Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Eleven

I am not really a fan of surprises. I am sure by now you can tell why. Last time I was surprised had ended up with public humiliation and a thorough beating. A lot of people get into trouble not because they are unlucky but because they create a sequence of events that lead them into trouble without actually factoring in the potential consequences. You find that they blame God, the devil or if you from traditional communities you find a Sky Diver or two to blame! For those who don’t know what a Sky Diver these are witches who ride brooms like Harry Potter. You are the creator of your own destiny pure and simple. Taking responsibility for your actions means you get out of trouble faster and on your terms. I don’t think idiocy in men has an age restriction. I know its easy to think that when people say man think with their dicks is a generalization but really it is not. A grown man going after a child is not using the brain. A married man with kids having a nyatsi is not using the brain. A married man sleeping with prostitutes is not using the brain. If you have a girlfriend and you still insist on chasing is not using your brain. Have I placed all the blame on men? No! We play a role too but if you are older then the blame is entirely on you. That said, you do not come to your sugar babies house unannounced like what that fuck! You make her panic and fucken make mistakes. I was pissed! I was scared! I was stupefied! I don’t give a shit how old Jack was but that was fucken moronic! It was not cute whatsoever! It was more than shock. What on earth was he doing here? He was just going to make the situation worse? I know he had called first but him coming here was completely unnecessary.

My parents too seemed a bit shocked. You know when you are in the middle of a fight and some respectable person enters you tend to put up appearances. Well that was us at that moment. My mum and dad are super actors shem. It didn’t look like they were fighting. My dad greeted him like an old friend. He asked him to come in with a smile and asked my mum to make some tea. It was so bizarre. My dad even said to me “Hau Nelisa don’t you greet guests” of which I did my best “sanibonani”. I think my mother was relieved I didn’t go crazy on him for I saw a slight smile on her face. I think the realization of the drama she had caused was starting to set in for my father just knew how to calm her down.

Jack, sorry, Siyandas dad, spoke directly to my father as though I was not there. He declined the tea. You see a respectable member of your community (courtesy to his wife of course) will always be let into your house. He basically told my parents that he had brought some study aids his daughter had used and passed Geography. He gave a tale of how she had been so bad at it and yes she only got a C in it but from where she had come from it was beyond a miracle. My dad a true ANC groupie just swallowed it all in. Its like when it came to politics he couldn’t think for himself. Jack told them that there was a conference for young aspiring geologists this weekend in the North West, Sun City, which he strongly suggested I should consider attending. He said his company had three slots which were open. If they were interested he would add me to it. He told them that such opportunities could lead to bursaries in future which I would greatly benefit from. This guys could sell water to a dam shem. My dad was already thanking him before he even finished. Wow! Anything to cut a corner.

My mum though angry seemed to be in approval as well. She had sat down. Hands crossed across her laps like the dutiful respectful wife. She told him that God will bless him a million times over. Nobody asked me if I wanted to go. Nobody asked me if this was good for me. The decision was made and was final. My dad offered to walk him out but he said rather me for he needed to brief me on what I must email him by days end tomorrow inclusive of a letter of consent from my parents. What was he playing at? Was he making all this up just to get me up there alone. Wow he was a great liar if it were so. My father said it was ok and my mum agreed to but not before hissing with grated teeth that I mustnt embarrass her. People get this, 90% of you cannot whisper. In fact because whispering tends to make your voice have a higher pitch it means it carries further especially in a quiet room. My mother was one of those people who tried the whole gossiping in public through whispering and often I was left embarrassed. This was yet another of those moments. Immediately Jack asked if this was a problem but my mum assured him no even though I was in trouble. He just laughed and said I have a teenage daughter too the drama never stops of which they all had that uncomfortable laugh at my expense.

I walked him out and asked him what he was thinking showing up at my house like that as soon as we were out of ear shot. He said he wasn’t kidding there was an opportunity here for me and I should take it. It was a program funded by a company his was affiliated to. It was real and official. The perks of having an older guy neh. They have access to things you don’t and if you get the intellectual kind they try advance you as well. They justify their failings by overcompensating with gifts. They believe they are doing you a favor. There are two kind of sugar babies out there. The first kind is those who get fucked for money and are treated as accessories, things and someone’s property so long as they get paid. They don’t build the future and are stupid enough to think he will always be there. The second kind is those who use these sugar daddies to advance themselves financially, intellectually and get access to resources. Yes they give up the cookie but get so much more in return. I wanted to be the latter. With my parents’ permission already given I knew I was off to Sun City. I told him that I didn’t have a phone anymore because it broke, long story I concluded. He didn’t ask though and said he will get me a phone tomorrow. He asked me what phone I wanted and I said a Blackberry. He said ok! Wow!!! I had been begging my parents for ages and this guy just said yes just like that. No conditions either! But how would I hide it from my parents?

He didn’t stay long though but said on Wednesday morning I must check the mailbox at 5 in the morning. Since he couldn’t call me that is how I would find it. I thanked him and went back into the house. My mother forever the pit-bull was waiting for me and started telling me that I can only go if for the whole week I was well behaved at school and there were no incidents. At school I had never had incidents up till today. I can’t remember the last time I had gotten detention if ever.

Ah FUCK!!! I had detention this weekend for sitting down in class during English! I could not go!!!

But that was not my biggest concern!

How was I going to enter the school grounds tomorrow?

I knew everyone was waiting for me!

Sibongile hadn’t even called!

I was screwed!

****The End****


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (Facebook)

QUESTION: Is it important for you whether you get married or not? Is it worth it? Do you think that prevents you or your partner from cheating?

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130 thoughts on “Confessions – Chapter Eleven

  1. What an amazingly talented writer you are! Keep us posted with those casting calls, I would really love to be part of the production. You are a good storyteller!

  2. Its official,I died and came back only to find there is a heaven and reading this blog is it.all I have to say is keep up the good work

  3. Wooooow. First one to comment i hope. As usual u nevr disappoint. Great episode.

    See if a man wants to cheat he will cheat so for me it doesnt matter really whether we get married or not.

  4. I personally think marriage is a gift 4rm God…if u get it u shud be gr8ful 2 him, if u dnt there’s definately no need 4 u 2 go despr8 coz if it wasn’t 4 u there’ll definately be problems in the marriage…and the fact that u r married 2 him won’t stop him 4rm cheating, afterall it takes a real man 2 stay faithful 2 his partner….I’m enjoying the Confessions shem

  5. Yes 4 me its important to get married and Its worth it coz u get stability and security..but that doesn’t mean he won’t cheat. We can only pray and keep each other happy and try to prevent cheating

  6. Yho awesome reading I am not that type of a person who reads books but yours has kept me glued to my phone. Eye opening More chapters please on the confessions of the Sugar baby… BIG FAN much LOVE

  7. Cheating is built into some people’s DNA. Married or not it doesn’t matter. You would think that when ppl take the vow to “forsake all others” that’s how it will be. But there are temptations out there and there are individuals who are not strong-willed enough to look past those temptations. For me marriage is not my main goal in life, great if it happens, no stress if it doesn’t

  8. I think marriage is over rated in these modern times, people get married for all the wrong reason. To some extent its a business rather than a union of two ppl who are in love with each and wanna spend the rest of their lives together

    Why do people get married for?

  9. Thank u once again! Am looking forward to the next chapter. I do not think we take marriage as serious as before. On top of that men will always stray no matter if he is single or married. As he strays you will be lucky if he does that far from home and ensures that u don’t suspect anything. Mostly they rub u in the face with it and its either u accept it or move on!

  10. Gettng marid,wld lav dat n ke indoda ngeke indishiye cz isithi i cnt cook o ndilivila.iyakukexeza ngoba seyivukwe bubudoda bayo nje qwaba.

  11. I want dis sukker pa yoh. 2 answer da Q: I aint 4 ukushada, I’ve watched many woman, young en old nabo gogo bethu give up so much of emselves 2 make imishado work, yes @ da end dey keep deir man, kodwa injabulo incane. Ring or happiness. I’ll take happiness thank u very much!

  12. Nothing is 4 mahala we all know that, even jack knows that… So he’s jst making da debt bigger & time 2 pay is around da corner

  13. Everytime I finish d chapter I wanna know wat gonna happen next,it keeps getting interesting by every chapter

  14. Nice read indeed. As for the marriage part, nobody can control how other people behave. Marriage is a gift from God. Do not marry for wrong reasons. If the other person wants to cheat they’ll do that. U can’t stop them.

  15. This is her first sugar daddy for a couple of days but she’s already so deep in and in the know how… How does that happen?

  16. My first comment ever*smiles* love your work to no end.finaly reading is cool again.thank you.kudos to you! My father said to me every man,at some point or another will cheat.Regardless of their marital status. So I figure marriage is ok as long as you don’t think it as a preventative measure for cheating.

  17. Getting married is a blessing and arrangement of commitment. It comes with three main responsibilities: emotional, physical and financial, if one z lacking other responsibilities uplift each other, traditionally a women leaves his family that kist represent a coffin so if ubuwaka Ndlovu ufile and wamukelwa by ancestors as Ntuli, so it has a deeper meaning. Through love two individuals are meant to be one, so there will be challenges but that joint is forever: as a result even wen circumstances lead to separation, and new people are introduced, INYONGO AYITHITHWA Twice, so wen one get married one is sure of the decisions, in nower days we hide wth religion and marry 20 times bt for people like me: storm will come but the love i promised i will stand by it so is my husband.

  18. I believe that once married, people give up their rights to having a roving eye and cheating on their spouses. They are both in fact saying ‘I only have eyes for you’, for better or worse.

  19. This woman is a hypocrite & Neli must continue with her SD.

    I want to get married, ofcourse it won’t stop him from cheating. I just want to be a wife!

  20. Wow what an intresting read as always thanx Mike. Well to answr the question, on my side i do wanna get married such stories dny frighten me no one is perfect and there is no relationship without ups and downs with God by my side i believe that i can and will overcome anything.

  21. I don’t believe that marriage can stop people from cheating but it’s 2 mature people who make the decision not to cheat on each other. This rubbish notion that people have of not having access to their partners fones is wat perpetuates cheating. Wen u’re in a committed relationship u become one so as to close any gaps that may lead to ur partner cheating.

  22. Mike its so amazing how you just know how us, girls, think. Which is amazing, so mina ke, I wanna know when are you going to write something focusing on boys/guys/men. And oh, ke kopa hoba in the televised version of your blog. Thank You 🙂

  23. Nelisa can somehow be compared to Thandeka for they are both opportunistic, but I like how they think in mere desperation to conclude in what I could call some form of interlligence to favour their situation. I truly love ur writing as a loyal reader I only wish u growth towards ur talent.

  24. Well not everybody thinks marrige is important but for me being born within marrige n raised by my father and mother I always seen my future like that. Wanted to have get married nd hv kidz. Its truely a blessing I believe it has drawn me closer to God and my spiritual life and relationship has improved for the best, it has shaped me to be responsible. Person m has changed my life. Though it dsnt mean marraige wil help u not cheat it just depend on how much u respect ur marraige and how willing are u to work for ur marraige. So cheating is all upto u as an indivudual! I am happily married and pray to God keep guiding and teaching! Gr8 stuff Mike u keep me glued to ma phone..

  25. Marriage doesn’t stop one from cheating,sometimes u have the most expensive wedding bt yet ull still be cheated on!I Its just a decision that u must do before u even get married.There’ll always be handsome guys than ur guy and there’ll always be prettier ladies than ur woman,u mst jst learn to b content,knw what u want & find ways to improve ur relationship.Dankie for yet another Awsome chapter abuti 🙂 . Waiting impatiently for chapter 20…kikiki

  26. Have been married for a couple of years now and NO marriage doesn’t stop people from cheating. Eish, a lot happens in marriages – it’s not simple black or white *there’s a lot of grey in between*

  27. Mina i just love the perks of marriage…unlimited sausage nd a bank card *kikikikikikikiki*

  28. I wonder if there is chapter twelve or how she went from the embarrassment to finding herself. Truly speaking I think its brave of her n maybe a lot of girls or student might learn from this but knowing our youth this wouldn’t be a lesson to change but for them to be more careful as they never think of wat comes nest but whats here n now.

    Pls email me if this story continues on the confession coz I was looking or hoping for confession chapter eleven but I can’t find or if there is a way it continues I would appreciate coz this make for gud reading n I for one I think it should made into a drama n that way maybe it can not only reach those with access to the internet but the nation at large. To my point I am proud that at least some girls with brains will learn n maybe change their ways.

    I will await ur prompt response to this.

    Kind regards
    Dr Mabunda

  29. Sorry bout that.

    Point of correction I meant chapter twelve n thirteen etc.of the confession if there is any

  30. Marriage is not for the faint hearted. I don’t mind getting married. It’s not always a happy affair but I swear if he cheats, so will I. If you do me, I do you. What a man can do, a woman can do!!

  31. Wow… What a talent u have ….ur book I’m sure it’s helping a lot of young gals to be aware of things…..I’m so addicted

  32. Wow!!! I’m looooooving every chapter! Next one tu…

    Yes, it does matter that I marry, and yes it is worth it. It doesn’t stop/prevent a man from cheating, but for some reason I believe responsibility(e.g Being married) gives one a better level of maturity, only when they are its all about him being ready and serious about life, ring makes no difference

  33. Mike,

    Thank you for using this space and platform to make South Africa a better please. You are helping revive moral regeneration and bringing back the spirit of Ubuntu as you challenge our minds.

    May God bless you!

  34. Mike I do believe in marriage and I would love to be married some day but I don’t believe that it prevents people from cheating. People cheat because they don’t respect their partners.

  35. The “proof” of u lasting in a marriage is kind of tested,when u are still dating.. If either of u want to cheat, it will be done knowing that u are failing ur partner. You have hurt them without knowing.. That guilt will sit with u..we all of have a choice and being faithful to the one u love should really be the easiest choice..

  36. I personally want to get married. I think its the natural progression of a relationship of love between a man and woman especially if they want kids and stability. But I’m not so naïve as to think it a guarantee against cheatingm its anything BUT. Kodwa ke if anyone knows how to stop a man/woman from cheating TELL ME PLEASE. @Mike, please please hurry your chapters up, this waiting thing is torment. And please both books must get a chapter each day. You started this so you can’t tell us that you have other commitments as well tyhini. Thanks

  37. My younger sister is doing grade 12 and she was beginning to apply for universities and her third option was wits. We had gotten the application for her and was considering for her to come up to Jhb if she got accepted. After I read your blog I changed my mind consulted the whole family told them no way in this lifetime she’s coming to Jhb or CT she will be studying at home in PE and staying at home attending classes at university , there will be no boarding for her. She will leave home after she completed and looking for employment. All of us studied in PE so we did not have experience or reference or residence life. I know this does not represent all the girls at res but it highlights the possibilities and the unspoken life that most parents never gets to hear or see. I’m thankful for this blog it opened my eyes

  38. I have chosen the route of not getting married , for me it does not matter . I wanted a committed man , a man who wanted to be in a relationship with me and respect our union and valued it in his life. A man/woman cheat because they do not respect or value their union. Marriage means a lot if things to different people and most of the time people believe that their view and expectations of marriage is the norm and what their partner will deliver. In life married or not the challenges of a relationship are worthwhile when both people are committed and want to make the relationship work.

  39. The fact that he walks into my fathers house shows how disrespectful he can be. No man should shower me with gifts then enter my parents house. If he can pull of such a stunt what more in the future can he do to threaten me? Why me? If he could cheat on his wife, then who am I next to her? Am I his first sugarbaby? If not how many has he had already? Why a sudden interest in young girls? Is he chasing his teenage life that he didn’t live, so he’s living it through me? Those are the questions we as girls should be asking ourselves. Many times we fail to think simply because of the gifts they shower us with. Its fun to be mischivious once but remember an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree. Since you already got beatings from the very same tree you fell from.

  40. You know I dreamt that Chapter 12 was out, talk about being an addict. Mike you have made reading fun again, Thank you ver much. Keep doing what you do you are trully blessed.

  41. Its not that i choose noto to get married, its a case i havent met someone yet that i would want to spend my life with and someone worthy of ME. As for cheating if someone wants to cheat they will cheat. It doesnt matter if they are married or just dating. That is the sad reality of the times we are living in.

  42. WOW. You so good, i love how every chapter ends, makes you wanna read the next chapter. Ive always loved the thought of reading but never really did, i would read a da 1st chapter and i wouldnt not get a reason to read further but with what you write i am always eager to read the next chapter. You GOOD @ this i must say……WELL DONE

  43. I am so fascinated. I have actually become an addict. And the waiting period (which isnt that long) seems like decades. You are doing a marvellous job here.

    Marriage does not prevent your partner from cheating. It is worth it if you go into it for the right reasons, including value, respect and love for your partner.

  44. i cannot wait to read about the trip to sun city, i have a feeling she might give up the cookie.

    again, sugar D handled the situation rather well and very smart. this is what attracts most women to older men, they are calmer and smarter.

    siyabonga mr maphoto, keep ’em coming!

  45. Ah man do u mean to tell me I finished. Zulu girl in jozi and this in 2 days damn now i feel like a junky craving for the next fix but none the less, shame manesh your mom’s beatings remind me of my mom u would swear she was taking prisoners stress out on me .

    Great work dude quite an eye opener.

  46. if marriage would guarantee me happiness, piece, health, and Godliness I would have married a long time ago. I’m not being negative or anything but I’m a child of marriage and I’ll tell you this…being married doesn’t change a person or make your life simpler.

    I would like to have my own family and if a good man doesn’t come along ever, then I can settle with being with people that I mean a world to them and visa versa.

  47. Ofcoz id love to get married. The mear thought that someone would ask me to spend the rest of my life with him is an honour on its own. Being a wife inesdima maan…But when it comes to cheating, absolutely nothing can prevent the other person from doing it. You can never be incontrol of another personz behaviour , all you can do is pray together as a family and keep the bond strong… A family that prys together, stays together

    Great work Mikey!!!!

  48. I think parents put us under a lot of pressure to get married just so they could brag or gain some sort of respect or status in the community or……….really I don’t know why they do it. So basically people get into marriage for all the wrong reasons hence they end up doing all these things they’re not supposed to be doing while married. People are different, some of us want to achieve a couple of things before we commit to such

  49. Thank you for the post Mike, I’ve always wanted to get married for as long as I can remember. I not only get fascinated by the wedding & the flowers & speeches but also the beauty that lies within marriage.

    I cannot make an example of any couple I know as most of them are divorced or in the process of getting divorced. My peers don’t even think of marriage anymore, some are involved with married men! But I’m the black cat in white milk, I want to get married, I want to be in a relationship with a man that I can commit to & a man who I’ll know (no matter how false that may be) will commit to me. As I am the loyal girlfriend, ndinenjongo zoba ngumfazi oqhotho onesidima. The thought of marriage excites me so much. To be uMama WeKhaya, the whole traditional hoohaa ye-inlaws, the fights, the outings, the vacations, the early mornings at the breakfast table, the suppertimes, the late night chats with my hubby. Calling someone else your better half & meaning it. The Loving “Mnyani’wam”. Oh madoda, I can’t wait!

  50. I love this website 🙂 thanks to the writer, its quite an eye-opener. I don’t like sugar daddies i think its disgusting for older man to pry on kids that could be their daughters age. I mean they should think about how another man could b doing the same thing to their daughter/s. & love doesn’t go by age? NONSENSE! 3 to 5 years older,yes but not close to a decade haibo.
    As long as our daughters have been taught on how to handle such things we have nothing to worry about because the rest is up to them, we cannot make decisions for them. But on the other hand if we are afraid to talk to them we shouldn’t blame them. My point is we shouldn’t forget that this a life’s lesson in the form of “entertainment” 🙂 its not khumbulekhaya, where we watch laugh or maybe even feel sorry then forget. lets go out the and teach ( even if it sounds like preaching)

  51. Where is chapter 12.iv been checkng th whole dae yesterday nd its stll nt here.we nid anathr fix.plz hook us up

  52. i dink every gal wants 2 get married or hopes is da idea of marriage that entices us.whetha ur married or not it doesnt mean ur partner is incapable of cheatin. great blog,keep it up!

  53. Mike you are a good writer I must say you going places. To answer your question it does matter if you married or not a man will cheat if he wants to because that’s what they do, and I’m still trying to figure out the real reason for doing so but I guess I’ll never know. Bayayazi bona.

  54. Oh my word! Mike u so talented. The use of idioms and metaphors in your writing….AMAZING. Here’s to hoping your blog gives you great success!

  55. ooh woow i must say some sugar daddies are so cool, they feel the need of having some1 who is part of their lives to be have knowledge n benefit from what they have…nice1

  56. If I was a chick her age and thoughts, I would not reveal it until I come back from Sun City, then I will say I won it’ rolling eyes’

  57. Wow, whn and whr r da auditions gonna be Mike? I trust tht we’ll b da frst 2 knw… I really feel tht Marriage cn b a waste of tym, bt it’s also God’s wsh 4 man nd woman

  58. Mike u are really talented even thou I dnt comment evwi tym bt I’m ur biggest fan introducing my friends 2 ur blog has become my day job da nicest thing about ur books is dat any1 can relate to it I’ve got my aunts reading my colleagues they r Just ADDictiVe *may God bless U more *

  59. Mike u are really talented even thou I dnt comment evwi tym bt I’m ur biggest fan introducing my friends 2 ur blog has become my day job da nicest thing about ur books is dat any1 can relate to it I’ve got my aunts reading my colleagues, ur books r Just ADDictiVe *may God bless U more *

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