Memoirs – Chapter Fifteen

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I am not sure what is I was thinking at that moment. All I wanted was to leave the house. Its another thing about men that women fail to acknowledge but know. We can only resist temptation for so long. At first we say no and then when a person gets persistent we say she was asking for it. For some reason we took the line ‘don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth to heart” extra seriously as men. If she is throwing herself at us we are merciless and ruthless. However not all men read the signs well as mixed signals often lead you into trouble. I just wanted to leave the house. My wife was irritating me and she needed the space too I told myself. She had not even lifted head off the computer. I could see she too wanted me out of the house. She did say though without looking up that I had only an hour and a half out. She never does that I was surprised. Giving me a curfew was something new to me but even women know an hour is more thank enough for a man to do his business. I could not help but think of what was about to happen. For example, if I slept with her which I very much now intended to how was I going to come back home not smelling of sex! Crap I didn’t carry condoms with me and if I bought them at 7eleven then that would mean she would see me buy it and that’s never cool! Most married couples don’t use a condom so I would not have brought in any case because I had none. Its just a given that we think we are entitled to trust the other partner. If you think I am lying trying telling your husband to wear a rubber and see how he reacts!

I had to calm myself down because 7eleven though a 5minute drive felt like an age. What if she left? I was actually panicking with excitement! Imagine if all she wanted was to do was say hi. Women have power over men when you first meet them. At some stage the woman gives up and gives you all power over her but at the beginning we all know who is boss and tag, she was it! I don’t know how it happens but it does. This is what makes the man at the beginning of the relationship work extra hard to try please her. When I got 7eleven I saw her car there. I knew it already from the other night. I parked mine and walked to hers. She asked me what took me so long and I said nothing. She teased me how I had to sign out first like someone owned me. Somehow it got to me and made me feel small. I asked her why she has called and she said it was to see if I would come. Again I looked as stupid as I really was. When someone is single and you are married you should know that all you are to them is a game. They have nothing to lose compared with you that has so much to lose! She didn’t care whether I lost my wife or not! Why should she though if I was here myself? It was my job to care! Honestly though, I know women want to hear how torn up I was at this moment but I really was not. I told her a ring doesn’t own me its just a token. She said I must not disrespect the ring like that because marriage stood for something. I felt as though she was taunting me but did I care… No! All I wanted was to get inside those pants! She was actually coming from the gym in Rondebosch that’s how she had ended up here. It had not been some sinister plot to see me at all though I would have appreciated the effort.

I told her that I did not have long as my wife was waiting for me and she actually asked me to leave then if that was so important. Again I was stumped. When I did not leave she knew she had me where she wanted. She told me to relax she only had a few minutes to spare as well. She said we should leave my car and go park my car at a more private place! Hell no! We should rather drive together with both cars. We didn’t go far. We went and parked by Rosebank railway station not too far off! Its quite safe at night because police cars patrol there a lot. Our only worry therefore would be a nosey cop otherwise this was perfect. This time she came to my car. She suggested let’s sit in the backseat to create more space. Note at this stage she had not said what she wanted but you could see that this woman knew what she wanted. She did not play hard to get or so on. The moment I sat down she was on me. When you kiss someone properly for the first time it is like… Wow! For the first time I got to touch that body I had been craving for ever since I met her. She said that she was not going to have sex in the car nor was she going to give me oral but who cares I was doing something naughty and fun. Her body felt soft and perfect in my hands and her tongue on my skin was just what I needed. I got to explore everywhere with my hands except where the honey was. She said that she was on her periods and often when on she gets very very horny! Hold up, that’s like being a diabetic in a chocolate shop! You can look, smell, touch even but can’t eat! She can’t come here when she is on her periods that will mean I will never get laid! Ah come on now! I told that she would have to do something because I was hard as rock. She laughed and said she could feel it so no need to tell her. I was wearing track pants as those are my comfortable pants after work. She pulled them down and without hesitation wrapped her mouth around Junior! To any woman who says they cannot go down on their man I sincerely pray with all my heart that they cheat on you with someone who can! That’s how much I enjoyed it and that’s how much most men love it! This was beyond heaven and when you have not got it in a long time let alone from a new person its beyond words. Most men do not sleep with prostitutes, the just pay to get head! Fact!

I shall spare you the details but at some point it finished and she did not miss one drop. Another thing about having a mistress. She knows how to do the extremes whilst your wife plays madam at home! When I drove home yes I felt a bit guilty but I was glad I had released all that tension. Its not an excuse because after it has happened you can make all the apologies in the world and mean it to but it won’t change the fact.

I tried to make as little noise as possible as I tiptoed into the house. It was awkward. When I walked up the stairs I hope for the second time my wife would have put my pyjamas outside the door like previously. On the contrary, there she was standing with a naught smile on her face! My wife was wearing the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen her in! It was even a themed lingerie meaning it was meant for one thing and one thing only, seduce, fuck and destroy my senses! She smiled at me cheekily and sexily and said,

“I thought I would have to go to bed without you taking care of me!”

Of all the days in world she had to pick this day!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am a married man and I have cheated 3 times with 3 different women since marriage. We have been married for nine years and am 35. Everytime I do it I tell myself that I will never do it again but I don’t know what happens. It is a bad thing and I know it. My wife though not very active in bed is a good woman. She is clean, she cooks and takes care of our kids and me. I know I should be grateful but often I find myself asking, “is this it? Is this what the rest of my life should be?”. I take her out every now and again but she really is not into that. She is not a church woman and I don’t mind because I always feel that if she gets born again then the little spark we have left will die. I am far from being saint because I cheat but I have noted that everytime I do I work hard at making my wife happy. Its like I have this extra energy to want to please her. I am not sure why am writing this letter but I guess its because of my shame and guilt. She is the best thing that ever happened to me but she is what will kill me too because I always reach a low point of boredom and routine. Is there anything you can advise that will get me out of this vicious cycle.

Thank You

Jack (not real name)

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  1. Now we are talking Mike! bring more from the bedroom, please dont spoil the fun. I hope the wife will fuck him to death!

  2. Jack what draws you to the mistresses? If its the lukewarm sex from your wife,how about asking her to try out some new things.Also you need to kindly let her know that you feel as though your lives have taken an unwelcome routine.There’s no need to cheat when you can talk things out.

  3. Honestly Mike is right women needs to know that giving head is very important to guys…u better learn to accept that if u dont wanna be cheated on …

  4. Thanks Mike for the beautiful chapter, plzzzz let us in the bedroom, detail to detail, whats going to happen. Cant wait for the next chapter.

    QnA – Jack do u really think u are doing yourself and ur wife a favour by cheating, u are not. Communication is the key to a marriage. If u feel u dont like the way things have become, the only solution is to talk to your wife, make her understand dat you still luv her and you want to explore new things with her to spice up ur marriage. Dont be too harsh to talk to her, be sensitive and have the right approach to do so. gud luck and hope for the best.

  5. ahahaha I saw it coming,thanx I am dating a married man,he’s sweet coz I always know what to do to bring her on his knees and I love teasing especially when I do him things that takes his breath away,and I tell neh u can see gore the guy is not longer getting entertained in the bedroom by wifie coz he always come hungry and with desperation lol and to Q* surely u married at an early age but I say keep enjoying and don’t put pressure to ur wife,remember there are those who just want to entertain you so just enjoy

  6. yooooo on ths long weekend i think aft work i wil hv to take a taxi n go see my man nd suprise him i can now see why men cheat i have to go n give him his honeypot
    thax mike for openinf our eyes

  7. I just don’t get why some women settle for just being something that men use to scratch their itch, I mean really,
    What happened to self worth? abo Khanyi na bo sweet lady…their honeypots are just full of grace…

  8. Aahh daddy got 2 kill 2 birds with 1 stone hhhmm thanx Mike mwaahh I love this chapter can it be monday alrdy cnt wait 4 da nxt !

    Jack…u cheat coz ur wife is used 2 routine,she is predictable,boring…yes she is ur wife bt she also needs 2 understand that she too is a woman with needs gosh,these married women are so predictable ba tena ebile,u got a ring on ur finger and den u won’t go freaky anymore coz ur the wife,what if the kids find us having sex,agh please dats an excuse did u find ur parents having sex when u were a kid NO!so why would ur kids…Jack talk to ur wife that she needs to be a freak in the bed..a bitch if she can ur her husband 4 heavens sake,buy her sexy lingerie if a robala ka stofy,have date night where its jst about the 2 of u!women need to get this thing out of their head that once I’m Mrs so & so I hv 2 stop all the freaky things I did in the past,we all have that freak inside us!

  9. Thanx knw what jack you cn lie and say the sex is boring that’s what made you cheat bt I tell you guys will find any axcuse just to go out and look for a shag.I had experienced something like this wherby the sex was great we did everything he couldn’t blv it at first.coz I’m very beautiful bt I’m not shy to try new as time goes we started having problems (mind you not in bed)he cheated I found out he apologies I fogave and we wher beter than ever bt I notised when we have problems he carries condoms in his wallet to me that was chietn I broke things of cos this was a routin he always wanted an ascape goat emidiatly we gals don’t change yor self for him coz he will always find ways to make his excuses for he’s doing its never our fault coz he married you knwing what kind of sex you do.

  10. Jack r u feeling guilty or u want us to sympathize with you?
    what draws u to the mistresses and abviously u ain`t getting satisfaction if u keep changing them.

    As much as I try to understand I really can`t get why ppl cheat or maybe I

  11. Wow! Now that was mmmh mmh mmmh! Thanks Nkuluh! 🙂

    I’m tired of married man blaming wives for ukonakala kwabo! It becomes a routine if u make it 1. A woman can be yo all in 1 but still u bastards will cheat. I’m married,I do it all but still he feels kmele enze ezinye izinto bese kuyamxaka futh when I find out. Men r just pigs and they dnt wana be satisfied! Yes imnand into yokuntshontshwa but always try and steal what’s yoz,play games wt yo wife. Text her emini and say bae I wana fuck u e park namuhla ebsuku,sneak to that park and fuck her like you mistress. Jack just stop foolin around cause you will luz the best u have #80/20 rule

  12. Mxm, women like khanyi. Pretend to b ur friends while they only wanna do ur man. Poor wife, she wants to try but its too late

  13. I think khanyi is da 1 who gave her the idea of sexy lingerie thn called her husband n bonked him,knowing he cnt do it after tht.l wont put anything past tht khanyi she is evil nje.

  14. Hi friends. Thanx Mike.
    I think Mxo’s mind is where Khanyi left off. Inasmuchas he wud do wifey…i doubt if his mind will be there…like he said…’does it have 2 be 2day…its like its just too late for the pot wifey..but bring them on Mike…lets c what happens in there…we want more…
    U R truely talented Mike!!!!I applaud you. Have a gr8 w/end ya’ll…God’s Speed!

  15. ijo wht a chapter bathong . Thnks mikey u are doing a very gud job hey . but really joale rena basadi when we are married so wht . monna I tla thola khanyi wa swaba

  16. thanks mike you the best……….Jackie talk to ya wife broe don’t cheat on her……and us ladies lets stop playing victims hee be the bitch in bedroom,domestic in the kitchen hlee…………..OK NOW come on guys hook a sister up my man died 2years ago i feel am ready to move on and these charpters arent doind me justice lol any decent sumbody out there for me bantu#winks# my own phython loool

  17. Ouch! Second round for you brother. Why did you have to spare us the details thou mncimmm! Thanks again Mikey, now I have an idea what men are all about LoL.

  18. Sweet lady u r sweet, making a married man happy…one day someone is gonna do yours, but trust me someone is gonna do him even if u choose not to sleep with a married men or not: so I’m not judging u cos I dnt take life crusly cos no1 comes out of it alive…”Jack” I dnt knw one single guy who has not cheated,but if u wanna change tht I salute yo courage! But there’s still fine women out there n willing to please #wink,wink*

  19. I’ve given my man a visa to date mara they are conditions don’t u ever dare disrespect me,ur GF calling the house etc not allowed,with that our relationship is fantastic,even worse we have the best sex life ever I do everything,and one thing I’ve realised if u give someone the go aheard its rare they’ll do the deed

  20. Sorry for my late comment… Excellent read Mike keep up the good work. I think guys will always cheat even if uwifey angaba kinky kanjani. Its high time abafazi ba cheat nabo singaphela. But make sure u respect him n he must not find out because uzofa uzokubulala makathola.

  21. married woman wth three kids and also styng wth a stepson of 21 yrs old . mi kids are also big my first born is 25 nd scnd one is 20 as well. so my problm is this man is beating me in front of this kids. I tried tp speak to him about it but he cant listen . and now im afraid tht my kids will be violent as well . wht should I do pls help . im afraid if it continues like this i will divorce him cause I dont want to traumatise them .

  22. Ok so I just read Memoirs Chapter 15 for the seventh time and just noted that MOAYW had just been published… I think its safe to say I’m addicted to your writing I LOVE THIS!! Its an amazing & enticing read, wow!! God has gifted you greatly 🙂 #waiting4theNextChaptersNow lol

  23. sorry 4 being out of topic bt Mikie we hv been waitin sm new to happn wth *confessions of a sugar babe* come on nw let it catch up wth th other interestin stories we’v got here…

  24. Jack I think wat u r missing is communication with your wife, u r choosing the easy way out of your bedroom problems, de 2cemt energy u com back with after cheating is “guilt”. don’t you think your wife is also tired of the same boring routines, hence she bcums less active. Come up with something new n stop blaming her for ur unfaithfulness. N to Sweet lady, maybe u shud change your name to “Sidedish” coz u seem to be so proud of being one. U lack self respect and u talking crap.

  25. Thank you Mikey for a great chapter, we enjoy your books
    Pearly and baby Bear you are on point sisters, men will cheat on you even if you can give it to them while u are hanging on the ceiling, as long as there is someone willing to be an accomplice then its on, cooking for them won’t cut it either, mistresses don’t cook its all fine dining baby, that is why i don’t put myself under unecessary pressure , i just do what’s important

    Dear Jack,
    There might be arears of responsibility where you are not active yourself, your wife is slaving a lot around the house, do you offer help with the kids and their homework, some of the house chores? and other things you can help with if not, she will be left with no energy when she gets to bed.

  26. Wow!thanks mike for giving some of us so much insight on how married men who cheat really feel and what leads to such behaviour…can’t wait for the next chapter..

  27. ZetY u r on point wish I could like yo post:-) ,men will always cheat as long as the opportunity is availed to them’ and the whole blaming you or yo shortcomings is just a way of trying to weasel out of a situation!/enuf said.

  28. And I quote…..

    “To any woman who says they cannot go down on their man I sincerely pray with all my heart that they cheat on you with someone who can! That’s how much I enjoyed it and that’s how much most men love it! ”

    Ha Ha Ha this comment just #killed me, sad for a marrriage sense but true!

  29. I am sort of dating a married man. We met on Facebook and well there was a time I flew to durban in December for work and at that time I and the man I was dating we were having problems. He (BF) actually broke my phone for what I do not know and I felt I had a reason to avenge him treating me that way. I got chatting with this married man and we decided to meet. We are both from Limpopo Seshego to be precise and when we met this woman was in JHB because she had a christmas wat ever in Church and sent the hubby with the kids home to Limpopo anyway frankly not interested in their marriage and what goes on it in. Now to cut the story short this man I like very much we have fun together lots of fun but hid starting to freak me out he has somehow fallen for me. He is getting obsessed and It is rather unattractive. He doesnt call anymore and comes when ever he feels like it and I have told him not to but it continued. I dumped him and for a week or so didnt call and I was happy that I had finally got rid of him but man saw my whatsapp status that I was dining somehwere and he followed me and came over and greeted me and the person I was with then left and sent a message that he saw my whatsapp status and decided to come and say hallo. His behehaviour is creepy. I have blocked him on facebook and whatsapp but wangtshosa kenagana go dira protection order. How do I get rid of him?

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