Chapter Sixty Six

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How do you tell your friend that the guy she likes is a dog of the worst kind? Dating a South African soccer player is like sitting at the back of an open bakkie whilst its drifting and you not wearing a seat belt. I am sure its one hell of a ride in which he is the only constant and you just an accessory. They like bling just as much as they like the newest freshest thing on their arm. On the one hand he is a PSL soccer player, S-curl clad, ear ring wearing lacoste branded black South African man who thinks when he chews gum with his mouth open he is the coolest thing since sliced bread. On the other he had many other women in his life and wasnt ashamed to show it. I bet you he drives a GTI? In fact lets put money on it! What is it with rich girls and slumming it? I tell you its a trend, maybe they think it gives them a thrill to date beneath their social status angazi but some things just look pathetic. Come on, there was no way this loser was in the same league with Ayanda. She was soft spoken and from a polite society back ground. He didn’t even speak like Bongani Khumalo who I swear is one of two South African players who is audible when they speak English. This guy is straight deep kasi. I would rather get her a rural man than one of this pantsula relic clinging wannabe. People who say “eckse” “es vaar” “ola” then whistle are a dying breed because most of them died a while back of diseases linked with promiscuity. Yeah I said it! Call me be biased I don’t care this moron was not going anywhere near my Ayanda!

He nodded his headed to me and said heita. The nerve. This guy was really going to stand there and pretend that not two hours ago he was walking out some other girl. Why do men always think that girls will have their back over other women regardless of whether she is your friend or not. I was so insulted. I know at times you want to stay out of it because your friends business because they don’t react well when you intervene. Ayanda I loved. She was what I wanted to be like when I grow up and I was going to protect her as much as I could. Fuck this guy. Women need to warn each other when they date abusive lying cheating bastards like this guy. Why would you wish him upon another woman especially one you know?

I told him straight that stay away from my friend. I asked him how he could stand there unashamedly in front of me pretend I had not just seen him. He tried to protest but I stood in front of him defiantly. I am a Zulu girl and if he dared to strike me I would moer him shem. Ayanda was confused about all this and tried to argue but when I told her she was going with me to my room right now she didn’t even argue seeing how pissed and steadfast I was. I didn’t hear it coming nor did I see it. I heard a sharp “ppa” sound as his hand landed comfortably on my cheek Wayithela mpama. Ngezwa izindlebe zam zinyakaza wajike wathi “sies ucabanga ukuthi ngoba ugijima nama kwaang ungcono ku nathi”. ( He clapped me hard and said “sies, you think now that you run with foreigners you are better than us”” then he walked away.). Two things happened at that moment. One he had connected with my ear and I could hear a sharp w-i-i-i-i sound and a burning sensation. I even for a moment lost sense of where I was. Secondly this man had just slapped me for telling him that I saw him cheating on my friend! Why is it men think they can hit women and get away with it? Not this Zulu girl shem!

I went after him as he was walkng talking on the phone as though he had done absolutely nothing wrong. I think thats what made me angrier, the act that it was so casual to him! The fucken arrogance of this skinny man.!Have you noticed that it is usually the skinny ones that think they can hit women! I kicked him hard from behind connecting with his knee. He just went down saying knee injury but I didn’t care. I had never been hit by a man before and this random guy who I doubt was even a first team regular thought because he was a soccer star could do that to me. I told him that I would like to see where he was going hide when my “kwaangs” came for him. Kwaang for those who don’t know is the derogatory term which Johannesburg people especially use for foreign people mostly West Africans. I told him that with him slapping me had just further emphasized why most South African girls thought that he was not half the man my Python was. I walked away. Ayanda who had just stood there too shocked to move just stared. I told her she was going to my room immediately and I was not going to hear no for an answer. That’s the thing with rich people; they are cowards and will never get into physical confrontation. She didn’t argue and she followed me quickly to my room her arms crossed across her chest. I had just dumped my friends boyfriend for her. Deep.

By the time I got to my room I was shaking. I had defended myself out of raw emotion but now that I was alone it overwhelmed. I just broke down crying. I know it doesn’t seem so strong considering what i had just done. I didn’t even have a short temper but for some reason seeing that idiot with Ayanda had just switched a light in me. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but what kind of friend would that make me. I am not violent and have never been in a fight ever but I was not even two months in Johannesburg already a brawler. What has happening to me? I was still so angry and crying. Ayanda i think was too scared to ask what had just happened.

I picked up my phone and dialled.

I told the person everything that had just happened inclusive of the derogatory terms.

The person listened attentively and calmly.

He asked me if I was ok but because I was crying I obviously said no.

He then said I will see to it tomorrow I shouldn’t worry.

Ayanda still shaking asked me who I was talking to!

I said,


****The End****

Question: Have you ever been hit by a man you were in relationship with? Even a slap? What did you do about it?

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

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    1. Babes, you did the right thing to try and fight back. He needed to know that you were not a coward and was not prepared to take his beating lying down… Big Ups to you.

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    1. Hehehe Thuto, I know what you’re talking about. My guy claimed to be the unabusive type but whenever he demanded something it would get to that point where he physically hurt.
      I stapped him once and ever since then he has never laid his hands on me again. I became terrified seeing what I had done but I also felt a sense of accomplishment. He uses the scar to remind me but frankly I don’t care.
      I’ve never reported him for all those other times, and yes we’re still together.

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    One thing men don’t realize is that once u beat up a/your woman the respect automatically falls away for dem and dats not nice for any man.

    1. True dat ex slapped me 1nce @ a party infront of his cuzins n best frend coz ddnt tel him ima b @ dat party…neva dd anything then bt wen we got 2 his place,boy dd i moer his ass n left him ryt then n ther…….loved him 2 mch tho coz gt bck wit him a couple of wiks later n thngs wer jst neva da same again…da RESPECT 4 him was gone!

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    I neva cheatd on him bt fr sm reason he thot i was, i then became pregnant wth our 1st chld n it was in Dcmbr whn he askd me to vist hm *i ws 4 mnths prgnt*, i thn wnt to hs ‘house’ he came bck frm wrk n strtd to beat me… I then clld it quits bcs i thot of the bby i was carryn. He was so abusive n even today ga ke nyake go bona le mo a fitileng

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    To all ladies who get abused by their men all in the name of love “PLEASE THINK TWICE ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU WORTH MORE THAN THAT”

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    You are a great writer bra, and for the first time I am reading something (surprisingly enough) I can relate to.
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  97. LOL, guys nami, ever since I’ve known myself,I have been surrounded by drama, nje. Thandeka’s days feel like normal to me. I don’t understand why some of you are surprised.

    Yes, two of my exe’s abused me physically and i can tell you that on both occasion it only happened once. I don’t wait for next time because I just could’ve come home in a coffin. The second boyfriend, beat me and threw me on the floor like a potato sack. Luckily, by God’s grace, my friend’s ex happened to be in the same place we were dining at.

    They moer’d him and now he also has a scar on the forehead and he calls it by my name …. kwaaaa!!

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  162. To the Q of the day
    Yeah I’ve been beaten up by my then bf. He slapd me for the first time in a club (Ftv Brooklyn). I was talking to his very own friend but he looked at it as if I was cheating.
    I broke up with him a few days later. Its funny how apologetic he was

  163. Wow, you just keep getting better. This is brilliant. I’ve not been in an abusive relationship, its easy to say that you’d walk out or kick his ass …but one never really knows what you would do unless you get there. I listen to women I who I counsel who tolerate the abuse, they know its wrong, but they aren’t always able to walk away, and although I feel sad, I cannot judge them. I love that Thandeka stands up for herself, it should teach women to do the same. No one should hit you…ever! Thank you Mike for bringing real issues into your script

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    Answer to your que….. Yes i was attached at about 11pm, i was about 30km away frm my flat. For the first tym ngbulawa ngeympama i ddnt even knw wht to do coz i ddnt even cry nor fyt back, i jc cudnt blv wth was happening. I jc told him to hit harder as if i was anada man, coz clearly he ws seeing a man in me. He walked out, i called a cab, as broke as i was, but he had cash endlini, i took 400 wecab, cudnt gv clear directions to the driver, had to walk 400m at00:30 to get to car. We broke up, he apologised kwaze kwangenela abazal bakhe. Bt when i think bout it, i get mad at me for not fighting back, nx i shud hv

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  169. Oooohhhh T, you’ve just started more drama between South African men and aboGorilla! And yes was once beaten by ex-boyfriend, some ages ago. Happened so fast could not fight back, was black blue red within 2 minutes. Laid charges, cops couldn’t stop smiling at my misery, don’t even know what happened to that case or the bastard!

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  180. Yes I have and we fought. The first time was unexpected and it threw me over but as the adrenaline kicked in and I realised what happened I fought and he too landed with some serious scratches and teeth marks. Problem with us women is that we let the notion of ‘love’ cloud our judgement. He was my first love since 15. When I came out of it alive I just cut him out and stupid me I didn’t even open a case. He apologised, even threatened suicide but I suppose in retrospect he was manipulating me…so foolishly I went back. When he snapped the 2nd time during a disagreement we had on the road and snapped me then kicked me I saw then that if I don’t kill him, he’ll kill me. I changed my number and basically disappeared after telling him its over. I was 23 (had been working since I finished my degree 18mnths prior, was very independent) and all the signs were there way before the physical abuse started. I was just too passive and blinded to
    see. I regret not filing a charge and just being a coward and walking away. I am in a great relationship now, thankfully I ended the violence which I had never been exposed to in my prime. I’m 31 and in a good place :)

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  192. well i too have been hit by a man and for for me it was like 2 slaps while we were in his car i got so angry that i knocked his noise with my forehead and he bleed and i got out his car and grabbed a stone and for everytime he came closer to me i hit his tail lights until i ran n got a taxi and when home and weeks went by n when we saw each other he called me a crazy b**** n told me he was sorry n we neva dated again

  193. Wow big up to T….@Lebolle gal v been where uve been nd tnk u for sharing ur story….I was in an abusive relationship for 9 yrs I was abused emotionally and physically mostly I even contracted HIV in d preocess….d first tym was just few slapps ,I forgave him den kwanda okwalandela…de were many incidents after dat….d 1 tym I remember I cot him in bed with d ada girl both naked in action….he moved from her came to me wangshaya ngecord ka gesi engshayisa okwengane ishawa ngebhande….waze wangihenga ngayo….kwasiza ukufika kuka mama wakhe….went to open a case for him but when it was tym for him to be convicted I felt sorry ngamhlanganisela imal waphuma ngebail…ngabuye ngamxolela…I know most of u will say ngangthanda but not I was 19 I was inlove so I tot..I beared 2 kids with ds person…I always tot what will happen to my kids if I leave him who will take me with these 2 kids so I stayed….ds he wanted to force himself on me I refused wangikhomba ngombese….d next morning I said to myself dats it went to shoprite ngathenga iratex ..came back to where we stayed…ngapheka tin fish I crushed iratex kahle…he came back frm work ngamphakela ngafaka ucurry ngavuuvuzela impuphu yeratex ngaphinde ngafaka ucurry ngamnika wadla….I watched him eat as efaka ispuni ngangithi” idlanja”…waqeda..akafanga dat night but waphathwa isisu d next morning..ngasaba ukphinde ngifake jst incase eshona…cos sasihlala sobabili….but ngabona ukuthi ngzombulala okungcono I must leave so I day I decided to leave and akakholwanga ukuthi ngyamshiya…never looked back till tdy naye akanaki nezingane zakhe..but m doing just fine witout him in our lives…kunzima to be a single parent but rather dat den being n an abusive relationship…Thanks Mike I enjoy tellin my story cos it feels like a lift is lifted off my sholders everytime I tell it…m still n a healing process but m a surviver

    1. SIS NokthulaK thank you for sharing. Siyabonga that you had the courage yokuphuma. You are strong and beautiful! uyindlovukazi! Isalute you, engathyunkulunkulu angakubusisa nabantwana bakho. Bazokhula bakusize uzobona….Konke kuyenzeka, themba nje wena.

  194. SIS NokthulaK thank you for sharing. Siyabonga that you had the courage yokuphuma. You are strong and beautiful! uyindlovukazi! Isalute you, engathyunkulunkulu angakubusisa nabantwana bakho. Bazokhula bakusize uzobona….Konke kuyenzeka, themba nje wena.

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  199. Yes I was a slap by a guy for my rose garden, after that I was so pissed I wanted to kill him but I didn’t the place we were @ it was far from home and he was the one with the car. Gosh was I pissed as soon as he drop me home, I told him I never wanted to see him ever again for he is a fool “isiphukuphuku somfana” nxa hitting me for my garden come on!!!

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    What I don’t get is why is Thandeka calling Gorrila instead of Python??? Can hardly wait to see what happens next…

  210. I have been slapped by a guy i was dating, i broke up with him right there and then and i never looked back. We had been dating for a year. He told me he was playing i told him told him to go find another toy to play with. I do not tolerate such i am sorry. It all starts with a slap before you know it you have bruises everywhere. If you allow him to do it once what will stop him from doing it again?

  211. KHABA LENJA!!!!!! #singing…

    I remember when i beat up some security guard when i was 19…he swore at my mom and i just saw red!. I am half coloured and half swati i reckon thats a dangerous combination. I cried too yet i felt really proud to have protected my Mom.

    Worse part he called the police on me to have me arrested for assault! LMFAO the fuckery!

    You go girl… this is a lesson for all the redundant dolts that think hitting a woman makes you some freaken super hero…#smh

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    Its so unfortunate that some women put up with this shit! Im afraid of even visiting her now..

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  223. Mike I’ve been hit several tymz ubaba wezingane zami. The best thing I did ngiye ngahlukana naye cz I blv beating sum1 won’t solve a thing. Now I’m happy without him in my life

  224. Haibo! What’s happening here now? Chapter 66 doesn’t sound at all like Mike’s writing. Its way too tacky and clumsy. Not his signature tone to it and a lot of errors. Mike, if you’d be reading this please pay attention and do what you’re good at – write! I’m a bit disappointed and don’t take this the wrong way. Criticism can be good.

  225. I can relate to her experience of being hit like that. Good thing she had courage to fight back. What a SHERO, standing up for another sister, she gets my appluase. Take my hat off for her.

  226. Wooow thandi , u r nt a coward n u did a good thng by tellin ayanda abt dt bustard hu really has no respct by showin off wit anothr gal infront of u. *flip nxt pg

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  231. Most women, esp African women believe that a man has to hit you to show that he loves you. And we always stay in these relationships and marriage because we are taught that ‘umfazi uyabekezela’ and the fact that we are scared of ‘ihlazo’what people will say if you leave your marriage.

  232. I am really pleased that you are using your blog to help others less fortunat but most importantly, giving people a chance to be a part of something that awesome. Most people usually want to help and don’t know to. Thank you

  233. I have been slapped by my ex boyfriend who was indeed Zulu, have nothing against them for that matter, and I still stayed with him cause I blamed myself of course… very stupid of me at the time… really enjoy reading this, very hooked…

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  240. Tjo Thandeka, I don’t blame her for what she did, as for me I was gonna reach the same way she did, I love to protect my vrends as much as dey will do da same for me…..mina bengonshaya ngendlela yokutie ake ahlane few month without playing soccer, wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbokodo…..

  241. The blog is all good and interesting but I’m just scared tht u mke it easy for SA girl”woman” to hurt SA man or as u put it “boys” by the insulting
    And degrading statements u mke of”US”SA man so plz mind wat u say we can see tht u dislike SA guys

  242. I was once slapped by a man I dated, he suspected that I was cheating on him with his best friend. I was so disgusted that he could think that of me. I ended the relationship. He tried to get back with me, but I refused telling him that he’ll surely do it again hoping that I’ll forgive him. Watsho wancama! He regrets his actions up to date. He is now married but still tells me that he will love me forever.

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  244. I so love ds blog,i once wz hit by someone i love,didnt see it coming,bt whe it happened wz also shocked cudnt cry bt when i got into my room i broke down as i didnt believe it really took me mnths to forgive bt havent forgot

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