Confessions – Chapter Twenty Six

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There are things you fight for. Fighting for a married man who is not yours is a tricky thing. Could I be angry that he was cheating on me to be honest? He was another woman’s husband that’s a fact. His wife was in that room right now fighting the same fight I would be fighting right now! I won’t lie though, I was livid! Is this why he had only lasted two rounds? Had I just let a dick that had been in someone else enter me? I could see all the things I had seen at Batho Pele Aids Hospice! I wanted to cry! I was such a fool! I had it in mind to march in there and cause a scene! I am not dramatic by nature. I am more of a girl who reacts to a situation as opposed to creating one! It is one thing to be angry at someone else but it is when you are angry at yourself that you realize how stupid you are in some of the decisions you make. I had it in mind to go tell his wife who I was and what I was doing here! Maybe she needed the truth about what kind of a pig he was. A lesson I was learning quickly was that even when you are a nyatsi there is likelihood that there is another just like you in his life. You are cheap and expendable.

I sent him a message and told him that the earrings were not mine and must have been his other girls. He replied with just one word, “Oh!” I couldn’t help but get even angrier! How could he just say that! I felt totally worthless! In a relationship like this you adapt or die! I realized that because he was hardly mine he owed me no explanation to who else he cheats with. Its fine, I will have my revenge though because I felt stupid! He sent another message soon afterwards in which he wasn’t even apologising but he said goodnight instead and I must be ready by ten tomorrow. All of a sudden he was such a busy person. Where was his wife? Maybe they were together. She would be girl number three in one night. Let see him last two thrusts! I was beside myself!

I figured that Phemulo would know why his aunt was here since they are family. I called him and went to him. He was sitting just outside the bar at reception. He was with James. James immediately apologised for all the mayhem he had caused saying that considering that we had discussed that morning he had thought it was me. I took the apology and didn’t want to dwell on it. He asked me if I had seen Boitshepo but I am sure it was because he was trying to run away for he left immediately after I said no. I asked Phemulo what was going on. He explained that his aunt was supposed to arrive tomorrow because government was having some convention that was starting on Monday. He assumed because Jack was here she had decided to come a day early. Men or rather boys are funny I tell you. I could hear in his voice that he was sympathizing with me as opposed to his aunt whom was married to his uncle! Sad I tell you! I couldn’t trust him fully though because I doubt he was doing it because he had my back! Men as friends are only loyal to you as a girl as long as you are within arm’s length. They will protect and defend you with all their might at that moment. However, after that he is loyal to his boys and whichever girl is there with his boy. I am not stupid. When Thabo was cheating on me with all those girls his boys always covered for him. They would always make me seem like I was insecure. I learnt not to rely on boys at a young age! Girls often tell you that they make better friends with boys! Rubbish! Most of the boys I know are calculative and always seem to want something to gain more than your friendship. Usually they use you as a hub to get to your friends or other girls!

The following morning I was more than a bit sour. At breakfast Jack came in holding hands with his wife. It was beyond amazing. He did not look any of us in the eye. Whilst we were having our breakfast one of the girls behind me was quite panicky. She was saying that she lost her earrings and her mother was going to kill her for that because they were expensive. I looked around to see who the voice belonged to for I am certain I had found the other woman!

It belonged to Boitshepo the girl who had been with James when we got caught coming out of the toilet! Stunned! I had suspected Funeka for some reason not that it made a difference. I think I felt even more betrayed. No wonder why he had walked away without even caring when we left the toilet! Jack is an ass! Imagine I had to sit with him in the same car and pretend that I was fine. I know that Phemulo knew about us but did he also know about Boitshepo.

The trip home was tense. Jack tried small talk but I didn’t care much. I gave him curt short answers so he could not mistake my anger. I could not get over the nerve of that girl. I am certain she had suspected what has happening in that bathroom. I was confused. Had he gone for her after I had refused to sleep with him or he already had her when we came here? What to do now? I could not ask her without making a scene. I could not ask him without looking like a fool.

When I got to the house my mum was there. She was happy to see me but I could tell something had changed between us. She escorted Jack out and when I stayed back she asked if I was not going to say thank you. I made a joke about saying I had already said bye but she insisted we walk him out. It was awkward.

“Are you having an affair no baba ka Siyanda?”

My mother asked!

I just stared back at her stupidly?

****The End****

Question: What extreme lengths have you gone to, to try and keep a man\girl?

I apologize for the lateness of today’s chapter. It’s been a hectic day. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Shame jack played you girl mxm. Yoh i wonder how N is going to answer that question. Thanx Mike this was nice really enjoyed the read.

  2. I didn’t even read the chapter yet I just wanna let out my frustrations! Saiuilckibv ikeruikgllkitl$lielditg! DON’T MAKE US WAIT THE WHOLE DAY I BEG! Now I shall read

  3. This came at a right time…as I finished my supper I cn use this chapter as my desert this z jus awesum….thanx mike great chapter…bows!!!

  4. Love u mike people in zim are going crazy over your book. Men are even quoting some of your lines now

  5. I’ve recently started reading ur blog last week and I LOVE IT. Thank u for writting about things that youngsters/young adults go through nowadays. I hope our Young & sisters old sisters will take note and stay away from such things

  6. hi mike, let me say this chapter was rather short n wasnt what i expected,however im glad everything was in sequence.atleast i can peacefully sleep now

  7. Apology accepted Mike 🙂
    The reason y I’m so hooked on ur blog is the fact that u tackle our everyday issues. This is so real n most of us can relate. This is how HIV/Aids is spread nyani. Thank u for reminding us of what’s really going on out there n opening our eyes to the realities of life.
    Great read

  8. That explains the shortness of this chapter…. Confessions is better than Zulu Girl. Zulu girl ya mbora nou, while confessions is the total opposite, interesting. It can be late any time, as long as its always interesting..

  9. Apology accepted Mike, well worth the wait. I wish young girls can learn from this. A married man is like a bag full of bees. U don’t know when you’ll be stung for all to see that you’ve been stealing forbidden goods!

  10. Really hope I don’t have 2 go thru 2daes anxiety…..tnx mike for a in the depth chapter,yaz this child naye ucabanga ukuth’ engadliwa yedwa?

  11. Been waiting all day…on point as always bra Mike..nice twist I think everybody was expecting the other girl to be uFuneka..mara hawu! didn’t see the Boitumelo card coming. Big thumbs up to your work!

  12. SHIAT!!! Oh my gosh! How awkward is that?!? Having to have bfast with the wife?! And the other other woman!! Like is the no point where N this-hang on! This is not worth it lemme move on!! She is getting nothing from this man!! I thot a sugar daddy was suppose to make it rain! What exactly is jack making rain with his two thrusts?! Mxm! And thanks Mike. A: lengths I’ve gone to…so this guy I REALLY liked..things ended but I used to really enjoy talking to him. So I made up a fake persona and started chatting him up online-hahahaha!!! Things were fabulous until we had to meet up! I doubt he wud have found it cute knowing he just fell for his ex! Hahahahhaha! Safe to say till this day he has no clue *confessions of a mentally unstable hottie*

  13. Thanks mike, the wait was beginning to kill me.
    Yoooh!:oN, even your mom pick it up, must be that obvious.
    To answer the Question- the most extreme wud be traveling across the country, by myself at the age of 17 to surprise my then boyfriend. It was a long distance relationship, we had a fight and he stopped taking my calls. Lol yoh that was a risk. But im glad it worked out coz his my husband now

  14. Awe?! MakaN; is she really expecting N to tell her the truth? For what – another beating for a 2 min noodles ass that has just screwed 3 women in 1 day???? I wouldn’t tell her the truth, lie thru and thru.! Even if ungumakhwaph’s, you should have some pride and smallanyana dignity – hence I wouldn’t even dump the sugardaddy; will just ignore him unomphela.

    To answer the?: have always had this ONE GOLDEN RULE when it comes to men: I DO NOT BEG – period! If it works out, that’s good and well; will enjoy the r/ship. If it’s not working out; ngiyahamba! No questions, stories, demanding explanations or trying funny tricks – ngithula unomphela. *Chante Savage – I will survive*

    1. Vele NSM, I can’t beg, yho . . . angicengi for sure. The minute a man gives me funny business, shwen, I run so fast (phambili) that is. I don’t even look back. Am too proud to stroke a man’s ego when it is not worth it! Haaai! *bothhandsonmyhips*

  15. Yho mike!….u doin a gr8 job…..kip u wit da gud work


    waitin 4 de next chapter!

  16. Wow!!!what a question mama!huuu…

    Answer:sleeping with him,he always came around,after I’d make him scream like a lil baby he’s tell me how much he loves n wanna be with me,till I lost interest!den I told him to go to hell 4 he didn’t care,lol yea,I’m wild like that#tongueOut!!

  17. Kodwa why do women give men like Jack so much power, aaargh! If we as women can say no 2 married men then this cheating thing wouldn’t go far! Keep it coming Mike

  18. Aahhh! Mike is tis wat i was waiting 4 da hole day Mike? 2 short mara but i gus its bettr thn nothing mikieeee.

    As 4 ur Q tjo neva done anthing 2 keep a man if he doesn’t wnt 2 stay, thn he shud go why woud i wnt 2 keep sum1 who doesn’t wnt 2b kept i’ll say let da dog go n chew anthr bone. Gud nite ppl enjoy da weeknd.

  19. Wht was N thinking, if he culd cheat on his wife wht culd prevent him frm cheating on her. Wht goes arnd cums arnd girl!

  20. Thankx Mike 4 the daily dose,it was worth the wait and to answer your question 10yrs ago i ws in a relationshp with this guy n i really,really liked him to a point that i would do anythng to keep him but as time went on i felt him slipping away,i guess i ws desperate n told him i ws pregnant n that ws so foolish cz i knew bck then that ive already lost him n luckily i ws only saying that to keep him bt more over it was a bad move cz he stil thnks i ws pregnant with hs child whilst i ws jst lying

  21. promised myself I’d only go to great lengths to save my marriage, la ma outi nje can forget it! I’m the 1st to walk away I’m not thick I can take a hint.

  22. Oh my God! Haybo Ma, do u expect N 2 admit hvn a relationship with Bra Jack? I’d lie thru my teeth mna angekhe ngikhone. Jack mos is more than safe as he has 2 more women besides N. It’s time 2 move on N, u’re very young.

    As for your question Mike, I’ve got 2 much pride. If it’s nt working, it’s time 2 move on. I’ll never, ever beg or pull stunts for a man 2 stay in a relationship with me.

  23. He banna, what a question from her mom. Yho! I wonder what the response will be and why she suspects. Great reading Mikey, I’ve been checking all day for my dosage.

  24. oh my word…. its bad though i think she should just dump him and move on with her life because she’s gonna end up at Batho Pele Aids Hospice…

  25. Lol ai yo question though… Dzaaang a coupla years ago I really liked this one guy n when HE ended our affair (Yup! The mother far car dumped me!!!) I faked pregnancy, I faked suicide. What was I thinkn rilly? Mxm. The funny thing though he never came bek, I only made things worse caz eva since the fake suicide he seemed to b runnin away, a lot faster than he was bfo.. Argh… Bt NOW I DO NOT BEG nyone to b in my life, ofunuhamba uyahamba tata, no questions asked, no sob stories zoba “I’ll always love u, I’ll never love nyone like I love u” n what not. For the why???

  26. On hindsight.Boitsepo left those earings deliberately bcoz she wanted 2 prove a point 2 Nelisa after seeing Jack & Nelisa 2gether.She was being spiteful even 2 mention that.Wow!

  27. Thank you for another great read, it’s always entertaining!

    A: An ex was a compulsive cheater but when his mom came for a visit i would pretend that everything was perfect. I became very close to his family hoping that would fix things but alas… after my tactics didn’t work i called it quits!

  28. 50+ comments already! Withdrawal symptoms were starting to kick in! Thanks for the fix Mike! I haven’t gone to extreme lengths to keep any man, don’t know if I’m too proud or what but it does explain why I’m single, lol!

  29. Wow Mike great read to answer your Q: I haven’t gone through any lengths to keep any guy, there’s plenty of fish in the sea y hold on to the one that don’t want u? I dnt see the point of compromising your principles for some bloke who probably still won’t want you no matter how low you’ve went for him

  30. I’ve neva gone to extreme lengths to keeo a man,my pride has neva let me. I hv always believe in de old saying “if u luv sumthing,set it free. ” and i believe if a man luvs me,I shudnt hv to chase after him,afterall,men are hunters,they shud hunt and fight to keep their women. Well im old fashioned like dat!! And dats what attracted my hubby,the self confidence and pride!

  31. thanx Mike for an awesome story. to all those people angry at Mike about posting late, seriously is that even necessary? he’s giving us an amazing read and doing everything else outside this blog, our appreciation could go a long way…whatever time he chooses to post! Thanx again Mike

  32. Mike hai hai ndoda suspense is killing me yhuu on both books you write a page qha… Q: the is no method of trying 2 keep a person in ur life. A relationship is a 2 way thing n if the other person ain’t feeling it no more u’ve got 2 let them go if u wna keep ur pride other wise uzaba ngutom tom walomntu n end up loosing urself.

  33. Thanks mike. Your grammar is really bad thought, don’t you proof read before posting. Pls do cos it really takes away the enjoyment of reading. I’m a fan tho.

  34. Wow! Another great read! I guess I’m lucky for always saving the best for last! Thanx to my 8 week old bby boy I always wait until he is fast asleep so I can unwind by catching up on your blogs! I really wish you had other stories to share with us!

    To answer your question, I don’t do anything coz they always come back! Irrespective of who was wrong, they always come back! Its like a curse!

  35. Thanx for the fix gawsh feeling refreshed and it’s interesting as always, worth saiting for…great weekend Mike
    Aint sure if Neli’s mom is really expecting a yes on that question, I for one would deny it till Jesus comes back!!!

  36. My ex husband was a cheater,I didn’t notice this until he packed his bags n left me with our daughter. I begged him to stay but he refused n filed for divorce,I was admitted in hospital for depression but I coped just fine. Then when I was getting strong he came back n he cancelled the divorce,but once a cheater always a cheater.whithin a year he found another woman n he left again n the second time around I pushed the divorce n I made sure gore e ya fela.n now I don’t follow any man even if I can get married again.batla go ira doormat.

  37. Thank you Mike.Truely an exceptional writter and a great plot.Mind answering if you’ve ever tried to submit any of your pieces to a publishing firm?If not please do,South Africa is in need of black writters who base their work on real social issues,whether in the media industry or as a published book.Please don’t let your gift go to waste.Keep up the good work

    I am currently in matric and heading to varsity next year and can relate to many of the issues tackled on this so basically thanx for the heads up for next year,will be sure to watch out for them Gorillas and Pythons;)


  38. N is a big girl and she is obviously going to deny her affair with Jack. But it’s pretty obvious that N’s mother knows about the affair so she is just playing dumb or she is just trying to check if N is going to admit her affair with Jack or maybe sibongile told her who N’s sugar daddy is

  39. Kodwa Jack!!2 nyatsis who’re the same age n level!!wah could he still wana sample from the same source??mxm.ah mara banna ba bangwe aba kgotsofale tu!

  40. The saddest part about this is our lil teenagers going through the same things blinded by money today! A: after I childshly convinced my first boyfriend not to leave me when I was a teenager, I learnt then that I would NEVER be caught dead trying to make any man stay with me, ha a batla o tla lula,I’d rather sleep in tears every night, ha a sa batle a tsamaye a lo jewa ke makhala, as they always end up sorry, there’s a lot more to ur worth ladies…as for u fools that type that u are first to read, I really wish someone would find a way to block ur thick childish skulls! Lea bora hleng! This is no marathon!!

  41. Yoooh! U either lie or u die…she will pannelbeat ur sorry ass if u tell the trueth! n to keep a man i wud jst love respect n give him good n i mean damn good sex! Bt il never stand a cheating abusive disrespectful man… Hell no!
    I can bend over backwards for a man bt i cant let A Man break me

    1. Maar Tshidi, Mike is touching on issues that people don’t want to touch on. People like pretending that things don’t happen, kanti they do.

  42. Johhhhhhhhh but what do u say to ur Mom when she asks u some like that,,,hai don’t think I’d be able to answer if that was my Mom…and go through extra lengths for what?? Ae if a person wants to leave then let them do so, ain got time to be chasing after a mans arse, I’m way too young for that

  43. @Nomsa, I doubt B planted the earrings deliberately. What would she gain and with that said, she panicked at having ‘lost’ the earrings knowing very well what she’d done.
    Captivating read Mike!

  44. “I just stared back at her stupidly?” N otlo phega. Really now N’s mother!when she found out she went and embarrass her in front of the whole school asa motsa when she found ot at the bank. Now this?

    Answ ur Q: I was how my sister went through trying to keep baby daddy, he even bought him a car and told my mother that she is moving to pretoria bc’se it is close to work but not taking the child. Only to find out she is leaving with baby daddy in jhb. Weekends when she comes home to visit the man brings a nyatsi for weekend with a child who is same age as my sisters, when she found out she got an attach an was hospitalised. This man went and write off the car and call my sister while she was in hospital to come fetch her stuff and by the way your is in thokoza park write off.
    All this opened my eyes, I don’t berg, ask stupid questions I just let go c’se the always come and berg, my rule I don’t do love backs these a reason why ole X. #singing hamba nyoni bayokuhlutha phambili phuma…phuma kimi.

  45. No matter how good u r to a man he will always hurt u, if he’s a dog by nature ( u get those). Anyway I don’t fight for men(boyfrnd, babydad, fiance, husband), if he cheats I let him no that I’m aware and he shud stop or I’ll walk. This day n age its not worth it, if u stay ul either get hurt, emotionally n even physically,or worst get aids, std’s sti’s.. So its not worth fighting over a man.. U loose some u win sum! 😀

    1. Well said sisi. Life is to short to let a man get in the way of us enjoying it with theur nyatsi/other girlfriend drama!

  46. Mna i threatened
    ma ex told him i will kill maself if he leaves and i will tell his friends what he said bout em to me lol… Stupid really but i let him go eventually coz me was not happy..

  47. Thanx bra M as long u post late or not U r doing a great job I can’t wait for the next chapter.mmmm this is very nice and educating.

  48. Well…N has no choice bt to lie! Tellin da truth is not an option at all..that wud be the dumbest move ever…I’m 25 yrs old nd my mom recently asked if I’m still a virgin..jst out of the blue..BAAAM!! So I lied ofcos n said yes then quickly shifted the convo…Really this woman? Is she 4 real??

    Answa 2 da que: I blv dat da ppl dat cum into our lives, God brings them in 2 serve a purpose so if things dnt work then it means their job in my life has been done so they must go….

  49. Ayeye Nelisa. This time the beating is going to be in front of the whole church congregation. Do what I always did. Wear a lot of layers of clothing 😀 Splendid piece Mike. Patiently waiting for the next chapter

  50. Lol,Jack ke cassanova str8.Neli on the other hand ke sono 4 Her mom is on point.

    Yooooo I had tried to by 1 of My ex’s happiness with clothes bt it neva worked He still cheated.I was young n lesson learned.

  51. some wemen never give up nor lern. as divorced as i am i keep hearing lies but hey i fail to let go. Tx a millddicted to the block.

  52. @ TheGirlWithTheGreenScarf,she wld gain nothing but wld make N miserable….and she was.This is my opinion,to which I am entitled.

  53. Tjooo N,hayi ngeke ure in big shit ryt nw. Ure mother also sensed da tension btwn u n Jack. I wonder wat u wil say afta dat Q. Jack yinja qah. Sfebe sendoda tjoooooo. Phof u made ure bad N,u beta lay on it,o 4got u made @ da first place.

  54. Thanks Mike for the great book.

    Mike can you please post more two or three chapters a day. I have realise that you take two day to only release one chapter. If u could release more than one very day. the book is great and the waiting is irritating.

  55. I moved in with my boyfriend at varsity. I abandoned my frnds nd my parents just for him not dat it ended good thou because he had a wife nd kids

  56. I knew it was Boitshepo n Phemulo know this too coz he asked her Boitshepo’s where abts wooooo men shit Nelisa must get out of this drama…nyc one Mike

  57. Mike don’t bother yoself with those who are expecting every chapter to be amazing no one is perfect even generation has got its boring episodes you Michael Maphoto are a star asibonanga bebhala anything now bayagxeka…odikiwe kufunda makayeke @least u’ve played a role in her\his life instead of saying tx for opening my eyes is pin pointing errors

  58. I might agree with @Nomusa, B could have purposefully left those earings esp if she knew Jack is also interested at N and whoever else here at Sun City. Hheeee, ladies can be horrible esp to other women and when they have no reason to be futhi. It’s just like a galfriend being nasty and performing ku wife and yet ungumakhwapheni! “Finyela makwapheni ungathi sewenabe kakhulu”

  59. This book is so real, this is not the matter of having fun only pls guys, should understand the contents of the story. I just can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanx Mike

  60. hay maarn niyandichaza nithee ggrrriii noonke,

    ok, otherwise i never did anything to keep a man, i’ve been always the girl who gets chased after, the few ex’s i have wants love back…

  61. Eish mike dis chapter was short!**crying***
    A..I have gave my gal a fone nd left witout a fone jst 2 myk sho I dnt lose contact with her!

  62. Nelisa hai giv up sisi u hav no control over this daddy,he treats u like shit,its not worth it sisi. Mike I havnt done anything 2 keep a man,I hav always maintained that a man is mine if he wanyts 2 b mine,if he doesn’t want its his loss. I would die B4 I chase any man. Love yo point of view keep it up!

  63. no wonder elast 2 thrusts lesfetshana sendoda esiwu Jack! mxm
    as for uN yena *sigh*

    Mike u rock shem, this is super interesting and entertaining, hola booi!

  64. Ooh girl ya u can’t b discreet nd act natural neh,now ur going 2 hav yo mum breathing on yo neck all 4 a sugar daddy who doesn’t even treat u like a princess shem. Thanks 4 telling it like it is mike!

  65. Why do people complain about grammar whereas theirs are crap aswell? This is a blog and typo happens,,,just read and have a blast @ this good thrilling read!!!

  66. Thanks Mike great wrk as for begging I never did it insted thy cum bk even now I’m married bt I stil have this ex who’s running after me like puppy *careless whisper*

  67. I’ve been waiting for this chapter and I am enjoying this book, once I start reading I dint wanna stop its such a good read thanks

  68. I think m loosing it I wud have sworn I saw chapter 27 dis morning. Kanti where dd it disappear to. Yho Mike m too addicted manje m seeing things

  69. I just cant start a day without a MORNING GLORY ( reading a chapter frm this blog) lol, what did you have in mind? Nice read..tnx Mike.

  70. lol @ Phumla ur now phofetic chapterz my sister but dat iz wat happen whw ur addicted to smthing…… u c tgz dat r not even there.. undihlekiselani kodwa

  71. I’m surprised it took N’s mom so long to figure it out!

    She beats her up bcos she is involved with a sugardaddy and at the same time this older man wants to take her away for the whole weekend unsupervised all in the name of education!

    Q&A- I dont beg men. I will try and talk to you and understand why you so unhappy or why you unsatisisfied with the relationship. But if you wanna step out…well just keeping on walking. If you show a man that your sun rises and sets on his ass, he will stomp all over you#doormat!

  72. OMG!! When is the next chapter coming out? This is completly unacceptable. I neeeeed to know how she found out? Jack? How’s their r/ship now? Suspense is KILLING me! 🙁

  73. “In a relationship like this you adapt or die!” LOL..makes me think of someone. Love your style of writing.
    Can people please stop complaining & throwing tantrums about “chapters being posted late”, etc…poor guy has other commitments besides this blog. Be grateful for what you get WHEN you get it.

  74. I can’t take this anymore!when is the next chapter gonna be up kanti Mike???you can’t leave us hanging like this,its been 4 days now#teary eyes#

  75. I have never went extra mile I wanted to try but gaze what. Its not worth it. A man love n a woman submit. If he don’t love me I won’t submit. He must keep me.

    This mother will kill this kid I tell you. Or go ambush this guy.

  76. Wow read all chapters in one day, i dont even know how i exactly stummbled upon Diary of a zulu girl. It doesnt matter now coz im a fish on bait. This is so interesting.

  77. Hahaha… Wow. This is so interesting. I wonder why she suspect such thing, But hey moms know their children.

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