was doing I told them he was home resting. No way in hell was I going to tell them he was in jail. I couldn’t deal with such a scandal already I had people giving me the pity look, white people asking if my husband could change jobs because his current job was obviously not safe. As obvious as the sun rises some of them were blaming the government! No matter what as South Africans in whatever topic we will find a way to blame Zuma or the government. Some said the government should have found these people quicker as though Blade Nzimande had ever been a rescue worker! Imagine Lindiwe Sisulu with a pick and shovel! the thought made me laugh. I told them getting a job was not easy, there are a lot of people with degrees sitting at home and my husband had a family to think of! What were we suppose to live on if he quit his job for safety, no job was safe! Who to say ours was safe? Our building could collapse and we could all die, or men with guns could come and shoot all of us? This seemed to shut them up! I was just tired of people giving their opinions on something they knew nothing about. Thank goodness Cindy and I had our office, I escaped to the office and checked my mails, nothing urgent, Cindy was not coping with the workload so I grabbed some files and started working around 09:30 Cindy showed up. She asked about Mthobisi I told her he was at home resting and changed the subject told her to fill me in on what’s been going on, she filled me in by 11:00 we decided to take a break and went to grab some coffee, of course the rest of the people who had not seen me, were again asking the same questions, this was getting tiring, but that’s the ugly side of working for a big company. We went back to working at about 11:45 I got a call from a number I didn’t know. I answered it was Mthobisi, my first question was “are you out?” I thought he was calling me from a public phone. He said no and that he was using one of the guys phone he was locked up with, the guy somehow managed to smuggle a phone in. He begged me to come and see him at 14:00 and asked me to bring him something to eat and R5000 cash and cigarettes, I asked what he was going do with the cash, I had to watch what I said as Cindy was around, he said he needed the cash for stuff and he can’t explain it over the phone he will explain when I visit him and his last request was that I buy him these small R199 phones with no cameras and I should put that under his food. “Say what?” I had to go outside to make sure I had understood this last request. Mthobisi was asking me to smuggle a cellphone for him, I asked him what he needed a phone for he said he needed to make a few calls. This was getting crazier by the minute. He said that the food will get searched so I need to make sure I hid it very well inside the food. I had never been to seen a person in holding cells and I was not only going to do that I was going to smuggle a cellphone in, what could I do, this was my husband and I did say for better or worse and this was for worse.
I went back in the office and told Cindy that I would be going out for lunch to meet my friend I needed to update the friend on Mthobisi, she said that was fine coz we had done most of the urgent things, I left as I was about to reach the door, I ran into Andile my Boss, have I mentioned how much I do not like this woman, she gave me a fake smile and told me she was glad I was back at work the project was really suffering without me, then she walked away. Nothing about my husband, oh well she was a miserable person and I had smuggling of a phone to worry about.

Women are strong! Never ever doubt that. Our strength lies in the fact that we can adapt to almost any situation and her I was in my Jimmy Choo’s about to go smuggle a phone into a jail cell!

My ancestors I am sure where shaking their heads at this moment wondering what I was doing but fuck them, he is my husband and I will fight for him!

*****The END****
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
I’ve been cheating with Simphiwe for 5 years. When we first met I was dating Thabo and he was not seeing anyone. 6 months into my relationship with Thabo, Simphiwe started dating Zinhle. When things ended with Thabo I started concentrating on me and Simphiwe but he told me I was selfish he can’t just dump Zinhle cause I’m now single. I understood waited for a year but still Zinhle was still in the picture, decided to find someone (Sipho) and we’ve been together for 3 years. The problem is me and Simphiwe have tried to call it quits but its difficult to be apart for too long. We spend most time together than he does with Zinhle and I do with Sipho. We finding it hard ending things with our partners and being together, mara we inseparable. Funny Sipho knows Simphiwe as my best friend and Zinhle knows me very well, I mean she knows me. I need some advise every day we talk about not being able to leave our partners as we feel they’ll get hurt cause they love us too much. they know this is going on mara they still hanging on, Sipho even gave me a letter to give to my family so to start lobola negotiations but I haven’t given it to my family because I’m not sure I wanna spend my life with him and it wouldn’t be fair to marry him cause I don’t c myself not seeing Simphiwe anymore

Confused lady

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  5. Thank you team.
    A to Q: you’ve managed to single handedly confuse me with your question for the rest of the day. Good luck.

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    LOL…those ancestors can take a chill pill,she did say for better or worse and this was worse

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    I guess love sometimes makes u do weird things. I guess Mothobisi was always good to her. That’s why she is willing to smuggle the fone.
    Love that.

  11. Hi confused lady, break up with Sipho and stay with Simphiwe, both of you are cheats and deserve each other!

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    Mike pls take care of dat dept cos now ppl are challenging u n us with obvious questions.

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  22. Hey Mike and Thozi… are you guys changing the angle of the book now from the cheating woman to concentrating more on Mthobisi’s shenanigans. Anyway it doesn’t matter what angle you take… it is still VERY INTERESTING!!! Me, personally I don’t have any book that is better than any other… they are all too good. It doesn’t matter what Chapter is given… I still get my satisfaction to my addiction!!! LOVE you guys TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Waaao, this is getting interesting. Thozama, are you the one that wrote ‘iCherry Yegintsa’? The bragging about cars and what Mthobisi’s wife is wearing, sounds so familiar. So Mthobisi is using Zimbabeans (also helping them with papers) to steal gold and sell it in the black market….? Thats a serious syndicate here in SA….! Nice storyline, keep it up!

    I dont know if you are confused or bragging about cheating….cause clearly you know who you want to be with. something to note:”Your cheating relationship with Simphiwe is only nice because you have a man (Sipho) in your life”. Simphiwe doesnt want to breakup with his girlfriend because he loves her!

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    A2Q Confused, sweety reading your e-mail confused me so I might even get my response twisted because of the 100 characters in your story, but if I get you correctly, you were cheating on your boyfriend with a guy whom then was single than he later got a girlfriend and you broke up with your boyfriend but the side guy didnt leave his girlfriend and now you have a new boyfriend who even wants to mayyr you but you are still continuing with your side guy who too has a girlfriend. Damn I hope I got this all right. Sweety to me it only looks like you and Simphiwe are only enjoying each other on the part time basis otherwise I am failing dismally to see why you guys cannot leave the people you are fooling and just be together. Chances are, full time you guys wouldnt survive a week. Both of you have issues, you are both living in the delusion that whatever happens in our relationships, if it dont work than you both have comfort in each other. Sisiits wrong and you know what to do, okubuhlungu is you might actually be the only one feeling like this maybe this Siphiwe guy actually really digs his girlfriend and wena you not fully commiting to your guy ngngomuntu ongakushiya noma inini. honey ther are many forms of booty calls, Im not saying this to be mean but if Siphiwe reallly loved you then he would be with you and you alone.

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