Memoirs – Chapter Twenty

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I have to give it to her. She was clever. Not only would my wife get a job it meant that we could spend time together. The idea of my wife working coming from her somehow made me feel at ease as compared to her wanting to work on her own. I told her that I had not thought of that but come to think of it I asked if she has done this before. She said no without hesitation but let’s be honest, no matter what prison you go to, half the inmates there will tell you that they are innocent and blame their lawyers. Its just the way it is. She told me that I should go and speak to my wife and encourage her that this was an opportunity worth taking and we will take it a day at a time. Having an affair with a working independent woman is not the same as having an affair with a young clueless girl. Working women have power and it exudes into the confidence and authority in which they speak. It was very easy to compare Asthandile to Khanyi because of this stark difference. Khanyi was self assured whereas my wife always needed a second opinion. These are the small things I was starting to notice. Khanyi also warned that to prevent ethical issues Asthandile must not mention that my firm represents her prospective employees company. This could be a problem so for now she must keep in on a down low.

I went back to where my wife was sitting. I told her that I had spoken too soon. I wanted her to try this out as it would be good to get out of the house and maybe it will save my credit card from her shopping. She laughed and said I was not getting off that easily. She would still demand an allowance even if she got the job. Good woman! She knew I still had to pay the bills. She was still not entirely happy with me so I went and forced the cuddle. At first she did not want but with my persistence she came into my arms and settled down. We were good again. I told her about her not mentioning that she was married to someone the company does business with. At first she did not understand but when I explained all these boundaries and so on she said she understood. We watched tv but eventually I went to do my work. She got on the phone and called Bulelwa. When I left they were talking about us all going to Kirstenbosch Gardens for a picnic of some sort. I was not interested at all but I did not hear enough of the conversation to know what was up. Bulelwa seemed to be the reliable of the two (Khanyi and her). I did not know much about her but I think it is because I had focused too much on Khanyi. I therefore needed to be wise and make sure I interacted with her more the next time she came. Misdirection I guess.

When I walked into the office I was walking with a bounce in my step. Somehow it felt good to be me. I felt so refreshed. Even my bosses noticed that I was in good spirits and as punishment they said I had to deliver the paperwork to two different companies that needed signatures. One of these companies was Khanyi’s. I actually got nervous for a moment but things were going to well. At the first company their CEO was not there so it could not be signed and I did not take long there. At Khanyi’s company I was greeted by a young lady at the front desk and her name was Skhona Montwa. It is worth noting because in future the little witch would haunt me to my knees. She showed me to the person who was supposed to sign. The boss I noted as I entered his office was Mr. MM Mayeza. Guess ‘M’ was their favourite letter in the alphabet. He was pretty young and jovial as well as well built. I remember thinking he had the best job in the world. If I was hoping to see Khanyi then I was dreaming because this place was so busy. There were just too many people. One thing about this office was that it was not a frigid and archaic as the firm. People were actually happy and they had a lot of young people I noted. I could never concentrate in such a place. Her boss, the man I was with me asked me if I would like a tour of the facility and I gladly accepted. He signed the documents and said next time we should just ask them to send their messenger. Not a chance. I had thoroughly enjoyed this.

In Africa things are very different. We get a job to make us money and pay the bills. Its not surprising to see someone with a good degree doing a job that has nothing to do with it just for the sake of employment. If movies are right people in places like America get to do the jobs they love because they have options and a more open minded people. I can never picture someone say I am an artist and paint for a living in South Africa. It just does not balance. Mr. Mayeza insisted I call him Mpho or Mike as he preferred to be equal with everyone he interacted with. All in all he was a stand up guy no doubt.

He took me around but I was not really paying attention because all I wanted was a glimpse. Eventually I saw her. She was in a round table discussion at the far end of one of the rooms. It was an office with glass doors. I doubt she had seen me though. Looking at her from a distance she looked amazing doing her thing. Khanyi was nowhere near as pretty as my wife but she still looked sexy.

On his way to walking me out a few people greeted him. In one of the doors he opened there was a young lady who was being interviewed. He opened the door because he thought it was empty.

“Oh sorry I did not realize that there was someone in here. Carry on!”

He said but not before he stared and the young woman. He shook his head on the way out and said,

“Some people are beautiful in this world! Ah! Did you see her?”

This man was a lawsuit waiting to happen clearly. He better watch his footing. Legally those are the thoughts that came to my mind but on a personal note I was saying to myself, look at her again in that manner and I will kill you!

That young lady in that interview was my wife!

****The End****

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Hi Mike and Readers

I am a young woman of 25 years, i am dating my boyfriend whom i broke up with him in 2010 because i got saved n I was told that its a sin to date if you chose Jesus, I stayed single until last year when i went back to my boyfriend that i broke up with hes now also saved, my problem is he is staying far hes in Pretoria i am in Durban he dont have any relations in Durban, i have just met another guy who is sweet and loving he is asking me out n i now have strong feelings for him, i dont know what to do as i dont want to cheat to my Pretoria’s BF n yet i dont want to loose the guy who is close to my and can be able to give me all the love ive been missing since i got saved.

Please advise on what to do


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67 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Twenty

  1. I’ve just started reading this diary and all I can say is that its nice….. Nothing more and nothing less,just nice!…. NOW BRING CONFESSIONS BACK PLZ.

  2. Lol I can’t help but laugh so you’re saying you are saved and dating 2 guys hypocrisy has never been this exciting but my advice is not all that glitter is gold talk to ur man and discuss this

  3. tj!!!!!…lets wait n c if Asthandile will hit it off with Mpho….Mxolisi…uza uthi shoo!Ba tlo go service-sa mosadi wa gago boy!!!!

  4. A2Q lool miss oKhathazekile are you tired of being saved and wanting to go back to ur bad ways…. I suggest you go back to fasting and prayer fast..I mean two guys @ once comeon now….

  5. Damn, these women aren’t loyal hey!! Wow you get saved and you still on the verge of cheating! If “dating is a sin” why still pursue it? Stick to one side don’t be that person who wishes to have both side of the bread buttered.

  6. 2AQ,who said if u r saved u cnt date girl? Its ok 2 date bt do not engage in premarital sex or cuddling anyway u better choose whom u want coz u cnt say u r saved and yet hve 2 boyfriends.

  7. DEAr Mike Nonkululeko Maphoto – nna ke kgopela o botse basadi ba bago ngwalelang dinonwane gore kannete re lapile ke bona aowa!!!!

    Okhathazekile cc maybe we should ask you wht do u want to do, kunini nasibuza ukuthi nenzeni ngempilo zenu hai suka

    uthi u r saved 1
    u r dating 2
    u dnt want to lose the new guy 3

    awuyiboni wena ingkinga so ufunathina siyibone phi?

  8. LOL some of these questions are beyond insane… What Christianity are you practicing seriously mxcm # serious annoyance

  9. Aniyekele abanye abantwana babuze nine bosiyazi, buzani nine zingane meningazi, abanye bazenza ongcwelengcwele ngabanye la sies man, if u don’t wana ansa don’t read. Okhathazekile u are the one who knows d right thing to do and ungathembeli rbantwini for ansaz but God is there as your guidence and ungagijimeli physical pleasures coz there is more to relationships than physical stuff!!!!

  10. Well read mike.. Thanx. @ q n a… I just don’t get all wat ur saying… Maybe u shudnt have included “saved part”. I thot saved ppl don’t date at all till u find someone at church and get married… Now u r even seeing two guys. Ai your confusion lays deeper than falling for this other guy…

  11. so after you’re saved you’re not allowed to date? According to which verse of the bible is this? Also, you’re in a distance relationship which is bound to end anyway. Talk to your current boyfriend bout your relationship, see what he says and if it will be possible for you two to see each other more often. If you decide otherwise, dont rush into a relationship with that sweet guy. Also pray and fast bout the guy who’s right for you.

    1. lol, seriously now, giving a doggy style is not gon turn you into an ugly duckling the next morning, so a more hot woman who doesn’t mind the deed, will work it on your hubby. and wena sala nobuhle bakho that will fade and be forgotten soon. Kusho ukuth you willing to forfeit the good things in life just because in your head you think you too beautiful to do something’s in the bedroom. hayi suka man…….hamba ke and get a man that will do you missionary Style for the rest of your life.

  12. A2Q- we can tell u all u need to hear sisi but final decisions comes from u. Dating two guys at he same time is not a good thing. Be careful when choosing because u might choose the wrong guy.

  13. Okhathazekile, salvation is a good thing. Salvation doesn’t mean tht u shld be miserable. Pple make e mistake of thinking being born again means misery, its not… Point is u can date even when you get saved. The sin is fornication. Dating is nt a sin. So whoever had said u sin by dating lied.the bible says he who finds a wife finds a gud thing. U find a wife thru dating.

    1. True, dating is not necessarily a sin. It’s just that it is easy to fall into sin when dating – fornication. Hence other Christians believe the period of dating shud not be prolonged and ur meetings as a couple shud include a 3rd person always. Other beliefs actually say that if the unwed couple ever find themselves solely alone at any point, the devil is the third being in that meeting.
      So even tho dating is not a sin as such, we shud understand how others come to believe that it is.

  14. @Khathazekile, As Johnny Depp has said, ” if you are in love with two people at the same time, choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you would have never had time for the second one”

  15. Thanx Mike, yummy as usual. Wudnt it be poetic justice if Asthandile found herself in Mike’s arms!!!!!!

    A2Q: Honey, long distance relationships are difficult. And, often, they don’t work too well, regardless of whether u r saved or not. With ur partner away, there is always gonna be someone close by that u might find yourself drawn to. You have to understand what u want wena. If u still want to be with ur boyfriend in PTA, are you guys working on at least living in the same province in the near future? Talk to him, understand where he sees this long distance relationship going – u can’t be in a long distance relationship forever.

    As for Mr New Guy, do not rush into anything before you are sure of what you want.

  16. what does it mean to be saved? u broke up with him because u are saved but got back to him knowing its a sin, it didn’t end there u falling for someone else whilst u in a relationship. People like u paint a bad picture of Christians.

    stop hiding wit jesus and do your things.

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