Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Ten

I must have asked her like three times to repeat what she said because I think she was mistaken! No, it can’t be, this cannot be. I refuse to believe that my husband has been swallowed by the earth. I told her Mthobi is alive and she needs to tell whoever is in charge to get my husband out of that mine. She told me that the rescue team was already there and they were doing everything in their powers to bring everyone up to safety. She said it was already on the news so I could check for progress . I told her that no I was coming there and she said that would not be necessary because I would only get in the way. I was in such a shock that I was shaking. Pamela told me that she would call me as soon as she heard any news to report back. With tears choking my words I thanked her for the call and hung up. I dont even know why I thanked the herald of bad news

I got up, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and tears just rolled down my eyes. Again brushing my teeth was just a reaction for I had brushed them earlier. I cried so hard that I think I woke Koketso who came into the bathroom to ask if I was okay! I couldn’t speak, the words couldn’t come out of my mouth. It felt like if I said it then it would be true, and this is not true, my husband is NOT dead, he can’t be dead I still needed him. What would I do without him? I would never be able to leave without him. What would I tell our son? We needed him to be alive. All these thoughts were making me cry even harder. Koketso was confused but she hugged me and told me everything would be okay, I told her I needed to be alone for a bit. It took me over 10mintes to get myself together, I washed my face and went to the TV room and sat Koketso down I told her it didn’t matter how much of a pig she thought Tshepang was, she should appreciate him while he is still alive. I told her how we take our partners for granted when we should be appreciating every second we have with them. She looked at me with an even more confused face, I said I might never get a chance to tell Mthobisi how much I love him, how he makes me happy, how sorry I am for all the wrongs I have done against him and how much I appreciate him. I told her that my husband might be dead and I don’t think I will be able to live on this earth without him and I truly meant that. Mthobisi was my life and life without him would be meaningless. I have loved this man for as long as I could remember. Imagine it had taken a life changing event for me to rediscover why I loved him again.
I called my mother it doesn’t matter how old you are or how you and you and your mother fight but when shit hits the fence the first call will always go to your mother. My mother is a very religious women, and right now I needed God. I don’t know why this is but women love being prayed for, when a woman has a problem she will call her friends and say pray for me. I am also guilty of this and I use the word guilt because I dont pray as often as I should. My excuse, I work so hard during the week I am too tired after work and during the weekend to pray. I just believe that if there is more than one person praying for the same thing then God responds faster. Maybe the noise coming from everywhere about the same thing annoys God and he decides to answer fast, and I know that the Bible says something about when 2 or 3 people pray together God is there, I’m not that religious I know a few scriptures that I use when I need motivation. My mom picked up and I told her the news about Mthobisi and I told her that I needed her to pray with me over the phone. I put the phone on speaker and Koketso and I held hands as my mom prayed and tears just kept rolling down my eyes. Was I being punished for what I did with Mfundo? Was I being punished for not going to church every Sunday and still called myself a Christian, my mom took what felt like forever to finish praying, she finally said Amen and Koketso and I also echoed our Amen, she told me that she would be coming over and I needed people who loved and cared about me at this hard time. I told her not to as I would be flying out to Bloemfontein to go and get my husband and bring him home. Whilst I was still talking to my mother another call was coming in, it was someone from the office, I told my mom I would call her back. I answered it was Andile my boss, she wanted to know if she could have a meeting with me and Cindy so we could give her a progress report on how thing were going with our project. I told her about Mthobisi and that I needed some time off because I wanted to go to Bloemfontein she asked what was I going do when I got there it’s not like I was going to dig him out, this women was heartless if I was next to her I would have strangled her. This is why she was not married and had no kids, she deserved to be alone for the rest of her miserable life. It took everything in me not to lash back at her but I was not about to stoop down to her level so I told her that I am taking leave, she said she was sorry for my loss and I should stay strong, sorry did she just say loss?? This bitch was really pushing my buttons. I screamed at her “my husband is NOT dead” she mumbled something about denial being the first step to healing, this thing who does not even deserve to be called a woman was patronising me. I told her I will be off this entire week and hung up.
I dreaded calling Mthobisi’s mom, that women had a way of making everything that went wrong in her son’s life to be my fault. She would find a way to blame me for this I just knew it. I had to call her though before she heard it on the news, I knew it was just a matter of minutes before the news broke out fully. Journalists love reporting bad news, they were probably there around interviewing wives and families of people stuck underground. The thought of being filmed and telling the world how scared you are and crying in front of cameras just screamed attention seeking to me and I was not going be part of that circus. What the hell are these people watching the news going do for you? I’m sorry but some things are just too personal to be shared with the world. I called Mthobisi’s mom she went silent for a few minutes and then asked why was I still at home. Why was I not out there finding her son. I told her I was preparing to leave and I was going straight to the airport to see if I can get into the next flight out to Bloem. I could hear her cry which also made me cry again, she thanked me for the call and told me to keep her updated. I went to the bedroom and started packing my bags, Koketso was in the kitchen calling other family members and making breakfast, I called Mthobisi’s cell it was off! Silly me his phone is always off when he goes underground there is no signal down there and he never takes it with him, but I was just hoping and praying that by some miracle maybe he overslept and missed his shift! Again a stupid desperate thought because my husband would never oversleep he gets up before the alarm goes off. I left him a voicemail message I actually sang for him our wedding song .

As I was getting ready another call came in persistently. This number I knew and had actually saved it on all my phones. Now of all times this number wanted to call me. I had tried blocking it because I thought it was a child pranking me because this person had never said a word to me. At some point i concluded that it had to be a man with a lot of time on his hands. I picked up,

“Now is not the time for your games I screamed!”

The person cleared their throat on the other side and for the first time ever they actually said something,

“I am sorry to call like this but have you heard anything about Thobi, I mean Mtobisi?”

It was a woman’s voice actually crying and why was she calling him Thobi? On my phone the number was saved as STALKER n capital letters!

It was not the fact that now I knew that my stalker was a women who clearly knew my husband that startled me nor was it the fact that she knew that he was underground at that moment as the news had not given out names that scared and aroused my curious that moment. No, it was the fact that I knew that voice but with all the emotions in me right now I could not place it!

Did he have a mistress?

***The End***
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I read a poll recently where people voted you their favourite blogger in SA congratulations! Thank you for this.
I am a 27 year old woman and a university graduate. I struggled to get a job for three years after I left university. At some point I even worked as a Teller and a tea lady once just to make money this having a degree from UJ. Finally I got a temporary job in my field that pays well. My contract expires in two months. My problem is my boss, mind you the owner of the company as been making overtures towards me to sleep with him. I won’t lie am actually considering it because with the way I struggled to get a job I really am not about to do that again. I wish I had evidence but he is really carefully and never calls me or sends smses so I can save them. He talks to me directly and in private so I don’t know how to trap him. He is a very respected person in community and if I mention his name you all would probably know him. Of the two other girls at work I suspect one has slept with him because one does not even have a degree but gets paid so much per month and she is 23. He is very polite and despite being a wolf in sheeps clothing a gentleman always! Why do men do that mara? I want this job really badly for I don’t want to suffer the way I did before. Please help me decide if it will be worth it?

Thank You


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  1. She sure seems like the mistress but we will know soon.

    Q&A, its up 2 really, girls who sleep with the boss to get ahead will always be labelled as just that, they never consider you seriuously @ work & everything u do will not be based on merit even if u worked your ass off. I know jobs are hard to find but if you want to compromise your values & be labelled “vula mathanga” then its ur choice. Know that nobody will respect you after that & will be forgotten once a new girl comes in. Ps, no gentlemen wants sex from girl in order to give her something in return!

  2. Thank you so much Mike for yet another captivating chapter!
    To answer the question asked I’d recommend you don’t sleep with that dirty man coz it will come back to bite you! You need not stoop that low & get employed due to your merits…I understand the pain of unemployment as I’m in that boat myself. You seem like a very together person & you will find a suitable job soon & fortunately the time you’ve spent in that job has given you experience & that’s something. Don’t lose hope dear. Continue looking for a job & stay optimistic!

  3. Thnx mikey…wat a great way 2 start my sunday morning…big ups…an Mothobisi has been cheating all this whistle his wife ws feeling bad jst 4 kissing another dude @ work…shame man,that’s jst sad…an QnA do not sell urself jst 2 keep a job dear,if that is the job that God has provided 4 ya in the 1st place,dnt wori jst pray an everything else will fall into place…ur boss is a jerk an men lyk him deserve 2 b punished…record him the next tym,he tells u 2 sleep with him…

  4. Eish the thought of losing him just like that.I’d hate to lose my closest family member through an accident.It’s very hard to accept cz i’ll be expecting him to come back….As for the call,wow the lady has a nerve.She even calls him with some nick name mxm.

  5. Thanx Mike for the good read
    A2Q,dear I know the desperation right now because I’ve been through the same experience,but for me it was a lecturer who knew very well how I needed to complete my degree. I refused to take to his advances and he failed me,I had to repeat the course and now I have passed it with distinctions without sleeping with that pig.It hurt like hell but I overcame the hate and pain but not disgust at that man,I feel like he wasted my whole year but its fine,his time will come. So don’t sleep with that fariki who might even infect you with desease

  6. Thobi has a mistress, is there a married man whose not cheating on their wives kodwa. It’s just become too common and acceptable in society. Why get married in the first place?

  7. Q&A sleeping with him still does not guarentee that you will get the job does it. You will be taking a 50\50 chance have pride girl don’t

  8. Mo gona motho oa jelwa 99..pls let ‘thobi not die eish the voice of the stalker is a matter of chapters Before she puts a face 2 the voice…now I believe gore ka ofela re a jelwa

  9. Ag shame Thobi wa batho. What a great read thanks Mike, the wife must just be strong that’s part of life when the husband dies or get involved in an accident ho hlahella bana kapa o utlwe hore o swele le girlfriend ka nako eo wena you never suspected anything cause your husband was this loving saint.

  10. Yey top 20 bby!aaah thanx mike as i was readin i was also cryin t lyk i cn c ol of dis happenin wt a sad newz 2 wake-up wth bt wth da lasts cal mhm i c alot of drama ther,cnt w8 4 d nxtwkeeend!gr8 1 thumps up.

  11. Bussie sisi I 100 percent agree with u and plz lady u must understand if the jod is not meant for you then it is not. We need to learn something about life and that is God will never let us down and if one door closes , a better one will open. Love yourself and believe that you are the best at what you do. ****************************************************************Thanks mike and may God bless u

  12. A2Q. Put your phone on record next time he calls you to his office so it records everything,but don’t be that desperate to end up sleeping with him. Once he is done with you he can destroy your career and reputation(since you say he is powerful). Push comes to shove,u’ll have the phone recording to report him.

  13. Wow Mike, what a twist?!? Kwalukhuni!! Mmmh, next week Sat is too far!!
    A to Q: Nksz this is one decision you have to make on your own and live with the knowledge of knowing what you have done or not done. A good heart / clean consience doesn’t pay the bills, but living with guilt and a heavy heart is no fun. This is similar to making a decision to abort or not, it’s all up to you and you alone can make that decision. Being poor or broke and sitting home unemployed is no fun, but being someone’s sidedish anyday and anytime coz they gave you a job is hell!!

  14. So so touching, thanx Mike.
    A2Q: Ur boss is just a pig who has no respect for women seemingly. Don’t stoop to his level. Like Busi said, ull lose all respect.
    U have a bit of experience now in your field, polish your CV and start putting it out there.
    Sleeping with him doesn’t even guarantee u a job. It’s not worth it.

  15. sleeping with him will only makes things worse 4 u…he will alwys c u as loose with low life and with nomorals o respect 4 urcelf..trust me no guy like that. dnt sell urcelf cheap….have ur signed anything that guarentees u that shud u sleep with him, he will have ur contract re-renewed guranteed? do u trust him?what if after sleeping with him he renews ur contract but always demand sex frm you? are up 4 that?to be his sex slave?for how long?and if he wants it without protection? remember u putting ur life in danger for what? a job dat has no gurantees?
    yes it hard to find a job but dat no excuse for selling ur body!
    God say ”for i know the plans i have 4 u” ALL I DUE TIME…u have experience now, use it to find urcelf a decent sucure jobs that will give a peace of mind.

  16. Thank you Mike for this chapter 🙂

    A2Q: This dude is a pig. Your cell phone probably has a voice/sound recording feature on it. You should turn it on when you’re around your boss so you’ll have evidence.

  17. Q:A cc it all depends on u,those who did won’t tell. In life I’ve learnt tt everyone had a secret.so dear the ball is in your court. I don’t think there’s a woman in this blog who’ll advise u to do it.if u do it be ready for consequences also if u don’t still there r consequences to face. Good luck dear.

  18. Can’t wait for the next chapter , could it be cindi? I suspect! Ay maybe not she was into mfundo after all

  19. Thanks Mikeeesto, sunday kos provided.
    A2Q it doesn’t sound like you have anything to lose and you are already considering it. I say why not, give it up, if it helps u move up a bit in life then great. I appreciate woman who put their assets to good use, u were gonna give it up to some fool who wasn’t gonna pay a dime for it anyway.. Goodluck

  20. I think I agree with Jackzorro if u gonna benefit why not,coz we alwayz give it 2 some loosers who pays nothing 4 our honey pot,but girl u must sign that contract first b4 anything else. Or the contract must be in that hotel room coz b4 he enters u it must be signed,otherwise he can renew the salary nd find out that the salary will change so everything must be in writting b4 he shags u….Goodluck

  21. Blessed Sunday to ya’ll. Thank you Mike!

    Q&A..The fact that U considering it…U might REGRET it the rest of your life. So I suggest U DONT go that route to get your worth. You have already proven & validated your worth by getting yourself capped…so U dont need a dirty dick to get a job…u have brains. Start looking & please dont throw yourself to that scumbeg of a boss..sies…BUT in the end..this is my opinion doll..the final decision is within you!

    Should you want to open your thighs…use protection…but know that it will catch up with you.

  22. Cliff hanger Mike!! You are a master at suspense when you put your mind to it and I enjoy it so much.


    Dearest your value system should never be compromised by another for anything especially money. You live because God wills it, not because you earn a salary. Even if you have to wait for another job and it is not easy to do so if you are not willing to compromise yourself then that is what you will do to keep your integrity.

    As some of the readers said, this is your decision and you will have to live with it. The least you can do for yourself is think each scenario through and decide if you can live with whatever you choose. By making the wrong choice you can end up with life long regret either way you choose.

    I pray you choose wisely.

  23. Q:A Because today is Sunday let’s take this to church: Joseph was tempted to sleep with Potiphar’s wife, what did he do, he ran, he didn’t walk away or shrug her off he RAN AWAY. I suggest you do the same.
    Mind you Joseph was put into jail because of the whole ordeal, he spent time in jail. You’ll struggle to find another job again possibly.

    BUT, B-U-T because he was favoured his talent was called for and he was released and put into a higher and more prestigious seat than Potiphar.

    Don’t compromise yourself, cause you’ll reach better heights than that old fool. Don’t compromise your potential for present worth, at the price of your future gain.

    Be strong, that’s all us woman can do in this world.

  24. No Mthobisi cnt b dead nt so fast ey n hu is ds woman callin nw.Eish gal u r in a difficult situatian de mst b a way 2 trap de bustard.Do u think he’l fire u jst lyk dt take him 2 ccma n its beta if u record him wen u spk 2 him,wat if hs sick n u r slpin wt him.

  25. @Yanela dankie cc waze wangivuselela honestly God works in mysterious ways u hit dat spot kimi indirectly.God bless dis blog

  26. Mike im in de verge of repeating chapters bcoz im bored, u made me so hooked in ur blogs bt manje uza nge slow motion. Gosh i wish we cld finish myb 1 or 2 blogs 1st, myb u will be fast. Lets say u finish diary 1st atlst. Im complaining bcoz these blogs r like drugs gosh im hooked. BUT THANK YOU BRA MIKE ND IM LOOKING FORWAD TO DE NEXT CHAPTERS 😉

  27. Hey mike, I love the turn this read is taking us. Thnx 4 listening to us nd taking a break nd cmng back so strong. Grt

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