Chapter Eighty Two

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I think a lot of people would expect me to go into panic mode right about now but I was more annoyed than panicked! I cannot believe the nerve of this guy. It is fact that there are a lot of things you need to teach men. I think no matter how much you are in love with a person there is a disrespectful time to show up at their doorstep especially unannounced. If for example a girl is in high school you can not show up at her house after five. My father would skin us both if a guy showed up at my gate that time. I know this is university and here time knows no master but 2am is not a time to show up. I know some wayward girls might find it sexy but I am not a booty call. 2am for a guy on probation means he has not learnt anything at all. I was not going to drag this out though it wasn’t necessary. What was he doing here though so late? I told him I am studying still but I will open up.

When I got to the door he immediately apologized for the lateness of the hour but that was soon replaced with a lustful grin and an immediate, “My Yum Yum”! I told him not to call me that for I wasn’t in the mood and I had work to do. He peeped inside as if to confirm but when he stared longer I turned to look at what he was looking at. My bedroom door was slightly open and he could see a guys foot sticking out off the bed. Benny had just thrown himself onto the bed when he slept. On the one hand it was good that he wasn’t in bed but on the other the fool could be spotted from moon the way he was! I never thought for once that I would ever find myself saying these words but I did, “It is not what you are thinking” but I did! He looked a bit confused then that look turned into anger. He asked me the obvious question if there was a guy in my bed. By the time I answered he had already walked in, pushing me aside as he did. He said that’s why he did not south African girls because there is always drama. What kind of self respecting girl would go out with her boyfriend a few hours ago and end up in bed with another guy that very same evening.

At that moment Benny also woke up courtesy of the commotion. N did not even stir I am sure she was busy dreaming of how else to haunt my family. He asked what was going and who this guy was referring to Python. Benny might be young but he is not that small. Like I said at the beginning he plays rugby for his school even but next to Python he looked like a mere child. There really is a reason why most black bouncers at clubs are foreign. Benny, forever the hot head that he is stood up and was very defensive in his posture. I told them both to calm down but Python would not hear of it. See that’s the problem with men all over the world, they act as though they own women and we are their possessions. Last I checked this man had not put a ring on my finger and we had not even said we are dating. I stood in front of Python really scared of what he would do to this poor little rich boy. I explained to him as quickly as I can that he was my aunts son and they had met very briefly at the hospital. Python did not seem to remember and he asked why he was sleeping over of which I told him he needed a place to study he was in matric. Men have this natural assumption that women or rather girls don’t sleep with or date guys younger than them! I don’t know why older guys feel as though age makes them better! Oh well, Python let his guard down and possibly labelled him as no threat to him. He said he had to go, apologized for the confusion and said he had to go. I tried to stop him but he said he was cool and needed to sleep anyway. I walked him to the elevator and kissed him before heading back to the room.

I found Benny standing by the couches with his arms crossed across his chest. The first thing he said was,
“I can’t believe you are dating foreigners, sies”
he said and he actually spit on the floor with disgust. There really is a problem in this country when it comes to foreign men. I wanted to slap him for that but I was in his flat after all. He called me a plaas jaapie and starry eyed for falling for foreign guys. He told me how bad they were and how I will probably end up a drug mule and in a prison in Thailand. That was a low blow! Why does everyone make the immediate assumption that all foreign men are criminals? He did not even take a moment to try and hear him out and already he knew all about him, his life and where he is from, what he does and his criminal activities! It was this negativity that made me defend Python even more and this led us into a heated argument about foreigners and my freedom of choice. I was angry to the point of turning red!

In the midst of this my phone rang. I thought it was Python so I had to pick it up to make sure he was ok. I had no time really to deal with boys who thought they were men. I was surprised though by the caller I.D. It was K my gay knight in shining armour. I hadn’t spoken to him in weeks even though he had left a few missed calls and texts every now and again just to check up on me. I even almost called him a few days ago when Ayanda had taken me to the station. The drama in my life but even for him it was rather late for him to call.

I picked up the phone rather tentatively because I was not certain. On the other side of the line it wasn’t even K. Maybe he had lost his phone. It was a woman speaking. She spoke in Tswana and I told her I didn’t understand her. To be honest as South Africans we are ignorant about each others languages especially Zulus and Xhosas we do not want to learn all these other languages. We can say a few words in Sotho or Tswana but that’s just it.

She translated and started crying. From the sobs only a few words came out clearly
“I have been going through my sons phone calling people…”

Why was she calling people and where was he?

“They beat my son”

She continued

“Because he was different”

She cried

“And now he is dead!”

I sat down on the floor where I stood!

****The End****


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb page)

Question: If you have ever slept with or dated a younger man, how many years younger was he to you? Do you feel embarrassed at being with a younger man

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    1. They win ……..ahhhhhhh #scratches-head

      Maybe Mike should put a reward for them, then their efforts will be worthwhile

  1. Ohhh Thandeka is my hero! Sometimes I read and get lost in what she is going through and feeling. As for N nje what will she do with old uncle Rodney she will be bored with him bfor her baby even turns one!

  2. Top 100 yeahhhhhhhh lols…..gud 1 mike

    2ansa ur Q, no I have never dated a yonger guy, only a guy my age but still I was embarrased coz really basadi re a gola nd I found him very immature but the sex was good but after that we had nothing to talk about,so I left, I prefer guys older than me, just like my wine, my hubby is 15 yrs older than me, well I prefer 10 but 15 still does so am happy with that and not ashamed.

    1. Seriously Mpume??? The audacity to even state that you commented first without reading??? Are you kidding me???

  3. Thank you Mike, the worls and its people though… we descriminate against other simply bcos of where they come from, yet we dont understand when white people hate us bcos of the colour of our skin. for all this discrimination to end its starts with every individual to make a choice and take a stand.

    To answer your question, the thought just sends shivers through my spine maybe when I am 45 yrs old lol

  4. Oooh Phyton u left ur Yum Yum nd Benny it’s nt ur problem if she’s dating nigar’s it’s her choice lol… Nd to does who hv a problem of who is 1st or 10th to comment nizoba strong lols*winks*

  5. Yho K can’t die, hai y mara? *sad*

    Yeah I hve tapped a guy younger than me, he’s 2years younger than me. They’ve got stamina but lack experience and aren’t as adventurous.

  6. Eish now am sad about what happened to K, I like gay people I must say and it ain’t fair to be judged by your sexuality…

  7. Thanks Mike for yet again highlighting the fact that as humans we still are discriminatory against those different to us. On this Mandela Day, lets try to embrace each other with our differences -:)

  8. Pyton is a stupid ass, I mean how can u visit @2am while ur still on probation nxa, shame K knight dats bad May his soul RIP, as for Benny he’s a spoilt brat who does he think he is yena 2judge other ppl mxm.

    Q: I have never dated a younger man, but i wouldn’t be embarrassed cause i would have done that with open eyes

  9. Poor K, shame maan!!! As for Benny he hs no right 2 judge uThandeka shini yena hes dating a white gal and akhomntu unengxaki nalonto.. He must just grow up shame! *claps once*

  10. Ohhhh God yini sitabana sabantu great work indeed mikey I would love to be involve and donate sumthingz wif ur charity work bt pity I’m in cape town

  11. Hao bathong K hle…they just had to kill him nje just for being gay. What a ruthless world we live in.
    To answer your question: yes i did @ some point date a lad younger than me, he was 20 and i was 24. He didn’t even look his age or made me feel older…he is just a gentleman

  12. to answer ur qstn well am dating hm nw hez a few months yonger younger and bcoz am tiny pple neva notice am older and we getting married nxt yr,hez mature inaf for pple his age and am nt embarrassed at ol, his family supports us and find us both childish in sme way…..

  13. Great read again, south africans nid to come to terms with d fact that we r al not d same, weather a person is gay/lesbian/blue/white/yellow/niger does not make them any less of a human being, respect em d same way u wud wanna be respected.

  14. Yho!!!! Poor child what now her friend is dead and Benny just found out who is she dating which is not good for her coz her parents are coming to see her boy friend this is getting more interesting by the chapter.

    A: I almost did but after going to a few dates with him I realised that I’ll kill him alive coz I couldn’t get myself to fully respect him cos their was always that thing at the back of my mind that he is 6 years younger than I am, so it never materialised

  15. OMG,this is getting more interesting but why K of all the people?A:11yrs older,I don’t talk about it much I hate evry minute of it!

  16. nw thts sooooo sad mike.

    A: I hv dated a guy younger than me. he ws younger by 2yrs n am nt embarrassed abt it. we actually loved each other bt his parents ddnt approve of the relationship n we ended up breaking up cos of family pressure.

  17. he was a year younger, Im so embarrased, this is the first time telling anyone……. I prefer MY men 4-9 years older

  18. Thank u for the good read. So sad about Kay. Thanks for incorporating a “gay” element into your story. As a gay individual myself we encounter various problems in society especially in the black communities. Our fellow brothers and sisters are tortured, stoned, raped, bludgeoned to death for being themselves. We are an ignorant nation and I hope that all your readers will take a lesson from this part of your story. We are humans as well and we live, breath and eat the same way everyone else does. We do not harm anyone, but live our lives…we are not here to steal men’s gf’s – or try and convert women’s husbands… No!

    As for Python!! Aibo it was clearly a bad and disrespectful move for him to show up at 2am! Benny must stop being a xenophobic little brat! I guess with all this drama in his family, and now with T-gal I do feel a bit sorry for him!

    1. I honestly do not get homosexuals. Human beings are the only species that can commit suicide. We are also the only species that has coitus with the same sex/gender.
      A dog, pig, cat, etc does not engage in coitus with another of the same gender.
      what we know:
      – men are raped by other men in jail yet these men do not consider themselves gay.
      – the catholic pastor controversy with boys
      – God’s wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah
      – the average man does not have a problem with lesbians.
      – scientists say that they can identify the chromosome/gene that is responsible for this behavior…u know what? they can also identify chemicals/neurotransmitters that make people to become serial killers. Are we going to understand that there are people that just can’t control this urge to point a gun at you or stab you to death?
      We are created with a bigger cognitive cortex suggesting that we are able to reason as a species more than our counterparts as mammals. This is a good thing coz we have technology now because of our brains. It’s also destructive because we are able to force information into our heads even when we know for sure that we do not agree with it e.g. peer pressure

  19. Thanks mike to answer your Q my fiancee is 8months younger than me and all i can say is he is everything i need and ever needed from a man

        1. mmmmmmm dats great Lu,we getting married nxt yr & he’s jus as mature as 40 yr olds kkkk tho he’s weay younger dan that….. I personally think it takes a mature woman to put her young bf to his place by respecting hm no matter hw young,he’l neva b childish @ dat,he’l b serious inaf

          1. You guys are making me wanna try going young aswel… I know few ladies including my friend, who are dating younger guys

          2. yes wanga go ahead maturity does not come with age. it depands on what the man wants, if he wants a perfect/matured relationship with you he will make sure he gets that. look at me know and slender december the 21st i will be getting married

          3. oooh woooooooow Lu dats so nice, young man neds mature women to settle down….. well ma frnd is dating a guy who is 15 years older dan her but i swear to u my ben 10 is way too mature dan him,hez in his late thirties with no house or anythng………

  20. its sad how we as people are quick to judge others because of their race and gender….to answer your question mike im a very petite person i look younger than i am, so i get even school boys asking me out its annoying, i dont like dating younger men

  21. Oooh! Poor Kay! Sooo sad! Ai homophobia is just something else, what harm did he do to those idiots for them to kill him? RIP Kay:'(

  22. People have freedom of choice on how they choose to live their lifes, whether as a Gay, lesbian etc. Judgement is for God alone and so is revenge…so we have no right to act like we are holier than though…

    I have dated a young man before he was 5 years younger and i loved his young and adventurers nature. I was not embarrassed coz he was every bit a man just younger…

  23. dis gal’s life is full of drama makes me feel better abt mine…lol


  24. K DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pls wake me up and tell me m dreaming, lol i could see phyton’s face when he saw theres a guy in da room kwaaaaak, tnx Mike i cant wait to find what killed K Shame

  25. I dated a guy 9yrs younger than me, he didn’t look young @ all n his family loved me n were happy 4 us bt the problem was he was 2 immature 4 me!

  26. Yhoo i’m sad now ngenxa ka K.

    My ex and I dated for 3 yrs and he was younger than me by 4 yrs.
    I was not embarrassed cause he looked older than me. My friends couldn’t believe it when I told them that ndiyakrwitsha. and it was goooood

  27. morning,

    At the end of each chapter there is a question asked, do the top 20 or 10 what ever they call themsellves ever bother to luk and reply?

    I am not hating people but i have been watching this trend, yipeeeeeeeee top 5

  28. Emotional chapter for me, don’t understand why people go out of their way to make our lives difficult. I hope and pray that someday all this discrimination will end

    Answer: my gf is 4 years younger than me and I see nothing wrong @ all as long as we love each other its all that matters and count

  29. Thandeka will feek guilty now cos she only used K when she needed a lift!

    A: yes I dated a younger dude and married him, and that proves dat I’m not ashamed of him!

  30. Thandeka will feel guilty now cos she only used K when she needed a lift!

    A: yes I dated a younger dude and married him, and that proves dat I’m not ashamed of him!

  31. Yoh! so sad. Why people cant let everyone live their own lives the way they please. mxm!!!
    Ive never dated a younger guy yoh!

  32. :( did K have to die mara??
    @Zan I’m with you on that one!
    Mike i have been with a guy 5years younger than me and am not embarassed.

  33. That’s just too sad K is no more its about time those who call themselves straight (I included) realise that gays and lesbians are just like any of us our only difference is that they attracted to the same gender as themselves we should accept that God created all of us and the gays and lesbians should stop bullying other ppl because they feel that ppl despise them its so disgusting

  34. Mike if you are gay, come out and say it cause I’ve always wondered if you are gay. Prove me right. We won’t judge you. Gays are humans too. But great read

    1. Lol Kevin, so because Mike wrote about gay people, he is now gay?

      lol but Mike if you are, its ok to come out

  35. Poor K shame I feel so sorry for Thandeka so much drama and upheaval in her life all the time. I feel like I know her though.

    Q&A: For years I swore I wouldn’t date a guy younger than me then I met my current man (6 years younger) He picked up my issues about age from day one and kinda refused to tell me his age till I was so far gone it didn’t seem important any more. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man and so mature we always joke that he is an “old soul” trapped in a young body. Very passionate and the sex is the greatest I have ever had. We celebrated our 2nd year together recently and are talking about making things long term.

  36. This was a sad ending:( … I too am puzzled @ why us “South Africans” keep judging people based on where they come from. That does not determine who they are, it saddens me to hear people making sly comments like “he thinks this is Nigeria” , like really now! I think south Africans don’t understand what “ubunto” is.. Still to date apartheid exists, but not against white and black but against ourselves!! :(

    Your question: I have dated someone younger than I but only By a year, it didn’t make a difference really, coz no one could tell.

    Oh and thanks Mike for another chapter. :)

    1. Sedi, we are not judging them. We welcomed them with open arms and what do they do, they ruin our country with their illegal activities so dont expect us to be all lovey-dovey with them

      1. Leratho you have just said you don’t judge but gone on right ahead to do just that…judge. We welcome them with open arms (really now I think not) and they repay us with criminal activity (so all foreigners come here to commit crime?) It is the action that we don’t condone “criminal activity”. Crime is crime whether committed by a foreigner or a South African unless we are saying “ALL” crime is committed by foreigners.

        1. Oh no I am not judging and I am fully aware that not all of them are criminals but mejority are. You should come to the corner of the strret where I stay and you’d understand what I am talking about.

          They are rotting our country with no care in the world because they ahve nothing to lose, they can always go home.

          1. You should go to the tertiary institutions and observe the surnames of most of the black senior lecturers in the science fields….What do you know, THEIR FOREIGNERS!#juuust saying!

  37. mike im gonna have to disagree with you on the note that you just made about xhosa’s not wanting to learn other people’s languages. im offended hey, im xhosa i speak 7 south african languages and where i come from in EC Idutywa 60% of the people there do speak sesotho even though they do sound horrible they speak it anyway, i just wanted to make that clear not all xhosa spaking people dont wanna learn other languages. Kebuwa le motho ka language yahae, kekaho kebong kegonang hore motho ha asaikemisetsa hoituta puwo tsa batho babang. ndiye ndithande ukuba kwaziwe futhi ukuba ndingumXhosa. i cant speak for zulus though, ngicabanga ukuthi bayakwazi nabo ukuzikhulumela kulento . also i know of tswana’s that dont wanna learn xhosa nor any other language for that matter.

    Now back to the story,I feel sorry for K i wish people could just get out there and see how other people live

  38. What is wrong with South Africans mara? When will this discrimination end? first it was Benny against foreigners, now its poor K

  39. Nice one Mike. Yes I’ve dated a younger man of which i was 4 years older than him nd i was not embarrassed 2 be seen with him after all he’s da father of my daughter even though we broke up years later.

  40. sad about K, i really liked the character. like it or not guys but i know Gays to be the nicest people ever. i had a gay friend and he would always tell me that im beautiful and shouldn’t let other people tell me otherwise. sadly he moved and we lost contact but i love him non the less.

  41. Yes i’ve dated younger men. I always seem to find my relationships wth older men dont last and end in so much drama. I’m engaged to my ben ten now. He’s four years younger than i am and we are crazy abt each other

  42. Poor K shame.

    Q-I did date i younger guy who was 2 years younger than me and he was very mature actually. My husband is 7 months younger than me and we are happy and I respect him

  43. to answer ur question yes 6 yrs younger and no regrets, dating a younger guy is a challenge sumtyms bt been dating younger guys for a while now

  44. Ag the world is so cruel. How could he die. oh K u’ll b surely missed dear. To answer ur qtn Mike, I wouldn’t minf dating a younger guy, but I mstnt b too older than him.. Lol atlst ppl shuldn’t pick from a distance that m older bcz I’ll b embarassed.

  45. Tnx bra mike I rilli enjoi readin yo book, A:as 4 d8n younger man I hv mor thn 1nc,its fun bt u endup playin hiz mothrs role instead of gf so kuyadina nje

  46. Nice one Mike great work

    To answer your question yes I am currently dating a younger guy and Im not embarrassed at all and he is so damn good and satisfies me, he is 4 years younger and i have dated another one before who was 5 yrs younger.

  47. I feel for K. Q&A I’m currently married to a young guy,I’m 4 yrs older than him but u can’t coz we both look yooooung and he’s bit taller than me. He’s matured and he’s the best in bed trust me. Our families loves and supports us. m’not ashamed @ all. :)

  48. Thanx Mike U r a true inspiration.
    Xem Thandeka ke sono She never has time to Herself always sumthing to deal with.

  49. The is always that ecxitement that overflows in my heart as soon as i realize the is a new chapter and as always Mike you never dissapoint wow thank you…..cant wait for more!and to answer the question ive never dated a younger guy but i’ve dated a short guy ofwhich for me was very embarrassing so the relationship only lasted about 3weeks lol so am sure if i had to date a younger guy it would be worse

  50. K dead that’s sad. I have dated a guy 10 years my junior we connected well, were never embarrased and enjoyed each other s company but he had to find a lady his age to marry so he could get his parents approval. I miss him a lot….

  51. Iv been known to be a fag hag so this thing ka K has hit abit to close to home #teary eyes#

    I am cureently dating someone that is younger then me by 5 months and he feels that at times i dont respect him and i dont listen to him and just disregard him, but with my former boyfriend *baby daddy* who was 3 years older then me we never had these issues.

  52. Mr Mike thnx I really enjoy reading dis blog actually I’m addicted keep up with da good work u doing dis a God given talent its no longer a conversation u usually have with ur frndz cnt wait for another chapter

  53. i once dated a foreign guy 5 years younger than me. he was still in grade 11 and i was in my last years of varsity #soembrassing. nobody knew about him because back then i was living a double life. the sex was so boring for he was inexperienced and too careful. i just enjoyed his company because he saw me for me. met him last year and pretended to not know him, for his in varsity and im working with a child and husband. gone are those days.

  54. I am currently dating a guy who is 1 year 5 months younger than me, if you see us together you would not say. He commands respect but not in a bad way, lets just say in a “Zulu” way and makes me feel like a true woman, did not feel like this with older guys and guys my age. Mind you he has achieved bigger things than males my age

  55. Yyyyhhhuuuu ha ah ndi frutz… Rest in Peace K…. People are mean out there ey…

    Anyway to answer your question Mike, I am currently in a relationship with a guy 2 years younger than I am. Things are still okay I must say and one can’t even tell that I’m older than him. We are already talking marriage and i must say that I am having the time of my life with my hunn. So I guess time will tell as life has no guarantees, but for now i am enjoying this ride.

  56. Oh God, this ending is just too sad. I have recently lost a good friend due to gay hate crime. People please hating on gay people. These are our brothers and sisters.

    Well, I have dated a guy who was 6 years younger than me. A friend of mine once said ‘if you didn’t change his nappy, he’s old enough to date’. I’ve been told I look 12 so it was ok. I wasn’t embarrassed at all.

  57. We are a nation of small minded and angry people. I wish people would just concentrate on their lives and forget about what other people are people are doing. Thanks Mike, I just hope my fellow readers learn not to impose their believes on other. Lets respect one another.

  58. Nice one Mike!
    Answer to the Q,I am married to a guy 2 years younger than me. Im not embarrassed its a small gap and u can’t tell by looking at us.

  59. OMG I can’t believe hz dead tjo Mike dd u hv 2 end da life of the K aw xem so much drama in ones like ao how do one cope wit such news ai Thandeka askies doll

  60. My boyfriend is 9 years younger than me. He was born in 1997 and I was born in 1988. He’s the sweetest man ever! He does everything right, says the right things and buys me the sweetest presents…like flowers and chocolates. We just kiss though…but he says he’s ready to take it to the next level. We’re both virgins. I love him so much. We’re keeping our relationship a secret though coz I’m scared of being judged…Lol! I’m kidding Mikey! Bet u were thinking…what a pevert emntwaneni.

    1. lol kwaaaaa as i was reading through your comment, i kept on thinking to myself WOW, is she being for real? lol you got me there

      1. stereotypes exist for a reason, we must just accept that…we must also learn to embrace individuality (if there’s such a word). e.g. the most skilled thief/ drug dealer in Mzantsi has nothing on the most skilled thug from Nigeria.

    1. That is not true, I also don’t think generalizing makes you sound intelligent. If you believe in God you would know that all men are created equal and that we were all created in his likeness/image. I don’t like to argue cause its energy draining.

  61. I m dating a guy my age. He is so matured tht sometimes i forget tht he is my age. And oh, he is such a sweetheart, i cnt imagine life with any other man.

  62. So sad, i loved him(k)

    To answer ur question no, i think it would be gr8 only when u lookin for fun.

    love reading the comments lol

  63. Oooh! Yini ngo K #sob sob# k ws only loving frnd ka Thandeka n nw he z gone. Hai ngo P why @ 2am d@ disrespectful haw n Benny need to stay away frm T’s bizznes. Q: yaaa m in a good relationship wth this guy n he’s 4 years younger than me n we loving n respect each other.

  64. Good work once again keep them coming!!!

    He was 3 years younger we just had a nice thing going on no strings attached and hez of different race lol

  65. tears in my eyes because its so sad that we live in a country where we deem it correct to shout racism and are forever bad mouthing white people yet we show such hostility towards gays, lesbians and foreigners- its truly heart breaking being a South African whose mother immigrated to South Africa- this is not what Nelson Mandela fought for !

    Thank you for your blog I really enjoyed it xX

  66. Shame maan u ‘K’ may his soul RIP.. Mnxm this rich guy is a bitch and P too, acting like he owns “T”
    Thank u Mike

  67. Leratho, that’s the thing, your already labelling ALL foreigners. Yes we do know what “some” of them do but to places all of them in fault isn’t fair.

  68. poor K, as much as my belief’s are against gay people but I don’t condone the killing cause after all God is the judge and we all have our flaws!!
    Most people are like Benny especially those who never get to stay in cities with more none South Africans, they think all none Southy’s are all about corruption but actually if you get to know them you will know that some of them are decent human beings and earning an honest living.

    To answer your question: I have never dated a younger guy but I wouldn’t be embarrassed because it wont even show..@24 I look 19 😉

  69. Thank you for yet another awesome chapter.

    To answer yo question my boo boo is 2 years younger than me but you would swear that he is 5 years older than me, he is sooo matured. When we started dating i thought that he was 3 years older than me but i found out a couple of months that he was actually younger. He was scared to tell me his age because he thought i would leave him for someone older nonetheless he is perfect and he does not cheat THANK GOD

  70. Thandeka may be ithatha @ times but she is an intelligent girl. Poor K bantu, he always had her back now he is gone because we live in a very judgemental country! Yekanini amandla aMandela elelwa ifreedom & equality! Great chapter Mike!

    Q&A, I dated a guy who was 1 year younger than me so technically we were almost the same age, we fought like cats & dogs but loved each other. We still good friends even now coz we didn’t date long & never had sex, it was more of an emotional relationship than physical.

  71. I actually judt dropped a tear!! :'( this is sad…K really ddnt deserve to die because he was gay nogal…if South Africans are not killing foreigners,they are raping lesbians and beating up gays…its sad really

  72. U r doin an unbelievable work Mike!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…..K!! #sobs# I know he’s a character….I’m heartbroken, for real!! Did he really hav 2 die?!? As 4 Py yena, well done bro!! Showing up @ dat hour, cool!! Kwakwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Uzaba strong T!! U wud hav loved it if Benny was nt in ur bed…..haaaaah!!

  73. To ansa ur Q, I dated a guy who is 3yrs younger dan me, he didn’t luk de part though, am I embarassed….I don’t knw, I love older men, bn attracted 2 dem 4 as long as I cn rememba…dis Ben10, I wouldn’t do it again, sex was a BLAST!! Treated me lyk a queen, took care of me, etc…age difference bothered me!!

  74. Nice one but really Mike can we have another chapter phela this one is yesterdays!but good job…to answer the question I’ve never dated younger guys I prefer older ones…

  75. Gr8 blog,been enjoyin eva since I read da 1st Chapter…yes I am dating a younger guy,he is 6 yrs younger,love him too bits n he loves me 2…age aint nothin bt a number,he is mature n he is my man

  76. What a chapter Mike as usual phoff,mna I once dater umancane and was calling him Putsununu he was so loving sheym my young man qha he had this gal of his who was so rude and had to leave them abantwana bajole but he followed me and still want us to get back and I will get back to him when I’m back to my province

  77. Yes! I hav dated a young man but I wsnt aware he was young because of his physic. I found out just after we started dating but that didn’t stop me from sleeping with him. He told me he ws a Virgin so I also had to lie n pretend like I was one. The experience wsnt that pleasing in any way! Oh he ws a year younger than me :@

  78. Nooooooooooo Not K! Why not kill that loudmouthed aunty who snitched on Aunt Ldydia!

    Esish unfortunately this is a real life problem and families out there are grieving for loved ones who die such senseless deaths!

    Q&A- Will never date younger, maybe in my 50’s and he is over 35!

    I have an irriting Ben 10 who is a neighbour of mine who is trying to get into my pants! They are so childish and unrefines….very annoying too! Dont know when to give up when a girls says no i dont want you!. They take it as an invite to tick you off even further#deathbyben10!

    He once texted me to ask me for a hug when i refused he responds with this very smoooooth line…Not! ” I will give you dick too” I rest my case!

    I almost went over to his house to beat the crap out of him….and i am not a viloent person xem!

  79. Really dis hatreat is killing us black when one is different who are u to judge are we God now?I really hate being a South African sometimes, Nigerians critised,Pakistan killed, Lesbian nd Gay killed we even hate each other for being Zulu,Xhosa,S- sotho,N-sotho,Tswana,Venda,Tsonga
    Ur answear:I have dated a young man just u need to understand each other age different was 6yrs still going stronger long waited for dis chapter buti

  80. Tx Mike, beautiful…. Eish, I really liked K, it’s true we need to keep in touch , life is short. So sad about K…. answering your Q: don’t do Ben10’s, I like them mature, 10 years and older. Youngest I’ ‘ve dated was 4 years older than me :)

  81. i am actualy dating 1(neva thot i wud) and its not embarassing. I actualy find it cute in the way he shows that he loves with no boundries or fear of being told he is nt acting like a “strong man”. Older men tend to hide their emotion 4 the sake of being called a man.

  82. I can also say the same thing , As most foreigners label us as been lazy and that we dont want to work or creat our own business , .Which makes me wonder why is it so difficult for us south african’s to huv access to rent shops , whilst so many foreigners own shop.

    Nice read

  83. There is so much drama in Thandeka’s life. Its almost as if she lives in her own planet. Too much drama if you ask me, nevertheless I am reading your blog as it is interesting.

    I am so sorry about K. As for N, she is a bitch!

  84. There is so much drama in Thandeka’s life. Its almost as if she lives in her own planet. Too much drama if you ask me, nevertheless I am reading your blog as it is interesting.

    I am so sorry about K. As for N, she is a bitch! Gold digger!!!

  85. i feel sorry 4 mama k,ur ryt about zulu and xhosa people not willing to learn anothr language but the worst of them ke venda’s & shangaans they are worse….
    A:i have dated a younger guy than me(3yrs)it was just about the good sex i got from him when he told me that he is falling in love with me thats when i hit the road,transaction was just sex only no feelings,i wasnt embarassed even introduced him to my close friends as ”le Ben 10”,they are fun and all,some are mature too mature for a guys their age….mabengwangwa are bloody good in bed,dey will shake u tot piet kom shame

  86. Lol gathering from the comments about dating a younger men, They all have one thing in common,…..’THE SEX WAS THE BEST’ lolest

  87. hey there I’m just loving this blog… This is my first time commenting and I just feel that I’ve been reading this blog every second day and never comment and yet I want to…. Ohhhh I feel so sorry for K and for his mother having to go through losing a child.

    I have dated younger guys but with me these guys don’t look older then me so I am able to get away with it, actually I prefer younger guys then older guys.

  88. OMG k is dead may his sweet soul rest in peace,thandeka needes to go to church so much bad luck

    answere to Q:never dated anyone younger than me

    thank u mike :-)

  89. Why mara K…….why are people against gay and lesbian people they also people like us all we have to do is accept them

  90. Aibo manje Benny what’s his problem!
    Which is why Whites will (never) see us as human beings cos we act like animals. We are discriminating against ea ada as blacks. I sometimes feel like the icons who fought apartheid wasted their time. Surely they didn’t fight 4 our freedom so we can then oppress eas ada.

  91. Eish Mike y did u hv to terminate u K, he was such a gud friend of thandeka bt anyway may he rest in peace. Q&A bn dating a guy who is six yrs younger than me for 4yrs now and we have a baby boy 2geda, he is the most loving and responsible person i knw and m nt embarrased by him,

  92. Good work bra Mike,is so sad abt K and T yena is always in trouble, Wowwww my boyfriend is 2yrs younger and he is everting to me and we are planning to get married and have a baby

  93. lol wat a question m actually dating a younger guy as we speak nd he gvs me joy he is 3yrz younger thn me bt i dnt mind at all…ncooooooooh poor K mmm umphefumulo ongena cala nje

  94. I have dated a younger guy and he lied to me about his age when we first started dating but i found out after, which made no difference. he was much mature than boys of his age i must say. We did not last though :-(.

    As for K – sad for days *sobbing***

  95. Great read event though its sad for K. The father of my baby boy is 5 years younger than me and we are happy.

  96. Great read Mike, ALWAYS!

    Yes I’ve dated a younger guy, HE WOULDNT LET ME SLEEP!!!

    On your note about Zulus not wanting to speak other languages, I have to disagree. I’m Zulu and I compromise 90% of the time. My Sotho, Tswana, Pedi friends instead don’t compromise in wanting to speak Zulu…so don’t generalise please and thank you :-)

  97. Well I have never dated a younger and will probably never knowingly date a younger man.Once I was dating this guy 4 like a few days,I later found out he was actually younger and I never called him nor picked up his calls.For me dating a younger man is against my morals!

  98. Hi Mike
    Firstly I liked K I’m sad he is gone no1 deserves to die cos of who thy r and I love m gay guys no nid to b ashamed.its nt jst our country its da world dat nids to change we cnt charge we just need to give lov and respect to ppls choices

    2 ansa u, yes Iv dated younger almst ever since I started datin I’ve always dated younger guys iv done older aswel thy bore m to death, my current is younger than m bt u can never tell n no iv neva even thot of being embrsd I love it

  99. Another good chapter, but why did K have to die? These homophobics deserve to be burnt. Mike nowadays you are taking long to upload a new chapter. Why my brother? You are keeping us in too much suspense.

  100. Oh My Goodness! saaaaaaaaaaad for days! Homophia is rather very heartbreaking. I mean just cause someone likes things that are different that us does not make them less of a person and its appalling that our people are being raped even murdered because they are gay. I think we need to take a stand as south africans and raise awareness about these evil deeds, I mean coming out of the closest must be pretty hard as it is and now having to go through people judging one calling them nasty names like ditabane and is quiet myopic… we can only pray that people learn to mind their own business and accept others as they are! HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO NELSON MANDELA… MONNA MOHOLO AGOLE AGOLE!!!

  101. U never disappoint Mike!!

    Yes dating a younger man is kinda embarrassing people give u dat look like u eating stolen sweets or sumthing. I briefly dated an intelligent,broad minded guy who was 8 years younger. We really connected on all levels but the age difference meant we weren’t comfortable to portray our love in public :-(
    Needless to say it didn’t last!

  102. Nooooo Mike K cnt b die now I real luv him,he was soo hrtbrkn really coz these things r really happening in our communities,sad 4 daysss

  103. I have always dated younger guys. I’m 34 I look 25 thanks to years off gym and simply taking care of myself. My baby dady is 6years younger than me. I cannot see myself dating an old man. They are not attractive with their huge tummies and I wonder how boring and lazy they are in bed I just couldn’t.

  104. Hi Mike, thank you for a good story. To answer your question, yes I have dated and slept with a younger man. All my exes are younger than me. About 2-3 years younger. I don’t see anything wrong with it or anything to be embarassed about. It all depends on maturity, and how you both support and respect each other.

  105. Haaaaaaahhhh!!!! Poor K may his soul rest in peace T K really liked you he just wanted to be a good friend to u petty u won’t know the kind of friend ship he could have given u

  106. I can’t believe K is dead he is my favorite character apart from Thandeka. Like I’m really really sad. Thank you mike yet again for an amazing chapter

  107. Nice read mike as always.
    To answer the question, my current partner is 11 years younger than me but he is comfortable with that and I love him. He doesn’t really look young though or I dnt look that old. Ppl always dispute my age when I tell them. Yes its embarrassing to tell other ppl abt so much age difference. His family adores me and my family loves him to bits therefore other ppl dnt really matter. All I can say is love sees no colour. If its true love then age dnt really matter.

  108. Oohhh poor K,pple must stop treating gays the way they do,they r humans too and they r very sweet pple as well.UBenny needs to sit down,we love our foreign brothers. To answer ur question Mike,yes I have dated a younger man,he was 5 years younger,he was a cry baby I must say,the only thing he dd well was sex,I learnt my lesson,never again will I ever date a younger man in my existence bcos u become their mother instead of a lover,u cloth,feed,shelter and finance them!

  109. No man Mike how can K be gone so soon *sobs* such a sad ending, poor guy i so like em ppl they always happy they fight with no one, i dnt understand why other ppl hate gays/lesbo so much.

  110. AHH…:'( poor k.
    A: the guy i was datin was actualy 2months older than me, i loved him but he was immature, n liked 2 pretend n act mature. he thot he was a charmer. he was nothing but a turn off.

  111. Oh my…this is so bad…this whole homophobic behaviour truly must come to an end!!! A girl was recently killed n had her head chopped off by narrow minded bozos with pea sized brains… This is again where education is needed!!!! THESE ILLITERATES WILL BE THE DEATH OF US #STRU

  112. Thandeka is a really brave person, despite what she’s going thru, she sounds like a good person inside. And we tend to see the worst in people rather than what they really are. Fact is we’re all curious…to what point, that’s a person’s choice. As for K, my heart just starting bleeding at the thought of it. Beating ppl to death coz of being homosexuals is just as bad as any other crime. A person’s destiny is not determined by us. We shud love each other regardless of how different a person is or how much drama they have in their lives.

    Thank u Mike, I’ve learned so much from these two stories. It really opened my eyes in so many ways…especially not to judge people by their lifestyles coz we all have flaws..its more than entertainment I tell u, ur an inspiration to many of us :-)

  113. Great storyline mike..I can’t get enough of this,can’t wait 4the next chapter hey. I feel so sad that K had 2have a short life coz of his sexuality

  114. How can K be dead? Homophobia is such a bad thing… To answr ur q,th luv of my life is two years younger than I am n am not embaressed abt it,we r in a relationshp n not with othr ppl

  115. Subhala kancinci kaloku kuba ngoku silindile #chapter 83# I can’t do anything without having to always come back here on the Blog… So please better not keep us waiting :-)
    Keep up the good work!!

  116. I always say he who has no wrong and is perfect let him be the first to cast a stone.. Who dictates to you how you should live your life. Homophobic is a really bad thing and really who are we to judge? So sad that K had to die this way! The scary thing is this incident is a sad reality of our society..

    To answer your question Mike.. Dating a younger person is no no… for me. I’ve had this guy about 3years younger then me who been asking me out for over 2years now and I can’t bring myself into liking him. I feel sorry for him but i can’t be with him cause I feel sorry for him.

  117. Subhala kancinci kaloku kuba ngoku silindile #chapter 83# I can’t do anything without having to always come back here on the Blog… So please better not keep us waiting :-)
    Keep up the good work!!

    PS: gay people need a real strong support system on their side, these people are our brothers and sisters why the HATRED….

  118. Benny is dating a white chick, Thandeka is dating a nija guy.
    Soo what’s his problem because they both made choices.

    Younger man only talk sex because that’s all they offer older woman.

  119. I dated a younger guy,he was 5 yrs younger.I loved him a lot but was never comfortable with him being young,so I broke up with him.

  120. Esish may K’s soul rest in peace. I personally like foreigners BUT like why can’t they (bo darkie ba ma foreigner)keep a place clean? Wherever they reside ke mess nje aai . Lol but ey I’m not perfect. Just saying

  121. ive started dating an older guy,,he’s so serious about us and about our future. He does everything for me and he’s so protective of me.. He’s such a man. I love it. My point is that once a girls starts dating older guys..she see’s no reason to going back to dating boys..they are just on another diff level than we are they just dont make sense..the things they do, talk about, dress sense, character.. It just really doesnt make any sense.. Mina i dnt evn look at them shem lol.

  122. ya neh its sad hey, but great read as always mike.

    Yes i dated a younger guy 4 years my junior, he lied abt his age from the start and because he looked my age i believed him, until i saw his id, man i could kick myself for that! he fooled me alright, come to think of it he sometimes showed traces of childishness. Aargh

  123. Thanks Mike for opening up communication lines to discuss issues that affect us as a country and young ppl. I salute u. Keep up the good work!

  124. K is no more oh no! I don’t have anything against gays and lesbians as long as they don’t mess with me. Imagine two pussies fucking and two dicks fucking each other yho hay

  125. ya neh its sad hey, but great read as always mike.

    Yes i dated a younger guy 4 years my junior, he lied abt his age from the start and because he looked my age i believed him, until i saw his id, man i could kick myself for that! he fooled me alright, come to think of it he sometimes showed traces of childishness. Aargh! after that i wasnt comfy in the r/ship

  126. Wow! Keep the Chapters coming..wonder if we are going to reach chapter 200!!! Thanx for the excellent dose of literature!!!! And yes black pple read!!!!!

  127. Gosh people are so obsessed with being the first to comment
    In such a way that they comment first then read the chapter that’s sick. As for k I feel very bad the guy was so sweet he wouldn’t even kill a fly but that’s the messed up society we live in where being a rapist is better than being gay.

  128. KAY….DEAD????NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I LOVED him 4 days hey! He qas such a gentleman 4 givn T a ryd bck home even thou she felt he had no business wearin leggings!!
    Q…ive neva dated a younger guy than me…n tokn obt datin,iv been single 4 a wyl nw! Kip getin us hooked mikey…gud work mate

  129. I’m xhosa and to be honest I think I sound retarted speaking the other languages. Most people in jhb understand xhosa/zulu/english to I don’t see the point in straining my brain learning new languages, yes its ignorant as many people have pointed out-but ehh man my brain could be doin other things.

    But why did K have to die? Hai no Mike please pull a stephano demera or a taylor and bring him back. You can even do something like…when they closed the drawer at the mortuary K flicked his pinkie…he will be in a coma for a while but doctors are confident those f*ckers didn’t put him in the grave. I will believe that! The part I’m telling you how to write your own stories-smh. I’m joking before the fans throttle me!

    Q&A: he was 16 I was 19-it was the weirdest thing I’d ever done, I kept thinkin can I even touch him or is that statutory rape? Needless to say it didn’t last long. Then I dated someone 15months younger-soo childish.He’d sulk and I swear he pmsed more that I did. Now I stick to people my own age or older.

    1. I feel you Sasha, I am tswana and I used to feel stupid speaking other languages untill I meet my xhosa husband, now it doesnt feel so foreign anymore

  130. M crashed, K was dat fun loving guy who ws down 4 whatever.

    Pple shud learn 2 stop worrying abt oda pple’s choice of partner, cz it aint nobody’s business whether de person is foreign or gay….

    If u nt sleeping with de person, y does it bother u?????

  131. Yho yho yho uBenny uyandichaza moer. Eish it’s a pity K passed on when. Thandeka needed him now more than ever. Shame Thandeka was going to get the D but Benny was there why didn’t they just have sex in the elevator since python and thandeka have sex like rabbits

  132. Wow I love your creativity Mike. Keep it up. To answer your question yes I am dating a younger guy and I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed coz I’ve dated older guys before and they all don’t match up to him. His more matured and since day one its been fire,we love each other so much and were expecting a child together. His everything I’ve ever wanted in a man

  133. Wow I love your creativity Mike. Keep it up. To answer your question yes I am dating a younger guy,his Two years younger then me and I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed coz I’ve dated older guys before and they all don’t match up to him. His more matured and since day one its been fire,we love each other so much and were expecting a child together. His everything I’ve ever wanted in a man

  134. Kwaze kwabuhlungu ukuzwa ngokudlula kuka K emhlabeni. Iqiniso isitsha esihle asidleli.

    Siyabonga Mike ngobuciko osipha bona. Uqhubeke njalo nje.

  135. Mmmm Mike u the best my brother .I love both ur books,I am hooked … Mmm he was 7yrs younger than me,gees I felt as if I was babby sitting him …I love my man old and matured to be honest

  136. Aw hle batong K my gay knight in shining armour they killed him just bcos he’s gay!ay that’s so unfair,its a free country bakithy whether u black/white,u gay or not siyafana sonke.2ansa ur Q I’ve dated a guy 3 years younger than me bt that was a while back(2006)bt hate him with all my heart now 4 something he did back then,and now there’s this guy he’s 9years young I’m not sure what is happening between the 2 of us bt surely we not in a relationship bt we’ve slept 2geda 4 some reason and I’m feeling a bit embarassed bcos I’m working with HIS Mother!!!

  137. Great reading Mikey,shame poor K,I also loved him he was a true friend to Thandeka. Yes I am dating a younger guy,he’s 2 yrs younger than me and we’ve been together for 3yrs now and I don’t have a problem with that cause I didn’t even know he was younger than me and I don’t think age should b an issue when it comes to dating as long as we love each other that’s fine by me.

  138. I dated older women before.. The oldest being a 52yr old Xhosa in PMB. The 23yr age difference meant jack in bed but for her being seen with a guy her son’s age was a big deal. Im currently dating 44yr old and we get along well. Im the new class of Ben10 and proud (educated, working and currently giving the old girl the best sex of her life so far). Yes, the sex is good but remember, sex is 75% mental..

    Mike. Been following you from day one here in Zim and like we say up here north of Limpopo, ‘Sando dzako’ (big up)

  139. My boyfriend is 2yrs younger than me and we’ve been together for 4 years now. Couldn’t have a asked for a better life partner shame. He is fun, mature, never tries to control me, he is very supportive and always listens to me. we get along really well and that’s what I think matters the most in a relationship. Which I find is the opposite with older men, they always up in your face and trying to rescue you from lifes challenges, BORING I tell you.

  140. Ok first n for most Mr Mike I differ wit u we Xhosas r vewi interested in knowing othEr languages if u can make a proper suvery in Jhb u wd find out we xhosas knw ada languages n I knw more than 3 languages…. N 2ndly ths issue of gays n lesbians is a serious issue tnx for putting it up our societis needz to be thaught N 3rdly xenophobic (ben 10) is wrong coz he is also dating a white girl phofu wen its whites frm usa uerope ect ect they r called TOURIST bt wen its our brodaz n sister frm africa they are called FOREgnars too bad…….ths is nt wat tata fot for I remember in his speech in 1964 in pretoria sayn ” am prepared to die if needed be bt I cnt watct my black domination suffer(bt sibulalana sodwa ngoku) for later he sed I hv fot for blek n white domination..n 4thly I nva dated n I dnt think I wil date a younger man bt its only heart dat chooses who to love.. Good work mike

  141. When people say that this is addictive I dont think you understand coz when I started reading I had to catch up big time and It took me just a couple of days to do so n now im hooked.Waiting for the next release killz me dead…

    Az 4 any kind of phobia I think S Africans do it coz they got low self asteem and vent at the next best thing since they think for some reason White people are superior than them.Its a sad thing to think that we as S Africans feel we have to also victimise to feel better about our state of mind (Aparthied is still very much alive but now it is more mental than physical)*sad face*

  142. I guess it’s really true that we’re an angry people. One would swear we soaked up all the hatred during apartheid and at every chance we get we release. Be it foreigners, homosexuals, in the case of N one another and it’s really sad. I hope I live to see a rainbow nation in my life-time. Love the blog! This was really heartfelt!

  143. Nice work brother very addictive.

    I have dated a guy 2years younger than me 4 three years.iam not ashamed of it because age is just a number and love is blind..age matters not to me as long as you know how to love

  144. K!!!! Ao bathong! We really d disciminate against each other. Not what Tata fought for. And to answer ur q: young guys r only gud for sex. They r so insecure it’s stupid. I a in such a relationship ka itshola. Wa ntena.

  145. Hao bathong not K hey………eish this is sad #tearyeyes, this is gonna haunt uThandeka for the rest of her life ukuthi her friend needed her and she was caught up in her own drama, she now looks selfish ukuba be ka thanda u K when she needed a lift qha!!!!

  146. I love the blog and look forward to every chapter,I think u are wrong when u say xhosa’s & zulu’s don’t learn other languages.I am a proud xhosa that speaks pedi,sotho a bit of tsonga & venda,tames have changed & we are embracing one another

  147. I once dated a lady 4 years older than me. At first I enjoyed everything with her and was not ashamed. The problem was that she was not honest and wanted things to be done her way. I hated that she was controlling me. We never break up though, just gave each other space. There is still that spark but going back it’s a NO for me. I am dating my equal now and it’s awesome.

  148. Eish! This hatred that we have for other ppl just because we don’t like their lifestyle is not good, how do u justify killing some1 4 being gay???

  149. Why vele are we so hateful kodwa sibulale ingane zomama . If someone is gay ungenaphi wema . Gay people dont bother or force peeps to be gay so why r u killing them . We are animals im sorry ! Ngiyaze sabela ingane zami cause i dont know what the future hols for them . Thank you Mike for great read and putting a spotlight on this issue as no one is standing up

  150. I dated my age mate, so immature. Then a dated a guy who was 3yrs older than me. He was so irresponsibl and immature. A dreamer who does nothing with his dreams. That relatiionshp ws so frastrating.

  151. ahhh!!! so sad about K tjo!!… this is actually my 1st comment ever on this blog #VirginityBroken LOL. Cant even begin to complement your work Mike, it truly is amazing. keep it coming bhuti…. and on the note of Xhosa’s not wanting to learn other ppl’s lingo, hayi andivumi. i speak Zulu so well one wud swear im Zulu.

  152. i can only imagine what families of Gay victims go through , to me ostracism of any kind is just bad , victimizing people simple because they differ from what you know is bad , but i don not know what can assist the whole nation to unlearn what Apartheid taught us ,but we have to find a way to unlearn it for the sake of generations to come , my fear is today’s youth is taught by us , what if they emulate and inherit this embarrassing social illness, xenophobia , gay phobia

  153. what a sad way to finish this chapter , poor K ..may his soul rest in peace’ and the rich boy to judge hai”’ wonder what the rest of the story has in store for us- waiting in suspence as always

  154. Lol so I was at my friends house n she bring out Yum Yum peanut butter I couldn’t help myself I just burst with laughter :)

  155. im currently dating a guy whose 4yrs young than me but im not confortable hey cause i dont really know what to say to him and to make matters worse we work for the same company

  156. I am currently dating a guy 4 years 5 months younger than me…. lol. truth is, I thought I was just having fun, but now I’m falling for him, we are talking about a 22 year old here, lol (im 27 yrs old). this thing is actually funny to me because I fail to understand as to why I would fall for such a young guy (its my first time dating a young guy). the guy is all about parties EVERY weekend, from phuza Thursday right through to mogodung on Mondays at Alexandra….

    I do however think I should end the relationship because im certain nothing will come out of it.
    he says he is serious about our relationship, but I mean really, show me 22 year old ‘man’, who has just started working, just bot a car, parties all the time, and then has time to be serious about a relationship.

    anyway, I have decided that I will let it run its course, it will be over when its over… lol
    ****I love my booboo though***

  157. Yhini! u K ubhubhile? Serious u Thandeka is being followed by bad spirits.

    A: I dated a man younger than me. He never looked young at all as he was well built and a rugby player and did wrestling as a hobby. Xa ethetha u bhuti, yhuuu that’s when you know he’s a child. We’d constantly fight over a lot of petty things like the remote, the couch, my things, your things. I respected him to a certain extent until I felt like I’ve had enough now. He always back chat at me when I’m correcting him as if to prove a point that he’s matured in his own way. My friends knew he was two years younger but that was not the deal. They liked him. I realised we not growing in this relationship so we decided to part ways.

    1. i dated a a man 5 years younger than me, at first when i realise i was embarrassed, but today i am married to the guy

  158. Yoh! This chapter just broke my heart at the end. Oh K! When will S.Africans accept gays & lesbians? It scares me bcz I have friends that are Gay & Lesbian friends,I wouldn’t want to get such a call after 2am.

  159. Awesome read as always.. I’m just sad cos of K’s passing.

    To answer ur Q, I am currently dating a guy 2yrs younger than me. We’ve been dating on n off for the past 3 years. I and not embarrassed to be seen with him in public and I really value our relationship. He is kinda inexperienced (sexually) but I can say things have been improving slowly as time goes.

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