Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Two

I think it is a fantasy of every girl to have a guy who spoils her rotten and buys her things. I know its easy to be labelled gold digger by wanting more but where is your ambition if you don’t at least try. I actually think men are not the ones who call us names but its other women. With Thabo, my boyfriend, I was lucky if I got airtime out of him which always came with a demand that it was meant to call him. This was regardless of whether or not he picked up the phone. I realized early on that I was the one who did all the chasing and he would tell me constantly that it is not the guys role to chase after his girl. He told me that it made him look weak and his friends will laugh at him if he did that. At the time it was fine and romantic. The thought that you controlled a guy and his emotions were in your hands gave me such a feeling of power. With time I learnt the bullshit behind it for he was even more independent than ever now that I had “all” the power. All he had to do was guilt me into doing something.

That whole week nothing of note happened until the weekend. Saturday when I went to Pick n Pay I bumped into him. By him I meant Siyanda’s dad. As now there was that acquaintance relationship I went to him and greeted him. I don’t know why but I joked at the fact that he had to cook for himself. His wife works in Cape Town and is actually a high someone in a political party. I think that’s what broke the ice. I think older men are not comfortable talking to young girls in public because for some reason it always seems wrong. He was not a scary man at all. He was a bit tall possibly 1.85. I know this because he was clearly just a bit taller than Thabo who was 1.8 on the dot. When you do sports at school all these things are available. I didn’t stay long with him though because I could feel eyes would stare eventually. At least kids from my school where not as scandalous as those from Mondeor High and Forest high whose videos we had all seen. I knew some girls had older men but it was that underground shit which you needed to drag out of people. I must admit though I liked the power that I had over him and how he seemed to melt in my presence yet maintain his composure.

When I got home he phoned me. I remember distinctly because my mum had just scolded me for not cutting the onions in small enough pieces. If there is anything I hate about cooking its cutting onions. With a mum like mine you had to cut them in a specific way. I swear you would think it would make them taste better the way it had be meticulous. On weekends our maid whom we referred to as mmane (aunt) was given the weekend off. She was a live in nanny for she came from the farms somewhere far but on weekends my mum always insisted it was mother daughter time so the kitchen was our domain. I didn’t hate it surprisingly but the chopping got to me. Anyway my phone rang and I answered. It was Siyanda’s dad. To say that first conversation was awkward is an understatement. We had that awkward first call conversation which consisted mainly on “oh’s/uuhs/pardon and ah’s”. I don’t know why though if you consider we hadn’t flirted or anything in the car nor in the shop. He just said he was checking when I can come for lessons. He even suggested that maybe I should bring the chubby girl I was with the other day referring to Cbowie. Not cool.

I knew she wouldn’t be there because they attended those churches that start at 9 and finish at 4. What on earth will the priest still be saying I wonder. My mother was a bit on the religious side but even she called it ridiculous. I told him I would ask my parents of which he said it was ok. We hung up at that. Why did that conversation feel so awkward though? I remember when I went back to the kitchen I couldn’t stop thinking about that conversation. He stopped being Siyanda’s father but had turned into a guy. My mum asked who was calling and I told her the truth that I had called Siyanda’s dad earlier and he was calling back. She said she was glad that finally someone was helping with the assignment. She asked if Cbowie was going with and I readily said yes. Another lie. Small lie big consequences.

I honestly don’t know what got into me. The following day after church I asked my mum to drop me at Sibongile house. This way she would have peace of mind that am going with Cbowie. I knew she was always in a rush to go to my grans to drop off a few things so she would leave me at the gate. As thing turned out my friend was there. I decided that it was best we go together as his words from yesterday were still in my ears, “uze naleso ‘Sdudla.” She is always keen that one. Her parents were at church still and it was on 2pm meaning they would only get home around four. When we got to his gate we buzzed and he opened for us. He was not alone. His nephew who also happens to be doing a similar project to mine was there also needing help. I think he did it on purpose though to avoid that awkwardness we had experienced on the phone. Maybe I was seeing things.

He made a bit of small talk first before we all started doing our projects. This man knew his stuff and we were eager students all three of us. Even Sibongile who at school is normally the last one to catch things was motivated because I think she was crushing on the nephew. Teenage life is funny. He (Siyanda’s dad) gave us orange juice as we worked. I made sure that I didn’t make any eye contact with him because I didn’t want him to see that he made me feel funny.

When the lesson ended we were done with our projects. For me it was a full four days before it was due something I had never done before. Sibongile still had a few sections but she too was almost done. The nephew I don’t care about he didn’t even go to my school.

As we were leaving he called me aside by saying he has a private message for my parents I must come to the study. No one suspected a thing. I mean who would have, this man was possibly older than my dad and he was like our “teacher”.

When we got to the study he asked me if he would like us to keep in touch. When I had no answer he told me he would like us to keep in touch. I just nodded and blushed profusely for I was not that naïve to realize I was being hit on. Somehow I felt ready and that I could handle it. He asked me to send me a call-back when I could speak tonight and to change his number on my phone to a girl’s name. All of which I agreed to. He then asked me for a hug. It was different from the kinds I got from Thabo because it was long and heartfelt. I might even say sensual. This man really sent electricity down my body BUT I didn’t even like him as a boyfriend just the potential.

With that we left!

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    1. That also killed me! But I don’t like Nelisa’s inference that Cbowie is slow, she can’t have everything stacked up against her!

  1. The best way to keep ppls interest is by relating to them, i give you a standing ovation by blogging such realistic content. These are stories our modern society does not easily conversate with one another, the drama behind your context is definitely appealing to readers, i like the manner in which you have structured your characters, you always speak in a tone as if the character is conversating with you! You a good story teller bro! Keep up the interesting reads, so scandolous in ur ways!

  2. OMG i love your work, this definitely has to be another “Intersextions” .
    keep up the good work Mike!!!

  3. I’m flabbergasted at the amount of creativity you have. For a male author you are highly deserving of a standing ovation. Great read, looking forward to the chapters to follow.

  4. haaaaa um loving this book already…lyk duuddee um effin hooked its not even funny,ma freinds gotta know bwt this 1 too..much love from me dzayyyymmmn!!!

  5. The diary of a Zulu gal is exactly what happened in my circles and the suggar daddies that used to come by @ res. I was just saying not sure if I will allow my child to stay at residence but yep things happen there. One actually goes there innocent comes out with lessons and scars.

  6. Wow, was introduced to your series last week by my sister, which I finished before her. I’m hooked on yur writing style, totally love it. So excited about yhis new project, keep it coming!

  7. Interesting read. I must say, I’ve had quite a few flashbacks to my own varsity life hey. these things really do happen. OMG. Im soo hooked, and I’ve everyone @ the office reading your blog… Keep up the good work… xxx

    1. its one thing being on the outside of such advances, it looks cool but actually being in the situation is another thing. as a young girl when older men make advances on you it forces you to grow faster than you should,yes its fun when you get away with murder but it just messes your mind. personally i wish i was only exposed to guys my age cause i realised at a very tender age that beauty is both a blessing and a curse, not all the men who make advances on you really love you and want to keep you around for as long as possible some just want to use you; truth is nobody wants to feel used

  8. Hi Mike

    Love your stories, only problem I have is that there are a few spelling and grammar errors. Please get someone else to proof read your work before you post. It happens that when you read something over and over again, you still miss the errors. I must say the grammar errors in Confessions are not as many as the ones in Diary so I can see that you are making an improvement.

    Will be waiting for chapter 3.
    Much love and respect

    1. I also have the same issue but I somehow accept them as a small price to pay for the great reads. You are right though, they do distract one from the plot.

    2. he has explained so many times that the errors are intentional so we can get a feel of how Thandekas english actaully is

    3. Who cares bt spelling ang grammar correctness, really….? istory siyezwakala and that’s what i want and sure do many more readers

  9. Mike YOU GONNA GET PEOPLE FIRED, SA internet is gonna be congested.

    Yes you are that good brother, we are waiting.

  10. LOL! Reminds me of my first phone conversation with my ex sugar, super awkward…. But he was so sweet and kept making jokes… Nice read and so, so true to what’s happening out there…

  11. Gr8 stuff its a gift use it! Write a book blog do it all man fresh young and hilarious but I lov ur work *viva Africa viva* u make me proud

  12. being a sugar baby has its perks but it does need both parties 2 know their place n follow the 10 commandments

  13. reading this the funny thing is i thought back to how many older men have tried to court me, but due to the fact that i believed in a relationship should be about two people who love each other and i was raised by strict,staunch saved God fearing people i always found a nice and polite way to say no. i was as young as 14 when a married man about 15/16 years older than me *in my 20s its not big deal but for a 14 year old, felt like a century* from church made advances on weird. this will most definately be a great read, cant wait for the next chapter. you are a talented writer, my hat goes off to you

  14. Lol I was one of those who crossed their boyfriends name 2 c if we are a match keep them coming uyayenza into yakho

  15. Obsession is an under statements dnt even knw wt to call it anymre gosh you hv realy gt me hooked. m literaly chckn my phone constantly to chech for next chapters.big ups to u for an outstnding work.we need more writters like urself in SA.

  16. Tjo yaz for a male writer you are very clued up about girls emotions. If this was a book I wouldn’t sleep until I had read the last page, so ja you are that good

  17. My nigga! You’re moving in the right direction, keep it up. You’ve just sparked a revolution in South African literature. You’ve made me realise that I’m not afraid of reading, it’s just that there’s nothing out there for me to read… Untill now that is.

  18. No you good. And always you leave us hanging….nice way to keep readers glued to your stories. Awesome

  19. Wow confessions of a sugarbaby is amaizing. This is education as its best. Keep up the good work

  20. Absolutely loving your blog!! You gotta keep the stories coming… U got everyone hooked with your creativity! Props!!

  21. I am loving your work Bhut’ wami, you truly are talented, thank you for sharing the God given talent with us. Ndikwethulel’umnqwaz

  22. Haaa haaa.. It’s really funny reading this and especially cause I went to Forest High 11 years ago and I remember how we girls from all these so-called White schools used to act. I was unfortunately friends with with two of these kind of girls also. One is quiet famous now for dating Sugar !daddies… Lovely read I must say,,,

  23. Bows again# reiterating my previous comments” MOVE OVER TYLER PERRY” telanovela/Bomb productions needs to get hold of u , en fast!! # snapping fingers#

  24. Mike!
    I understand there are a lot of people tuning into your blog/story.
    I bet you must be feeling presure to be influencial. BUT personally I’d like to advice you keep your writing style and story and dont start to make this hollywoody. keep it real. keep it like the way you have not planned it.

    you do not need to become a motivator.
    we enjoy your stories already.

    and yes a lot of us are strongly relating.
    Those who have never been in our shoes will not understand ( no offence ) some scars .. you ask us how we sleep at night with ourselves and our secrets.. I just say I dont drink coffee after 7pm finish and clar..

    Thank you, Mike.
    Fictional or Not this is the best story for me and I have been sharing it will all my friends overseas.

  25. the way Mike has us in the palm of his hands is just so…interesting. Whenever i get to the end of the last chapter i think to myself ‘kante abuti o o etsang asa kwale mara’. Ai…hats off for you, i am speechless. I just wish you would go into self-publishing and make millions that the pub house is going to make over this. Nw pls handle your business and write on writer. Oh and why the move to wordpress?

  26. great stuff bro.. I am not a reading person but since Sat, a friend introduced to your work. I am hoocked, my eyes are burning as I read the whole 52 chapters yesterday. and this Confessions is really something else, cant wait for next chapter


  27. im in total awe @ ur writing skills you are able to capture us @ “hello” if i may put it that way i am totally hooked to ur series of stories all my friends and family are reading this as well. thank you for telling true African stories Mike i salute you! stay blessed brother!!!

  28. I am not a fan of Bonang…but in this context please allow me to say “wooooooowwwwww!!!!!” in her tone #clash of the choirs,,,,,thanks for such creativity man you are damn talented!!!

  29. you are a good writer< usually im a person who reads but your work has been able to convert me….keep up the good work

  30. Beautiful read, however, it disgusts me how you classify Modeor High as “scandalous” I am a former student of Mondeor High, currently at the best university in South Africa and the whole cotinent really and I would not consider myself as scandelous. My opinion is , if you want to be considered as a good and respectable writer you won’t go around offending your readers in anyway possible. If you want to refer to a school as “scandalous”, make a school up just as you’ve made your stories up. Besides that I really enjoy your work. Keep it up.

  31. How do u know all of this coz ur a guy, ur soooo accurate *having flash backs of my first sugarD*

  32. First it was diary now suger baby im hooked already love your work its amazing and breathe taking yoh yoh

  33. Hey @Mike nobody referred m 2 ur block….so I saw u on ma f.b page nd I ddnt notice u,until 2dae when I saw u on 3 talk….nd I said 2 maclf hey wdf this guy…..I knw him….dan I strtd 2 go through ur web….nd I’m speechless bwt ur talent…..u r soooo gifted bra…..plz keep up d grt wrk…..nd dnt mind d criticism…..just knw w luv ur blog….

  34. Only heard about your work on thursday with Mapaseka on Kayafm.
    Great job my brother, and i wish all the best.

    Well done once again and keep it up.

  35. Interesting read! Is there a way of getting these books on the book shelf? Ebooks are not good for my eyes and I love the smell of paper.
    Quite interesting read, very Zukiswa Wanner kinda writing.

  36. OH MY!!
    m stil anticipating da nxt chapter on ZulugalgoestoJhb N GUES WAT I FIND….DIS!! let me read #HappyFoDays

  37. The story line has some interesting aspects but the grammar leaves much to be desired. It was all I could do to keep myself from throwing up as I read the sentence: “on weekends our nanny got weekends off”. Redundant much? Is there ever another time of the week when you can get a weekend off? Secondly, nobody has put a cap on the amount of punctuation you can use. Why all the run-on sentences? Poor use of full stops, commas – the works! I could critique your grammar till next year, there are just so many errors!

  38. Dude u are not fair kodwa now I’m stuck between your writing this is soo intriguing now I’m going to get into more trouble @ work I’m telling you

  39. Hey…I like ur writting, and ppl’s coments r hilarious u cn see the lack of understand frm some. Some clearly hv no idea how the book is written especially the diary. I wish they cn understand that u r writting here wat u feeling at that time and ur own perception of things not wats right or wrong. Anyhow keep up the good work wena and dnt get demotivated. How do I move from chapter two to three? Coz I hv been trying bt it doesn’t allow me.

  40. wuwow naive little girl………kodwa ke i think as females we have all been through a point that you lust after an older man ,but depends if you act on it or not……… stuff

  41. Lmao wakakakakaaa lmao eish death by “uze nale sdudla” lmao haaaibo N kgale ntse ele mogwanti moes! Lol eish!

  42. Hey guys u can fall on something u don’t lik tht’s lif. Know wht u want n b stricked on tht I just want 2 read capter two

  43. Dear bloger….
    I was recently introduced to ur work and i must commend you on ur style of writing, its different, young, fresh and I find that i can relate 2 it. I hardly ever… I wait 4 da movie instead… But wit ur reads i find myself glued on my fone 4 hours on end.

    Uhmm as much as ive grown found of ur writing, i find this story 2 be an unbearable read …. Its the same as the previous story and it feels uninspired….

    Totally loving the blog though

  44. i got to say you use alot of generalisation in your writing. i personally think you aim at changing ones perceptive about life and how to go about it and where i am standing you are not getting to your set goals. please be more specific when writing not every beautiful female partake in such, use things like pecentage to specify your point of view. either way i am hooked

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