Chapter Sixty Nine

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I took a moment to look back at this situation. Not only had my closest friend ditched me I had just been “dumped” by a man I was not even sure I was dating. Its annoying. When you sit down and think about it there are fewer things more stressful than being with a man who is uncertain about where you stand. I know we had never sat down and discussed our relationship but I would like to think I was worth more than being “dumped” via sms. Who does that really? It is rude and demeaning. I want to face my demons not to be left asking myself “Did that just happen!” I felt so heartbroken though. Last night we had made love I would love to believe. It was intense and passionate. If it was our first shag I would have thought that no, that’s all he wanted from me that’s why he had dumped me but it wasn’t. I had two options; I would either chase after him or just let him be. I had already had too much drama and the new me wanted normalcy. I missed home. I missed my dad and his Pirates obsession, I missed my mum and her church gossiping, I missed the quiet streets of Mooi River. Here everything happened in a rush and at times it was hard to even understand what it is that had just happened. Johannesburg life is fast and exciting but it does get to you at times.

As I was about to call Kay my gay knight in shining armor I got a call. It was Tebogo of all people. I had even forgotten that he existed. He asked me where I was because he wanted to introduce me to his girlfriend. This should be interesting I thought. Do guys really do that? Even back home I would never accept my boyfriend introducing me to a new female friend. Hell no! I told him I was at the police station of which he was shocked and asked why? He asked if it was those policemen again from the other day. I think by that he meant those officers who came to Milpark. I lied to him and said I was doing some affidavit thing for my law class which he readily agreed with. I told him I had to call a cab so I needed a number. He put me on hold for a second as he got one off his girlfriend’s phone. I could hear her talking in the back. He came back and said he would sms me the number and hung up. I felt a tap on my shoulder and guess who? Ayanda.

She said she couldn’t leave me here by myself and even though she was angry she couldn’t leave me here. Much as I was disappointed with the way she had left me, I tucked my tail in between my legs and went to the car. I needed my own car shem. Now that I had lost Python how was I going to get one? See why Gorilla was handy. I had to call him and inquire about the job he had offered me. I already had a learners license from back home but I knew it was going to expire within two or three months. I hope I had remembered to bring it with me. The trip back was awkward but Ayanda said that she had gotten scared by all this. She asked me what kind of people I was dealing with to even be able to be implicated in such a thing. She was forgetting that all this had happened because I was defending her. I just apologized. We all have those friends whom no matter how vein, self centered and so on you can’t throw away but always try to pull closer. I genuinely loved Yandi and she was that friend.

But Python! You cannot trust a man! It’s not rocket science its fact. The only person you can trust is yourself then you settle for whatever else comes your way. Every now and again you get a good man and you fight hard to make it work. Every other time however you meet a dog, a loser and a man who cannot keep it inside his pants. This is the man most of us have had the displeasure of dating. Pick an ex, any ex, and you will know what I talking about. Unless something is his idea you either trying to show him up, disrespecting him or my favorite, you don’t listen to him. That’s how most relationships go. They treat us like children and as though we cannot think for ourselves.

I had my reasons why I always called Gorilla and not Python. I didn’t want my man to get in trouble. This was my way of having his back. Plausible deniability. Another thing is that I don’t think any man wants a needy girl. Us Zulu girls and I hope other girls too are self sufficient and can stand up for ourselves. Yeah your man must take care of you but he doesn’t own you. I might be from Mooi River but I know that I am worth something. If Python wanted to act like a bitch then let him be. Most girls I have noticed are in relationships with guys who behave as though she the girls must be grateful that he is hers and that they owe him something. I didn’t want that for myself. I was not going to call him and that thought hurt so much but I will stand by it.

When I got to the flat there was N standing by the door with her parents. They were a bit annoyed I had taken so long to come back but I apologized and lied that I was doing a law project. They accepted and I gave my beautiful roommie a big hug. I was so relieved she was back. Ayanda greeted them and we all entered together. Her parents didn’t stay long and checked in at the Garden Court that shares its parking with Milpark. They said they would check on her tomorrow before they headed back to Bloemfontein. I couldn’t help but wonder why her parents had agreed to such a deal. Your daughter has been made pregnant, almost died in fact because of the circumstances around that pregnancy, and then you say no go stay with the married baby daddy and his wife who almost killed you? Was this a lack of pride or just giving up and saying at least she got someone? I just didn’t understand! Can someone please explain ah?

With N back my world was coming back to normal. Ayanda didn’t stay long either and asked if we could talk tomorrow. I apologized to her yet again and she left. Now I was left with N and we could catch up. The swelling from her beat down had gone down.

“I want to get rid of the pregnancy”

That was the first thing she said to me when we were alone!

“You are the only person I have told! I don’t want to be a mother at 21! I have so much growing to do”

She said. I think she wanted my support but in all honesty I was too stunned to give it. So why was she here? I judged her harshly at that moment!

“Tomorrow I will book at Marie Stopes”

I asked her who Marie Stopes was for whilst the name sounded familiar I was not sure.

“It’s the abortion clinic I have used once before!”

I walked out!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Question: I read recently that the biggest cause of divorce is not money but in fact sexual boredom that leads to promiscuity. If your partner (male or female) comes back and says let’s either swing (sleep with another couple) or have a 3some with someone of your choice just to jump start your now boring, predictable sex life, would you dump him or her and would you be offended by their attempts to revive your sex life? What alternative especially as a woman would you offer to save your physical relationship?

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  1. Sex is between 2 ppl! Period, wateva new thing a couple wana do 2 bring back da fun in their sex life shud b between them 2 ONLY!

  2. Yay, first to comment. Tx Mike, this was a great suprise, thought we were only getting another chapter tomorrow. On ur question, I dnt think I would eva be able to have a three some or rather swing, I’m old fashioned and still believe sex is between two people, but that’s just me.

  3. We don’t care if u the 1st or not,put in proper coment plz… As a married woman I would suggest we take it out of the bedroom, go sumwhere public,swinging is not on, things could go wrong(emotional attatchment n all)

  4. Python needs to grow up if he had a problem with his woman asking another man fr help shuld have asked why was it happening not dump her bt then I get where he is coming from man r territorial its belittling to have another guy take care of ur woman’s problem all he sees is I can protect my woman he is a provider and a protector if u take that from him he is nothing so why do u need him around fr??? As fr swinging HELL NO!!!!! If its not to ur satisfaction leave bro most time it breaks a relationship than help it its like adding salt to the wound.

  5. This is thee best blog ever, thank you sir for giving us something that will equip and empower us. I think this would make a great drama/movie (y)

  6. U keep giving us more everytime, I’m so intrigued and hooked I am dying for the TV series that is still in the pipeline. We love your work ☺

  7. Yoh, finally. N is a coward shame. Why have unprotected sex, then abort? For the second time nogal!!!! 70 please….

  8. Love I jus love next chapter asseblief mnr. Abortion such a tough decision but I feel u N it aint easy being a young mom

  9. U r a gud man Nkuli thanks for the post i really enjoyed it. . .
    As to ur q. . .I wud like to dwing but ill be to scared to to tell my husband that. . . They can be so insecure but if he asked 1st i’d agree to swing not a 3sum thou
    Keep up the gud work!!!!

  10. Gosh this girl thinks abortion is a solution na? N its fo d 2nd tym layita Yesu .Poor Thandeka now she mst support N on ths uwhooo

  11. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! N, is she CRAZY?!? Another abortion!! Madness!! Y isn’t she using protection???? Clearly she doesn’t care about STI’s and HIV!!! Contraceptions N!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

  12. Swinging is one of the causes ze HIV, if I allow whatever my partner wants without thinking of the consequences then I might as well sleep with every other guy that comes my way. We are in a pandemic where siblings are left to raise each other cos the parents died of AIDS. Masiyekeni uku jabulisa izi dingo zenyama ezinga hlanzekile, and stick to the partner that God has bound u with… I comment as a married person

  13. Thanks 4 dis chapter Mike, always a great read, could u plz give us da nxt chapter for Confessions. Plz plz Mike *puppy eyes*

  14. Wow what a great surprise Mike, didn’t expect you to post until tomorrow…. Thandeka way to go, Python is just seeking for attention qha!

  15. Yandi at least you came back…as for N tough decision that. Thandeka must just call P and talk it over with him. Mara ja being dumped via sms is not on! And for the Q- If you want variety with different people don’t get married. No introducing third parties into your marriage that’s asking for problems. If you still inlove with each other and maintain that passion and intimacy then you should not have issues spicing it up with just the two of you. sex in a public place, blow him while he is driving,quickies when he least expects it, phone sex, sexting, role playing… Comeon people be creative. Swinging is an absolute cop out.

  16. Wow N has been around ah, @age 21 she wants to hv 2nd aborts.Hw abt taking responsblty 4 ur actions. Im married and if u wanna hv a child with my husband, go ahead bt ur chid wont have same lyf as mine and ul remain 2nd al ur lyf. as for ur Q I believe marriage is btwn 2 ppl nd no 3rd prsn is needed. its our duty to revive it and noone else.NYC CHAPTER AS ALWAYS

  17. regarding the swinging or the 3some….nna I’ll just buy him a oneway bus ticket straight 2 hell 4 even suggesting it

  18. I’i will never do 3som if da guy is tired rather part ways*Lerato le a fela gwa sala gotlelelo*e ra gore man will always hav lots of women 2 revive thm jooooo**

  19. Introducing 3rd parties HELL NO! If it ever got that bad, that’s when we’ll both go to that school where Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey) went to learn all that kinky fuckery…lol, I’m sure they do exist somewhere, somehow, somebody must be making money teaching people how to use all those sex toys and improve their sex lives.
    He’s my hubby akere, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of but sooooo much more to gain, hahahaha!

  20. N on abortion number 2 at 21?? Buh then who are we to judge buh no man she should jus abstain instead. Think she’ll regret all of this one day. And for ur Q lol a three some sounds fun buh in a marriage its a big NO. Feelings might get attached to the 3rd party and jus complicate things even more. No matter how hard things get I’d rather seek professional help where I know we’ll get help that will benefit both of us and laugh at ma partner for the suggestion that he had made. For a married person to suggest that,,hilarious I tell ya. That’s jus on another level hey and thanx for yet another great chapter.

  21. She has done Abortion before??? N mara…. Yooo she been through a lot 4 a 20yr old hey!!! Why can’t we have 2 chapters a day though??? Phela the suspense is killing us

  22. As for swinging,,,lmao HELL TO THE NO!!! What if people get attracted da and both marriages end?? No that’s a bad idea hey a very very bad idea

  23. Guys if all u cn say is “next please” or “cnt w8 for the next chapter” then plz dnt comment coz u r defeating the whole purpose of commenting. We all want the next chapter and we can see that u r 1st or thot u r 1st to comment so a lil maturity please if u dnt mind.

    Heheheheee uN uJabula kabi mara, abortion for the 2nd time? Xa inabani iHIV yona? she never learns shame.. m glad Thandi z nt gna run after tht big baby Python, every girl/guy deserves better than to be dumped over the 4wn or wthout being given a chance to explain themselves. I wonder y wud tebogo want to intro his girl to thandi, dnt tell me she is one of those insecure girls tht want want to keep their enermies/potential threats closer.

    A* I wud NEVER agree to swinging or 3sum, if our sex life is boring and predictable then we wil find a way to bring back the fire JUST THE TWO OF US!!

  24. Gr8t 1 Mike, I must say the plot doesn’t stop to thicken. Ay N is slowly catching up to T’s drama lol. To answer ur q maybe I’d try a 3sum.

  25. N shud stop using abortion as a contraceptive:( To answer ur question i wud nt agree to bring other ppl to our bedroom, ppl shud realise dat sex is more than just a physical contact bt is much more deeper than that.

  26. I think there are other ways of reviving ones sex life. Swinging opens the doors of adultry, it might be fun at 1st. But what if when hubby stops I start doing them on the side. Iyoooooooo

  27. Lol,#deathby “I walked Out”… But doesn’t malume Rodney know that “N” is pregnant? Now I’m confused hey… Thandeka must just go to Python and explain everything to him. I love their “Lust Relationship” if I may say.

  28. Hhayi this chapter was short#ngikwatile# @ t from a zulu girl to a zulu girl .no one is an angel you ddnt what u thought was best @tht moment

  29. Dankie san…..Eish thash cela wenze lento ubuzoyenza ejozi…Funda yekela upapa….Mara y N 2nd abortionz @ de age of 20 u nid a Prayer 4 real…P z messing wit ur mind gal yekela lama kwere-kwere thash n pursue ur career….waitin 4 a next chapter….

  30. Wow, I wasn’t experting a new chapter until tomorrow, come on T, don’t b so judgemental! As for spicing up our boring sex life we could always try something new, watch porn movies together, new styles, dress up, vabrators or anything but 3sum! Its a big no no 4 me!

  31. Hi, my husband and I have started swinging because we decided the lying and cheating was hurting our marriage , we had been separated because of his infidelity but sooner learnt we worked better together and I also learnt that as a woman I can’t really keep up with his high sex drive sometimes I’m just too tired . 2 kids , a sick mom, a job and a husband left very little time to be sexy for him. I must say since we started its been such a blessing coming home and have him happy, plus once a month he’s allowed a bit of fun without me …. I’m allowed too. Surprisingly tho we have more sex now than when we started swinging… We can’t stop… In the car , toilet, in his office, on the bench near the pool … U name it we do it there. We’ve been married for 11 years , u can understand , we were a bit boring before our new lifestyle … I suggested it hoping he would turn me down I’m glad he didn’t !!!!

  32. *and the chicken licken craving monkey goes small* thanx Mike . On the matter of allowing a 3rd person in a marriage is just a no no! That is your sancuary as a couple do whatever but never let spice from outside make it better because the two of you together will never be enough for each other.

  33. *and the chicken licken craving monkey goes small* thanx Mike . On the matter of allowing a 3rd person in a marriage is just a no no! That is your sanctuary as a couple do whatever but never let spice from outside make it better because the two of you together will never be enough for each other after that.


  35. Tjo tjo tjo,wow N hs skeletons in da closet. I mean 4 da second tym lena yoh nd am sure she’s gna lie 2 her parentz dt she hd miscariage

  36. If it ever came to that I’d probably choose that we swing…I’d do most things(notice I didn’t say anything)to save my relationship…as long as he will be open to any suggestions I too might come up with..

  37. Thandeka is using her gay friend. She only thinks of him when she’s in trouble. I don’t like that about her.

  38. As long as I get to choose the extra partner then cool by me. To be safe coz there is the risk of my partner n the “new” 3 sum intro loving it soo much they hook up without me, so rather go out of town, select some1 neither of u will ever meet again n play it safe. As I said I need 2 find her appealing enough 4 me also. We need 2 have honest fun in relationships. Role playing and the whole game plan. So even the day he goes n cheats you know gore 4sure he’s just greedy.

  39. OMG every tym I read it feels lyk I met these ppl maan! U knw your work and when u r gud you gud broer danke baaie.

  40. maybe at 21 when I was more like Thandeka I would have done it when you are married NO! what if the other person is soooo good better than ur partner what then?
    ukuzidonsela amanzi ngomsele nje lokho


  42. It ws well worth th w8 nd 2 ansa yo question yes I’d b offended sex shud b passionate nd intimate nt sum let’s open our legs 2 a new dick o pussy as a girl I’d defintly do pole dancin nd increase on th 4play department bt hevin a third member involved or switchin partners is jst not an option

  43. They be like:1st one to comment whilst when we check u da 15th,WTF pipol cut it already,soooo annoying Gwosh stop it. SN:Thanx 4da read Bro,ga go tshwane

  44. Oh no swinging & three somes?hai no that’s sick!if my man asked me for that I’d dump him!I’m certain there are a million things we can do to spice up not go down sol morally low to engage in such immoral activities!hai sies man with so many deseases and things its scary these things actually still happen!human beings are morally degenerating stru!

  45. Way 2 go gal have sum sly respect let go his a bby aftr all, let g buy u a car am sure he wont mind:

    tjo mike as for saving relationship i say hell no cus ur prtnr will compr an u not gone win, i say seek help tis days u cnt be embrrsed abut sex unless u wnt 2 compte with a 15yr old, sex shud be fun jst have sex ppl do things tat u neva thought fat or skinny.(28 not married)

  46. Nice read.
    No to having a third person to kick start the sex in my relationship, once it starts it won’t stop leading to more problems. Women need to know their bodies,what turns them on,how they would like to be touch. This will make sex more pleasurable for both partners leading to a better relationship or marriage.

  47. So N has had more than 1 T.O.P & she’s thinking of another !She’s not the first or only girl doing it & i hope that a lot will be learned from her actions & their after effects,be it emotional,physical,psychological or otherwise.Lets hope that she’ll get help from Marie Stopes but too much of anything is not healthy.

    On your question:I believe that love is between two people & involving a 3rd party is not a good idea unless you agreed on an open marriage.There are a lot of ways to spice-up sex without getting a 3rd party unless he or she is an author of those Sex books as they have a way of making you realise 1 or more things about you that you never imagined.If my partener asked about swinging or a 3rd party i will feel cheated.

  48. Hmm her reasons for not calling P are good I hope they sort it out.
    N should do what’s best for her

  49. Tx Mike. Sex is sacred especially in marriage. It is both our responsibility as a couple to keep it alive so as nt to find a reason to cheat. N must nt abort the baby that is a decision she will regret. Python needs to grow up.Clearly all those ppl who always think they r the first to comment are dimwits and must jst phola bafase iphondo and shut up whilst saving us all from their little intelligence pls.

  50. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to these “1st to read/comment” folk but just because you were first to comment doesn’t mean you were first or second to read,some people have read but decided to keep their comments to themselves. Please stop this childishness,it doesn’t help the blog in any way. Thanks
    As for N,another abortion?? Haybo icondom inabani? Abortion is not a contraceptive,what if kuphume nesbeleko angaze aphinde azale? Tjoo! Great one Mikey!

  51. Thanx for the awesome writing!! I’m only 14 by the way!! A friend of mine recommended this book and she’s a year younger than me! I think its awesome writing… Can’t wait for chapter70!

  52. Nice one dude!Keep it up bro!Well on our question yes ofcourse I do the three somes from time to time with my fiance!Swinging wev done it just a few times!We,v been doing it long before he engaged me!We love and enjoy the 3 somes!

  53. Woe…! Wait, N had an abortion b4? Her parents don’t she is pregnant? Well, I sense some more drama here I can’t wait for the chapter.

  54. Abangidini nje abo first1 to comment I thot dis blog was 4 matured peaple plz you mike ure amazing may God bless your wonderful work. Base on da Q:I dnt believe in sharing if u get bored in a mariage it means love is no longer mother she’s been married for more than 35yrs to my dad and she still happly married.

  55. I’m glad Ayanda came to her sense and picked up Thandeka but my worry is she still not figured out that T has nothing to do wth that two timing jerk agg but P must come back to her Princes eish male ego neh he’s bruised hope he recovers quickly before he loose herfor good. Nice one mike tama kgoshi luv the book

  56. Yerr Thandeka onale 2 much drama in Her life.

    Eyi Ur question though.I wouldn’t evn think of swinging I’d b worried if I’d fall 4 the other guy.I’d neva blame Him 4 trying to revive sex life bt sumthings r just ubearable.

  57. Cho N abortion 2nd time around girl think this through

    And I think sex should be between to people spice it up and keep it between u and him other wise u tlo etshola mama

  58. A 3sum to me is a No No! WTF?? Wat kinda man loves me enough to hv sex with me and some1 else? I wouldn’t agree to tht even if money was involved! Anywhooo! Thandeka jst needs a cleansing! Hawu ths girl jst brings bag luck mara!! Hahaha I love her thou and her thinkin’… Lookin’ 4wad to another chapter! Way to go mike :)

  59. N you never learn. You have had an arbotion before. Taking a life obviously does not mean anything. I dislike girls like her

  60. Mike y r the chapters gettin shorter :-( plz we need more to feed our addiction!

    Nyc job man. cnt wait 4 the next chapter!!!

  61. Dude yaz namanje i’m still shocked that a man is writing here.Like i found out like a month ago kodwa ngisamangele namanje.You too awesome for words yoh!

  62. Tjo tjo tjo! Hw cn u b 21 n b on ur 2nd abortion??? Wat if dis is da last kid u wil eva hv??? I wud rada face da shame n feed my bby mud dan 2 abort!!!

  63. Yo yo N for the 2nd time dat is no longer a Mistake u know wat u doing girl DramA drama T don’t get involved in dis one. find P. Mike next chapter pls good job

  64. Sir Mike… Salute! Thulani yuu said her name should be whaaaat? Kedibone, nou dis ‘n goeie een!

    Mike pls keep us in the loop of what’s happening with the tv series? Personaly I’d like to be thandeka’s “crazy yet resonable” aunt… Gaan voort met die goeie werk. I think u actualy helping a lot of people out there. I’ve emailed a lot of people chapter one to fifty n most can relate.

  65. HaiBo gosh I must say ur writing is very refreshing indeed the stori keeps gtn better and Better ,always an interesting Read something to take ur mind off thing!!! 3 sum No no no no mater how boring ones sex life is I believe sex is sacred is something shared between two people who love and care for oneather in no circumstances should a third psun eva be involved if it was made for 3 ppl then wed all have 2 parts of which we don’t!

  66. Wow grt work Mike as alwayz,shame poor T alwayz caught in between,T needs 2 go home 4 a while jst 2 chill n clear her mind,as 4 swinging n threesome hell no!!, I can neva allow such thng,letting a third prsn in our relatnshp,we betta try oda ways.

  67. But what’s wrong with N? Another abortion? I think these young gals can learn a thing or two from this blog!

    26 and married, I would never agree to such adultery, we must first expire all the professional help we can get!

  68. I don’t know about TV its too early! This is quite a good read and I believe you should turn it into a novel before TV so the whole continent can read it! I think get a big publisher.. South african Television is not ready, its poor and has too much politics!

  69. This must be read by everyone especially the youth who think they know it all kanti abazi kuthule, it’s an eye opener for all.
    I started reading from yesterday, I must say well done Michael.

  70. I feel sorry for thandeka, I just wish she does not take that job cos i feel she will b selling drugs. N mike your a good writer hey!

  71. I hope N keeps the baby it might be the only seed uncle Rodney has since Benny has questionable partenity and to answer the Q: No I don’t think I’d ever do swinging or a threesome I’m of the notion that morality counts for something in ths life we live in and those two definitely don’t sound virtous.

  72. Cc swallow your pride and call you man, apologies coz the reality is you are wrong here and you are to dependent on your man’s friend than your man. You make him feel like he is not capable of taking care of you

  73. Peolple, this is no competition to c ke mang o balang pele. Swinging isn’t the answer. Y invite more peolpe into ur life ka 2013 go tletse so many diseases? If it’s not working don’t force it. There r so many ways to revive ur relationship go nale gore lo tlo ipiletsa mathata ale kgakala. Nice 1 abuti! Keep it up!

  74. I think N should consider using Nur-Isterate or Depro-vera instead of pills because they are immune to antibiotics lol or condomise rather
    MN Maphoto I salute keep the good work up

  75. Iyhooo N mara some women don’t learn anything from past experiences…once again great read,thank u so much Mike o bosso.

  76. Answering your Q, we rather go for counseling on how to make our sex life more interesting than allowing 3some or whatever that maybe, hell no.I’m glad me and my hubby we love each other unconditionally.

  77. eshe hai N uyandohlula kengoku.
    A: no ways i will never do the swings and/or 3 somes – that’s just so not on shem! if there is no other way then might as well part ways, andinakuphumelela kulo umdlalo – uqatha

  78. I would do just about anything to keep my man happy and our sex life great bt a 3 sum or letting hm slip with another woman sori that’s a NO NO , m sho hed be shocked if a agreed to such. Id reda do pole dancing than let another woman have my baby

  79. honestly I would jump at it… afteral we doing this for the both of us, if our sex life is boring then why not spice it up. especially if I love him

  80. Dat is true u can call kedibone yena she doesn’t have no, she like to protect other ppl n forgetting about herself, o rata dilo tsaka pele

  81. I’d have to say being a woman that if he wants a 3some he’d be open to it both ways. It can’t all be about his fantasies as you will only end up making him happy and not yourself. I think if you are not comfortable with his suggestions and he’s not with yours I say move on.

  82. im 23 i have been a gud gal, nt an angel bt i good gal, i had my share of bf’s, always datd my age group nd finaly i thought i found my soul mate, bt d guy thnks d sun shines frm hs ass, d relationshp is abt hm makng hm happy, i dnt have a say watsoever, if i tel hm wat hurts me or wat i wnt frm hm he says im disrespectng hm, ankafundziseki ” wasnt taught hw to respect a man”, he cheatd on me with sum gal 4 a yr nd after with hs x, he is a yr older than me, i always lookd down at gals datng foreign men nd i told myself i would never do it, bt d way i have been treatd nd abusd by s.a men then i rather have my python… Thandeka is my role model, lol as much as u gonna judge me, im tird of s.a men, they have been nothng bt trouble.

    A relationshp should b abt makng both ppl happy, nt being miserable nd being with a guy, he recently told me dat hs x made hm happy all d tym, she made hm happy wen he maltreatd her nd he was a nytmare to her, y cnt i do d same? Wats different abt me? He said i should b glad that he is with me nd nt ada gals and i should stop being a spoilt brat. He said i should hang in there nd take hs bulsht until he decides to b a better man 4me, i dnt no y im stil in dis relationshp bt believe u me, i would date a niija man… Nd let d money make me hapy than being treatd like a piece of trash…

  83. I think the reason why we want swingings and 3somes nowadays is because we don’t get married for the right reasons, we just bow to pressure and competition out there. I certainly do not think everyone is meant to be married especially with our generation we are a generation that has so much choice. Being married means you let go of the choices and stick with ‘your choice’.
    I mean how can you accept your ‘life partner’ sleeping with someone else. Marriage is a sacred thing don’t get into it if you know you still need variety.

  84. Ay kanty kade kwak mitha loku lol… Ey ngoba hlez kuthiwa thina madoda siyabheda… Bt ey zining ingan zethu ez khishwa behind our backs…

  85. wow u are such an immaculate writer please make this a book so it can be used by matriculants cause this is what people are expriencing everyday,cant wait for the next chapter

  86. the thought of knowing that my man has an affair gives me goose bumps. Seeing him sleeping with sum1 else wil kill me. Mikey where is chap70?

  87. what if N went to Mary Stopes for other gynaecological reasons the 1st tym? But if she went for da same rsns, hey she must think *kabili*

  88. tltltlttl. uuuuuu thandie. that was the same reaction i got when i 1st came to joburg and someone at res told me about marie stope. listen to this i asked ” is she(Marie Stope” going to give you money for abortion. i also didnt know but that friend was also on the situation almost the same as N

  89. Tjoo!!! Drama! Nice Mike. I’m Hooked.
    @question: divorced now but sexual boredom ws not reason of breaking up after 8yrs with two kids.
    hell to the NO. When married no man is hvn my ”Cookie” and will not agree to sharing my man’s ”candy stick” with no other woman. This is simple… Woman needs to make it and accept that it is her responsibility to keep the man excited,as much as we hv all these other responsibilities. If he is not getting it at home, he is definately going to go were.. He can get it.

  90. Watch porn, copy and go put to practise with your partner that’s another way of jump starting your boring sex life, read books about sex, read magz, visit the porn shop its not a tarbo anymore! Do role play etc….. And like everybody else I’m impatiently waiting for chapter 70 “,)

  91. Eish mike this story is touching me ndiyabulela ngeinformation andikaze ndaseJhb ebomin bam bt nw sendikwaz okwenzekayo thank u my brother

  92. Its my first time to comment and I decided to comment because of the question posted. Firstly me swing/threesome NEVER. For the simple reason that I am a person who does not believe in sharing. And if sexual healing is the issue a third party is never the solution. Instead how bout we work on that spark switch on the engines, warm the car and tell me if it still doesn’t drive as good as it used too. And I won’t lie him even suggesting it will hit me in all the wrong places (might aswell divorce me far easier to accept) because he is saying ‘I don’t find you attractive but need permission to cheat’ because in the end that’s what it is-cheating.
    And from what I’ve heard unless ur kenny kunene these things always end up with 1 partner being left behind or having insecurities about themselves and the relationship. So if u really want to help your relationship go away for a week leave ur cellphone behind, don’t pack your ipad or pyjamas 4 that matter and see if you haven’t just been lazy

  93. I’m not married but I believe sex is between a husband and her wife.I’ve learned that men are moved by what they see, thus woman need to consistently work on capturing their spouses attention with the way they look or dress! Please, no legusha when you go to bed!!!!

  94. WOW!!! Impressigve stuff Mikey. You my dearest never cease to amaze me. glad you listened to our plea and took initiative, thanks. I loved this chapter quiet interesting.

    @ your question I believe most men are the problem when it comes to sex. they are so old fashioned you would swear all men were born by the same mother. if you try to do stuff otla kwa motho are ‘I am not in a relationship with a hooker\porn star but a well respected woman’. Men are lazy well those I met I guess and that leads to one being promiscuous. I mean if you do not satisfy your lady surely there will be a man who is gona do it for you. I believe the problem is men who are over 35. dont wana go down. dont wana try out other postions, would never consider a 3sum for they cannot stand another man doing their woman hard. only thing they are happy with is putting it in, cumming and gofedile.

    Yes I would dump such a man so fast. I love men who appreciate the wildness in their women when they are in the bedroom. monna wago bora yena ake mmeye felo. fact is sex is the fundamental of any healthy relationship. if I aint happy sexually… why would i stick around? unfortuantely I aint the cheating time will just let him know gore gwa pala but would only do that after i have raised my concerns if he aint improving then yeah kea mohlala!

  95. What a chapter…. 1. N must get rid of the pregnancy, everything about it is wrong and she still has a great life ahead of her… and be taught on how to use a condom for future. 2. Shame Bandla, Thandeka and Python, they have to get together….3. On your Q: most of us already swing, it’s just that we choose to fulfill our own desires discreetly… there will be no 3 some with my partner,!

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