Memoirs – Chapter Nine

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The problem with women is that they never want to hear the truth even if it hits them in the face over and over again. Men cheat! Its not a secret nor is it something people whisper about in hidden corners. Some facts don’t need to be justified so I am not trying to justify my actions. Did you know that men in general would rather date you forever than actually marry you? Well if you didn’t here are some of the reasons! One, marriage is just a headache that is designed to kill the spirit of both of us. You just refuse to see it because by the time you reach 25 already there is pressure from your family and peers to do the so called right thing! Even if your own mother is no longer with your dad she prays that you will get married to a good man and encourages you to do so actively. Question is, how will you succeed where she failed and she is the wiser one remember? Food for thought and yes, uncomfortable truth! Secondly as men we often question ourselves what happens to the girl we fell in love with the moment you come back from the honeymoon. All of a sudden you are this serious person, woman , thing you name it and you no longer do a lot of things because it is not appropriate for a married woman! You even discover church so that you can hang out with old women so you can discuss how to come bore us at home! That fear of this reality haunts most men and from the guys I have spoken to they all say that “she is not the same girl I dated mate!”

Ok I felt kind of stupid after I said that. I was not following her like I was a dog in heat but I was following her because to be honest who wants to sit at home alone on Friday evening. Its not like my wife goes away often and when she is here most likely we will be sitting at home together. She hardly ever wants to go out but maybe that is because am not the most happy go chap out there. My wife and I had grown up in different environments. I went to university in Cape Town and had access to world class clubs, malls, restaurant and tourist destination in comparison to her who the furthest she had gone academically was Umtata. She was your typical kasi girl who loved a chesa nyama or chill session as entertainment and to her car wash was considered a cool event. We grew up in the same township yes but for me growing up we didn’t have a car at home so I never had occasion to find myself at the car wash. In the township a car wash attracts all the beautiful girls for some reason even though most of them don’t even own cars and most of them don’t even have a license! Its like those music video girls, you not there to sing but to make up the numbers of cheap thighs on set then you go around thinking you are a celebrity!

Khanyi did not seem surprised that I wanted to go with her. We decided that we should use different cars so as not to be seen as though we were arriving together and worse leaving together. All I had to do was follow. The girl drives like a maniac to be honest! We went to a house party in Strand. It was fun and relaxed even the crowd there was unfamiliar to me. We didn’t speak work stuff even. It was just good old fashioned fun. I normally do not drink and drive but the party was one that it was hard not to. There was a proper balance between dancing and talking. I noticed that a lot of people had rings on their fingers but no one coupled up! It was odd. I think the only one awkward tonight was me. Marriage tends to take you out of the game. You lose touch with reality outside of what happens at work and in your marriage. Its not the nicest thing. It was nice to be out like this with no worry in the world. I know for a fact most men miss the freedom of bachelorhood. Imagine having a moment to breathe without someone telling you what to eat, where, when and what to wear? You move out of your parents home to avoid your mother from controlling everything you do to moving in with her replacement! When men have a midlife crisis its not a lame excuse, its a desperate attempt to try rediscover whom they were! Problem I feel is that men are reaching this midlife crisis very early in their marriage as opposed to in their mid forties back in the day!

At some point the party died down. I had to go. I did not want to find myself sleeping on a couch when I had perfectly good house and bed I can go to. I went looking for Khanyi but I could not find her. I made the effort. On my way out I found her car was still in the driveway. She was inside but she had passed out. I tried to wake her up but she was out cold! I went and spoke to the host of the party and told him that I would be driving home with her but wanted to leave her car. Considering that we had not arrived together it was very odd that he didn’t even ask many questions. He just asked me to park the car on the lawn to clear the driveway. A part of me should have left her but to be honest I had come with her, regardless of who drove what and I was partially responsible for her well being!

The best sex is drunk sex because you have no boundaries! However, and this is true, you don’t have drunk sex with your wife! Its disrespectful! Those were the thoughts going through my head when I was driving home. I won’t lie I was turned on by this drunk woman in my car. They don’t tell you in the brochure that marriage kills your sex life and you can never experience sexual variety again unless you cheat. Your wife you treat like a queen. With this 50\50 stuff even a domestic technician will tell you that there things she won’t do in bed. My wife for example totally ruled out doggy. I know it sounds petty of me but I had tried to negotiate but you know there is a lot of things beautiful women simply say they won’t do. That was one of my sacrifices in the name of love.

Eventually I got to my house! I was not going to take advantage of her no matter how much she turned me on. I debated whether to wake her up and have her wear something else but I felt it would be too much of an inconvenience. I made sure I gave her the bedroom furthest to mine. I did not want drama.

Eventually I got ready for bed and was out in moments. In the morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast in the kitchen. I think she was making something for herself.

When I walked in I was stunned to find her wrapped in just a towel. I don’t think she expected me up that early to be honest so no she was not trying to seduce me. I think she had taken a swim or something but wow she looked good.

I just wanted to see more of what was under that towel!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hi Mike,

I am a 28 year old lady, my question that I would like the readers to help me with today is rather a question that we as ladies battle with everyday. Each and everyday we are reminded that we are very different from men, hence the reason why they cheat a lot, and without emotions THEY SAY. I unfortunately lost my dad when I was quite young , so I will be raising my opinion on other families that I grew around with. I have seen the tendency of men being unfaithful in their marriages, but as they grow older it tends to stop. As far as I can remember growing up I used to hear old ladies saying “Indoda Iyaqonywa”. My question is am I really delude into having such expectations that men do and will always cheat, or is a faithful something we see in tvs only. I have notice a trend that a lot of girls have become expecting of this fact, is it something that we girls tend to come to terms with as we grow older, or is it that when we become older we become desperate to have someone.



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  1. Yes “men cheat” but that doesnt make it right and the way you keep saying it, its like you want to make sure that we install that in our heads and be ok with it.
    Which is wrong! we derseve more than that.

  2. @Dee
    i personally think that its up to you and your standards. yes men cheat but if you allow it, then it will happen.
    yes at some point women get desperate and fear being alone. but at the end of the day its up to you. would you rather be comfortable with being single or be comfortable with being cheated on

    all your choice at the end of day.

  3. Thanks Mike

    My take is the tables have turned, women are now cheating as well, the question is can man live with it, can they take it like men?

  4. @Tisha Exactly whats on my mind.This book is nice read but its like we being brainwashed to accept that men cheat be ok with it.It is wrong behaviour and it destroys souls!And this saying “Its just SEX”It is never just sex,sex is an emotionally and sacred thing.That is why SEX was made for only 2 ppl,who are married!!!

  5. hai mike can u please stop justifying and condoning our husbands to cheat…hai phela ur painting de woman bad like we r de one in de marriage, how abt we the one a woman is telling us y she cheat/….

  6. Hi Mike…much as I Respect You I think now wa e lahla papa! You are so negative about marriage in this book and most of the negativity that u direct directed to women in particular…U keep on emphasising that men cheat, yes we know that you cheat too. Just because your girlfriend or wife doesn’t give you doggy style or whatever style in bed…doesn’t mean all married women or stable girlfriends don’t do it/ are a bunch of boring people. The way you are writing this story..its like you are saying women in particular makes the marriage boring..hence men cheats! You are stereotyping this now….a man can be boring as well and make the marriage boring

    I think you are giving other unmarried people that marriage is bad news. You may be a successful writer but that doesn’t make U a know it all! It doesn’t make what u write here to be true either. That’s ur opinion based on ur experiences or those close to you. U seem to think that U know so much about this game of marriage and U know zero papa!

    Stop poisoning women, you make them feel like they are useless cows in marriages! Women deserve much better… are not God, nor are u a Marriage expert or cheats experts!! Just be fair in writing your book..its like you want women to accept that men will cheat on them coz something is wrong with them!!

    Don’t make others hate to be married coz you have ur own big opinions about marriage and cheating!

  7. i never really post comments but this chapter was that good!maybe if u like posted 2 chapters a day everyday…you know…?

  8. @Tisha I agree…this guy is brainwashing some readers! Aii sham…and those who worship him will still say he is right to say that and that the truth hurts…aghhh man boring piece that is degrading women!

  9. Hayiboo ths Khanyi gal is a bicth shem,whose towel is sh puttng on,and whose kitchen is she making herself comfortable in like tht! Nxaa man some women hve th nerve shem!

  10. Thanks Mike 🙂


    My fellow woman, you need to understand that peoples standards will never be the same so you need to decide for your self if you can deal with the consequences of choosing to have and accept a cheating man or that of a faithfull one. Its simple i think.

    I, myself, no. I will not tolerate a cheating man purely because i am second best to no one. If respect for a man is expected from me then i expect the same respect from him as my mother taught me that respect and trust is earned.

    In todays society the exception has become the rule. So yes it is the hardest thing to choose loving yourself enough to walk away from someone who hurts you and disrepects yet claims to love you but again i say the choice must be made by you.

    Stand strong and know what you are worth and made of. <3

  11. TRUE! It hurts 2 hear it from a man’s perspective. It wont change. Its a fact!

    Its like your Great-great-grand-dad cheats, your Great-grand-dad cheated, your Grand-dad cheated, your dad cheated, your husband is cheating, your boyfriend is cheating, maybe even your son is cheating,,,,it will always be like that!

    That is how they were made to be! They always want 2 c what is under each skirt! Very rarely U wud find a man who is not cheating,,,,but they have cheated @ sum point!

    Mike,,,,its not your fault,,,We want more!

  12. I don’t believe mike is trying to make us woman look bad or justify why man cheat. Mike is simply putting the truth out there and most especially in a mans personal view. I’ve known cheating men all my life, they might occasionally take a breather from cheating but they never quit cheating. No one forces a man to view all woman as sex on legs, That’s a notion they make up themselves.

  13. why must we accept that men chats when it completely destroy us?Its not nice to find out your hubby has been cheating on u.the sad thing is men dont want to be cheated.y?please answer that mike.i also feel that we a re being brainwashed to accept that men cheat.i know you are trying to teach us somethin but ai this is too much.or maybe we are in denial?

    1. When your wife or girlfriend “cheats” on you, the chances of you raising another man’s child are elevated. See the difference?


      2. Very Stupid answer Frank! Chances of a man impregnating another woman are as equal the only difference is that it is easier for him to run away from his responsibility than for a woman.

        1. You don’t make any sense, other than that my answer is stupid. Let me tell you what I was saying. If you have a wife or girlfriend ojolayo, (who cheats in your language), how will she know who made her pregnant if she sleeps with two or more men within hours or days of each of the sessions? Don’t tell me that it doesn’t happen because I know better, and by the way, I know of faithful men that have been “cheated on” by their wives, so please guys stop this nonsense about men being cheats because women aren’t angels in this field either. The wife or girlfriend will then say that it is your child when in fact it isn’t. You bring up a child that is not yours, see what I mean? On the other hand, if a husband goes out and makes another woman pregnant, whether you find out or not is not for discussion now but, you will not, as the wife, UNKNOWINGLY bring up a child that is not yours. In my previous comments I have never said cheating is right or wrong, what I acknowledge is that it happens. I hope I have eased my stupidity.

  14. it starts. Ladies can you listen for once, especially to what you dont want to hear.
    I’ve been dragged to so many Tyler Perry chick flicks, have to answer tricky questions on the way home “So baby what do you think” Eiishhh.
    Ayway guys, the man is a storyteller #mike, so enjoy the ride. do take it personal.

    1. I am not against listening, i will listen but what i am saying is why cant we work on trying to change or overcome that weakness instead of bragging about it? What about the other person inloved in this?

  15. Men will always cheat coz we ladies allow them to cheat. They cheat coz we women hate each other so much, how the hell does one feel so comfortable dating a married man. There are some of us who date men who tell us right in the face that they have steady girlfriends. It is women who always give man the platform to cheat.

  16. Hi mike nice read ! But men do have sex to their wifes when they are drunk , I’m talking from experience my husband when he comes back home drunk I do have a steamy hot sex with him . He’s more kinky when his drunk

  17. I will also cheat period……… nothing will change this has been an issue from our great grandparents days there is no solution its human nature

  18. Man cheat we all knw dat BUT we dnt have to sit bck nd accept it. A man is like a puppy, u train u puppy to sit, fetch,and stay…if u let ur man walk all over u den its ur fault, if u allow ur friends to bring food for ur man den…if u leave ur man alone for da weekend whilst u go home den…nd if u invite ur sexy friends to b naked infront of ur man den u askin for it, ladies must knw ukuthi indoda yaqalekiswa ngokubona so why umlinga? Woman aqalekiswa ngokuzwa dats why indoda noma isikushaye yakukhipha wonke amazinyo ikuncenge uqhubeke uhlale nayo, izalise komakhelwane bt uqhubeke ubekezele, it will always b like dat, unless a strong woman stand up nd say NO, dnt justify it jst say No

  19. Dearest Ladies

    @ DEE, I thought I was the one with a problem or a huge ego, mina I don’t not care about the crap that men cheat or warawara, I am still a firm believer that man cheat because we allow them to do so, we are petty, we tell each other bulls.. that if eqonya hlala phansi kunani pho, udoti lowo, if the bastard is busy screwing somebody else have enough pride and self value to pack your bags and go. So what if you are single, I would rather be HIV-, home alone, stress free then to be in a relationship with indoda ehamba yehlisela wonke umuntu I anda.

  20. i have only male collegues, they cheat with differnt women,not one at a tym, i mean abt two to three at once!! Sisss
    and i asked them a question, simple one, what happens if ur wives find out that you are cheating” they say their wives will never leave them, u knw y, course they never said till cheating do us apart, is death do us apart! sad neah!

  21. Not all man cheat,,just as not all women are faithful, it’s just in today’s society that cheating has been accepted and even made to seem cool,people like bringing up the past, especially on polygamy as a justification for cheating, but there were not as many diseases as they are now and in most cases, it was not cheating, they were married to the other women anf inmost cases it was done after consulting thefirst wife,, great read but dnt try to put out cheating as part of nature else God would have made adam and two eves,, and adultry wouldnt be a sin… and further more it’s funny how the same men that play up cheating cannot even tolerate some1 passing a look at their partner.. doublestandards much!!

  22. Mxo loves his wife jus dt all get tempted at some point.Men n women cheat n cheating isn’t a mistake but a choice.Guys I do understand why we don’t want Mike to go deeper cos da truth hurts.But @ da end of the day cheating hapns all da tym.So let’s jus be grateful dat @list our partner are not doing it right in front of our faces n dat s called respect.Cos ur partner doesn’t love u then he will do kak infront of ur face n dat is called disrespect.

    1. you have lost YOUR mind….. It does not matter IF the man cheats in your face or behind your back, either way it is DISRESPECT…
      The fact that any one person man or woman would think so little of their partners as to step outside their committed relationship, and violate the trust their partner has in them is disrespect of the highest degree.. and ladies if he cheats once he will cheat again… all you have to do is walk away COZ love doesn’t hurt. And anyone that truly loveS honour’s and respects you would NEVER CHEAT.

  23. so whr is d problem if women cheat if we as women hv 2 excpt dt men cheat bcz its in dier nature? n stop gvn us names as if we r nt as bad as men! mre especialy women! r d 1st 1nc 2 name adrs yet dy r in pain of bein cheatd on! BEST CHAPTER EVER! DANKI MIKE!

  24. Mike, frank, 2so, Befu, Bring back uzwazi, u Guyz can go on and educate us, inform us, justify it or whateva u wana call it Cheating is WRONG its as simple as that storytelling or no storytelling it remains WRONG

    as for u 2so its in ur mind that every man cheat and u believe tht its a fact and gues what u r entitled to ur OPINION.

    as a woman i am not in Denial because majority of people do a certain thing it doesnt make it right it never will.

    very simple Inton ma i wrong i wrong noma ingayenzwa i 90% yabantu abaphila kulomhlaba

  25. @Palesa..well said. Ba jwetse nana. They think they can change men…ba tswa ka re ye teng le rona. I mean ba hlotse bo nkgona’rona…

    That’s y they get so emotional & what not,,,nnete hurts to the marrow!

    My advice: ignor his cheating BUT protect yourself from getting infected…ie condomise waya-waya!

    Dont snoop,,,what U find will hurt U badly!

  26. I like…i like! Bring it on Mike! We never said its wrong or right…WE SAID its a FACT! Has always been like that & will always be!

    Get it in2 your system. It wont change…le rata or le sa rate!

    U wanna be happy in your relationship with your man…Dont nag him about his cheating….you’ll only be pushing him back to his side-dish!

    Groom yourself, be up to date & get a life! You’ll c how jealous he gets!…kwaaaaa!

  27. Why is everyone talking as though women don’t cheat? they also cheat that is why in the olden days a wife would have a child that resembles ubaba wakamakhelwane, lol. men don’t cheat alone they need women to do it and believe you me they don only cheat with single available women but also with married women or women who are in relationships, let’s face it men cheat, women cheat, everybody cheats. Ofcourse you will find a faithful guy here and there same goes with ladies, kahle kahle siyafana sonke nje.

    1. This is what I have been saying along, we are not different from the other animals out there. We do get attracted to the opposite sex, what we do after that, whether you are male or female, is an individual choice.

  28. hey mike nice read but i do have to disagree with you on some aspects, woman are not the ones that change after marriage a man expects a woman to behave in certain way after he has married her, he will not allow her to go out as much as she used to, before you got married you used to go out with her but now she is a wife so she must stay home , stop her from talking to some of her vrends, to be honest the man take the fun out of a woman when they start controlling her “your my wife now you cnt be drinking bazothini abantu basekhaya” forgeting that fun outgoing side is what attracted you to her, a man will change how the woman dresses tell her its inappropriate to wear tight clothes, she must act respectable, next thing you find them cheating with woman who wear the clothes that he doesnt like on his wife, they turn they wives into magogos and then expect her to be fun lol. Men must just accept responsiblity nobody makes them cheat, its in their nature they can never be satisfied with what they have. its not only the woman who changes but the men to when they start acting like fathers instead of husbands, make the fun together dnt blame your wife when your also not making an innitiative.

  29. Its a fact that SOME men cheat but not all. The problem today is woman not having enough respect for themselves to sleep with men in relationships, karma is a bitch tho, what you choose to do now, will come right back at you when you married. Let’s not forget that marriage is union designed by God and cheapened by the world.

  30. wow I’m loving the Memoirs and it shows that we as ladies must not change who we are because our men get use to the way we are and they love it . when we change ladies, men will also change.

  31. Lol ladies u need to cheat, Mike is not saaying men shud cheat or condoning/promoting the. Fact that they do. He’s simply hilighting factors that lead to the cheating, from a male perspective, women cheat as well, n go ya ka nna we have as many male cheats as we do female cos those men cheat with other women.

  32. Lol ladies u need to chill, Mike is not saaying men shud cheat or condoning/promoting the. Fact that they do. He’s simply hilighting factors that lead to the cheating, from a male perspective, women cheat as well, n go ya ka nna we have as many male cheats as we do female cos those men cheat with other women.

  33. I dont know where people get this mentality that all men cheats, not all men cheats we do have faithful men out there who knows exactly what they want. stop painting everyone with the same brush. rather say majority of men cheats.i am single and i want nothing to do with men but i refuse to believe all men cheats, thats just crap

  34. what a touchy subject this is. but it has alot of truth to it. sad realities of life. i grow up in a family where im the only rose/girl amongst men. ladies its painful but men cheat at some point or the other. no woman i know has never been cheated on including myself. its wrong but it happens, but men must also bare in mind that women being wives doesnt mean ukuthi nabo abashelwa la ngaphandle. just as the men get bored in the bedroom so do we. ya’ll too get boring and we too always have someone tempting us. to be quiet frank in my circle of married friends ALL have once or more kissed or had relations with another man who is not the husband. times have changed gents….bitches are getting married. and trust me at home they play the innocent angel wife basule umlomo and they catch you and your side dishes bakuxolele ngoba bekwazi nabo they have their own skeletons. both men and women are cheating. everyone on their high horse must face it. its happening. #factsoflife

  35. We want moreee…… We want more…. Men cheats n dats a fact. If ucinga kuty owakho isn’t no u r rong sesi or he hasn’t started yet. Uma ungaythand lendaba js sit down n fill sorry 4 urself but thina Mikey, we want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  36. Thanks for a great read Mike, if u don’t like what u read, then don’t read, with the SEX I know a lot of wman who just want missionary position, how boring, m learning a lot from this Diary

  37. I read this specific book and I just become so sad, it’s reality it’s fact and it just pains my heart… To be cheated on is the most painful thing in a relationship, when u read a book about it it’s just so lite until it happens to u. For anyone who has ever went through it and and stayed with ur partner U are a very strong individual ! Mike as u continue to write this book please remember to engage us in a way that it touches our hearts that it will change us in how we do things and see life hopefully it will make us better partners and people in general

  38. Hey Dee… I’m sorry but I’m the kind that chooses to believe that faithful men still exist out there…. I still believe in happily ever after…

  39. Thnx Mike

    Men cheats n dts a fact, it doesn’t matter wht u do or hw hot u look. Cheating is their middle name, u can try n convince urself dt urs is nt cheating bt dt wil hurt you at the end of the day. I hv grown to understand dt a man wil cheat on u evn if he loves u dearly n wnt 2 hv future wth you… So ladies al u can do is to join dem cz u cnt beat den on it. Go out de n cm back n fold hands like him as if nothing happened. De chances of u guys supperativing are so small cz u r always happy for one reason if not another!!!

    * dts how u keep a health relationship

  40. Hae abuti Mike and the others, it seems like you are actually justifying cheating. Indeed men cheat but that does not make it right at all. But the truth is that it happens and somehow I feel it won’t stop. I would really love to hear of a man that’s never cheated, ever ever before because I know for sure there are woman who have not.

    It’s interesting how cheating is made to sound like a norm when I think its also a form of abuse because it’s painful, no matter who’s fault it was in the first place. It hurts and leaves a person wondering if did they did wrong or if it was their fault. And these are all questions that abused individuals ask themselves.

    I honestly don’t know if this will ever ever stop.

    #Just a thought: with most of us, there’s that car or dress or shoe or something you badly want but you would never ever go and steal it but why is it so easy ho utswa motho. Nahana, steal a person because cheating is theft bathong. Molimo are lokise, but that’s if re batla ho loka

  41. Okay we get it men cheat but does it make it right? No. Is it always the womans fault? No. Some man just love the thrill that comes with having a side dish they want “new pussy” they want something fresh even if the wife does everything right they’ll cheat but we can’t make it seem normal because it isn’t men just do not appreciate a good thing when they have it and that’s just how it is and will always be.

  42. @Zama,I don’t think Mike wants us to learn about the do’s and donts all he wants is for women to accept that men cheat. I bet Most guys after reading this book will be inspired to cheat more. Yes it is a Nice Read but I’m scared gore it will be causing more “damage”,ie increasing the cheating rate, especiaLly for guys who do not have a back bone!

  43. everybody have flows ,it is amazing how us women we tolerate your mistakes and flow bt u all u do is complain and cheat well gudluck with yo joling hope

  44. Men?!? *sigh* Khanyi is a bitch and this guy is being typical. We need amadoda angayenza umehluko,who will resist temptation!if we cheat siyashaywa,siyabulawa,WHY? I mean its “just sex” as besho. Nkuluh keep ryting,I wana c what is this cheat tired of.

  45. Marriaage is designed to kill both our spirits?!?! Really? Mike? No this isn’t what our youth shd be reading, marriage was created by God to brings us joy and companion, it is solely his creation and what the world decides to do with this or has done should not be instilled in the minds of our young brothers and sisters who need to love mrriagge and walk innto It with hopefullness and prayer and witth God with he knowledge tht it is his blessed creation, is holy and fun! This is one the reasons these youngsters dnt want to get married or marry thus messing with people’s families

  46. Lon bo Palesa nad ur crew! U may console urselves and say men cheat get used to it blah blah blah! My impression of u is people who aare simply desperate to stay in a relationship just to be in a relationship, and this u do simply for society and ur friends, I dnt think anyone in thier ryt mind would conndone a serial cheat for a husband if they lived in the jungle nd ddn have to impress society, call me whatever u like, but I refuse to be. Part of the majority, a relationship(a disfunctional one at that) is not a prerequsite to my happiness

  47. Mike is not promoting men cheating but highlighting the reality about men. Secondly what women should remember is that men don’t cheat alone but with other women, but the truth is YES is the men who initiate that cheating but also women though seldom they invite it 2 other women’s men. 2 second what I’m saying why do we have WOMEN selling at the streets. I’m not condoning cheating from either sidem

  48. I hear yol!!! And my opinion is as long as cheating is not deemed a crime n Punishable by jail time, people(men and women) will always cheat! Its just one of those things we gotta liv with, like the fact that “the sun rises everyday”

  49. Whatever the bloody hell happened to CONFESSIONS. Some consistency please Mike! Gosh! no explanations whatsoever. .. As your loyal supporter My feelings are hurt.

  50. Hay Mike you are really good writer bus as of late you seem to be lecturing a lot instead of telling a story and the worst part is that you put down your views as fact. I feel like you justifying cheating in men and forcing women to accept that as their reality. Church is portrayed as a bad place that teaches women to bore their husbands. Marriage is a soul killer. I know this is supposed to be from a man’s point of view but i dont think this is how majority of men think/should think. And if they are, i feel like you are condoning them. Maybe we should just go back to confessions

  51. Mike lm one of yo silent readers, wen mike started dis book he said its from a male perspective, nw dis is wat men thnk hw they feel n hw they justify cheatin, jst like wth missteps where we were lookin at cheatin from a female perspective, bt for sm reason mike stopped dat book. Mike is not attackin women bt merely informing us, coz dis is hw most men justify cheatin….Mike keep up da gud wrk……Jackzorro where r u?

  52. yhoooo, the comments were interesting more than the chapter itself. Cheating is a personal choice whether you are a man or woman.

  53. Dankie Telulu… Palesa and them are really desperate, y be with a man who is gona bring u aids? Y be with someone who hurts you? As much as yal say accept it, how dare u accept blatant disrespect, how dare u accepted to be taken for granted, how dare u let a man walk all over you repeatedly? Where is your self respect? Do you not value yourself? Call me ignorant or stupid I don’t care, I will not get cheated on and stay, why should I? If u think I’m not ‘enuf’ for you then I’m gone. Men and women cheat because they are greedy period! That pussy that u gona get from side dish u left at home, y not tell ur woman to be open to trying new things in the bedroom? And u the woman y not tell ur man what’s bothering u and pushing u to the arms of another boredom is natural but u can do something about it, reignite ur passion not run to cheating.

  54. Hi readers les not be made at mike Lana….. Yes its true we women change alot wen we marry its mayb its bcos we 2 comfortable 2 become fmly women…. Its true if we can toke 2 our mens ND find out y he got married 2 u, ofcoz it was love Bt also something that he like ngawe dat wishes 2 c it everyday, so we need 2 wake up ND up our games so that our men won’t cheats on us….

  55. @ Telulu and Lebo….Guys I’m not saying cheating is good no its bad n ut hurts but truth be told it hapns n its not gonna stop now,tmrw or anytime.Jus dat its best if u don’t knw if ur man cheat dan if he can do it in front of u.Somethings are best if u don’t knw them jus to save ur heart.And why Aids? Where are da condoms?I’m not one of those women who say we will use latex 1st n 2nd round n 3rd no latex,u knw why I fear aids n I’m not a baby moulding machine too.Also it doesn’t mean I’m desperate for any relationship.But I can’t always put myself n my mind dat if my man isn’t around fo sho he s with other chicks,why shud I torture myself like dat yet I hav many things to worry about,and wen on earth am I going to stop dating while I’m bzy doubting every guy I meet with.Life goes on n we aint growing any younger.So nna I can’t jump frm dis man to another.As long as he respects u n give u all da attention u need.Dats all dat matters mos.As for u Mike keep posting……we need to knw moreeeeeeeeeee n learn moreeeeeee nna ha kena nako yaho ipakela stress ka monna ya meno a 32 like me.

  56. And funny part those men are not cheating wit donkeys or cats but wit women *truth* …and fact be told n will keep repeating men n women cheat.Le mehleng yabo ntata rona Morena Moshweshwe esale cheating eleng teng jus dat truth hurts.To rap up ….dis blog state the brutal truths…nna keya e rata.

  57. Okay let me start by saying: its your choice either to be brain washed by this book or not bcoz according to my understanding this is just a fiction story and I don’t understand is to why people are getting so personal. If ur an active reader or some call them book worms you will learn that all writters are different and not that same and to them writting a book its inspire them and sometimes they grow from the reviews they receive from their readers. ***********************************Q@A : sister if could have siad or asked your question 12 years ago I could have agreed with most people 100 percent that all men are dogs who cheat and only care about their needs but I completly disagree. Its true when they say , its a choice to cheat regadless being faced with temptations. I have meet truely men of God and I repeat “TRUE MEN OF GOD” who display the kind of men that God created who can Love and Protect what is theirs. I have meet men who are honest about the challenges out there and are honest enough to tell how God has helped them overcome them. I have meet men who knows when it is time to grow up and enjoy the honor of being called someones Dad and Husband. I have meet men who worship their Womans changes when they are blessed with children and they tell them each day how beautiful and blessed to have them. Those men do exist and if only we could learn to open our hearts and never forget that sometimes when things happen in life ,it means that God is trying to fix something. I trully believe and know that not all men are cheaters and if we leave according to God’s desire not our then we will see that life is made to be enjoyed the right way and not to be endured.

  58. And I forget to say to my wonderful hubby******LUV U baby and thanks for that nice suprise u gave me today for our ******* and Mike I like how your readers are always getting heated up and it fills as that your know how to get them hoked even when they complain but they keep on coming back for more just like drugs eddicts who say drugs are bad for them but they again want them each day.

  59. Men cheat, women cheat too we wl never stop that of which im nt saying its ryt. Ppl stop attacking mike even he ddnt write about it here we all knw dat SUM MEN & WOMEN CHEAT MARRIED OR NOT MARRIED. Bt i do nag my bf about his cheating i guess i’m pushing him bk to his side dishes. I nag him bcoz i dnt cheat nd i ve tried nd realised dat im nt gud at it.

  60. Ladies,ladies,ladies.Cheating is not a MAN thing.Its a choice.If you get the attention you crave from some one other than your husband or partner and you are not strong in your commitment to your partner,you WILL en up cheating. Stop bad mouthing Mike for speaking the truth. If you neglect your duties and responsibilities as a wife and partner, you can’t be hating on the woman who is standing in the queue to give your man what you are too lazy to do. And YES I’m marrried, have been for the past 7 seven years,and I have seen too many times that men cheat because we as women change.I understand and my husband understands as well, with the kids around there is no time to be the freak I was 15 years ago when we met, but we improvise.I will not give another woman the Gap to enter my marriage, I will protect what I hold dear.I told my husband as well, the day when I’m not enough for you, tell me, cause I won’t be playing second fiddle in the orchestra.Be honest about what you feel, what you want, and what your plans are.don’t sit back and wait for your marriage to fail, be pro active. Just sayin…

  61. Brainwash? What the ???? I didn’t realize this was a Cult movement. People need to stop taking themselves seriously n enjoy these stories. For most they are an eye-opener, a lesson, an “AHA” moment. Brainwash my foot. 1 of the comments was “Cheating is a CHOICE”. Dankie! Wena Mike…pls continue with your good job, nna I enjoy every read. Brainwash!!! Really now…

  62. Oh and to the people that are bad mouthing this blog and rooting for confessions, Really? You would much rather want to read about a school girl, that is so money hungry that she will sleep with a married man, eventhough it only happened once, you would much rather revel in a money hungry ho????

  63. @ Mike dankie papa. I have read so many negative comments in this Chapter and feel that I should just put it out there that mna I enjoy being “brainwashed” by your stories. I enjoy it more because this story especially has a male lead character and for God’s sake does not mean what you wrote here is true,,,,might be a story inspired by a friend or just a thought nje. Also , in response to many readers that feel you do not acknowledge the fact that women cheat too; Missteps of a Young wife was stopped because nobody contacted you with more facts to add on in order to continue with the story. Today, they know many cheating women,,,,,,hayi angekhe wazi; kodwa ke ngiyabonga mina I still say “Keep up the good work”.

  64. Mike is merely highlighting what is happening out there. Are we not adults kante? How is Mike brainwashing our men to cheat? They are adults mos who can think for themselves. This is a potrayal of someone’s reality. Your man wont now go and cheat just because he read this! If he wll then I am sorry to tell you that you are dating/married to a child. Khaba lenja!

    Great chapter Mike, keep it coming. It isnt your responsibility to teach people to think for themselves

  65. I really don’t like this book, I hate men who cheat with all of me especially married man. This book justifies cheating and down grades the wives. Very disappointing and sad.

  66. Fact that we still stay after being cheated on is not because we are desperate. I stayed because of the same reasons we read about in chapter 1. Divorce is expensive & emotionally draining. My husband was the apple

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