Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Seven

I think as a prop the belt was very effective. I knew what was coming and that I think made it more painful. We all have our tricks to avoid punishment but right now I was stuck. I think everyone in that room was waiting with glee for what was about to happen. People like seeing other people in pain. I know we know that black parents beat. They don’t do this spanky spanky business that white people do. Detention and go sit in your room is really an excuse for poor parenting my dad always says. Does the bible not say “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die?” How is being grounded for a month going to bring discipline in you really. My dad always says the reason why white people don’t beat is because their kids are too light skinned the bruise easily. That would make the parents feel guilty if they dispensed discipline for it would look more vicious than it really was. With black parents however its the opposite, if you don’t bruise then they haven’t even started. There has to be evidence that you have been moer’d. It doesn’t matter how fat or skinny your parents are when it comes to discipline they all hit hard.

I remember the tip of the belt hitting my calf. It burnt so much I whelped so loud that some of the people in the stuff started laughing. My mum does not play like that. All those years making pap had made her arms strong. I was screaming and jumping all over the principal’s office and no one did a thing to help. My mum kept on saying she did not raise a slut and me running around with peoples husbands would not be tolerated. She said that she was going to teach me a lesson in front of the whole school so their parents too would know what to do with daughters that went after people’s husbands. She started to ask me who he was and warned she was not going to stop beating me if I did not say his name! So here I was wailing like a banshee and at the same time trying to keep it together. Its one thing to have an affair with an older man but someone who is well known in the community well that’s a different ball game. Remember he was well known because his wife was a member of parliament in Cape Town. Now if that came out the scandal would even make the newspapers at this rate.

My mum said I was going to back to every class that day so that I should be properly humiliated because already I had shown I had no shame. She said she had it in mind to beat me up every day until I told her who it was that I was seeing. You know what, I believed it. Although I was crying I was defiant. I actually didn’t do anything. I didn’t sleep with him nor did I take his money. Yes I had snuck out but most teenagers do and they don’t have their pyscho mothers come to school to beat them up. I would never show face again. I know my school. I will be the talk of it for the rest of the year. At least she had had the decency to not beat me up outside otherwise I would be trending on Twitter. I am not that light skinned but I knew I had bruises. I think she got tired of trying to kill me for she stopped as suddenly as she started. She demanded I walk her out and asked that I must be given detention for life! Really! I walked her out and much as I tried to hold it together I was sobbing. She kept on demanding I shut up or she will start again. I don’t get it thought! Why do parents beat you up then demand that you don’t cry!!! If you don’t cry during the beating they beat you up even more!!! Like what the fuck.

When I came out of the office there was a crowd there because I am sure people had heard the crying. You know how high school is. People like things so much no wonder why they school kids are ignorant on the things that matter! Go read a book or something! I pulled my uniform down properly, straighten myself, folded my arms and put on my queen bitch face and held my head high. I wasn’t going down with a whimper. The car park at school is directly in front of the office. There is paving and a small quad leading to it. The creeps from my school were lurking there wanting to see who was causing all the commotion. My mum made sure she walked slowly enough to parade me but fast enough not to make it ridiculous. At least it was over! I thought too soon, right there in front of everyone she turned and she gave me a hard clap! I didn’t see it it coming! I didn’t even have time to put up my hands and it made that “ppa” sound which even echoed in my ear and the school!!! Simultaneously everyone there went “yhoooo” BUT I did not cry! I turned and walked away even when she was screaming for me to stop!! There is punishment and there was this!

As I walked people where standing there looking at this shamed girl. In front with his friends was Thabo!

You should have seen the shock on his face!

I was crushed!

****The End****

PS: I am sure you know that there is going to be a TV SERIES from this blog. All the production houses have agreed that THANDEKA must come from the pool of the readers of the blog. It will be a new face. Good Luck!

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  4. oh my goodness there’s just no getting up from that…eish reminds me of 1time my gran beat me up with a kettle cord…it left marks on my thighs that even stockings couldnt hide, I had to wear pants for like 3months for them to completely disappear :'( and my bf had to see them something like a week after id gotten them… most humiliating moment ever, felt like dyin ddnt know hore kere ho etsahetseng bt atleast he ddnt put me on the spot with questions and all

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  19. i looooove this woman, mamazala wa rocka aint no beta way to have dealt with a brewing lil skank, rather put out the fire before it turns into wild fire!

    hahaha it couldve been worse she could have done it ka break so she has a lot to be thankful for, heehee

    hai i just keep on loving u more and more Mike both confessions and of corse the masterpiece zulufied thandeka!



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  45. My heart always beats a little faster, my eyes are opened a little wider…and more desire to read more grows at an uncontrollable rate. This has become more than a blog that has taken S.A by storm. To me it is a source, of laughter, information and reality. You have done an amazing job-to say the least. Keep it up. Being a Zulu Girl I’d love to know about the auditions:)

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