Chapter Sixty Eight

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She was hysterical on the phone. I was not sure what to think because even I was panicking anew. I didn’t want drama like I had said earlier on and I meant it. I was catching myself in a vicious circle. She told me that some guys had beaten up her soccer badly enough to lend him in hospital. Wow! Gorilla had done all that for me. I could either be proud our creeped out. That guy deserved the beat down but at times the punishment does not fit the crime. I needed to center myself, I needed to regroup and think. It was no longer a matter of what had I done more a matter of what should I do now. Ayanda had not finished, not only had the sissy boy taken out a restraining order against her but he had her charged her with second degree assault. This was bad. She was no longer just a bystander but now the main culprit. No wonder she was panicking. This guy obviously knew that I had done this but I am sure he figured out its easier to go through the poor little rich girl because she had no way of defending herself. At this point I felt they hadn’t beaten him enough. What is wrong with South African men ka nnete? They only have a back bone when they are putting women in what they think is their place! I was irritated, scared and annoyed at the same time! Why couldn’t he just take it like a man and move on?

She begged me to go to the police station and tell them that it wasn’t her who had done this. She had nothing to do with it. Whatever happened to taking bullets for one another? At home we had a policy that if ever someone was accused of doing something they had not done they could not rat out the real culprit. You would rather take the detention for someone else just to have your friends back. Even if it was just another classmate whom you were not really friends with, as students we stuck together. One thing I was learning be it slowly since I came to Johannesburg was that this was not high school. University had no feel of being family. This was each woman for herself and you had to be smart and aware of your surroundings. I don’t care how many adverts tourism makes but South Africans are not the friendliest people and the ubuntu message is just a way of them trying to fix a broken compass of togetherness. I told her to come pick me up. I was scared but just like I could get Gorilla to beat up people I could also get myself out of trouble with his help. I was fairly confident.

Ayanda was there in no time. She was red and puffy. She apologized for letting me do this but she said she could not afford for her parents to hear of this. Her dad had a temper she said. I said it was fine, this was the right thing to do. We went to Brixton police station where the charge had been made. The parking lot is tiny after you go through the gate and somehow Ayanda scratched her car which made her panic even more. When we got there I saw familiar faces, firstly it was the cop that had helped my aunt and another familiar face. Sitting on the other side was Rhudzani and some guy I didn’t know. Weird. Why was I all of a sudden bumping onto that soccer player and his people? Before I saw him in the elevator in the wee hours of the morning I had not seen him in a long time. Now not only was he trying to do something with Yandi but also was I at a police station because of him. I was now looking at one of his many women. Imagine I had Ayanda in the room; she was his shiny new toy, and Rhudzani, his discarded trash. When a guy dumps you for another girl I wonder what he calls you. It cannot be pleasant I can bet that with everything that I have.

I called Gorilla. He did not pick up. Maybe he was in hiding. I was all alone in this. You know at the moment when things are not going for you there are a lot of things that go through your mind. What if he had run back to Nigeria what would happen to Ayanda? Oh my lord this was too much to bear. Maybe I should refuse and throw Ayanda under a bus. She should do the right thing and take bullets. I went to greet Rhudzani just to get away from Ayanda. She recognised me and hugged me. She looked angry but scared at the same time. Funny how the story goes. The guy who was sitting with her was her boyfriend. It turns out he had beaten up some soccer player guy who had been messing with her at Milpark and because the police were looking for him he had come to turn himself in. I am not quite sure how the story goes but the soccer player (eish I wish I could say his real name to expose this moemish) had promised them money for an event he and his friends had hosted but had not paid them and instead called them sfebes and gold diggers. He had played them and promised them money and true to his DNA he had not taken it out when he was supposed to pay out. He had honestly thought he could away with doing whatever it is he does with them by buying them McDonalds’ at Campus Square! What a chancer and loser! They must beat him again shem and they must get their money back.

By the time we got to our turn the charges had been dropped. Ayanda was so relieved and now I wanted to save our friendship. She was angry at me and said to me,

“You can walk back; I can’t deal with you right now!”
And she left me there!

She drove out. Brixton police Station is in the dodgiest area and from Milpark its far! No right person could walk there at night and I doubt a cab driver would gladly come to this area. Was our friendship over with Ayanda?

As I was standing there thinking what to do next I got a text from N,

“Hi I am at the flat, I don’t have keys”

Made sense! She wouldn’t have taken keys in an ambulance. They were on her bed to be exact. I had to get home fast! Wow she was back! I was actually so excited for that fact. Another text message came in and I thought it was from her. I smiled when I saw the name for it meant I could get a ride home. It was from Python. The text said,

“Gorilla told me what happened and that you called him for help. Why didn’t you call me I had just left? You insist on running to him for help every time! Stay with him then. We are through!”

I sat down and cried!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Question: Have you ever had a partner who cheated on you with someone whom you knew very well and closely? What happened to that relationship with the person you knew?

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A woman never reveals her true age she says lol yet on her third 21st birthday she wants yet another key! I been counting lol. Crazy! Happy Birthday Khanyi Palesa Mthembu!

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  13. My ex cheated on me with my “friend” and we broke up. 6 months into their relationship she fell pregnant but they never made it through the pregnancy. They broke up before the child was born

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    1. Give the author a break! Remember, this is Thandenda’s diary. She is Zulu and she cannot pronounced nor spell names of Venda people correctly. I do not know any Zulu person who can. Also the spelling and grammar mistakes here are intentional … Remember this is a diary of a first year Zulu girl who is exposed to Johannesburg for the first time. And for the good in me, most first years cannot muster the English language or spelling of other languages other than their own.

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  21. My boyfriend went out with my bestfriend in high school I was hurt beyond words bt I told them it was ok maybe he and I were jst not meant to be. I genuinely forgave them, after a while I met the sweetest guy ever who made feel like a princess and she came after him too! That’s when I knew she was up to no good and cut her off my life for good, fortunately the guy loved me too much to fall for her traps

  22. To answer the question: Yes. We all worked together for the same company. Boyfriend and “his side piece” worked for the same department on the same floor. He probably thought I’d neva find out. But I did. And it was one of the reasons why I dumped him. And remained single for a very long time thereafter. I strongly believe as women that we need tto love and empower ourselves enough to have the coirage it takes to exit a toxic situation with out dignity intact. “Side piece” and I eventually became friends. She’s a pleasant person. She was as innocent as I was in the triangle coz “boyfriend” was a master lier. Probably still is!

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    2 answer yo question Mike: it happened 2 me. Met my X after a 18 month drought. Everything was 2 gud 2 b true, d bastard cooked 4 me, bought me presents, dinning me out.8 months in2 d relationship moved 2 my hometown…….and then Boom cheated with my friend, next door neighbour. I was HURT and asked the X 2 break things up btwn them but didn’t. Was even more devastated by the fact that X chose my ‘friend’ over me by not ending things with her. Now I know better than 2 ever give a person stupid ultimatums. They didn’t last and 3 years later the friend told me what went down btwn them and what a bastard our ‘X’ was or is. I laughed – Karma is a Biatch 4 real. She knew I was dating the person so how did she think it would turn out. We still talk no hard feelings. Holding it against her wud just be as stupid as the stunt she pulled.

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