Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Two

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I guess we all have a dirty naughty side in all of us. I always remind people that most Born Agains are ‘reborn” for a reason because they certainly can outdo you in many of these things. Its intriguing to be on the phone with one person doing things you should not be doing on the phone whilst someone else is in the room. Try keep a straight face during all that and making sure your voice does not crack. On the one hand I had my mistress and on the other my wife. It was scary but I knew I could handle. My wife lowered my zip and I knew she was taking it out. This was so unlike my wife hence I could not help but wonder if all my complaining had caused this sudden change. I had a bit of panic in me as well. I have heard so many times that woman always knows when something is up or how she can sense when you are up to something. You see this by her change in character at home. Its as a result of your own actions. Was this what was happening right now? Goodness me what was going on.

Khanyi kept whispering in my ear and asking me to imagine her do things to her. It was a good thought. My wife on the other hand had taken out my friend who like I said stood fully alert. Any man can tell you that when he is about to get some, his friend will stand proud and tall. Men do not think with their dicks as people often say, dicks think with their dicks! You don’t have to tell it where to go, it knows on its own. Imagine the shock of my life when finally she wrapped her mouth around it. It was sudden and unexpected that I even moaned! Khanyi obviously thought it was me and giggled but she must chill. My wife did something with her tongue and unwittingly I pressed my phone. I hung up the phone on Khanyi! Finally! I had been asking for this for so long. I don’t know if my finger pressed intentionally or if it was just a reflex action. My second moment of oral in as many days this was what I wanted for so long. I only realized I hung on Khanyi after all was done. Men are shallow I know but I don’t think I can ever say I loved my life now more than ever before. She was nervous when she did it, even bit me once but who cares! Well she did not go all the way but she did it enough to leave me shocked and incredibly impressed. She stood up and left the room I am sure to brush her teeth but I took no offense all. To me it felt like time itself had stopped in a blissful moment. For a moment I didn’t know what to do because it seemed so unreal! I think it was the job excitement though that had finally made her give in. That’s the excuse I gave because why would she do this if she knew that I was cheating. I had to re-evaluate my goals with Khanyi. My wife could do all she did I am certain now and the enjoyable challenge lay. In my wife and not Khanyi.

In the morning I got a very angry text from Khanyi saying that if I ever dropped a call on her again she would move on. I think she thought I would jump in fear but I did not. I ignored her. My wife was finally coming to the party so why bother with her kind. Men respect their mistress in times of sex otherwise for all intensive purposes she is just a shag nothing more nothing less and she must know her place. She must not expect miracles and even if she was to fall in love that’s her problem not his hence can be dumped for making that monumental mistake. Yes “love” if you are a mistress is a crime punishable by being gotten rid of. You become a liability. Khanyi was too arrogant and pompous and for that she was becoming a pain. An affair is only fun if there are boundaries and Khanyi did not seem to have any. She could snap at any time so I had to manage her well. My wife called when she got to work. She was very excited but I could hear from the buzz behind her that they were very busy. I told her to stay calm and her day will be perfect. I am not very much a social media person but I updated on my Facebook how proud I was of my wife. A lot of people I had not heard from in ages commented and asked where I was hiding myself. One of the guys who spoke to me was an old friend Duduzane. He asked me why I had not moved to JHB already as there were more opportunities there than in Cape Town. I laughed it off but I assured him I would think about it.

Dalu came and asked me if everything was ok and I told him I have never felt better. I had been in my office all this time so I think he thought I was stressing about something as usual. I needed to work on some documents in any case. We had a long meeting later so I had a very busy day. At lunch security told me that some lady had come to see me but had not left her name. I was not sure who it was so I dismissed it. In my line of work there are a lot of referrals so I get this all the time. When people are in trouble they feel as though they can only tell the person they are referred hence will not spill to anyone else. She will be back.

I called my wife and she told me that her first day was perfect so far. She had learned so much. I asked her if the big boss had seen her and she said he had not and asked why. I changed the subject to Khanyi and asked if she was working with her. She said no again and said they were in two different campaigns altogether. This was better than I thought. She said might be late though because they were behind on the campaign but possibly by an hour or two. I told her not to worry and besides it will give me time to go to gym.

When I got home I found a car parked at my gate. I knew the car. It was Khanyi! She was pissed as hell!

The first thing she said when I got out of my car was,

“Now that I have given your wife a job anymore you ignore me! I came to your office and they told me you were in a meeting! I know you told your security to tell me that!”

This woman was scary!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto


Hey Mike

I am a 24 year old guy and have been in love with the same girl since high school. I have never looked at anyone else and I have focused solely on her. We are very close but the problem is that we are not dating and I am more of her best friend. I have seen her go through break up after break up and seen her date such losers. I am afraid if I tell her I lose a friend and the love of my life. I dont know what to do because one day one of these losers will knock her up and I will be left in regret.

Please advise

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71 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Two

  1. Thanks mike…
    QnA,my niggah its time to make your move ey…seems like you very content with being in the friendzone,tell her m sure she prolly has feelngs for you now but is too afraid to admit it…Goodluck..

  2. Eish!!!!Khanyi has lose screws, you better run far away from her, before she ruin your life. She has Zodwa from Generatios’ tendencies), Run as fast as you can

  3. iyajampa noma ayijampi kanti futhi the dude is a real player if he can get his wife a job from the mistress well potrayed

  4. Well, I must say that Khanyi makes me love this more and more. she is insane, you should control her now before she gets out of hand. You need to have control over her, she is a mistress after all and sad thing is “akashelwanga, wazizela” Keep Them Coming Mike

  5. Like females, sometimes we just want “head” not full on sex lol. AnQ Ayo main…you in the “no chill friend zone” this coming winter. If you tell her, you will mosdef lose her. My advice tell her, so you find closure. Usually the worst case scenario is she listens and later says she never saw you in that kinda way, and your relationship will be the death of its existence There are well deserving females outchea who will take her place.

  6. Khanyi is a home wrecker,she is too much of herself,dats y she doesn’t hav her own Man,Stop dis crazy lady or ur marriage will fall apart,Gud chapter indeed,

  7. Khanyi needs to be put in place! mxm serves here right for doing that to her best friend. This man should be careful though hmmmmm!
    Thanks Mikey

  8. Ke sho Khanyi graduated frm being a bitch.Mxo don’t give her ur Dick n once she tastes u mhk she s gonna be more wild on u or said u raped her jus to destroy u.Asthandile ……..blowjob.Shem u will get used to dat salty taste n pretend as if ur tasting oats.ahahahahhahhahhaha

  9. thanks mike, @ what tym do the auditions start at the Jo’burg market theater?? would really love to be there…

  10. Khanyi is such a obsessed misstress ever since she gave Mxolisi a bj and sent him her nude pic now all over sudden she feels and acts like she’s entitled to this man. Bitch get over yourself, I just hope Mxolisi does not kiss and make with khanyi after their “misunderstanding” since the wife is still at work.

    Nice one Mike

  11. Well who knows wifie might have seen something new,nd could b using hubby as practice,woman a born investigators ,they know b 4 u even think they do,as arrogant as we as man think we are,they are smart,his behaviour gave him away,a think even the call,who brought the shit,the demon that will cause all d shit,the dude,his dick can’t b blamed,even he was conscious,about the whole he’s digging………let’s wait nd c,yaaaaar so scared just when things start,tha mike will cut us again,but hooked 4 now…..

  12. Hi mike
    Yho! I have been a silent reader for too long now but today you made me write. Look your blog is thee boom ,I like the khanyi lady she is something else and thank God this will teach other men see that conquebine will control not just u but ur hole life and is the person you say you love them that are going to be hurt the most. I feel sorry for asthe though she does not deserve all thats coming to her . This is a wow! Chapter for me

  13. khanyi nooooo i don’t think i like her anymore coz she’s acting desperately now,drama queen hai nix, she needs to be dumped right away

  14. Illegal shit. Thr r other ways to control th auditions dude. N wu said everyone has it?Uv just denied ppl opportunity Mike

  15. Every cheating looser deserves a Khanyi bazoqaqeka emakhanda!!!

    Thanks Mike, pls try n edit the chapters before u post as some parts can be confusing. Otherwise, great work.

  16. Ayike ngathi uzifake kwi psycho la kuloKhanyi uzawujola naye noma ungasafunike tana!yabo imsebenzi yokucheater la hamba khona

  17. Iyoooh!! Basadi woooo
    Khanyi dis khanyi dat. Khanyi a bitch khanyi a homewrecker.
    No, i havnt heard a man saying dese words. Khanyi is not to blame but de dog who cant keep his belongings to himself. He lead khanyi on nd he started dis whole thing, now hes making excuses nd u ladies jump at de opportunity to dare call khanyi names? Women lebile? Hai be ashamed of urselves sham…
    #nna kere let her do her worst, osa dira ganyan
    i would do worse
    #you women need to chill nd see whr ur loyalties lie
    …laswabisha sham!

  18. Thanks Mike. May all cheating husbands and partners be blessed with a mistress from hell – Khanyi! Kwaaaah, am going to enjoy seeing Mthoko squirm under Khanyi’s expensive high heel shoes!! Lol

  19. 2 Q&A. I think u mst tell her, cos dis thnk iyakudla, so dat u know once & 4 all. Maybe she also has feelings 4 u she is also afraid 2 tell u. Maybe uzodinwa if she doesn’t feel da same way bt with tym uzoxola. U also need closure cos nawe impilo yakho imile. I say go 4 it maybe u r meant 2 be 2getha, who knows. Gudluck

  20. QnA brother its your time to make that much needed move. You might be surprised by the outcome, it might even turn out great. Expect the best and let her know how you feel. She might also feel the same or not. But the most important thing is that atleast she will know how you feel about her.

    All the best!

  21. Tjo…Mike. Sounds like Khanyi o ngotswe Omme. She hasn’t been getting it & she is desperate shame,,,Mxolisi be careful,,!

    Lovely weekend to ya’ll. Be!

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