Chapter Sixty Seven

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I am not sure if its weakness in me for I was starting to panic. Was calling Gorilla the wisest thing to do? I know a lot of people never think through the consequences of their actions. They always forget the “and then what” part. If Gorilla came and harmed this guy it will be on me. Yes he had been a dick and slapped me but wouldn’t I be and even bigger fool if I caused more harm to him. I was angry, true, but when anger subsides it replaced with reason. In high school there were always those people whom if you would mess with their older brothers, cousins or hired taxi people would come wait for you at the gate. Funny enough it was always coloured guys but I swear I had never seen a coloured taxi driver in Mooi River. Had I become that girl whom when there was a problem I would run get my muscle whom when they dispensed justice it was always disproportionate to the original crime. Did this soccer player whom now I was feeling sorry for deserve that kind of a beat down. I was conflicted. I read somewhere of a woman who had cut off her lying cheating husbands dick with a razor after she had caught him cheating. Yeah she got her revenge and woman rights groups supported her but guess what, she spent the next 17 years of her life in jail. His dick was sewn back on and he moved on. Think before you act! Think! Well calling Gorilla was not me thinking clearly!

I asked Ayanda when she had gotten herself tangled with this guy. She was forthcoming. She told me that when she went to Popbottles he had come with some of his team mates. Girls were flocking to them she said but seemingly he had eyed her and her alone. She said she had been surprised because although she was pretty in her own way guys don’t normally pick her out of a group of girls. She said usually guys are after the skinny ones. She wasn’t even big she was a 34 on good days and maybe 36 on other days so why was she so self conscious. She did dress a bit arty though like I said earlier. She also added that when usually got a guy she liked they often got intimidated when they discovered she had money and drove. For some reason men are intimidated by a girl who drives! This guy on the other hand had not shied away and actually called back. She liked him. He had told her he was single which probably was true only that he left out that single doesn’t mean exclusive. I have always wondered why girls feel like if they don’t get enough game the settle for the first thing that comes their way. Its fact. I had never really been the girl that was last chosen when it comes to guys so I could never fully appreciate.

So this moron had picked Ayanda out of a bunch. That was nice and sweet. Maybe he had turned over a new leaf? But nah, men don’t change, if he cheats once he will cheat again. He will be sorry and contrite when you catch him and will work hard even to get back into your good graces but once he is back in he learns from his mistake. With men the mistake they personally acknowledge to is not that they cheated but that they got caught. Amongst their boys its embarrassing and a laughing matter that he got caught. Don’t fool yourself. Ayanda needed to learn that not every man who says hi to you is a good man. I was not an expert on men but I could smell shit from a mile away and that guy was shit! Almost said that in Zulu eish! We slept soon after because I did not want to talk anymore. I was still angry. I had class the following day in any case. Sex and violence in one day had really got my blood pumping hence I totally passed out.

In the morning I left with Ayanda who I am certain was still asking herself what happened last night. She didn’t have class but she dropped me off next to the Ameic Deck and next to where the Wits busses park. Yeah at times I forget I was a Witsie hey! I think she was unhappy with me and that worried me. What if she felt I had crossed the line and ended our friendship? She was in all fairness the only true friend I had since I got to Johannesburg. I remember when i first left home how I had been so excited to meet more people and make many new friends. University I had said is that last place where you truly make life time friends. I had often told myself that I must pick friends well. You cannot come from KwaDukuza, all the way to Johannesburg and make only friends from Johannesburg and even find a boyfriend from back home. That is the mentality that made a lot of people backward. With this decided I must make more an effort to expand my circle. I had a busy day though ahead of me. I met up with Mosima and we did a tutorial together. Lol some girls can gossip I tell you. She told me that one of our lecturers was blackmailing a third year student for sex to get good grades. Problem with Mosima was that she was such a good and affluent talker it was easy to believe her. She says things with so much conviction and detail you can’t doubt her even if you know better. This is Wits I felt, nothing like that ever happens, we are too dignified! Maybe at University of Limpopo or Durban University of Technology not here! See why I didn’t want a funny university. Always drama of the worst kind! Wits we only do sex tapes, Special Assignment and good grades! Beat that! Its funny how we had so much free time in varsity but time seemed our worst enemy when it came to the academics. I was very behind so I switched off my phone and decided that today I focus on academics. In between lectures I hit the library. I didn’t realize how far behind I was O God. All my side drama was starting to put me behind. This week I vowed no more drama. I sat in the quietest place I could find in Wartenweiler so that I could concentrate. Looking around i realized that people are serious about life and I needed to be that too.

It was shortly after 6 that I finally got to my place. I switched on my phone. I had so many messages mostly from Ayanda. Most said “call me when you get this”. I think she had set up that delivery status function on her phone for immediately soon after I read her message she called me! I was even pressing buttons when she called,

“What have you done Thandeka?”

She asked as soon as I said HELLO

“What have you done I can’t believe you”

She said,

O Crap I thought,

What had Gorilla done?

**** The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto


Question: If you are a single mother is finding a new husband your ultimate goal when you enter a new relationship or you still date like any other girl (no matter how discreetly to avoid your child seeing)?

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  1. Yeppy im the first,lol then I read can’t you also add chapters on weekends coz the waiting is too much dude,big up urself also

  2. To answer your question, when you are a mother priorities changes once you have a child,you cant be selfish and think about your self its about you and ur child now putting some stability on both of you,growing is the number 1 key,can’t play around you had your chance be a role model to the child.

    1. hi phesh does that mean you are going to intrduce everyman you to you child as you said growing up is u’r no 1 key?

  3. I would still date like any other girl…he ( the bf) will be known as mommys bf but he won’t stay with us…

  4. Oh my wonder what gorilla did to that fool! Whatever it is he deserved it,you don’t go around beating woman for exposing your cheating a** behaviour! Mxxxm

  5. oh my word! I hope Gorrila didn’t kill the soccer player…eish trouble loves you Thandeka or you love trouble…..

  6. As a single parent I’m dating like a any girl. My family (dad, brother’s and uncles are the father figures in my son’s life). so I’m not looking for a father figure for my son but I’m looking for someone to put a smile on my face, make me feel girly and just love me… still want to enjoy the pleasures of dating and just enjoy being in a relationship.

    when you have a child you put these things on hold for a certain period so that you look after your child and once they are grown enough you start to take interest in the opposite sex.

  7. Omg wonder wat Gorilla did to the skinny soccer player tleng!poor Thandeka will never have a drama free life nje tjo lol

  8. Wow I can’t wait 4 the next chapter,gorilla has done something to the poor Ayanda’s bf mmmmmmm can’t wait

  9. I culdnt believe my eyes when I saw these words “chapter sixty seven” been foreva waiting for that one..much appriciated yhea wonder wat happend gorilla!!! Ow now we wait for nxt chapter thts the painfull part bt thnx mike..

  10. gosh how Thandeka always manages to be in so much trouble all the time???? oh Gosh wonder ow i would cope, but ey Mike good job keep em coming:)

  11. This is in response to the question about single moms. I think there is absolutely nthn wromg with dating till u find da ryt person to settle down with. just be sure not to bring different men to your child as dis may confuse him/her. be discreet as you mentioned and also when the tym comes for you to make dat decision to settle down with a person explain to your child the changes that will occur. like moving in together etc.

  12. yoh wonder what gorilla did, hai Ayanda must just be strong tuuu #rollingeyes# to answer your question, yes i would date like other women mara my child would only know him like after sometime, when im at least sure we might have a future together.

  13. Lecturers blackmailing students for sex, it sounds similar to Pretoria West TUT campus where a male staff member was using his power to have sex with female students.

  14. very interesting story to read, and i am enjoying every chapter in the book, just finished reading chapter sixty seven.

  15. uGorilla kodwa…..To be continued… Kodwa sum soccer players derisive it if only I had uGorilla I’d send him to the nigga I won’t say his name!

  16. First thing i do when i wake up is to check if there is a new chapter, i enjoy reading the blog and the comments put cherry on to however this new trend of people saying 1st or top 10 is annoying can we just comment on the blog dont think it matters if u read it first or last the important thing is you read

    1. If the soccer player can dish it, then he should be able to handle when someone dishes it out to him. lol. Hope he’s not dead though.

  17. This is a good read indeed. This girl should just go back home or she will see herself in Bigger trouble as she is already is.. Gorilla is no good News indeed.

    Thanks Mike..

  18. Thank you Mike, damn Thandeka hope nothing happened to the Soccer Player, as much as I think he deserves everything that is coming to him, no man should get away with hitting women. Looking forward to chapter 68.

  19. Tjoo i wonder kwenzakaleni,all in all ayanda shud be grateful that she has a friend who stood up for her because such friends are hard to find..cant wait for the next chapter though

  20. Another Drama again..I hope nt..T needs 2 focus on her studies after all she z a 1st year student…by the way what’s happening in her family (Benny aunt n uncle)The pregnant Roomie n her focx?..
    Best I have ever Read..Thanx 2 Grazia Mag 4 introducing me 2 this factual yet realist reflection in life blog..’AmaFinger prints 10 aphezulu’

  21. The truth is ususibhalela umbhedo manje and by saying that im being a true fan. akusizi ukulokhu singcoma because awusoze uwazi amaphutha akho. mina ngikhuliswe kanjalo. i vale lengcwadi b4 uyone ngoba baningi asebephelelwa uthando lwayo.

      1. Don’t mind Fact, that’s his opinion. But what are the majority saying…… As for me I say keep them coming. Am enjoying the language layout and the storyline……am hooked!!,

    1. Mike,you should not have dignified this with an answer… It is obvious that “FACT” here doesn’t know what the facts are,he or she doesn’t know the first thing about writing

      I hate people like you that want to gain popularity through discrediting other people,with negetivity….why did you not write a blog yourself seeing as you know so much

      Wakhuliswa wrong if wakhuliswa kanjalo shame,i am all for constructive critisism but when you insult a brother like you just did,it just shows me that you are a fool after 15 mins of fame,u want a peace of the pie okwakho but awuzolunga,haters never ever do. Stop reading the blog,no one is forcing you to,for when you leave 10 more people will join in your place

      Mike has a daytime job guys haibo,i can imagine he cant be on his phone all the time so that thina sifumane iichapters on demand like im sure most of us would like,lets be realistic people,he is human and the other aspects of his life will crumble if he focuses on just this you also have to remember that writing is not easy,this is fiction yonke lento iphuma kuye,and he has to deliver it perfectly to the best quality so that xa nifunda you’ll be happy with the results….. younreally shouldn’t rush good quality

  22. Good stuff Mike,

    You are probably pretty busy with zulu girl and sugar baby, but you know what would be great is “Naija boy goest to jhb” or “Confessions of a sugar daddy”. Maybe you could get a co author with Naija knowledge and outsource it as part of your blog and create and industry. But quality is. Always better than quantity. That’s why I’m not a fan of ppl saying two chapters a day etc.

    1. Hey. I think this is the umpteenth time i get the request you have made. A Naija Boy story would be awesome lol. I would make him Yoruba from Abuja not Lagos.

      As for the Sugar Daddy story lol i thought about it as well but i still cant get over what profession I would put him in

  23. Uhm… Im private and shy, generally dont believe in PDA and flaunting our “love”/ relationship about… In any case mine is too steady and quite for that. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is dumb and problamatic i feel… And thats just nje without a kid, so id definatly be discreet if my child was part of the equation- cant be introducing said kid prematurely to what might turn out to be any riff-raff.

  24. Y we galz protect busterds evn whn we knw nd hv seen dem do wrng Feelings ar sumthng els yaz bt ey Soccer player yu deserve it yu shld learn dat yu kick ball only on da Fielled nd cnt giv better use 2 ur hands keep dem in ur side pockets or els uzoba yi punching Bag#HADE……..

  25. Oh no! Wat has Gorilla done.. Shame but Thandeka over reacted:(.. She probably damaged the guys knee bad enough already.. Now Gorilla? Oh well, next:).. Thanx for a great start to my day xx

  26. I think single mothers are always rushing 2b back in the dating game…there are good men out there but their kids must always be their 1st priority in terms of exposing them to alota guys…every1 deserves 2b happy but it must be done with an open mind…

  27. nice one again mike…
    on the single mother issue well i still date like any other girl and if i do come across my prince then i will introduce him to my lil princess.
    getting a husband should not be a goal but God has to bless you with one

    thanks for the good work

  28. Python cheated on Thandeka with S but she still went back to him why did she stick her nose on Ayanda’s business? Not that I promote what the soccer player did

    1. Python never cheated on Thandeka. The first time they met at the party they were vibing and kissed. It was then she found Python shagging S in the toilet. They were not dating and in fact had just met that evening at the party

  29. Ooh Thandeka got herself into trouble again.. Your writing is so gud Mike I even found myself dreaming of Python#claps once :-)

    1. OMG, same here, G was busy wanting to touch my rose garden but i stabbed the crap outta him and for some reason he left 10k in my bag..was so happy…it was just a weird dream nje…ai!!

  30. Well won’t lie being single mother and young at that is hard when it comes to relationships because you don’t want take who ever comes along and make the relationship a serious one introduce the kid and yall break-up and the kid is left all confused and heartbroken. I think dating like any other girl is wise until after a certain time when u see where the relationship is going you can then introduce kids into the relationship. *but no daddy calling till he rings that finger*

  31. I love your blog and im a big fan but i just cant help but take offense for dissing Limpopo for the 2nd if not 3rd time.. earlier on 1 of the chapters you said something about limpopo guys and now its University of Limpopo,really now???

  32. speaking from the of a child who is from a single mom who dated and married someone in my teens. there is no secrecy of those kinds of relationships. Single mothers do not shy away from telling their kids the reality of the life they live until this new partner comes along and serves the purpose of being the companion. I for one found it so difficult to deal with that.
    There is no hiding that kind of development in the life of a single mom, that new relationship either creates a drift of the mother and child or it does at times work for the benefit of both parties but its highly unlikely that happy families will be played soon after the relationship starts

  33. How do you know Wits so well Mike? I definitely remember u at UCT.

    Thank you for your blogs, you sure have us hooked.

  34. being a single mother doesnt take away the fact that you a girl and would like all the girly stuff in a relationship.
    i personally enter a relationship because i like the guy, he has shown potential (in all aspects) and shown me that he worth my time.
    parenting in general (single or married) changes certain perspectives, behaviours and expectations. it will make you choose people you bring into your life carefully.
    i just had to end two friendships as is. one chick slapped my son on the head so it was bye bye to her. hey i believe in discipline through the rod but i felt that was crossing the boundary. other chick just decided to stick her hand in my son’s pants. i dont think i have to explain futher on that issues.

  35. Am sho u date like Ada gals bt not forgetting dat u ar a baby mama… As fr Thandeka shame I feel for you sista

  36. Thankx Mike I waited so long fr ds chapter dt I had to read chapter 66 to revive my memory:as for ur question it,s nt easy to let ur child knw if u dating cos u dnt knw hw long it,ll last hw many men u,ll show ur child b4 u find one to marry u somehow ur child will loose respect fr u


  38. OOOOOh my, nut why did she call Gorilla instead of Python? or she wanted the terminator to take care of it? Cant wait to hear what the big teddy bear did. Hope he didnt break his knee caps

  39. I hope u Gorrila messed him up good and proper! If SA men were moered more often for this disturbing behaviour of raisig their hands to their woman bcos they are such cowards then SA would be the better for it!

    As for your question: When i had my child i knew i could never meet a guy and tell him i am single. I am a package…take it or leave it. So i dont go looking for a father for my child, she already has one. I am a woman with needs…thats where i am at the moment. I am sure one day the need for a companion up to my old age will arise and only then will i get married.

    At some point in time you have to introduce the dude to your child, how else will you be able to determine if this person can handle the situation. However its up to you to judge if it is worth the risk of hurting your child if they become attached to this individual who might turn out to be a flight risk!

    Mike not too long with the next one neh? Please i beg I beg!

  40. But Mike!!!!! Anticipation, Anticipation and Mooooooore ANTICIPATION :-( but Good work though, hope the soccer player is still alive, things are bout to get twisted, can’t wait 4 da next chapter

  41. Ah BrA Mike u kept us waiting 4 ths chapter tjo….but all in all lts hope nothing bad happend tah Rudzani…..even though ah soo wish thy chopped his hands off

  42. Great work Mike,single mothers deserve happiness too the way to go is to take time to get back on the dating game until u r ready and are sure your baby is old enought to accept the relationship.

  43. Thiza uGorilla! I wonder what has he done to the soccer player… but chocho shame if Gorilla panelbeat the soccer player. He deserves it….

  44. Ah no! Really Mike? What’s this now? You haven’t even given us an event in this piece. You could have added this one to 66 as one posting.
    Please don’t make me lose interest. We waited so long for this and it was really disappointing.

  45. That jerk deserved a beating…but I hope G didn’t kill him!! So worried bout Thandeka and the only genuine friendship she had!

    Thank you for ur great work Mike 😉

  46. i have never in my life been impressed with a book but your writing took me off and i just simply cannot stop checking for new chapters!! love it tooo nuch very addictive. when are you casting for actors, i would live to be a part! keep on this is just goooood!!

  47. O larwd wat has Gorilla done… Ahhh friend lost now, this is sad I tell u. Tjo!

    Anywho. Great read as usual… 1 chaptr at a tym… Wondering nje wat G has done… *deepinthought*

  48. I am raised by a single mom, I know she is dating, I’m greatful that she doesn’t come home and introduce to me and my siblings her b.f’s. I can imagine, namhlanje ngu “uncle Sbu”, ngomso ngu its uncle Jabu, or uncle jack or uncle joe. Ndizoyigqiba nin mna lonto. Thank you very much I’m fine with not knowing who her men are! Thanks once again for a great read mike.

  49. Ok I hope what Gorilla has done won’t lend Thandeka in hot water. Even though the socceristo deserves to be beaten up by another man, ayeke utsatsela amantombazane. I dont understand y Ayanda is confronting Thandeka about this, the mere fact that a guy who is supposedly into you would beat up your friend infront of you, it means he has no respect for you either and doesnt value you or women period!!!!
    About your question Mike….been there its not an easy thing to do especially when you keep on meeting frogs…so much that I have decided to focus on my daughter and prioritise raising a dynamic confident woman. Would love to have a life partner one day just for companionship…marriage, not sure about that.

  50. As for at wits we do”sex tapes”lol ya hey..thanks mike.a nyc way to start ma day..happy choose-day..make a ryt decision

  51. this is such GREAT, RAW and ORIGINAL story i only pray multichoice does not mess it up with the casting. By casting people we already know. Bra Mike great job boss…wish you all the best.

  52. Ayi Thee gal, women shes had time to think Ayanda thinks u a freak she wants the guy, u must choose friendships n fact, just like uN uphi by the way n the job? Your mum n family in jozi u neglecting all, n yr studies gal wakeup! Ugorilla wont kill him he’ll die running. Mike xoxo

  53. Thanks Mike this book is the best, I myself am a Zulu girl from a small that went to Jozi, yeah 1 can easily lose direction in those big City Lights. I love your work, the way you pay attention to detail I hope to see your book published one day or made into a movie or TV series, wishing u all the best oh and NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE lol…

  54. The intensity is somehow reducing. I was so hooked but now it’s like am going thru rehab. Can go 2 days without diary with no issues while a day with no diary was torture up to chapter 50 something. Pliz bring back the addiction.

  55. In response to this.

    “diaryofazulugal says:

    Hey. I think this is the umpteenth time i get the request you have made. A Naija Boy story would be awesome lol.”

    I am very pleased that u are considering it. As long as the burden doesn’t affect quality. I think its really time that our ordinary african stories be told authentically and well. This may also be what brings our ppl back to reading. I really hope the tv show doesn’t kill the blog. Thanks again Mike.

  56. I wonder f Thandeka wd b able 2 complete her studies, shez gt so much on her plate, uDramagal mst b gvn Bells f she made t,engaty zobuya ngecoffin like her “cuzin” S

  57. How I wish u would post 2 chapters on each blog every week,the waiting kills me really,sad thing is one can’t assume what’s next as Thandeka and her animals are so unpredictable. I’d like u to touch base on N,malume and Benny a bit hey. Anywho great read Mic…can’t help being the reading maniac

  58. Nice read once again, got my friends hooked….they way im so addicted, i even dreamed G wanting to enter my rose garden…Kudos to u Mike!!

  59. Ayanda shouldn’t even complain kuThandeka.. she must stop being a missy. She saw her boyfriend slap her friend. Akukho okudlula lokho!

  60. i’m a single mother, i date, but finding a husband is not an ultimate goal, i dont introduce any guy to my child as i dont feel that i would like a life partner at this stage.

  61. To answer your Question, I’m a single mom of a young lady turning 13 tomorrow, I had sworn that I would never find another man and that men are animals but then I missed the life I had, the security, the cuddling and the sense of belonging so when I met my now husband my intentions were clear I was going to date and marry this guy I was not fooling around I needed to set an example for my child and changing men like a teen was not an option. So yes the ultimate goal is to marry

  62. I’ve got a suggestion for your Mike, how about u add a like and an unlike button so that u cn see by votes how many people agree with the negative points? we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss ‘devils-advocates’ sometimes they help us to refine our approach and improve our products…#Still a fan!

  63. Great thanx,its kind of normal that when you get into a relationship yur ultimate goal is long term

  64. you deserve what ever is coming to you now you about to lose a friend and even worse go to jail for attempted murder serves you right (lesson to all ladies with kwaaaaaang) lol

  65. Its funny how the first like 15 people think they are the first to comment. Lol. Anyway great read cnt wait for the next chapter. Thanks Mike

  66. Ayanda must be a virgin…she just realised that her friend denied her a chance of giving out her cokie for the very first time

  67. mike! mike! mike! your focus has shifted. i love this blog, don’t get me wrong, but you doing it for the ratings now and Thandeka is slowly but surely becoming a character and not a girl we can associate or the girl we used to meet. don’t know if this makes sense but you need a fresh new angle, a fresh new perspective and a fresh new mind. you are an amazing author but the first 50 chapters we used to chat about during lunch but now we just email each other, to see if out theories on the next chapter was spot on.

    like now, i dont think G beat up the soccer player but maybe Ayanda was refering to her poking her nose into her business and how she can do the hell she wants.

  68. Hay noo Mike , the story line is too wide now , bring it back a bit , back to abo malume and Thandeka’s job from Gorilla now that can be some action. or get to the End. Ngok its too much thinking than action. Like this one the only action was the last bit sogqiba ukulinda kangaka. Overall the book is awesome. Love it.

  69. Mike what did Gorilla do thle????? Please ive been waiting for the next chapter, am so hooked, Please take US ALL out of our misery!!!!! UThandeka mara, uthanda idrama.

  70. Sho Mike, awesome read! 😀
    Tjerrr, these “I’m first, I’m in top 10″ comments are super ridiculous… seriously? *rollingEyes360Degrees*
    I bet Gorrila dislocated mr soccer ‘star”s shoulders, tltltltl.. serves the idiot right for laying his dirty hand on a woman.. looking forward to 68!

  71. i wonder how the people that comment that they are the first to comment feel when they c/find out that they are not….. kwaaaks…. anyone care to enlighten me please hahaha

    1. With respect i beg to differ. Marriage has lost some of its gloss…cheating and HIV aids tend to make this institution not so very appealing.

      Some people opt for a Vat in Sit just for companionship and intimacy. If i did not have a child that is what i would opt for but for the stability it will bring my child marriage would be the better option to avoid our house turning into Park station for different “uncles”.

  72. Yoh! I wonder what Gorilla did.
    I’m a single mom. And since we broke up with my baby daddy, my goal was just dating and having fun like any other girl. But I got lucky and the first guy I decided to date was looking for something fun and exclusive.

  73. Yoh! I wonder what Gorilla did.
    I’m a single mom. And since we broke up with my baby daddy, my goal was just dating and having fun like any other girl. But I got lucky and the first guy I decided to date was looking for something fun and exclusive. My son knows him but I don’t bring him around too much for him to get attached bcos u can never be completely sure about this things.
    Single moms should not feel guilty for wanting to move on with their lives but they should have fun but stil think about their babies too.

  74. Lekker read man! U must just make this a TV series already. Bo Generations and them will just have to move over!

  75. I like this…. Mike o bosso…. Thandeka seems to b following trouble or is trouble following her??? Waiting 4 chapter 68…

  76. Woow mst sy ths is awsome,v neva bin hookd to any book in my life evn in high sku neva used to like literature but wit ur diary Mike u got me hookd,great job u doing…lol chapter10 my hrt skpd a beat m a law student@ uj tho n so is my bf a lawyer in polokwane I actuay lafd..

    Keep up e goodwok Mike God bless you

  77. when u become a mom dating is no longer de same, mina im against exposing my child to any man nd i hav never ever introduced my son to any man

  78. I started reading this novel when it already had 61 chapters, I read it until I was up to date with it, it was exciting. But now that I have to wait for days to read the next chapter doesn’t excite me anymore eish :( at least post more than one chapter u

  79. 2 ansa ur question (I’m not a mother yet but if I was! Then yes I would try by all means 2 find a husband coz if u still try 2 date like any other gal u might be wasting tym. “I mean hw mang boy4rnds r u gonna introduce 2 ur kids b4 u get de ryt 1″ if u r a mother then DATE TO MARRY)

  80. Yoooo Thandeka u shuldnt hv called G mara I knw u were angry bt heee G will beat d hell out d@ soccer player bathong. Thnx again Mike n waiting 4 chapter 68 plz

  81. Im a single mom and i date cos i like the guy , marriage will come one day i knw . I date discretly and hope i wl do in openely the day im sure i want the man to meet my kids. Cant wait for the next chapter.

  82. Im a really fan of the blog be loving this blog ill be soon heading to university so this be giving me an high light on how to live my what to do and want not too what the benefits and what the consequences of life out there without no one to guide and look after you be waiting for chapter 68

  83. it took me 24 hours max to finish all the chapters thus far. this diary feels like my own python its so thought provoking on so many levels…

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    Great read once more bra! Big up

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