Memoirs – Chapter Seventeen

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One of the most fundamental things to a man is know what to tell his wife and what not to tell his wife. I know we are told that we should share everything with our partners as this will create honesty and an open environment in the home. We are told that secrets are harmful and can destroy relationships. It is very true that they can but that’s only if the secret comes out. Every man therefore has a secret or secrets. How else do you think it is possible that only after his death do you discover other kids he had on the side. To be honest, had he come home one evening and said, “My wife I made a terrible mistake and I got a woman pregnant!” How do you think that would have went down in the house? One of two things would have happened! One, there would have been hell to pay. The wife would be so angry she would either leave him or call all his relatives to report him like they can do anything to make the child go away. Second thing to happen would be, divorce him or stay. The ones who stay it will take her six months just to invite you back to the bedroom again of which you will have to grovel for everything in your home even just to eat. She will constantly remind you of your indiscretion and women are really good at that. You can have an argument about soccer with her and the moment she is losing she will say, “oh you only like that team because that bitch likes it!” She will milk that guilt card for life! Tell a middle aged married man that secrets in a relationship are harmful and he will remind you that he is still married aint he! For better or worse often does not look at the “worse” part especially nowadays.

I think women really underestimate the ability of men to lie. They tell each other in their little forums how they tell the big lies and that’s fine because what you don’t know won’t kill you. Its like petty resistance. That’s like spitting in my tea when you are making it because you are angry at me! How will it hurt me if I don’t know that you did that? Usually we never even get to know that big lie but with us, we can tell you a lie on something that is in your face. You will even know that something is amiss but try looking for evidence to back it up and see how spectacularly you will fail. We are survivors and its what makes most men survive in relationships. We have an uncanny ability to take out all emotion when we are guilty and deliver a plain denial. I looked her in the eye and I asked her,
“I don’t understand. What do you mean they were under the bed? Whose bed?”
She looked at me a bit confused and said she found them in the guest room. I laughed and I said to her,
“The only one whom they would probably fit is you so why are you asking me?”
She was getting annoyed and fast. She said they were not hers and since we were the two of us in the house I had explaining to do. I gave a serious look and told her that she forgot her friends on their drunken night had slept here with her. Told her to ask whomever had taken the guest room. She looked stupid and immediately started to apologize. She actually confessed to having forgotten but I didn’t mind. Was going to kill Khanyi.

I could see she was not settled because I know her very well. My wife was not done. I could see she was not fully believing me. She called Khanyi. I don’t know why she didn’t choose Bulelwa. I think women always have an instinct on their friends of whom to watch out for. Pride is what does not allow them to openly say it. I as a guy have friends I would not leave my wife with either. Asthandile even put her on speaker so I could hear. I thought she would see that I had just called Khanyi or rather had a missed call from Khanyi since I had broken her phone. Fortunately in her anger she didn’t. She asked Khanyi if she was missing her stockings. Khanyi I am certain knew this would happen for she owned up immediately. She was natural about it and said that she was embarrassed to ask if she had seen them. She put it down to the alcohol of which my wife immediately changed conversation and they started catching up. Khanyi was either very good at this or evil. Nothing else. They spoke for a good thirty minutes about nonsense. My wife had chosen to believe her over me. After she got off the phone she came over to me and apologized. I pretended to be a bit angry because if you don’t then you will look relieved hence guilty. All was well.

In my mind during all this was Khanyi. I was very angry at her. How could she do that? I could not call her now obviously but this was wrong. When my wife got me to talk to her again she started telling me that Khanyi was hosting a braai with some of her friends. She asked me if she could go and obviously I said yes. She asked if she could go alone because she already felt a bit awkward after the stockings incident because it had insinuated that I was doing something with the owner of the stockings. I was never going to go though even if I could. That weekend we had a prep to for a case so I was going to be with Daluxolo.

First thing in the morning when I got free time I called Khanyi. I was pissed as hell. She had almost cost me my marriage with stupid stunt. She said even she too had forgotten. She said it was the night when we went out together and she had passed out on me. She did not do it on purpose because “I should get over myself” she was not here to destroy my marriage. It was a genuine drunken mistake!

Ok then! I told her that was not cool. She said that I was being a big baby and in fact,

“I don’t date children because clearly you can keep your pretty little wife in check! So I suggest we end this now and I will get myself a real man!”

She snapped and hung up the phone. What had just happened? Had she just dumped me! What was wrong with this woman?

I redialled immediately!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a 40 year old woman with two children, both boys aged 16 and 12. My husband has cheated a few times in our marriage and I have either caught him or he confessed. We have always worked through it somehow. He is a stupid man but I love him still and am old and comfortable for divorce. My problem is something new happened recently. At work (govt) there is a new guy. I am ashamed to say he is 29. He flirts excessively with me and I actually enjoy it. I have actually realized that I have started to dress better now hoping he would compliment me and I am happy again. I hate weekends because I won’t see him even. On Monday this Ben 10 kissed me in my office. It was the first and only time! I am falling apart emotional I don’t know what to do. Should I try get a transfer before it destroys my marriage because I already know I won’t stop it? Should I confess to my husband? Mike, in all my years of marriage its my first time of cheating and this young man really makes my body feel alive again.


Unfaithful Wife

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  1. AMADODA…hmmm….Khanyi reminds me of that chick in that movie obsessed…i think she wants to call all the shorts in this fling…very slick KAHNYA that gives you power over all…….thanks Mike for the great chapter

  2. Aaaaahh bra mike.. Half the chapter us xoxela ezinye zinto plz stick to the story cuz nama chapter akho sema fushane man plz

  3. A2Q
    never ever confess to a man that u cheating deny till u die..get a transfer thou and fast and try to stay away from this Ben 10 coz its not gonna end well.. Goodluck

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Khanyi is a pure slut no wonder she has not settled down at her age. thanks mike

    As for the lady asking for advice: go with the flow lovey he had his turn of cheating now its yours . i know two wrongs dont make a right but there’s no better feeling like feeling loved again

  5. YU YU YU YU! Unfaithful wife Y itjukutja!!!!! LOL….

    i think you should go ahead and do him once and release the tension within you!!!!


  6. Mike your chapters are quite short,you always explain why men cheat and lie way too much instead of telling the next time just focus on telling the story, and what happened to confessions 🙁 ?

    Q: too comfortable for divorce? Your men is cheating left and right and you keep forgiving him? He clearly doesn’t respect you, so why should you give a damn about him and saving a marriage he doesn’t care about?

  7. Unfaithful wife , men are not as forgiving as women !!confessing will cost you big time , stay away from this young man dear

    1. What the guy doesnt know wnt kill him, so she should enjoy her Ben 10, but she needs to make sure that the husband didnt send him

  8. Nice one Mikey,A2Q wat marriege r u talking about bcos all I read is the “husband”who’s so lose to not even call him that so can u just be Happy Woman ur getting old n Not Happy at all do u really want that to be U,pls Ben40 be Happy n that’s not even called cheating is called Being Happy that’s it

  9. Thanks mike for your great work…
    Q/A: Mama he cheayed on u several times,its time to give him a taste of his own medicine,ziswa u BEN10 kancane nje! Lol

  10. UKhanyi gets me mad I wanna climb the walls nx!

    A2Q My Dear thts were our weakness as women is, we care so much of our unfaithful men and loose ourselves in the way, do what your heart tells you! Ekhathele amadoda anamanga

  11. Thanks Mike
    Q : sister never ever think of confessing men never forgive. Go ahead and have fun with your ben just be careful not to get caught. Your husband has been cheating and he still is, once a cheater always a cheater…

  12. Unfaithful wife, I know the thrill of being loved again its really good for your confidence. The bad thing is the feeling you get after you have indulged. I once allowed something like to happen I was tired of a cheating husband who actually behaved as if he was/is entitled to extramarital relationships and also not so kind. He found out and begged the man to leave his wife alone. Yes it boosted my marriage as he realised that nami I still have my groove, the problem is the constant reminder about what you did and the dirty feeling you have after that short fling. I think its not worth it as he never looks at you the same way.

  13. Q/A Go ahead and have fun, just dont get caught. cheating will free you, you will see you are strong enough to leave your cheating husband or that you are an individual and can be happy. Till you know what to do about your marriage (if we can still call it that) i say have fun live a little.

  14. Unfaithful wife….. please do not stop. its called having fun. But be very very careful not to get caught. Have been cheating on my husband of 10 years for almost 3 years now. He is very jealous and abusive emotionally and he allows his family to shit on me. He wont even compliment me when I change my hairstyle or dressed. At least umakhwapheni compliments me all the time and listens to me. My husband is forever watching soccer all the time to and dont even have time to address important issues in a marriage. I spend time with umakhwapheni during the day and when I go home ngisula umlome and become a wife, mother etc. I am not even guilty nakancane nje. Singaphela yilamadoda acabanga ukuthi they own us. And ladies once you cheat fighting become less and less. And besided its very nice to be appreciated, complimented and feel young again. it boosts our confidence

  15. I dnt lyk it 4 Khanyi,she is a home wrecker,wat kind of friend she is,kamo Monna le yena o weak jeez,if he was mi man I would have slaughtered him nom. Unfaithful Wife,if I was u I was gonna go with de flow,ben10 makes u alive again so date him as 4 ur Man he will understand how does it feel been cheated,

  16. Wow thanks bro mike its getting hot, it doesn’t matter how best guys can lie they somehow get caught , its not easy to maintain a lie and the signs are already there, Khanyi is one of lezifebe ezingenanqondo, she disrespects this man’s wife i hate those B**es, but this man will ignore that and continue looking for more trouble,what the hell is he redialing for.

    Q/A We don”t feel the way you are feeling right now, its easy to say something if you are not in that situation, your body might feel alive for no but its only temporary, aand the word on the street says” most of those Ben 10 s are gold diggers”, Asazike.

  17. Thanks Mike.
    A to Q: my first instict was to say ‘Go for it!’, but the other part of me says no, don’t do it with your colleauge. As much as being loved and wanted is nice especially after you’ve been married for so long, don’t get mixed up emsebenzini. Coz after all that has been said and done, you’ll be left with the stigma of ‘Lomama odliwa izingane eoffice’, and that doesn’t sound nice. Just end with the kisses nje qha. But if you really want to have an affair, have something meaningful, worthwhile and fullfilling with someone your own age (atleast kancane), you has as much to loose as you or even more, coz then you’ll respect each other in that r/ship and both your marriages will not be threatened. These young men start off by saying they will respect you, your family, your weekends and the next thing ytjukutja on weekends with uBen 10 coz uzobe ese demander. Be careful, and don’t confess anything to your husband, they (husbands) are not mentally capacitated enough to deal with such information.

    1. Nice advise. uSisi needs to go out and feel alive but not emsebenzini. She must just get her groove on and NEVER EVER confess to anything. Your husband had all the fun without even thinking about you or your kids and feelings.

  18. Tnx mike for a good read.. A2Q enjoy the attention but don’t give in to the temptation coz its simply just not worth it, you will have to live with the guilt of your infidelity forever.. just coz your husband did it doesnt mean you have to stoop to his level and cheat as well..

  19. @q n a…. 40 is a very sensative age my dear, I say go ryt ahed and enjoy the ben in every way… These boys can make u feel young again.. Remember, what your husband doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.. Try not to get caught…

  20. Kamanyosi how can an affair be meaningful… This women wants to have fun not get a divorce and marry again… Men her own age won’t fire her up and there’s nothing that makes a women happier than looking foward to going to work.. Ug she dates out of work uzomubona nini umuntu Loyo.. Atleast at work u always can make a few min to snick out as for abantu abakhulumayo, they always do dear… Nothing u do ever shuts anyones mind m sure nawe u got a name lapho ukhona… Ongalazi

  21. Wonderful but short Mike tnx…QnA Cc hv fun n enjoy, dnt get caught, U r alive again then u wl c ur hubby wl start to appreciate n luv u more…trust me if u confess ur hubby wil forever hold that against, man dnt forgive like us woman.

  22. Ladies especially, let us use this forum to build each other not ukufambulisana. Most of us bathi this lady must continue cheating ebe eshadile, honestly awukho umuzi esiwakhayo lapho ngoba she is likely to get caught and we do not know the husbands reaction thereafter. Akukho right to cheat for anyone who is married including men sonke sizwa ubuhlungu and concequences could be dire. When we hear of men killing everyone in their family kusuke kunje yize ebheda but they just cannot handle that kind of disappointment. Most of the time izinto zilungiswa yithi omama and if kubheda thina kusho ukuthi lomhlaba uyabhubha straight.

  23. @Nontokozo, ‘meaningful’ in the context that you can appreciate one another, share certain common interests, have something to talk to each other about other than getting it on, coz I don’t think that Ben 10’s have much to talk to sugarmammas about other than ask for money and sex. Anyway that was my contribution to the blog, be it you see it as right or wrong, those were my thoughts. Thank you.

  24. Khanyi khanyi khanyi,Thanks bra Mike.
    Q2A: honey do whatever your sweet little heart desire. You feel alive coz hubby killed all the vibe but ke office romance is very risky whether you married or not. If possible find some1 outside the office AND MAKE SURE you never get cot. We not encouraging adultrey but your hubby will never stop cheating and I’m sure you not planning to liv him (you would have divorced him long ago) HAVE FUN!!!!

  25. Thanx mike. Q&A I say go 4 it, we only live once. When r u going 2 feel loved & be happy. If u r happy everybody around u will feel da gud energy & its healthy 2 be happy. U have raised his children whilst he has been enjoying himself in other womens beds. Don’t confess thou dats a bad idea bcos even thou he confesses there is a lot u don’t know. Life begins @ 40. Don’t 4get 2 condomise

  26. My problem is that you start off by saying that your husband has been cheating for years. Its like you are looking for an excuse to do what you already have made up your mind about. Bonk this boy if you want to but don’t try to justify it, its your choice. By the way, one way or the other you will get caught. Didn’t you say you caught your husband yourself? Never mind your husband, what are you gonna say to your teenage children when that happens? I also wonder what a 40 year old woman would find in common to discuss with a sagging 29 year old, probably kwaito, hip-hop on YFM, play station etc.

  27. Thx Mike awesome read … I’m surprised 2c that 40 year olds read this blog .. Very interesting .. I like , now A2Q it is a great feeling 2 feel alive again bt remember don’t do this 4 revenge bt 4 ur self bcoz u want 2 not bcoz of ur husband . Coz now should he find out he’s not gona react the same as u did when u caught him , men react diff 4rm us . Should u get caught it will end bad so b careful ..

  28. Are we actually advising someone to go ahead and cheat? Kanti bafethu, what exactly r we doing here? We r always saying ‘men cheat’, ‘men r dogs’ with an implication that women don’t. Manje, thina futhi we actually urge each other on to cheat???
    I’m not saying I know what’s right to do in this case is, but I don’t see how encouraging someone to go against their marital vows can be right.

  29. Hee ousi o confesa y coz u got a kiss!my advice is u dnt want ppl talkin about u behind ur back at WORK u spend most of ur life at that place so office romance is not cool not at all nog al with a ben 10.its nice to hear gore de young man has put some life into ur life it happens ousi hle and trust me its gonna pass.dnt let dis ruin ur reputation its important gore ur colleague should respect u if u continue with dis in de future u will hate waking up in de morning and going to work bcoz of this big mistake.dnt tell ur husband anything man arent that forgiving.

  30. Heeee bathong!!basadi ba kgathetse ke maaka a banna!iv jst gone through ppl’s comments i cnt believe hw many say she should cheat. ya neh u man out de be careful dis woman dnt care anymore coz of ur lies and ur cheating ways.

  31. Aibo! Mina angsafuni ukuba abangani nani la kule blog, how can u advise her to adultery? It seems like we forgetting wat d bible says about such. Ai no, baya kulahlekisa mama! Ill suggest that u keep wearing ur nice clothes and ube muhle, who knows myb ur hubby will focus on u again!

  32. Lol basadi ba kgathetse seriously, but, I would advise you not to cheat, as much as your husband has been unfaithful to you for years, why would you want to stoop to his level. Why don’t you just divorce him, cheating won’t help but will hurt your kids. You might cheat just to spite your husband but do you want to hurt and disappoint your kids.

  33. Unfaithfull wife I say go for it n tht man u call ur husband is still going to cheat on, once a cheater always a cheater just be carefull n dnt get cought, Im married nami n my husband has been cheating I was scared of ujuba nomakhwapheni, I tried to make things work between us ngaze ngasonta bt he never stop, thn ngathola another guy at work he is also married bt he makes mee so so happy,…well its a long story bt engikshoyo nje ukuth getting married at 25 like me is the same like leaving the party b4 21H30, go with the flow u leave once, n dnt ever feel guilty or confess the bastard derseves it

  34. Kwaaaaaks, mina ngiphelile insini nje qha, ama advises enu ayangiqeda shame. n we say “MEN cheat”. It goes back to what I always say, it’s not only men who cheat cos dey don cheat alone n dey are not all gay so dey cheat wit women, kahle kahle sonke siya cheater. I just feel so much beta knowing it cos I’m also cheating. angingedwa.

  35. Natie911 awukwazi ukubaleka labantu bayakudinga noma lo esisuke simluleka angesizakale kodwa someone will gain ngezeluleko eziqotho. Obviously the devil has taken control over omama abaningi if so many promote cheating. Ekugcineni evil prevails because good people say nothing about it. Okwethu ukusho okuright then umazikhethele.

  36. Going through the comments, I see women are tired of their cheating men. They say ‘once a cheater always a cheater’, which means once u start you’ll keep going. So this phrase will apply to u as well once you start.
    Other than the fact that ur hubby has cheated a few times, I don’t know what kind of marriage you are in, but I suppose it’s good enough cos you say you don’t want a divorce. Now, once it comes out that you cheated – and it will come out eventually, just like u know about ur husband’s cheating- how good do you think your marriage will be? What will will tell your children? Will you even be able to look at them in the eye after that?
    I know the thrill of knowing someone else wants you. It’s exciting and u really do feel alive. But it will die. In a couple of months he will be chasing something else. And then what? By then, u wud have dropped ur principles and gossip in the office will be doing rounds. Will you still feel alive then? No!

    The reason u feel alive is because a ben10 is looking and wants you. Once he gets what he wants the level of his enthusiasm will go down along with ur ‘feeling alive’ the trick is to prolong that feeling as long as u can, what better way of doing that than to keep him wanting?

    So u need a more permanent solution to keep that feeling going. Join a gym and be serious about it, look after urself, dress up, it will boost ur confidence and vele men will gawk and want u. And that will still make u feel alive, once ur confidence goes up, it will come with happiness and hubby will be a fool not to notice.

    From what u say, wena u don’t wanna cheat cos hubby cheated, u wanna cheat because the attention from ben10 makes u feel alive. Give him what he wants and the attention will dwindle.

  37. At first my husband was everything that ever happened to me until i caught him cheating twice. i forgave him because in all fairness, he is still a good man and i luv him.

    in the mist of confusion perhaps, i found myself cheating and did not even last for a month and my husband caught me. the whole situation was painful until he was admitted in a psychatric hospital for two weeks.

    never in my life had i felt the guilty that continued to eat me inside everytime when i had to visit him in hospital and let alone having to explain to my kids and relatives as to why was he sleeping in hospital.

    indeed, the feeling is good especially if you do not get any compliments from your husband but my dear sister, DO NOT DO IT, it is not worthwhile and you will never reverse the ends of time and he will never look at you the same way as he looked at you before.

    part of me wants to believe that he forgave me and the reason why he still with me is because of the love he has for his kids, but the other half finds it difficult to believe him when he said he forgave me completely.

    the scripture says “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”, to me it will always haunts me because i failed to be a “good thing” to him. in all fairness looking back, i should not have done it, but i have learnt to forgive myself in the whole saga and i will never do it again in future.

    men are like male lions, they always wants to protect their territory, no matter what the circumstances, if his territory has been tempered or invaded with, all hell will brake loose.

    good luck to you my dear sister, resist the devil and he will fly from you. when everything is said and done, you will still have your confidence and respect you deserve as a woman.

  38. Q&A: sister go on and enjoy yourself, don’t confess and don’t get caught, delete all the charts and phone calls, believe me you won’t ask your hubby ever again ukuthi ubuyaphi because you will be too busy to notice. Amadoda won’t think twice to take up that opportunity so why mele sibazwele.

  39. Thanks mike ************************************* Q@A: the bible says ” umfazi uyikha ngokwakhe indlu yakhe iphinde ikwanguye okuniyichitha ngezakhe izandla”. Firstly what your husband did to you was not right at all because the signs of bad treatment from him are showing by means of you falling for attention from outside your home. I realy believe that the only thing that makes you fell alive is that for once someone is giving you attention and compliments which are leeking frm ur husband , which even leaded to a felling of felling comfartable to devorce. Sisi don’t make a mistake of doing something that you will later regret because once you do it , what’s gonna follow next? You are not your husband and if his infedelity is changing your believes and morals then maybe you need to start a life without him. Even the bible says that the only time God forgives divorce its when infedility has occured and in your case it was repeated till it even leaded to negligents. As for the Ben 10 , stay away from him because if he respected you, he would have not kissed you just like that. Living a little does not mean you must lose your value by being the lose lady of the office ( and I have seen ones who every man knows she is so desperate to get a quick shag). I’m realy shocked to hear even some ladies saying that she must go for it and release the tention as if she doing no2, LOL and just think after that the ben 10 will open the door for others to follow after the rebirth of the new available shager in the office. Realy JESUS is coming and I pray that all this temptations that are attacking us females can be destroyed. Amen

  40. Betty boop and Q I salute u ladies and I asked myself , where are the good woman who stand up for what is right and wrong. Ladies we must be real about this Ben 10 and its that they are always having hidden agenda’s and a young boy preposing is not something to be enjoyed but needs to be stopped and only us can do that. First it was suga daddies destroying their marrieges and our young daughters future , next now its us now and we call it fun****** maybe realy the world is coming to an end.

  41. A2Q go ahead nd do it coz id b lyin if i say ul b able to fight it, do it nd get it out of ur system, bt dnt get caught shame, do not confess…ds is reality not a joke, bt knw ds, if u get caught ur marriage is over

  42. oh mara a woman can really be a man’s weakness… if its unwrapped you want it!, Ayi men this blog should make you realise how stupid u get when you cheat esp with a woman that has nothing to lose. Khanyi is probably grining from ear to ear on the other line,

  43. BETTY BOOP AND BONTLE you guys are the future. I couldnt hav said it better… People dnt value want they have, and wen its all gone subsequent to their Own actions_ its Oh life is not fair_ when in all honesty you started the circle by betraying yourself, your values, your teaching…etc. When everything goes South, who is going to utter ‘Go WIth The Flow’??????

  44. A2Q just hv fun kancane mommie jst don’t get caught n always protect urclf ds ben10s come with diseases. Jst lil fun won’t hurt n NEVER confess hle yoh

  45. After reading Betty boob n Bontle’s comment I withdraw my 1st comment that’s the best advise any1 could ever give, now I c ukuthy gng out wit da ben10 is nt a very wise decision 2 take

  46. Thank you Nomvula for the comment you made later, i am really proud of you, it is one in a million who comes back and apologise having realised the mistake thay have made. Igama lamakhosikazi malibongwe!

  47. A2Q, Mama No. firstly I fully understand what you’re going believe me I do. Sweety this youngster could be 2 weeks worth of fun but a life time of pain and misery. I believe you to be a strong woman, you have forgiven your husband more than once and you have two beautiful boys who look up to you as a mother. Lets just spin things around for a second, how would you feel if your 16 yea old son was seeing a 30 year old married woman…”my guess exactly” …., Here is the low down sweety, that young boy will flirt with you, make remarks about you, anything to get you laid and this is what will happen afterwards, he will look at you like dirt, lose all respect for you ngoba umlahlelile and probably tell anothr colleague and make them sswear they wont tell anyone until you get to work and people alwas seem to keep quite when you come around, which means you will also lose a whole of respect from your colleagues. Number 2, honey you really need to stick by your forgivness to your man, if you have trully forgiven him then it shouldnt eveb be brought up that he cheated. Listen you are a good woman, a woman of worth and virtue, dont let no Ben 10 kill your vibe sisi. It will be a lot of fun I promise but the scars are lifetime. The amount of dirt you feel about ykourself will hinder you from enjoying your family. Sisi abafana no what buttons to press, he knows you ar e married and chances are unhapilly married, he knows you dont get complimented as you wish you could, he knows all of this and is just playing you. Some men thrive on the challenge that they will get what others say is ungettable, you are a challenge to him and once he gets you it will be goodbye Mama. Honey concentrate on your boys and pray that God gives you the strenght to overcome this. IT IS NOT WORTH IT

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