Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Three

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It is amazing that often when you are married the stakes are so high yet you still cheat. You can never predict the temperament of your side dish because in all fairness they have nothing to lose so it can go either way. She was genuinely angry that I had hung up the phone on her so much that she had come to my house. Obviously I did not hear any bit of what she had asked me and immediately asked her what she was doing here. She said she had come to find out what game I was playing because she was not someone who gets dumped easily nor someone who got used. My first instinct was to lie. I told her that my boss was on my case he had surprised me. She was stumped by that response. I then asked her what her problem was showing up like that unannounced. For the first time I realized that the tide was turning in my favour. All along she had bossed me around and I had followed her around sheepishly. I told her that if she ever showed up at my house unannounced like this I would ruin her. Yes, it was a genuine threat. Men might cheat and so on but more often than not we will still guard our families like a bull terrier with rabies. I told her that we will only call each other during office hours and now that she was working with my wife and they were friends, at no point should she leave our call records on her phone. Why? Because females always swap phones to call and show each other pictures! It is not a stereotype its true #selfie! Ring a bell! I walked her to her car and slammed the door behind her! She drove off fuming!

Getting into the house I figured I had played that well enough. Again this is something every man knows. When you start dating the girl you often started as the one doing the grovelling and begging. You do whatever she wants. However at some point you rise and take control of the relationship and she does your bidding. Even with Asthandile the same thing had happened. What women don’t get is yes at some point she knows he will become the head of the house but she should not then capitulate and become his toy! That’s where women get it wrong and that’s why men get away with a lot! I have never ever heard a woman in a good or bad relationship who has never said, “He was not always like this!” And its true, we change a lot but mostly because you give up your power the moment we imply that there could be a ring that could come out of all this. With an affair especially early on this is a bit different. I was not sure if Khanyi was the kind of woman who could sit still for that long as second best.

I decided that since my wife was now a breadwinner too I should surprise her and cook. She will find dinner ready. I am not the best cook I know but I am not that terrible either. I do not microwave cook like half the bachelors out there. I took out my basmati, boiled the water and added it. My wife does not like her starch when its hot something which I have always said to her is very odd. I decided that mutton stew was the best for now because in all honesty I boil the crap out of it and add one or two things to balance. I cut my vegetables and left everything to happen as I took out my work. In my profession there is always work. For those who do not know, Cape Town the sun sets at 8pm most times meaning that if you were in Jhb for example, at 8pm here it will look like its 5pm there. Not bad. With that said I was not worried at all about her coming late as in this place, late is relative! I got a call from an unlikely person. It was my wife’s mother. She told me that she was calling to congratulate her daughter and I over her new job. She also told me that my wife had told her that we were looking for someone to stay with as we were now both at work. She suggested that we take Zimasa in. I said no immediately. Zimasa was the niece that my wife had gone back home for when they could not find her. That girl was a problem and last my wife told me was that she was pregnant. She begged me and said that tey had “taken care” of it and the plan was to get her as far away from the man who got her pregnant as possible. Whilst the argument made sense I did not want that child in my house but when it is your mother in law on the line you cannot say no. My wife I think had deliberately set this conversation up because she knew I would say no. I told her we would consider it. I was not too happy about this.

Eventually my wife came back. She only got home around 830pm, ok fine I was starting to slightly panic around then and was relieved. The food was ready and I think when you cook good food the aroma fills the house. She got out of her car and she looked exhausted but happy. When she walked in she told me how famished she was and that she had bought take out on her way home. She put it in fridge and said we would eat it another day. I served her dinner and we ate. She told me all about her job. She was so excited. I think by the end of the conversation I even knew what colour of shoes the security guard wore! Nothing was left out. She said she was a bit worried though because,

“The CEO asked to see me in his office tomorrow! He kept looking at me. I think I did something wrong!”

Here we go! She was leaving this job if I had it my way! I knew this guy would be a problem! I said it day one and I will say it again now! I held my nerve though. It is not that I did not trust my wife, no, it is that I knew what I was also doing on the side!

I took her plates to the kitchen as I was thinking of what to do next. She was still talking. I think now she was telling me the new ideas she had contributed but I had lost interest already. An sms came into my phone and instinctively I opened it,

“I love the way you grabbed me! Can’t wait for those strong arms to push me against the wall and *@%# me hard!”

Did she have to censor it! It could only be Khanyi! Guess she got a new number after all!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hi mike.

I’ve been dating my bf for 3 n a half years now, 1 year ago (after 2 yrs of dating) he told me he has a daughter, this is after I’d had an abortion(of his child) 3 months prior to that. I have not been able to trust him since then and still worry that he can’t really love me if he can keep such a secret for a long time.

He’s really a sweet guy, and the only problem I have is the mistrust.

Can your readers please advise me ukhuthi can I work on my trust or if he can never be trusted?




50 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Three

  1. Hey Mike, PLEASE tell us there will still be another audition for some of us who were tied down. Where will it be…jo’burg is cool though lol please anywhere!!!

  2. Q2A…..Mmata,1st n for most,trust,love n take care of u n u 1st then doing that to others is gonna be easy for u.A relationship with secrets s no relationship especially wen it involves a baby.U never knew of the baby nor da baby mama.Are they still together?Dig deeper into dat so dat u don end up being another woman in dis relationship.And da abortion,were u ready to hav a baby?U both agreed to abort?Now,ur da only one now to make a desicion to still continue or stop n live him to be with his baby n baby mama or u fight for ur crown.But do remember dat u come 1st n u deserve happiness n if u can’t make urself happy no one will do.Pls take care n condomise always to avoid HIV n AIDS,STIs and unplanned pregnancy.

  3. I LOVE this KHANYI chick she knows what she wants and goes out there and get it.. judge her or not she knows what she wants…What about the husband who is also cheating on the wife…just have to see about the CEO…I think he is going to follow the SMS..what do you guys think?

  4. Oh wow i hve been waiting for this for a long tym iyooh mmmmh, u beta not reply 2 tht sms man cos it myt not b Khanyi careful… LOL

  5. 1.What were the reasons for the abortion, were you coerced into it?
    2.I personally wouldn’t wanna be with someone who kept that big a secret from me. A kid is a big deal ( a kid means another woman in your life forever and includes money going out from your house to go support another kid forever, are you ready for that?).
    3.How are you gonna date someone you do not trust?

  6. i see comments on peeps who are in favour of khanyi, its not like this married guy is deeply in love with her & regrets being married, he just wants her body, so as a woman to waste ur time, energy and passion on a married man there’s plenty of single men who are not in a serious relationship who also want to have fun, khanyi just likes drama she doesn’t know how to love(in the words of lil wayne perfect description that song is about her)

  7. Congratulations Mike, all the best for the future, you are an inspiration, our own Tyler P, do you still work full time though?

  8. yooo Mike you too good my duu. khanyi yena o ndira ke tatazele. I am so excited about the coming TV series . I can’t wait. Thanks Mr Maphoto. Tyler Perry and more in the making

  9. How i wish most men were nt as shallow, a real woman would make ur dick hard Not ur life…and woman like Khanyi must know by now that this world can be a Dog eats dog place so for her to think she can a play a game and lose nothing in the process, argh please!. She betting but the stakes are high for both of them… very high.
    To the aspiring Khanyi’s out there, my advice is……….. DO NOT!

  10. I don’t get men who cheat on their wives. Yew know there is this thing called self-control but then men will lwaiz b men,atleast dats wat pple say..its still not an excuse though..grow up or do not marry

  11. Iyoooo But Khanyi doesnt give up. I have a feeling that Mxolisi is going to leave his wife for her one day!!!

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