Memoirs – Chapter Sixteen

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Its a very simple fact really that when you cheat on your partner you fail to appreciate them fully. You can tell yourself that you were only doing it for fun but the reality you will never look at your partner the same whether good or bad. You know when you study for an exam so hard you can practically sing all the answers then you get to the exam so late you can’t even write or discover you have studied the wrong material. There is this sinking feeling of “Oh my God, what have I done!” That does not quite express what I felt at that moment but it was close. That sinking feeling. I still had the scent of Khanyi on my body even now and here was my wife wanting me to do my husbandly duties. She looked so beautiful in that negligee if it had been two hours earlier I would have wanted to ravage her. Bright sparks will want to tell me that I should have been patient and waited for her but in reality how long did I have to wait before things improved. Women are so quick to say how tired they are of hearing men say that they blame women but get in line! Yes there are some men who find excuses to cheat but in reality there is no smoke without fire. Take responsibility! I almost burst out and told her that because of the guilt or disbelief I am not quite sure now. I just did not know. She looked me and tried her level best to sound sultry as she pulled me into her. She even wore thongs! I know how much she hated them. She often said they were uncomfortable and she was actually someone who dressed for comfort. My wife was a beautiful woman who did not believe that she needed to dress up much more to enhance that beauty. She would wear cargo shorts and so on. Yes there were times she would wear a short dress and tight jeans etc but as I put it, there were times! It was not often enough. There really is a rule somewhere which women have that once they are married the word sexy must not apply to them. This is not only true with my wife but many women. The word sexy starts to get equated to slutty and loose the older women get. What a waste!

I asked her what had brought this on, spoil sport I know but I had to get out of it somehow. I am shameful. She put her lips on my lips to shut me up and in my head a little voice was screaming that my lips had just been on Khanyi’s! As I held my wife closely I felt as though my secret was out. How could she pick today of all days? Every person who is cheating on their partner dreads the day when they have to ‘service’ both the side dish and main partner on the same day! Its not something you plan often it just happens. At times you are out of luck and both want you. Sadly its usually the side dish that gets you first meaning that when the main partner comes its hard to say no. I was so scared she would smell the scent of the other woman on me. I was even still a bit sticky from her saliva as I had cum during that blowjob in the car! What if I could not get it up because of the guilt. Sure she would figure it out. She was kissing me all over. Khanyi was a bit aggressive when she kissed me so what if she left marks and love bites! Mistresses tend to want to leave clues for the wife to find.

My wife wanted it badly. Stop being a wimp I told myself and enjoy the moment. It was too late to turn back now. I decided to try my luck and encourage her towards a blowjob since she was in such a good mood. At first she went down in the right direction something which made me cross my fingers even tighter. However at some point she stopped and came back up. She couldn’t do it! I could see that she had really wanted to but at that moment of delivery she pulled back and thought twice on it. She looked me in the eye pleadingly for me not to allow her to do it and I could not help and say its fine. This was my moment though. I got up and went to the bathroom. I think she thought I was angry as I could hear her sigh. Not even. I went and wiped “junior” to clean off the stickiness of the cum earlier on in the car. Whew! I had dodged a bullet.

When I got back in the room my wife was still waiting there. Now that I had the confidence again I went and took over from her. My wife doesn’t really like oral even on her but this time I forced her to comply (gently of course). I knew now she was feeling guilty so she couldn’t say no. Funny thing is she was holding my head tightly in between her valley she almost suffocated me that’s how much she enjoyed it. In case you didn’t know, that’s one way you can guarantee an orgasm out of her. Even if you last 10seconds when you are inside her, if you give an orgasm the first time then you are hero in bed! I don’t actually think I had had my wife scream that much.

After that as we were lying in the afterglow of such pleasure my wife stood up and said she had something to show me! Another surprise wow she was on fire. She stood up and went to her drawer and came back. She was holding two things. A pair of black stockings and earrings!

“Did you go shopping or something I don’t understand?”

I asked her!

“No you stupid fool, I found these under the bed in the guest bedroom! Who slept in my house?”

There is always something that gets you caught!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I am 15 years old and I saw my father kissing one of the girls I go to school with. She in grade 11 meaning I think she is 17. When I confronted the girl she did not even apologize she told me that I must just be strong. I was so angry but she is bigger than me I can’t even hit her. Must I tell my mother what I saw? I am scared it will cause more problems at home whilst at the same time I am embarrassed to show my face at school as I did not have the guts to beat up the girl.

Please advise


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  1. Thami hun pls find sum1 older u trust n talk too eg myb yo aunt huz close to your that she can talk to yo dad m sorry u had to witness that

  2. Aybo where’s everybody??? a&q Gal tell your mother… try talking to your dad first and tell him how you feel and what you saw, if he doesn’t stop then you can rat him out to your mom.

  3. Ish Khanyi mara. How will he get out of this one?
    Don’t tell mom, but tell Dad u saw him and u gona tell mama. Simple. That will ensure he does it far far away from you next time. It’s disgusting that you had to see such.

  4. Thanks Mike….A2Q – Thami theres nothing you can do bro…anger and bitterness wont solve anything too…eish…Morning yall…

  5. Khanyi left those on purpose! How can she be so careless. Talk about a vibe kill.

    Eish, dear that’s a difficult one. Your father should know better but its no suprise he doesn’t. I think u should ask your mom as if u asking 4 a friend (try to not be obvious, so rehearse your story well) & whatever advice she gives u will help you handle your situation.

  6. I dispise girls like Khanyi really. Wht the hell? Why would she do tht to her friend? Mnx
    Astha nawe girl pls your man, its your god damn job hao!

  7. Aaaah brother man how did you miss all those while cleaning the rooom na??…:”””D…just tell her ur frnd and wife/gf had a sleepover and maybe they belong to the her..never bring a makwapheni into ur house again..

  8. The way you portray women in your diaries though – they are nyatsis, they are insecure, they should always be “sexy” for the benefit of men whether they like it or not, they are confused and not sure what they want, they are vulnerable to men and if not they are aggressive and bullying their husbands. I am yet to see a woman portrayed in a positive way in any of your diaries.

  9. Lol amen! Ubhaqiwe bastard hahahaha ai we r blessed to have u Nkuluh,a good day to yall.
    A2Q: tell yo mums or an elder

  10. thanks Mike.

    Thami unfortunately this is one of those instances where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Definitely do not approach your father or your mother. seek counsel elsewhere preferably with someone very close to your father, a family member who can speak to him. Goodluck..

  11. Q & A tell an elder in ur dads side if ur grandmother on ur dads side is still around tell her. If not someone older and respected. You do not have to solve this issue.sorry sisi if there is no one that u can tell on ur dads side speak to ur dad,and be prepared for him to say it wasn’t him or u saw things that haven’t taken place.

  12. Eeee stolen things r always good Papa I know that,n as for the under bed thing u gonna have to lie about that,Q2A Nana just tell sumone older n that person must be respected by your Dad,Usele your father n he doesn’t respect himself fucking gals ur Age sis!!

  13. HHay Mike, i still dissagree, women are not fully responsible for Mens’s cheating, in fact if we can sit down and write reasons for cheating, women will have more valid reasons to cheat compared to Mens. but we will continue reading and taking notes.

  14. Thank you Mikey, luv this blog so much. yes the stories are becoming shorter, but i really dont mind at all. Thank u again.

    Thami talk to an elder person, dont confront ur dad. He will be so embarrassed. Gud luck cc and another thing, dont go fighting with other people bcoz of ur parents or friends, u should be a lady no matter what. All the best.

  15. Mike you never disappoint:)

    Q & A
    Don’t tell your mum until you’ve confronted your dad about it.I believe that sometimes you should do things yourself as no one cares about your things more than you do.Yes he’s going to try and deny so plan exactly how you simply going to tell him you know and remind him that if he doesn’t stop u will tell your mother.

    It’s sad how disgusting some men can be.
    Pray Pray and Pray

  16. Bontate ba swabisa man sis imagine a girl who goes to his child’s school.dis is a difficult 1 but pls pls dnt tell mom she’s gonna b so hurt.let daddy know gore u no his secret through an older family member that u trust. Nxaaa o ntenne ntate oo man

  17. Well I’ll be damned!! Khanyi left them there on purpose- you are stuck brother!!!

    @Thami – your dad is an arse! There I said it! 1. He disrespects your mom with a child and 2. He disrecpects you to do it at your school. I would tell my mom if my dad were to ever do that!! And I wouldnt be shy about it!

    Don’t tell his family – they probably know what he does and would defend him!

  18. I have a feeling that Khanyi didn’t leave those there but the wife is trapping him to tell the truth…. We’ll live to see how it pens out

  19. “What if I could not get it up because of the guilt” okay i somehow found this hilarious.
    to answer Q: Nana TELL YOUR MOM!!!!!!!! your mom cant be disrespected by a girl young enough to be her daughter. what disgusts me is your dad dating girls in the same age group as you and same school, mind you! he should be ashamed of himself hey he’s really pathetic. your mom will be hurt but someday she’ll thank you for telling her the truth. all the best and just be strong and courageous nawe someday you’ll be proud you told your mom because so many kids keep quiet fot the sake of having two parents at home only to find ukuthi daddy uzoletha ukugula nje ekhaya kanti you should have told your mom so azokhona ukuzikhipha ezintweni eziningi

  20. This man got ambushed by his wife lol serves him right.

    A2Q: Don’t tell your parents, it’s always bad to get into married people’s business.
    If I was in this situation, I would get a bunch of my girl friends to jump her in the bathroom at school. I’m not saying that’s the right thing to do, you might get in trouble, but that’s what I would do.

  21. Thanx bhuti Mike umsebenzi wakho muhle kakhulu akuvumi kuhlukane nawo, Q2A Thami I think u must go 2 your fathers frnd and tell him d closest one I think he will advice your dad but plz don’t tell your mom

  22. Ubhaqiwe ndoda, on your first time! Thanks Mike’sto.
    A to Q: I feel so old and ancient, if 15 yr olds are reading this,… Anyway, stay out of their business, or have your friends beat the crap out of her in the ladies! If that fails, walk straight to her house and tell her parents, but whatever you do – don’t tell your mom or ask your dad. Good luck

  23. EISH(Exclamation Implying S**t Happened) guy is in trouble. How did he miss stickings if he got on his knees & scrubed that floor. He cleaned the room but missed under the bed.
    Khanyi left those things on purpose. Who undresses & clothes end up under the bed esp earrings. Earrings are very important 2 women & they always know if they leave them behind.
    Deny, deny & lie! I think he should just blame his colleague from work. Unless the colleague is not 1 of those that take a bullet 4 a guy. Worse is if that guy is married then he can’t take a bullet. Lwando(Dr friend) is another option.

    Tell your father that you saw him.

  24. Eish Khanyi, maar taught him a lesson never bring a nyatsi -ur wife’s hous…QnA Thumi dear talk to someone who is close 2 ur dad, not fair wat he did,man!

  25. Khanyi left those things on purpos trying to break them up. This is 1 of the reason why women put up with cheating partners. Q2A I feel sorry for u Thami. As Sibucie said talk to your mum see where she standards abt cheating partners. I found out that my dad had a baby older than me,I was so angry I could have killed him and I told my mum,guess what? she knew. So try to get as much info as you can frm mum. Good luck

  26. I think u mst try 2 get ur dad n de gal in de same rum n tell dem if dey dnt stop ul tel ur mum n if dey dnt u tel hr bcs ds is dirty hawu Y cnt he go 2 ada places or @least cheat wt bigger women.

  27. Hahaha!Your househead of a wife ain’t that stupid at all!Lol can’t wait for the next entry!
    Mike I need my daily fix! πŸ˜€

  28. U in trouble dude.

    QnA: Beat dat B**** up, or get ur brada 2 beat ha up…..if I were in ur situation Thamin hell wud roll ova nd b frozen!

  29. Rotfl, fckn really???? Eish some men are just dom, especially knowing wife cleans her own house, and khanyi must be thrown in da pikitup bin and close the lid, cause that is where trash belongs. Wife must moer him and then throw him out magina!!!!

  30. A2Q: Firstly yes Thami’s young but when Mike introduced diary it was for everyone, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,kids going to vasity and the upcoming generation etc so people saying that the lil girl must bugger off???? U need help!!! cause it is embarrassing to disclose that your father is dating a 17 year old,babygirl yes it is painful to witness such and still see the girl everyday,if u have an older brother or sister whisper in their ear to tell your dad. Whatever u do stay away from daddy’s side of the family as u will be seen as the trouble maker and they might say*your mom put u to this* as well as friends cause they might be cheats themselves and obviously take dad’s side. Goodluck my lovie and continue reading the book as u will be a wise woman*wink*

  31. nice mikey

    askies nana its really hard for you i can imagine, best is follow your heart and do what you feel is right, it is always easy to live with a dicision you made not the one that was voted. as for the girl at school i wish in your decision you leave her and dont degrade yourself let it go.

  32. @Thami I suggest that you tell that little slut at your school that you know about she and daddy! Tell her all the details, what you saw them doing, where they were doing it and how they were doing it! Threaten her that you are going to tell her parents what she is doing with your daddy behind your mom’s back. I can promise you at the age of 17, she will definitely tell your daddy that it is over and will also tell him why she is breaking it off with him. In the process your dad will kind if fear you because he won’t be sure whether or not you would be brave enough to tell your mom! Another benefit would be your dad may be SUPER nice to you as a bribe so you don’t tell your mom!!! All I am saying is confronting your dad may not be wise and secondly telling an elderly person may also annoy your dad because his secret would be known and it would be because of you that it is known!!!

  33. Kanti the spring cleaning was winter cleaning!!
    A2Q: I actually wish u were not part of the community reading this blog, there are things that r quiet unsavoury for a 15 year old.
    That being said, it’s sad that u actually had to see that. Don’t beat up the gal, it might also get u in trouble at school and violence is not always an answer.

    Talk to an elder or a family friend at home, someone ur father respects and trusts.
    As for the Jezebel, tell her parents. Hopefully they r gud parents and will deal with their daughter.

  34. Mike don’t say weman should take responciblity for our man cheatn on us ha a man men new b4 marring us hw the sex was coz we 1st dated nhe. And our fathers never chieted and their marrieges wher strong in our days you cn hudly find abantu abatshate more than twenty years bt my parents have been married 4 over 40 years,so what I’m saying is the men should just take responcibility and stop blaming us. The men from these days r just weak they cnt take the heat that’s y you find many single parents r weman. They said thru sicknes and in health and thru gud and bad bt emidietly you not satisfied in bad you go finding someone ladies we also find fault in men bt you don’t c us running around shaging the nation. Hayiman wena mike man will thing they have a right to chieat plz stop this. While you still can coz now I’m thinking you saying if your ladie is not satiesfying you go find a spe wheel.

  35. Q&A Thami,if th is anythng i knw abt sugarbabes thy respect their parents so mch,so u cn tell ur skul mate tht u gonna tell her parents abt ths,and u can ask 4 advc frm ur father n cry as if a frnd of urs is in such ish,,,thn tell him hw mch u love him n proud of him cz sm fathers can really hurt their kids out,,n ur frnd can bearly concentrate in class cz of wat sh has seen….

  36. Thami plz tell ur mom soonest, ur dad vele usemehlise isthunzi already so whats da point of saving her? Den go tell amaparents wentombazane leyo, den let dem deal wth reality, dez no needbto lie or pretend u dnt knw coz now u do, its time ur dad deal,nalokhu akwenzile

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