Memoirs – Chapter Twenty One

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It is funny how for a man it is okay to comment on other women but the moment another man comments on your wife it is not a compliment. It is not even flattery. It is a threat and possibly an insult! It is just disrespect. We get territorial very quickly and want to assert our dominance so that the other man knows you are the alpha male in her life. There was no way I was going to allow her to work here! This man clearly seemed to like things and if he thought she was beautiful before he even hired her then what would happen if he saw her every day? I was not sure what to do but acting up in front of a client was not an option as it would most likely get me into unnecessary trouble at work as well. I decided that I will deal with it when I get home. I had to tell my wife that I was not comfortable with her working there but now I needed a good enough reason. Arguing that it was because some man thought she was good looking was not a good enough reason so needed something stronger.

My day was spoiled. I snapped at Daluxolo when I got back at work when he asked me for some help on a document. I also snapped at our paralegal but worse I was very cold towards Asthandile when she called me to tell me about how well her interview went. She told me that the boss himself had even come during the interview. She had been hired on the spot but they allowed her to start the following day so as to give H.R. enough time to fix her credentials etc. I asked her what her job description was and she said for now she would be assisting everyone and anyone who needed help. For now she was meant to shadow different people so as to learn and eventually she would know her strength. She said she needed to but work clothes though because most of her outfits really did not work. If I could roll my eyes I would have at that moment. I told her she could get a few items and she said thank you. I cannot remember the last time I had heard her this happy. I was not about to spoil it by my insecurities. No one deserves that. I have often wondered, what is it about shopping that makes a woman so happy? I really don’t get it. For a man shopping means walking on those slippery hard tiles in the mall and it is definitely not fun! Secondly, it means losing money to clothes which after two or three months you will not like because they are definitely out of season. I honestly do not get it.

Khanyi called an hour or so after I spoke to Asthandile. I immediately asked her about her boss and she laughed. She said he was harmless and probably gay so I should not worry about such things. That’s the other problem with having a mistress. Often you turn to her to give you advice about the problems you are having at home. I know most flatter themselves by saying they don’t want to hear about your family but that is rubbish and not true. Eventually something will happen which you will need to talk about. She said I should be happy that my wife got the job because our plan is working! Our plan? This was not our plan, this was her plan. She could see I was not loosening up and immediately changed the topic. She told me about the plans she had for my wife in her job and it seemed to have a lot of late nights as well as trips. I think she was hinting towards the time we would get to spend together but I was over this. For the first time since I met Khanyi I told her I had to go. I was regaining my dominance. I told her that I was not so thrilled anymore and I hung up the phone. I needed to man up!

When I got home my wife had even written down a schedule for what we needed to do to readjust our lifestyles as obviously this changed a lot of things. I no longer had a housewife but a working woman. This meant I should not expect a warm meal when I got home before her. She asked if we could get a maid to help around and I think it was kind of obvious that we needed one. I told her that it was the logical choice. Getting a maid is not the easiest thing to do but the obvious choice is to call home and get someone from there. She said I must leave it to her she will find someone. She already had a few candidates in her head. I was not comfortable though with her going to pick just anyone from Gugulethu or Khayelitsha and I made sure she knew that.

My wife is a big fan of Isibaya and often we watch together. My wife was lying on my lap and my one hand was on her breasts teasing. Yeah, I was trying to get some. She was concentrating hard on her show though. My phone rang and the number was private. I picked up thinking it was the office maybe, who knows! It was Khanyi! She could hear I was tense and said I must pretend as though I am talking to someone from the office but whatever I do I should not stand up. She asked me to greet my wife of which I turned and said, “Asi, Dalu sends his greetings!” Of which she just nodded. She hates being disturbed. My phone is not the loudest and with the TV on I doubt Asthandile could hear our conversation but this was risky none the case!

She asked me what I was wearing. Hold up! That’s my line! I told her ‘check the blue box on the floor’. I don’t know if she got the code for I was saying blue boxer shorts. She laughed and told me that she was wearing her sexy red lingerie and could imagine me taking it off! I could feel my other friend stir in my boxers and start to pay attention. What if my wife felt this? I don’t know where I got the courage and I asked her, ‘send me a picture so I can confirm if it is the right folder’ I thought she was gone but about a minute letter the picture came in! My other friend inside my boxers was completely standing at attention now and this time my wife noticed and I thought I was busted for sure! I think she thought it was because I was playing with her breasts that made me like this because she put her hands on her lips to say that I must keep quiet.

I was scared and excited at the same time but I knew I had to hang up the phone! I had wanted for so long to bring out this naught side out of my wife but this was not it.

I was going to regret this!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hey Mike
Ola. im a 26yrs old guy from Mafikeng now living in Pta…last year i got out off a 7yrs relationship with the woman of my dreams or at least i know she is! We have a 3year old boy. Our break up came after we lost our 2nd born of which we were both looking forward to have her(she was a girl),I was against the break up at 1st but because i love her too much I gave her what she wanted, now am suffering I think of her every minute i live as we had so many plans together, she refuse to fix things with me saying its for the best, I love her and it is both hard for us to tell our parents that we no longer together as they’ve approved our relationship…I really find it difficult to move on with my life…how do I get her to change her mind, cause the reason am in pta now it was our plan so that we can live together far away from home and build a better future for us and our son

Thank You


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  1. Tjooooooooo this Khanyi woman is work-and-a-half!!! she just never knows when to give up… she has no respect for this dude and his marriage and her so called friend Astha!!! she is the kind of woman who would tell this guy that it is NOT OVER TILL I SAY IT IS!!! she is giving me a headache already!!!

  2. Oh I love uKhanyi!she is a woman with a plan, knows what she wants nd goes out to get it pity its sme1 elses husband

  3. I love me some of that Khanyi hahahaha most man loves woman like her honestly the GoGetters The Risk takers and and …cnt wait for next for Q&A uhm i usually pray about every situation i go through in my life i think its best if you Pray for you and her and ask God to atleast let her see the light and give you a chance and i also think that ur ex myt have found someone hence the change..Good luck hey i hope things work out

  4. Lol “wen I grow up I want to be like Khanyi”A2Q n u said y u brake up,I dnt get u exactly so but wen a person act like its obvious that they have sumone else they love more that you,sorry

  5. We enjoy shopping and men will never understand and we like it that way. Khanyi Khanyi Khanyi,I hope n pray that Asi never see you for who you really are coz gal,it will be world war 3. Thanks Mikey
    Qn2: Alone, sorry for your los,loozing a child is very traumatic and you feel like things will never be the same again. Maybe talking to her mother abt this might help coz seemingly nothing dramatic happen here. He’s lucky to have you and pls dnt give up on her. Wishing you all the best.

  6. A to q: 4 years in a relationship n stil no marriage is a no no. If u loved her so much y isn’t she ur wife. 7 years is to much for any woman I’m sorry dude but hope it wrks out

  7. Hey Mike thank u so much 4 the fabulous read … I hope we’re not just reading here but also learning some lessons (especially the married and long term relationship ladies ) it is said that u must give ur man all coz if u don’t there’s a lot Khanyi’s out there and they are very hungry n ready 2 destroy they want 2 have your man/husband … I’m sure if Asthandile was doing her duties as a wife , such would have been avoided ..
    Just saying !!!

  8. Q&A, da only reason ur ex is behaving lyk tht, is bcoz she has found sum1, rather try tu keep ur self busy,heal and giv others a chance,

  9. @ LadyK I can tell you not married,we will talk when you are and being the Khanyi of your hubby but he goes outside the house and get some..Banna ba ya boreha ho robala le mosadi a 1 everyday!

  10. Mike man yet again u did it,mara is it just me,mara eintlik keng ka basadi,just because the story is 4rm a nada angle,they love this @$#@! $#@$#@! Called Khanyi let a woman like her in their life’s nd c,neh man hell,she has so many fans NAGANA,yooooohh am amazed 4 real

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