Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Six

I tried to speak to him politely so as not to cause a scene. On Friday night I remember that Siyandas dad had annoyed him. Was he going to remember that and judge me on that? He told me that I was an early riser considering. I did not know what to say. I was so worried that my mother would hear us talking about what had happened by the park. He could see I was nervous because he kept on looking around for which one could be my mother. The way my mother and I look alike it took him less than thirty seconds to pick her out. She was still filling in the bank slips. She was sending money to her sister who was having financial problems but that was not a new story. My aunt that one was a mess for she always needed rescuing. The policeman insisted on talking to me though. It was awkward but i had to stand there and take it. I won’t lie I was so scared at that moment. My mother then joined us. I am sure she thought he was trying to woo (shela) me but he was polite and spoke to her. You know how mothers get all defensive when you approach their daughters. That was my mum at that moment.

He asked if he could speak to her outside it was important of which she told him she was married because I think she thought now he was after her. My mum is priceless like that. She was a bit surprised though but he told her that it was important and she will thank him later. I was panicking. My mother gave me the deposit slip and walked outside with him. A few heads had turned now to see what was happening. She couldn’t wait to hear what was so important. I could see him talking to her using his hands to emphasize his expressions. At some point it seemed as though he was giving her directions. I had no idea what was happening though because I was not a lip reader. This couldn’t be good at all. Maybe I should run away. Eventually they came back in and were laughing and all. Why was she laughing? Had he not told her? What then had been so important for her to have walked out with her?

I deposited the money and we left him behind in the bank. Not once did he look at me. What a dick! On the way home my mum spoke about church and other useless stuff. I was tempted to ask her what he had said to her but fear got the best of me. She did not lose her temper at all nor did she raise her voice when she was telling me all these stories, She seemed genuinely happy. Maybe this was the calm before the storm. When we got home she told me that we needed to bake because she wanted to take cookies to my grandmother’s place. Normally I would refuse and pull out all the teenage stunts but today I was buying credit. You know when you do nice things for your parents so that you can ask them for future favours. I called it buying credit. That’s the mode I was in now. I will be the sweetest child ever. Guilt does that to you and I was guilty as sin. We baked for hours and not once did I go on to my phone to chat. I am sure all of you your parents at some point have complained about you constantly being on the phone. No mistakes today.

Sunday was chilled. Thabo wanted to come over and see me since he had a car but I decided against it. I didn’t want to give my parents an excuse to find fault with me. He was a bit bummed about it but he understood. My dad is older than my mum by quite a bit and he has kids on the outside. None younger than me though. Because of his age he tends to be uptight about most things. My mum is more tolerant but has her moments. Thabo was not a secret but I can’t say he was officially accepted either. My mum knew about Thabo and my dad didn’t. Today however I preferred him far. My mum was nice to me though all Sunday. I don’t think the police man said anything. I had dodged a bullet. Now I could breathe. You know how we all have that “tell someone” moment. This was mine. I had no one to tell. It felt so lonely. I decided to call Siyandas dad. Oh, his name is Jack by the way. Well it’s not his first name but with these older men when they are after your ass they tend to use their white names. He will never be Moleboge or Seshasha, nah, nothing too African like that because it makes them look old. It will be Mike, Jack, John you know simple and straight forward. This aint Generations! He was a bit worried when I told him about the cop and how we met him at the mall. He reassured me though had my mum been told there is no way she would have kept quiet. That made me feel so much better. A boyfriend is supposed to reassure and always remind you that everything will be ok. Thabo if I panicked he panicked too or simply avoided the problem. Again maturity is so sexy. At least I had someone who can put me at ease. I went to bed with a smile. My secret was not out and i could live the dream. Besides I was only guilty of kissing the guy. Its not like I had slept with him.

I think we all hate Mondays. If God really created days Monday was created to punish us for the sins of the weekend. Sibongile was in one of her funky moods and accused me of ignoring her during the weekend. Honestly I didn’t ignore, I just forgot! I had life to live and did not want to spend it gossiping about other people as we always did with Cbowie! We knew everyone’s business and more!

Just before break I was called to the office. I wasn’t sure what they wanted and its very rare to be called to the office. I wasn’t worried though I had done nothing wrong. When I walked into the office everyone seemed to stare at me at once. It’s like they knew something was up!

There was my mum

Belt in hand

I knew I was in shit…

At school nogal!!!

****The End****


Happy Birthday to Nonkululeko Mpalweni and Portia Kopela. Be blessed!

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