Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW- Chapter Eleven

It is a well known fact that if you are married and when a crisis happens that’s when all the leeches crawl out of the woodwork. It is at the back of every woman’s mind no matter how happy you are with him. The fear of that other woman. As you know it is most likely coming your next fear is that it be someone you know. This voice I knew I just could not place where I had heard it. Only a foolish married woman does not make provision for a rainy day like this and I have heard some high and mighty woman say their man will never cheat. This are the ones that end up killing their husbands when reality comes knocking. Imagine, the bastard cheats on you, you kill him and end up in jail for the rest of your life! Stupid I tell you! I was still going to move mountains though to find my hubby. He was mine and mine alone and I will be damned if this woman spoiled that for me.

I put at the back of my mind I had bigger things to worry about at the moment. I Knew that if I got to the airport at the very least I would be put on standby on a flight there. There is only one airline that goes there for one so it was both easy and hard at the same time. Easy in that I knew where to go and hard in that with this accident it was bound to be full. I explained to the black woman behind the counter my situation and she told me that everyone makes up a story to get on a flight they did not book for. She told me I should be ashamed for making up a story on my husband. I could have punched her at that moment but I swear my ancestors had never been to jail so they stopped me. Imagine such insensitivity. I swear there should be a saying that says, “as insensitive as a South African woman!” After ten minutes of standing there a white lady came up and that same bitch grinned from ear to ass and told her she was putting her on the waiting list and the first sit to come out she would give it to her! That’s how much we put white people on a pedestal yet we all mourn apartheid! We oppress ourselves every day!

I wanted to scream at this women, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all these people so I walked away with tears rolling down my eyes, what the was I going to do now? I called Andiswa my boss. She had connections and if anyone could get me to Bloemfontein it was her. She answered after 3 rings told me she was worried sick about me for she had just heard about Mthobisi and had tried calling me. I told her I’m at the airport and needed her to come pick me up. She told me she would cancel her meetings and would be there in 20 minutes. I sat at the cold silver airport chairs waiting for Andiswa with my luggage I didn’t feel like going to the restaurant section where there are always people around talking and laughing looking happy, I couldn’t stand seeing happy people not when I was feeling so miserable. Andiswa called and told me she was outside departures, I went out and saw her car went to her, she came out and hugged me. We hugged for like 5minutes Andiswa was like a sister to me. I have a sister who is older than me but her life is a mess when we do talk we fight so we stay away from each other and see one another on Christmas lunches, weddings and funerals. Andiswa knew when to talk and when to shut-up and right now I honestly didn’t feel like talking. We drove in silence till we got to my house. I waved at the security so they could see it was me and they opened the gate for us to go in. We got inside the house, Andiswa told me that she doesn’t think me going to Bloemfontein would be the best idea, she told me from what she could gather from the news report no one was allowed anywhere near the mine except for the workers and rescue team, and there will be journalists all over looking for wives and family members of the men trapped underground looking for stories and she knew how much I hated being in the public eye. We sat and watched all the news channels just to get any updates and every news station was running with the story. As a wife nothing is more scary than that feeling of being powerless. That feeling when you want to do all you can to help but there is zero you can contribute.
Then finally Pamela called she said 12 men had been brought up, but 4 out of the 12 had passed away due to lack of oxygen and injuries they sustained while underground, I asked if Mthobisi was amongst those people she said she wasn’t sure, she just wanted me to know before it got leaked to the media but she would tell me as soon as she found out. I told Andiswa what Pamela had said then we continued watching the news, a few minutes later the story broke that 4 men had died from the mine. Andiswa called Mr. Delivery for some lunch, even though none of us could eat. I called Mthobisi’s mom and told her I couldn’t get a flight out, she told me I didn’t care enough about her son! Why was I not driving to Bloemfontein? She went on about how she knew Mthobisi made a bad decision by marrying me, I had no time for this bullshit, I hung up while she was still yapping. I called my mom and told her I needed her and my son to come and stay with me. In all honesty I needed my son with me, my son was a replica of his father they looked soo much alike, I needed to fell like Mthobisi was here and my son was going to do that for me. My mom said they would come the next day.
My phone kept ringing with people wanting to know the latest news on Mthobisi, my sister also called sounding seriously worried. She asked if she should come over and I told her not to because I was not really good company. I knew having her there would just drive me up the wall, I didn’t mention the last part though to her, she understood. On the news they said the rescue team at the mine was using drills to try and get down the mine to get the men out and they would use hypersensitive microphone, television camera and a two-way radio to communicate with the men that were still down. I decided to call Pamela to find out if Mthobisi was amongst the 12 men, she said she was sorry but Mthobisi was not amongst the 12men that were rescued. I didn’t know whether to be relieved that he was not amongst the 4 that died or be sad that he was not amongst the 8 that got rescued and alive. I envied the wives of the 8 men that got rescued at least their husbands would be going home tonight. They would be enjoying a home cooked meal and they will be able to tell them how much they loved them. Time was running out and I feared the longer Mthobisi stayed down there, the less were his chances of survival. I felt like I was going insane from the waiting. There is nothing more stressful than waiting to hear if your husband is alive or not and you have no powers to control the situation. Andiswa could see that I was taking a strain she told me to go take a nap and she would answer my calls and would wake me up if anything happened, I refused, I wanted to know everything as it happened. Phone rang again it was now after 17:00, it was Pamela she told me that the rescue team had discovered that there was water where they were drilling and now they have to stop the rescue team from going down to look for the men because it was no longer safe for the rescue team. I asked her what about my husband, she said it was now dangerous for the rescue team and they can’t risk their lives they have to stop searching for the day and would continue first thing tomorrow morning. I said what if Mthobisi doesn’t survive the night underground, I begged her to please not let them stop looking, my husband’s life dependent on them, she said it was not her call to make she was just passing the message. I was starting to lose hope.

There was a knock on the door. I went to get it and standing at the door was Mfundo and his wife. What the hell was he doing here? He had never told me who his wife was because in all fairness I had never asked for I had wanted to get into her husband’s pants. The shame that hit me on that point was immense but it did not shock as much as the fact that I knew her and I knew her well. Her name was Ngwako Rama-what-what I cant really recall but I hated now as much as I hated her way back when I first met her!
Back in university when Mthobisi and I broke up as I mentioned earlier, she had been the reason for that break up! When I came back to take my man she had stood no chance and I remember slapping her for she was in the same residence as me and knew he was my man. Dont be fooled by my manicures, pedicures and expensive demeanor , I do have my ghetto moments! She was the plaas japie she was then even today five years on. We clearly had come full circle for here she was at my door and I was sleeping with her husband. She hated me back then so this was going to be drama.
“I am so sorry my dear we have come here to show our support!”
She said hugging me. I gave Mfundo a death stare but he ignored me and went to greet Andiswa who too was shocked that our client was in my home. This was not a good look at all because Andiswa Magadla always emphasized that we do not mix business with pleasure!

****THE END****
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
You write like someone possessed wow well done. I am 22 and am in love with a 25 year old guy from my neighborhood. He works, has a car and is quite outgoing. We have been dating for two years and I have met most of his cousins and siblings. The problem is we have never had sex. Not once. He has never even brought it up and that IS saying a lot. He seems happy with blowjobs and fingering but he will not talk about penetrating. I have asked him about this and he often says it Is not the right time. I spend a lot of time with him even on weekends. I am very confused now and I am so horny to be honest. I love my man entirely and I want him so badly. Is this normal? Could he be gay even though he is too scruffy to be gay I think? I don’t know what to tell him anymore. I have done the whole sex talk, seduction and dress up but my man simply refuses to go in.

I need help guys.

Thank You


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  1. The work you do is amazing Mike and to transfer your skills and coach another person requires a special person to do that – plus you have never met her! *full round of applause*

    Looking forward to the spin or rather the female touch that Miss Thozama will bring 🙂

  2. This Andiswa chick must be the side chick.. She knows too much about the marriage. Why else would she discourage her friend to go to Bloemfontein?

  3. QA: I am 23 still a virgin. not ready to give it up yet. maybe he too is not ready. or maybe he is those hardcore Christians who believe sex is a sin blah blah. I think u should try finding out y n respect his choice.

  4. Mfundos wife is definatly the prank caller,she was screwing Mthobisi back in university and is stil doing it even now…..Mhmmm the plot thikens coz bajelana nje,its all about gojewa. Lesego n Mfundo bajana and so is Mtho and this wife. Can’t wait for the next chapter,dankie Mikey. Q&A mybe ur bf Is getting the cookie else where or myb he is just not into penetration. Best thing to do is stop giving him signs and give it to him straight that u horney n u want sex. If stil he dazn wanna then hai angazi cc

  5. I have always wondered whether or not u were d only 1 writting apha yazi. BigUp 2 u 4 giving other ppl a chance. Hope Thozama won’t disappoint.

  6. Dankie bhuti Mike. It was a lovely one as always. And Thozama, welcome to the club, may it be a glorious union.
    Lets see my handle on this… So, Lesedi has two bosses (which is possible) Andile- the ice sculpture who called her wanting to meet and discuss progress and discovered the news about hubby? And Andiswa, the warm, supportive woman with connections?

  7. Dear Baffeled

    Have u eva thot that myb ur man is still a virgin? I know it myt sound ludacris cz he is 27, but he can’t be gay if he gets erect and enjoys ur blow jobs and fingering you. I know u frustrated and all but just try let it go, don’t talk bout sex with him anymore, love him and wait for that right time, do something to spice your oral sex life up so u get multiple orgasms eventhou he ddnt penetrate, yal seem like u have a good thing going on, don’t let sex come between yal, I think its weird and cute that the guy is insisting on waiting, that is very rare in our society, Love your man sweety and enjoy being with him however way he prefers. Goodluck

    P.S can I hv his friend if they all hv that mentality LOL.

  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t andiswa the best friend that was not married? Like in chapter 3 it says so. And didn’t the boss have another name but I think it was mentioned in the other chapters (but it wasn’t andiswa)

  9. Thanks for the chapter Mike! Its cool of you to give new writers the opportunity to co-write here. I look forward to reading this new collaboration.

    A2Q: Maybe he’s saving himself for marriage? Have you asked him? Or maybe he’s nervous he won’t be good in bed? Then again, gay guys aren’t always twirling and wearing pink… Some of them are scruffy and manly.
    I think it’s important not to jump to conclusions, you don’t want to offend him. Just sit him down and calmly and sweetly tell him how much you love him and that you’re ready to share your body with him. If he says no or he isn’t ready, calmly ask him why. Don’t make him feel like you’re attacking him or anything and he should either give you the D or tell you what he’s been waiting for.

  10. Q2A; i have the same problem. Iv bn seeing ds guy for 2yrs bt we hvnt had sex, my frends r making fun of me and im startng to worry. It ddnt bother me before though bt it does now. im afraid coming on too strong wl push him away

  11. Interesting read.. Surely keeps one intrigued and in suspense for the next read.. 🙂

    Q&A.. Wow,your man is either very special or very foolish,i’ve never heard of such though doesn’t mean they’re none existant,don’t lose him though,your love is somewhat extraordinary,no sex for 2years? Could he be getting it elsewhere? Makes you dwell in thoughts.. Goodluck though,you need it !

  12. Oh wow.. Im loving missteps 🙂 I think its a good idea to have a co-writer.. Remember two heads are better than one <3

  13. A2Q:gal he is gay ke le afta 9 motho oo he is probably bangin some guy out de at nite wena u r jst a face gore his friends n family shldnt no his secret plan n simple e ha e batle rula shame ke setabane!

  14. I hope I can also be granted the opportunity to co-write with you ! I’m really big on writing myself.

    Anyway, interesting read.

    @Baffled lol take your man to the man’s clinic once!
    He might be gay (let’s hope not) or has performance problems and is just simply too embarassed to say.

  15. Mike hle boss ya mthobisi’s wife ke mang mare andile or andiswa or both?coz previous chapter she said andile my boss is a bitch nw andiswa its her boss n she’s like a sister????

  16. Mike hle boss ya mthobisi’s wife ke mang mare andile or andiswa or both?coz previous chapter she said andile my boss is a bitch nw andiswa its her boss n she’s like a sister???? M i confusing things here?

  17. Thanks mike. Stay blessed for giving dat opportunity to someone.
    @Baffled Hei nana stop giving blow jobs and c what happens. 2 yes is a long time to keep blowing without him considering ur feelings

  18. Mike, I am against idea of co-writing. This is not History, Biology or Mathematics. Some of us are attracted by the way you think and present social issue. Anyone with talent should start own blog. Am sorry to say that co-writing will lose you faithful followers. Please re-consider.

  19. Can we just fastforward to who the mistress is the wait is killing me…
    Q&A your man aint gay sweety he just has intimacy problems he doesn’t know how to score a home run.

  20. Clearly the side chick is Mfundo’s wife yooh i smell trouble anyhu welcum Thomela i hope u wont disapoint. Mike you have a very good heart, may God highly bless you.

  21. Uhm wasn’t Andiswa the insensitive bitchy boss..and now she’s like a sister#confused…hoping Mthobisi survives though

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