Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Seven

Cindy was smiling from ear to ear, desperation will turn a saint into the biggest sinner I tell you. This girl was so desperate to settle down she would marry a tree if it proposed. She is the sad tale of so many women that I know that think with marriage they will become whole. I walked in and asked if everything was okay, Cindy gave me the ”you are messing with my vibe look!” I ignored the look and focused my attention on Mfundo who looked like a fat kid caught stuffing cookies in his mouth. There is one thing that we women need to realise about married men who flirt with you or sleep with you. You are not the only one so you have no right nor claim over him, he is not yours! It is like when you borrow a book from the library no matter how much you protect from getting lost or getting damaged it is not your book. You still need to return it so when you see someone reading the same book you read you have no right hating on that person because it was never yours in the first place. But this book was beginning to confuse me. Was that jealousy that I was feeling?

Okay I know what you thinking, I’m a married woman who should be worrying about her husband and not someone else’s husband but hey he kissed me so that had to mean something was going on between us right? I know I should not have some thoughts but I am human and I had to have the busiest husband in South Africa if all Mthobisi was telling me was true. The man was busier than a taxi driver from Soweto on a Monday morning and even then that is an understatement. I was starting to believe he did not want spend quality time with me. Mfundo put on his fake smile and said he had come to brief both Cindy and I but heard I had gone to lunch so he waited for me. He had some paperwork that he needed us to go through. I sat down and we got to work and I was beginning to forget about my confused feelings and emotions. Work is the best distraction especially when you don’t want to think about your problems. I was about to stand up to go get some water when my eyes locked with Mfundo’s who was sitting across from me, I tried to look away that’s when he winked at me, I could feel the blood rushing through my body, what is wrong with me, I ignored the wink. I looked at my phone and asked if anyone had noticed that it was 18:13 and we were probably the only ones left in the office. Cindy suggested we stick around till 19:00 as we still had a few things to go through, I agreed since I had nothing to rush home to with Mthobisi gone to some mine. I excused myself to go to the bathroom.
As I finished washing my hands in the bathroom Mfundo walked in before I could ask what the hell he was doing here he pushed me into one of the cubicles and started kissing me, this man was really something. He started untying my blouse and fondling my boobs and I was enjoying every guilty second of this, he unzipped my skirt and pulled it down as he was about to take off my panties we heard the bathroom door open we both froze. It was Cindy, she called out my name I wasn’t sure if I should respond or keep quiet, I kept quiet, she called again I was starting to panic now, I could just imagine the office gossip all the women calling me a cheap whore who got screwed in the toilets, I responded I told her that I think my lunch was off because now my stomach is running. This didn’t make sense since my lunch was 6 hours ago but like I said before I am a terrible liar. Cindy didn’t care though she came to talk and couldn’t be bothered with the fact that I had said my stomach is running and the bathroom was going to be smelling. I pointed to Mfundo to stand on top of the toilet so his legs don’t show under the door.

I started getting dressed. Cindy started telling me how happy she is that we are working with Mfundo and she really thinks that he is a great catch and they had connected this afternoon while I was on lunch. She asked if I could give her any tips on how to make Mfundo realise that she was a perfect catch, Mfundo was laughing himself silly, I had to put my hand over his mouth for the sound not to come out. Men can be so stupid, I told her I didn’t know him that well, she said Mfundo had mentioned that we were in the same Varsity, I told her that we were not really friends back then which was true. I told her that we will talk when I get back to the office as I really needed to finish doing my number two but she just kept yapping about how he would make a great husband and the fact that his bank balance must be really healthy seeing that he drives such an expensive car so they will complement each other. This girl wasn’t going anywhere I finished dressing, flushed the toilet wetting Mfundo’s shoes in the process and got out the cubicle making sure I close the door behind me. I washed my hands again with Cindy right next to me making plans for her and Mfundo’s first date as we left the bathroom and got to the office I couldn’t take it anymore and I burst out and said Mfundo is married. That was enough to shut her up for a few minutes till Mfundo got back.

I was not trying to be mean but Cindy needed to take a hint. We worked for the next half an hour in silence at exactly seven o’clock Cindy said we should leave. We all packed up and left as we got to the parking we all said our goodbyes. I drove home when I got to the gate I wished I had bought myself some takeaways as I was in no mood to cook for one person. Inside I grabbed some fruits, called my hubby who told me he had a rough day and was already in bed, he reminded me not to forget to water the plant again. I rolled my eyes and said I won’t forget. What was with him and this damn pot plant! He said he loved me and we hung up. I was so exhausted as I just sunk into the couch and flipped through the channels. I lost track of time. My cell rang there was someone at the gate, in our complex when someone drives in and they press your house number at the gate it rings on your cellphone, I answered and security said a gentleman by the name of Mfundo was at the gate, my heart skipped a beat. What was he doing here? Why on earth had I let him drive me home that night because now he knew where I stayed? I told security to let him in. Security guards talk eish!

Like I said before this was all new to me and I thought cheating was done in hotel rooms, toilets, parking lots and not in your marital home. I smacked myself and in the head and said “Lesedi what are you doing?” But wait, I had not invited this man to my home, I had not asked this man to kiss me and I certainly didn’t ask him to follow me in the bathroom. I heard a knock and first went to the mirror to go fix my hair and straighten my skirt and blouse then I went to open the door. Mfundo the fool was standing there with the biggest grin in his face. I told him that my husband was in the bedroom so whatever he wants better be work related. He told me that Cindy had let it slip that my hubby was out of town for a couple of days. Damn that Cindy and her big mouth. He came in and made himself comfortable on the couch. He asked if anyone had told me how beautiful I looked today, I smiled and said no. He started telling me how looking at me just turns him into this horny teenager who would just like to reap my clothes off and screw me like I have never been screwed before. He started telling me how perfectly shaped my boobs are and how he couldn’t get them out of his mind and as he was driving home he just had to drive back just to get a glimpse of those beautiful boobs. He told me how smooth and soft my lips are and how kissing them feels like he is sucking the most juiciest mango. Shit dammit all this dirty talk was getting my panties wet. My body was betraying me, I didn’t want to be made horny by another man’s words, that’s my husband’s job but hey, the flesh is weak. I grabbed him and started kissing him, took his shirt off then started removing his belt, opened the zip of his pants, pulled the pants and underwear down and I went on my knees and sucked his magic stick like a hungry prostitute whose next meal depended on that suck. What had happened to me? I am a decent woman and this was not me! He started groaning and moaning from the enjoyment as he was about to climax. I removed his stick from my mouth and led him to the couch. I asked if he had condoms with him he said no he didn’t bring any. I stood up and told him that I can’t do this, I grabbed my gown got dressed and told him that I’m sorry but I can’t do this especially without condoms.

I felt something tickle my leg. I have this huge fear of spiders and that thought made me jump up into the air into Mfundos arms but there was no one there. I hit the floor hard. Guess what this had all been a dream. Ag this man was a demon he had gotten under my skin. I laughed at myself though for having such a dream. Married women do not do that.

As I switched of the TV my cellphone rang for real this time. It was security and they said they had someone at the gate.

It was Mfundo!

***The End***
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike
i have been dating the father of my child since 2001, things started to be bad in 2005 after my son was one year old. every time when we talk he would he want this and that but he never included me in his plans. it was always about and he always cheated saying he doesn’t want any kids one is enough for now. but in 2009 he impregnated some girl saying it was a mistake. we broke up 2012 and he is been asking me to give a chance in 2013 i tried but as always it has always been about him, party life and putting friends first. he doesn’t even attend our child function or meetings at school, he is always busy with friends and parties. i left him again. 2014 he asked me to take him but he has a girlfriend and he will dump her so he can be with us but he needs me to be patient, i waited and waited until one day when i asked not to dump his girlfriend they should just be together because i cant wait for something that im not sure if it is gonna work and he replied by saying “it is done” that means they broke up. still he never gave us quality time busy with friends or whoever he is busy with. yesterday i asked him if will be always be his 2nd best and he said he is fixing that so i must be patient. how long im going to wait for him to fix things?
please help with advice


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  1. I think the moment u change coz ur married is a ticket 2 killing ur marriage….there is no manual 2 what a perfect marriage is,be urslf nd Mfundo yena is ur ticket 2 divorce,avoid temptation and ask the guards 2 chase him away,lol!! Don’t let temptation in ur marital home,I forsee danger la!!

  2. Dankie baie Mikey nw i cn slp again.If ur man dnt hv ur tym ul endup cheatin n its nt gd so its beta 2 get sum1 hu’l gv u tym n rspct u.Yes he cn go out wt frnds bt nt evry wknd once a mnth @least.

  3. Loved the ending! Creative writing at its best… I just love your work. All four books have interesting storylines.

  4. Thnx mike…as for the Q, I dnt think the man will change. Sisi you better move on. He can’t spend tame with you, but he has time for his friend

  5. HAAI kodwa men have a way of neglecting their wives, just because we vowed to stay with them forever, we must be furniture…I don’t blame her, cause if it’s not friends it’s work and we must understand and be content with that boring relationship. I am not the cheating type but the way married men behave, I am tempted to.

  6. I don’t get it why people say they are lead into cheating, while before they got married they made sure that he/she want the one and only you. Why after marriage that things you did before they die? Give them the best in bed. Where ever they are, they will always think of you and want more of where that come from!

  7. Ncoooh thanks a lot Mike for posting MOAYW. 🙂 I really missed it, I feel so happy right now and oh yes do post another chapter please please.

    Have a great weekend guys.

  8. Ooooohhhhh Mike, what are you doing to me,? Gosh! Just got all wet and excited just reading that erotic dream! Mmmmhhhh, nkc, forebidden fruit!!! Whever it is you’re getting your stories, they’re very similar to mine. Can’t stop smiling (hiding)!!

  9. thank u mikey…now we can no longer worry abt de cheating husband bt to watch out for the signs of temptations….tnx mikey…..and Q madam u know de answer and u waisting yo tym how can u wait for someone to dump a galfriend mxm

  10. a2q: u keep going back to ur man because the pattern is familiar.

    your his back up plan as he knows you will always be there.

    will he be patient if u had some one in your life?

    let go, its to toxic

  11. Wow this is a great book Mike since i’m in the same situation with a husband whose work comes before everything. Can’t wait for the next chapter.Thanks Mike.

  12. A2Q:patient!!?gal u gonna wait until u r 50 let go of this man move on with ur life he is not serious he wants to have fun a jole and wena u must jst wait for him. heee u deserve better pls pls do urself a favour move on

  13. Thanks:Q@A: clueless , stop being clueless nd wake up and smell the coffe and that’s ” HE IS USING AND PASSING TIME UNTIL THE BEST THING COME”. The man who will love and respect you is waiting for you out there and you waisting your time with a person who keeps on telling you to be patient is like playing lotto. I understand that he is the father of your child but he is even failing to play that role and what makes you think he will ever be a great husband. Ask yourself if this is what you want for your future , will he be the kind of role model for your child because any man can make a baby but it takes a matured man to be a father who can be called “daddy”. Sisi you deserve the best and the one that is made for you will never be selfish and treat you bad but he will love you as his first priority and make sure the is always a smile on your face.

  14. eix solution seeker,wix there cud b sum1 responding to ur problem,cz i need dt advisde too as we swimming in the same boat.

  15. Mikey, Mikey u da man!!

    Clueless u have spent 13 yrs on this man technically, what must he do to show u he does not care. U could do so much with your life instead of waiting for him to notice. U are in charge of your life, no one else is, if u choose to waste it on someone who does not care for u please do not blame any one but yourself because u chose to let him walk all over u and indirectly your child. Life is meant to be lived not watched from the sidelines like u r doing right now. I hope u make up your mind & that things work out for u.

  16. TEMPTATIONS ………. Mfundo is a devil sies. thank you Mike.

    Q&A Sisi you have put your LOVE life on hold for far too long. We may say that this man is a selfish bastard but he’s not playing this game alone. You are the participant in this sick game. You can see that he’s self involved boy and you keep on hoping that he might change. For your sanity and your child’s sake you should make a permanent decision now.

  17. mxm Mike, you’re such a good story teller!!! love the way the chapter ends!! 😀 u are just it!!

  18. @ Tshepiso, yhoo you made my day even if i just read this chapter today. you want Mike on top of you lol….

  19. NCooooooh!I am so happy that you are writing again Mike!!m so over the moon!u made my day!#doing the happy dance#

  20. oh la la Mr Mike nice.sisi leave him he is not worth de wait,he doesn’t have it in him 2 change. u wil miss de love of ur lyf waiting 4 him.

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