Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Nineteen

With Thozama Mqikela


This was insane; it was only Friday which meant Mthobisi would be spending the next 5 days in this hell hole. Mthobisi was sent down back to his cell I couldn’t even get a chance to speak with him. Andiswa and I walked out and were in so much shock that we both had nothing to say. Mark came out I went after him and introduced myself as I had never meet him before I had only spoken to him over the phone. I asked him what had just happened in there. I was inside and heard everything but I wanted Mark to explain this to me in simple English. He told me that Mthobisi was facing serious charges and he would do everything in his powers to make sure that he got out. He then proceeded to tell me that in this police station they only kept people for 48 hours as these were only holding cells and Mthobisi had been here more than that so I asked what that meant, he told me that Mthobisi would be transferred to Sun City Prison and then brought back on Wednesday to attend his court hearing. “Wait, what? Sun City Prison?? Isn’t that where they send hard-core criminals?” I asked Mark, he said there were all types of people in that prison including innocent people and Mthobisi will not be in the same cells as the convicted criminals he will be in the cells of prisoners awaiting trail, was that supposed to make me feel better because it sure as hell didn’t. I asked if it would be possible to see Mthobisi and he said it would not be possible because they would probably be sending him to Sun City this morning, bloody hell everything was happening so fast. Mark said he had to go he had another court case he needed to attend to. We thanked him, not sure what for because clearly he was no Barry Roux and walked to Andiswa’s car, we got in and just sat there without saying anything to each other.

My phone started vibrating I had put it on vibrate when we were in court, it was Mthobisi, he asked if I was still around I said yes, he told me that they were sending him to Sun City I told him I knew, he asked if I was okay, I said I was fine, when a woman say she is FINE it means she is frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional that’s what FINE stands for and that’s how I was feeling. Mthobisi once again said he was sorry, my least favourite word, I told him if he said he was sorry once again I would hang up the phone. He told me that he might not be able to use his cellphone when he gets to Sun City as the prison guards from there were strict from what he heard from his cellmates who had been there before. He said he will try and smuggle the phone in and I shouldn’t ask how because it was in a very nasty way, I didn’t want to know those details I said okay, I will hear from him whenever. He told me how much he loved me and how he missed me and how he couldn’t wait to be with me and our son again. I wasn’t sure if I felt the same way in fact at this moment I don’t know how I felt. I said goodbye and dropped the phone. Andiswa asked if she should take me home or to work I said work.

She dropped me of at work I told her not to worry I would get a lift home from some lady who stayed in the same area as me, I had given her a lift before when her car was at a Panel beaters so it was time for her to return the favour. I went and found Cindy hard at work, she asked how Mthobisi was feeling, this question surprised me, she asked if we managed to see the doctor as I had said I was taking him to the doctor this morning, eish lies, I had forgotten about that lie, I told her he will live it was just a small bug and you know how man can be babies when they are sick, she laughed and said she understood. She told me this afternoon we had a presentation with Mfundo’s firm and asked if will I be okay presenting, I told her she should present as she had done all the work. Fuck, Mfundo was going to be there and I was really not looking forward to seeing that man. Cindy showed me the presentation which was really good, I made a few suggestions, at 14:00 Mfundo and his team were seated in the boardroom. Cindy did the presentation and they threw us with a couple of questions but we were prepared we blew them away with everything, they were happy, I was so focused on work that for those few hours I had actually managed to forget all the drama that was going on in my life.

Luke who is Mfundo’s boss suggested we all go out and celebrate the good work that we had done, Cindy of course agreed. I was not keen but I had to be a team-player and go along. We went to Tasha’s in Sandton I drove with Cindy, it was a group of about 9 people I felt safe because I knew Mfundo would not try any of his tricks. Drinks were flowing there was a lot of chatting and laughing. This was the life I was used to not the running up and down in Police Stations and courts. Mfundo came and sat next to me, he asked how was I doing I said I was great, my husband was back home and life was good and we were both very happy. He looked me in the eyes and told me that he could see I was not okay, he told me I could trust him I should tell him whatever is bothering me. Excuse my French but fuck that shit, I was not going to share my husband’s drama with this man so I can look vulnerable and let him take advantage of the situation, hell no! I stuck to my story and told him I was great and needed to get home to my husband. He said he would be coming this weekend to see Mthobisi to check on how he was doing, I opened my mouth then closed it again, I couldn’t think of any excuse so I said okay. I went to look for Cindy I found her standing with a group of guys and I told her I would be leaving. She asked me with who since we had come together I told her I would call a cab and she shouldn’t worry about me. I could see she was having fun and didn’t want to be a party-pooper. I didn’t want to bother Andiswa for a lift, I felt like I was becoming a burden to her, so I asked one of the waiters to get me a number for a cab, he came back with it. I called the cab and in 5 minutes the driver called to say he was outside. He dropped me at the gate and I had to pay him R350 bloody cabs are expensive, I should have just taken a taxi it would have cost me R9,50 but fuck I work too hard to get all squashed up at the back seat of a taxi with 4 people and get insulted by taxi drivers for someone who didn’t pay. I needed the walk it was refreshing the gate is not too far from my place, it was a bit dark but the fresh air felt good. I walked up the stairs to my place as I got closer I could see the door opened, I knew for a fact that I had locked the door this morning when I left with Andiswa.

As I was getting closer I could hear voices inside my place, I had to double check the number at the door just to make sure that this was indeed my house, I put my ear to the door so I could try hear as I did that the door opened, I lost my balance and felt flat on my face, I looked up there were 3 men standing in front of me, and no it was not cops! it was three Somalian man. I could see this from the s-curl looking hair. Somalians have a natural s-curl look and I bet you in the 80s there were many South African men who wished they were them, would have served them a fortune. Remember Benny Mcarthy and his s-curl? Somalian wannabe I tell you!

One of the man pulled me up and shoved me to the sofa, one of the guys told me that they were friends of my husbands and my husband had something that belonged to them and they were here to collect it. The only thing that went to my head was these bastards will rape me and kill me, I said “take whatever you want but please don’t kill me”. I think it was at this moment that I suddenly realized that all this shit Mthobisi was putting my life in danger even though I was totally clueless even now as to what was happening.

I could get killed right now and no one would think that it had anything to do with my husband, it would all just look like a house robbery gone wrong. I was in shit.

*****THE END****

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Dear Mike

I have been single for a while now as I cannot see myself dating anyone. I had a really bad break up and that relationship was abusive physically and emotionally. I wanted to ask about friends with benefits. I have a friend of mine whom we have kissed a few times but mostly at parties. We have not had sex yet but at times we talk about it. we both dont want a relationship that is very clear. How does it work and what are the consequences?

Thank You


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  1. Wow…. Hai cha sisi uthwele ubunzima. So much drama happening…and u still have to be the loyal wife.

  2. What mthombisi did sucks big time now de wife has to pay for ha husband’s wrong doings . Gr8 1 mike

    QnA hai sisi I don’t know how other people do dat buh as for nna ua selling yourself cheap nah rather finger f**k uaslf dear dan showing ua frnds ua cookie

  3. I bet they’re here for the gold they been mining illegaly for him ..or the IDs ..

    Q & A
    What u need right now is to get over ur last relationship and heal. Ur plan wont help u do that at all! What if u fall for this guy and he dont feel the same way? U’ll get hurt. Dont rush into anythin just yet.

  4. Lindo u can choose to be friends with benefits with yo buddy, but u cannot help what happens after u two are intimate, u may fall him n find yoself in a mess of emotions…let this go, its never worth it.

  5. I’m lost. How did they go past securities at the gate? I thought they need to be verified 1st. Even the cops how did they get in,in the 1st place?

  6. Hai no this now uffair ukufela into ongayazi.

    The sista ofuna amafriendz with benefits, buy a vibrrrrr….

  7. Gr8 blog bt I fil it hasn’t yet met with its title,ts lyk ts a mismatch…I hope soon I’ll get the misteps of this young wife cos so far she is bein a good wyf for better or for the worst

  8. Nice read bro Mike….

    A2Q…I would be honest I hve done the friends wth benefits dear and wouldn’t wish it even for my enermy. As a woman u end up falling for the guy and he on his side u are nothing so it hurts, rilly hurt please don’t try. U hve survived being single heal until u found someone to love and who will love u bck.

  9. Love this blog but I agree with the one reader!! We went from a mischievous wife to a wife playing her part!!

    A to Q!! Lindo I’ve also been single foe a while and was in a friends with benefits type of thing..,its all fun in the beginning but at some point feelings get involved and the situation gets messy and akward… Rather avoid it! Goodluck Xoxo

  10. Shit is now hitting the fan, lets see just how much of this will wifey take! shem poor thing.

    Thanks Mikey n Tzee

  11. Thanks team. Poor wifey, she has to put up with so much bull yet she doesn’t even know the full story. ‘For better or worse’ – only applies to job losses/ sickness and those normal things. Illegal gold, cops, Somali burglars – HELL NO!!! I would most certainly lose my mind, hhayi bo this is too much.
    A to Q: FWB – nice to have at the beginning, but once the emotions kick in, you’re in trouble.

  12. Iyo I would divorce Mthobisi, he’s too much nw….
    Q&A Lindo, dt arrangement never work. 1 of u will fall hard 4 the other. U’ll b jelous as if they r ur partner. In the end u’ll loose da friendship. My advise to u, is 2 talk 2 dt person, rather get into a relationship than in friends with benefits. If the relationship doesn’t work, u’ll hv da friendship 2 fall 2…. I won’t lie to u feelings screw up everythin

  13. Wow Mthobisi what’s up wit him….QnA friends wit benefits doesn’t work cc trust me u wil eventually develop feelings fr each other.

  14. Q&A hey sis please watch *friends with benefits” the movie, this kind of relationship start like a wild ranging fire, ending up with ranging emotions, which are one-sided, cause the other party will be clear with his/her intentions from the word go, then the othe party would be in the limbo, wondering, wishing, dreaming for the other party to fulfill his/her emotional state, of which it never happens, the relationship will never be about you, it will always about him/her and his/her advances and inhibitions.no reprocity or whatsoever It is called I-it relatioship, you are it and him/her is I, he/she says how high then you keep on jumping the hoops till you jump no more.

  15. Q&A hey sis please watch *friends with benefits” the movie, this kind of relationship start like a wild ranging fire, ending up with ranging emotions, which are one-sided, cause the other party will be clear with his/her intentions from the word go, then the othe party would be in the limbo, wondering, wishing, dreaming for the other party to fulfill his/her emotional state, of which it never happens, the relationship will never be about you, it will always about him/her and his/her advances and inhibitions.no reprocity or whatsoever It is called I-it relatioship, you are it and him/her is I, he/she says how high then you keep on jumping the hoops till you jump no more. One thing I know for sure, you can’t run away from love, if you love someone let them know, no matter how they feel about your revelation, its on them, be great and be jovial for saying and reacting torwads your feelings, love is a beautiful thing when its shared, ukuthi omunye umuntu wenzani ngalokho, okwakhe, tell them nawe from the start that you want love lento yamafriends with benefits its not for you, wena ufuna uthando nje qha, uma kwenzeka nilala, lala naye ngoba uyamuthanda and if your relationship or what you trying to do does not work, at least you have tried your best, and you will sleep like a baby at night, no regret or what if ngamutshela ukuthi ngiyamuthanda, you only live once, okulungele wena akulungelanga omunye umuntu. There’s no luck in this department, state what you want and put faith in action, have ever heard of Law of Attraction, what you put out there will come back to you in triple-fold, it could be him, or totally different person, who will love you more than your immediate friend, just put love in play, it will playback beautiful music

  16. Xame.poor wife, -gttng married,bng loyal,loving,caring,supportive n gt paid by this. #i dnt wna gt married!

  17. Ag poor wife mara! Mxm benefits that cums with being married. Hope he gets bail bathong. This is too much for wifey.
    A2Q: friends with benefits its just something else cos wat if u fall for the guy? N worse he doesn’t feel the same. U are the one hu wud think he used u. Rather stay single until u heal completely n find ur soul mate. Gud luck!

  18. Friends with benefits. Hehe well it’s basically sex with no commitment. However though one of you is bound to catch feelings and when that happens your friendship could go rather awry.. I wouldn’t advise you to follow through with it ’cause you’ll start feeling like you’re in a relationship and then start acting like it and end up falling flat on your face because the friend kept his end unattached (or visa versa)

  19. This is b********t lo baba wenzani mara

    Q&A… friends with benefits khohlwa sisi I know that pain, I once tried it and it back fired, I ended up falling for the guy n yena he was not there, cause we agreed in the beginning that there wil b no strings attached just shagging…but guess what I developed strong feelings for da guy, I had to cry myself to sleep after the break-up (if I may say so) as he thought I was getting too personal…IT WAS JUST A GAME FOR HIM, anyway I don’t blame him cause I agreed to being a friend with benefits …instead of being clear and honest about my feelings towards him….WATCH OUT

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