Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Eight

The pain of a thousand piercings can never compare to the pain I felt when I saw the look on Thabos face. It was betrayal and more than that, it was a love lost turned to hate. He looked at me as I walked past and I felt as though the moment happened in slow motion. My face still tingling from that clap I had just received could not even betray my emotions as the wetness from the earlier tears left my face numb. I wanted a place to hide. As I walked through that quad I just prayed no one had taken videos which could end up online. I don’t think there is a bigger nightmare for a high school girl than to have a negative video of her going around. How many times have you heard of people committing suicide soon after a video came out? High school is vicious on most days but with this now i knew mine would be double. I don’t think i was worried so much about my crime I was worried about the all out on my social standing. I was well known because of my looks that much I knew but to that I am sure people where going to add horrible names. I was not mean by nature, to anyone, but people judge you on your last actions so they will find a way to make me feel low.

I didn’t know what to do. Some kids were even walking behind me laughing and giggling. I wanted to go to the girl’s bathrooms where at least the prying eyes would be less. I don’t know maybe my ancestors heard my plea for help as when I turned into the science block Mr. Phasha our physics teacher whom I once suspected of having a crush on me at some point called me into his classroom to get away from it all. He chased the kids following me and threatened them with detention. We all called him Tshepo for he was a young teacher and had said when he first came that he was nobody’s sir but a tutor and friend. Obviously the principal had put an end to that because he argued there must be a clear distinction between teacher and student. Anyway he sat me in his empty classroom and told me that I needed to compose myself for it was going to be one heck of a long day. He was right! Its funny how when you are know you are beautiful you expect every male to be after you. I don’t know where we get the mentality but all males are a suspect. He was not Mr. Phasha for now but rather the first friend since all this happened. Where was Sibongile? Was she gossiping about me? More importantly where was Thabo? Was he going to dump me? I had never been dumped before because my pride always made sure I got the final say. This time though I owed a man the right of allowing me to fall on my own sword. I was at mercy? Did want to be in the relationship further though?

That whole after break session was a nightmare. When I walked past the boys would cough out “slut” “skank” “bitch”. Thabo got into detention when he beat up two grade tens for laughing at him for having “a sfebe” for a girlfriend. To a certain extent that lessened the taunting for the rugby boys stood by their boy and anyone who was heard saying something bad that could affect Thabo was “dealt” with. That wasn’t about him though. It was all on me. The teachers where non sympathetic either. Normally I sit at the back but two teachers insisted for that lesson I sit in front and Mrs Mononela insisted I read an Othello scene. You know how Shakespeare is that one book that was just designed to make you look stupid? I had to read that. She insisted I not read into the book but rather express and enunciate myself to the class. I read that scene with tears running down my cheeks. Initially people were laughing but half way through some guy stood up for me and said that was not necessary of which the other students agreed. I sat down without asking for the teacher’s permission, and guess what that got me detention! What a day! Now I had to contend with detention with Thabo! Where would I hide?

Eventually school came out. That I can truly say was the longest day of my young life. I was a pariah of the community and did not deserve to be here. Mondays we had no hockey practice so I was at least leaving at three. I dodged everyone and I am sure was first out of the gate. I didn’t stay far but I took the long route home. I needed to think. My mum had threatened to beat me up every day if I didn’t tell her a name. I needed a plan really. Secondly I do not think my mother went about this the right way. I was wrong I knew that but not in front of my teachers, peers and friends. How then could I come back and people trust me? Had I not always been the one to avoid older men yet today girls whose fathers had tried to hit on me and I had refused where now laughing at me. There was even a BC going around saying that I mustn’t be invited to their houses because their fathers were in danger. Just imagine. As I walked home I felt the pain of that thought. How did it come to this? Another thing that was starting to weigh on me was that i had already dealt with my mother and knew what was coming still; what of my father? Did he know? Was he going to belt me too? I was so scared.

When I got home turning into the drive way there was a car I knew far too well! It always seems to come when there was a problem at my house!

I hated this car because for me it represented all sorts of hypocrisies but I knew my mother loved it so much to the annoyance of my dad!

My mother had called the pastor from out church to come pray for me!

Now not just school kids knew this but the community!!

That man was a gossip!!!

I sat down at the gate on the drain!

Now what…

****The End****


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  1. damn! Diz story keeps gettin interestin more..wish u cud post more chapters everyday! Cant w8 2 watch it on tv..thanx Michael

  2. Wow! I can imagine all those labels. To be honest this story this story is all too familiar to all young ladies out there, me included! I am so glued to your diary, and I know how our parents sometimes go with their first reaction and end up handling thinks so badly! I take my hat off sisi for the bravery of telling it like it is.

    1. Hi Lady Sam! The blogger is actually a man!! Can you believe it??? I certainly didn’t and still can’t seem to wrap my head around this fact. I’m so impressed nguye and his flawless ability to write from a female perspective.

      Mike, all the best with your television ventures. I hope ndifumana the perfect Thandeka, papa G and Python.

      Kudos to you!

  3. Shame poor girl doesnt deserve this at all, especially the humiliation at school. This is what leads kids to suicide, my guess is that she will attempt suicide

  4. N’S mother is plain sick, and has issues, you don’t do that to your child unless you’re mixed up, up there. Uyanginyanyisa nje. As a principal bengizomugquza nje ngimtshele ukuthi ezakwakhe akazilungisele kwakhe, I hate the woman, nx!!! Uyangicika, bengizomshaya ngetshe ekhanda nje uma ngihlangana naye bese ngyacasha. Sies makaN!!!

    1. kwaaaaaaaaaaak I thought I was the only one who was pissed struu shes plain evil and acts holy than thou if were N was gng to ignore her till kingdom comes

  5. Mmmmm intresting very intresting!yaze yavelelwa lengane ingakenzi lutho ayikaqali nokuqala kodwa sifile isibhaxu ay shame!

  6. Wow! I can imagine all those labels. To be honest this story is all too familiar to all young ladies out there, me included! I am so glued to your diary, and I know how our parents sometimes go with their first reaction and end up handling things so badly! I take my hat off sisi for the bravery of telling it like it is.

  7. This is sad I really feel for this young lady but the Zulu saying says “ugotshwa usamanzi” so its still early for her to turn her life around….

    Thanks Mike 🙂

  8. iyoh, *claps once* thandi baby shit has just hit the fan. next chapter b4 I die of curiosity!!!

  9. Shooooo my heart’s pouring out 4 d poor gal, is dat really d bst way 2 discipline a child. More chapters Mikey

  10. Catch 22 serves her ryt? Then again such humiliation she could commit suicide!self confidence shattered I actually feel sorry 4 her

  11. Okay I’m a little bit puzzled/confused as to why her mother beat her up or rather how she knows coz the day before she went to the bank & met with the policeman (laughing with the mom) & got home & baked with her without her mother uttering nething about Jack. Then the next day she’s @ school getting a beat down by her mum *confused*

    1. The plan was to humiliate her at school she pretended all was ohkay the whole weekend to catch her offguard.

  12. No but this is indeed the wrong way to go about disciplining a child,you don’t do that!I can’t even imagine,I myself going to an all-girls’ schools is just worse!I’d be beyond mortified!

  13. Hai diz mother though…thx Mike plz post more chapters n i wouldn’t mind be featured on da tv series*winx*

  14. Wow it seems like this is a story of someone I know, the mother is so wrong to embarass her like that. More chapters mike the suspense is killing me

  15. This story is very interesting and wouldn’t mind reading atleast 5 chapters a day (“,)..I don’t watch tv but will definately watch your stories on tv #thumbsUp

  16. iyoooh….. omg im a school child and I have no clue wat I would have done if that had to happen to me. bt shame she had t coming bt umama shouldn’t have overreacted kaso HAWU!!!! impela I’ve neva sneaked out the house coz I can tell my parents anything. bt this ngeke noooo!!!!

  17. I feel sorry for you. Ur mom humiliated u very badly. Moms like that… I got a mom like that too- hardcore nd beats u till u drop. Probably ur tear-sack went dry too… But tbh u kinda did deserve it but not at school thou… #cant watch

  18. tjo mme o,pastor for nw ttltlltltlltltllt what kid has demons?mxim))))no mara sugar daddy yena o kae in all of this….ngwana batho is in big shit and yena o relaxed…i wonder if she`l continue seeing him…eish yah ku rough shame

  19. Ayi bandla I rly fil 4 her. Her mum is taking 2 far. Uzobaryt dts wt u get 4 fooling arnd. Nxt chptr plz

  20. i would much rather prefer this story remain as just a blog if not turned into a book.
    its the first time that so many ppl are caught up in wanting to read. its time that we encourage reading more and more.

    so far so good.

    thanks for the stories.

  21. ai ai ths woman….yena her hubby is wayyyy older mos? nna if i was her, phika is’xhosa! zero admission.

  22. This woman is humiliating her child. This is not discipline but humiliation. Couldn’t she atleast sit her child down first and talk about this at home?

  23. Shame, poor girl, hope she has learnt her lesson!!!! Mike cum on now post atleast 10 chapters per day!

  24. Yoh lomama!she is dramatic, yikho sine high rate teenage suicide. She could have at least thought of another way of humiliating her.

    Thank you again…

  25. thank heavens my mother is not a fan of public humiliation. Ayikho lento yenziwe ngulomama, yenza icheek qha but ke some parents are just extreme.

  26. Thanks for giving us something to chat about hours on end. Wish you well for the movie series, will be watching with the gals. Keep up the good work 🙂

  27. Eish shame this part really saddens me…she didn’t need to go through all that,but atleast she will know never to do such again after all that embarrassment

  28. Please also write about school girls dating taxi drivers, I was one and have a lot to tell and share lessons learnt

  29. Your work is amazing I enjoy each an every chapter nd I look forward to the next…keep it up!:)

  30. Dude please post on the Diary of Zulu Girl already! You’ve posted 2chapters of this one this weekend and nothing of the other since Thursday! Come on! It’s the original story that put you out there, don’t neglect it now. I reckon you now owe us 3chapters of Diary of a Zulu Girl to make up!

  31. Shame man I feel for her, that was very embarrassing. I can’t wait for the next chapter though.

  32. dis woman jst duznt realise she’s actually pushing her daughter straight into da sugar daddy’s arms… Wher else wud she find comfort makunje??? Ryt nw she needs sum1 who will tell her d@ everything will be alryt & d@ she hasn’t done n.ething wrong…. So who else bt Siyanda’s dad????

  33. Hai shame lengani ya bantu kwanele fr a day , u got beat up @ school now umfundisi (real goboza) mina ngingafa strait

    1. Hahaha Lilly, only a black person knows what it means to be black, with a ganta mother like that…

  34. Shame I feel for her, especiasly dat she didn’t do anythan wit siyanda’s dad…. Yho a priest to deliver her frm spirit of lust.. I actualy thot it was siyanda’s dad wen she saw d car…
    More chapters mike plis….. Lov yo blog mxwaaaaaa

  35. First off… One thing I have noticed thus far is that Mike id neglectful and not fast enough… U cnt get us hookd to sumthing then u take so much tym to give us next fixture… Hai bo!
    Secondly… You cnt keep us waiting for so long aftr 56 chaptrs of a fweakn gud story then nothing… Do something abt that… Sifun’ukwazi ukuthi u antiza ngale uthini…
    Lastly… Do keep up the awesome work u been doing during these journeys:)

  36. Haaa!! What kind of mother does that? Why engahlalisi umntwana wakhe phantsi or moer her in their house?? She’s mad shem. Funny enough, the community will turn against her and call her names bathi akakwazi kuqeqesha umntana. I wouldn’t be surprised if uN angajika abeyi rebel.

  37. Ai maan N’s mum was wrong to do all that i mean ungeke uhlaza your own child like that iyoh ai no man. She should have deciplined her privatly now the whole chuch is going to gossip abt her im definetly sure the pastor is going to preach abt her mxm. Thanx Mike this is getting intresting alot wink

  38. I really dnt wish to be in this girl’s shoes,ushayiwe mos eskolweni a Pastor now and othanda nezindaba futhi,hayi ngeke

  39. Hayi ngekhe uMama kaNelisa inoba she’s having an affair notata kaSiyanda ngekhe!!! Why is she being like that??? The way enza ngakhona ngathi uzama uquma elakhe inyala.

  40. This women though, how does she air her daughters dirty laundry for every1 to see. Who is she suppose to turn to now. This mother is too much of a drama queen

  41. Her mother is an alien from a deprived planet.she should tie her shoelaces tight and start running

    Thanks Mike

  42. This is too much I love it for a stay at home mom who’s bored most of the time this a good read can’t w8t for chapter nine *drooling*

  43. Ag shame I really felt for her through the ordeal.. Tjo my mother is strict but she would never do that to me, that woman went too far.. I think she did that for her own image, so that people don’t say she raised a slut, so that they say she’s disciplining her daughter

  44. I take off my hat for you Mr. Maphoto, what an interesting story I just wish young girls will take time to read it as for now but since its going to be a tv series I forsee many young girls repenting from their wild and fast lives. I’m a student I usually see this kind of things everyday in Sunnyside. Keep on doing good job! Thank you

  45. Yo mara yi sono mara lesi…poor N hope she doesn’t do anything stupid tho…where is the sugar daddy?he started alla this nxxx

  46. Lol da pastor remind me of my high school days, gosh he ws called almost every month 2 pray 4 me lol patents. Iyo Nely is in a very bad space, I jst wish her dad stays in da dark, as for da policeman nxa uyaphapha man

  47. LOL…your mom is my role model…..I would’ve stripped ur ass naked,poured u with ice cold water…then whip the crap outa you…..

  48. Hhayi this is hot stuff! Thank u my friend for introducing me to this website! I am hooked! Awaiting more chapters!

  49. Ag no man thts no way to deal with your child,ol sh cud of dne ke go beya ngwana month fatshe and talk to her hear her side of th story nd tke it frm chld is wrng yes bt wt th mother jst did yoooooooh aowa tota ngwana o till a fetsa skolong sela thr wl always be tht 1 persn o tlo phelang a mo gopotsa nd mke thngs uneasy fr her ko skolong nd sme teachers wil dfntli mke sure gore o tlo phela ele an exmple fr thm hai suka mme o tjo.

  50. tjo u hv intrigued me wif these stories. I cnt gt enough. Cnt wait 4 chapter 9. Wteva she does, she must nt make up lies cz thts gna back fire on her. Eish….. Ths is a tough 1.

  51. Shame pooR gal,just when she thought she’s seen the worst.Hope she doesn’t become more naughty cos if u r always reminded on how bad u r u can end up being worse…

  52. “Sat at the gate on the drain” lol ai shame ke sono hey, men always do thngs but women nd young girls always take the blame…I almost feel sorry for her.

  53. Kant y do u keep on doing ths 2 us Mike. Now how long do we hv 2 wyt b4 da nxt chptr.

    M such an addict n I get frustrated while wyting. Good storyline though.

    N dat ws really unnecessary. Hw can she do dat 2 her own child gosh?????

  54. Gosh dis lady need help, I feel 4 N having such a crazy moder. Plz make anoder chapter fast cuz I’m already hcked

  55. That was not necessary who is she trying to impress? besides doesn’t she know to handle family matters? to come to school to cause such havock
    I’m worried about their relationship (Mother & daughter) cos it is crushed instead of being concerned about more serious stuff like did you do the dance with this guy ?if yes protection was it used? like a mom she’s such a stuckup cow to humiliate ur child like that

  56. haaaa. Chapter 9 chapter 9. pretty please:-D:-D:-D

    how did the mom find out though? was it the policeman

  57. This happened in our high school as it happened to sum gal but she was nt dating older men she became pregnant the mother beat her up in front of the school , shame man

  58. Have fallen madly inlove with the confessions. My mom would do the same thing #Aintbluffing

    Can’t wait for the next chapters. Whoooop Whooop!!!

  59. tjo this woman is evil… if it was me i wasn’t gonna go back home, ubaba ka Siyanda was gonna have to make a plan for me shame…. Good read though makes one emotional….

  60. Mike, the stories you write about!!! never been in any of the 2 girls’ shoes, never met anyone who has been but I know such things do happen. Do keep writing and devote more of your time to this… u r no longer at a marketing stage, u already have an audience and the best way to keep it is to keep on producing what we are here for. I love what you write! Keep it up!

  61. shame man, what she’s doing is wrong , but to be humiliated like this??? i wonder if she’s going to end the relationship or has this made her want siya’s dad even more.

  62. Must admit, I’m glad this story is being told for I know so many girls who have been in this situation. (Some including my friends). I applaud you for your wonderful writing Mr M.

  63. Damn, I must say in a way I hate reading a lot this days due to bad writing but I have to say when I read the first chapter i was hooked for good since this friday and now my wife reads the diary too. Honestly I couldn’t not really work when I started reading the sequence of events that has taken place on this girls live in confessions. We can really relate to this stories some have experinced this on a certain level. Damn that media house that beat me to the punch, eish they had the time to really read your story and to the series and see the value in it. To be honest this is great, gone are those days when we are foced to read or view American based ideas. Tyler Perry move aside here comes Mike Maphoto and is here stay with real African stories. All the best and keep up the GOOD work do not derailed and keep it REAL my brother…..

  64. Yoh this woman made a mistake, I only see Naly rebelling from here forth…..I mean everyone knows her as a slut already and what more can they do to humiliate her?

  65. Mike, what a creative man you are! God has blessed you with a beautiful talent. Keep up the good work.

  66. Yoh child I would have made a run for it before the beating…cz u saw the belt, its bad enough to be beaten when u r in High School bt to be beaten nd paraded @ school hell no!!!! I knw those parants nd I made a run for it when I was in Gr 8 nd I told them hell no

  67. Mike asomblief can we have chapter 9 tuu! May God richly bless you, I love the fact that your not the typical writer,I can actually visualize the story as you tell it! 🙂

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  70. We want more, we want more, we want more *protesting*

    Thanks for the blog, its worth reading it.

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  72. Yoh i saw the last chapter of being embarrassed @ school n i knw the pain lasts longer than being belted in private n i told ma sistaz daughter that i will do that to her! Yoh she ws terrified n i dnt think shel step o ma toes again where it concerns boys#tnx 4 making ma life easier# lolls

  73. If only all mothers were like this one on the story, South Africa would be a better place with better young girls disciplined enough to be good wives when the right time comes. And there’d be less tenage pregnancy & the spread of STDs would be less. Kodwa ke its just a story and in reality kids of today know of the so called ‘freedom’ & ‘rights,’ you beat them, they take you to the police.

  74. Eish mara for her mama to do that though. That wasn’t nice at all hey! Yoooo can’t wait to see what happens next.

  75. Shame I feel 4 u, mina I was gonna run away 4rm home really! It can’t get any worse! Hai your mum was just out of it really, so much humiliation. As 4 ur teachers mxm bayangidina nje nabo. Sbongile was clearly gossiping abt u, u certainly don’t need such a friend really.

  76. a part of me can relate when people finding out such things and being able to control what people say about you and you feeling so ashamed.i feel sorry for all the people who will get hurt from the rummer.she needs to be honest with herself and the problems she is about to face

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  84. Being beaten in front of you friends, that’s the worsed thing that could ever happen to anyone..shame man! I feel sorry for her.

  85. I would hv jst died! Such embarasmnt thou, bt i guess it’ll teach her 2 b wiser nd never underestimate her parents

  86. all of this so quick the men hasn’t even slept with her and useshayiwe,walandelwa abefundisi already usegwetshiwe the only thing left ukuthi she must jst carry on cause usegwetshiwe

  87. I real need to grow up and realise it just a blog, ma eyes were ful of tears when I read the part where she had to sit infront and read the book for the entire class wit tears roling on her cheeks,
    On the other side as a young mom I lost ma mom while ma son was only 3 years and he uis now 7 years but I dnt ask or be told by anyone when is the rit time to guve him harding, but I locked the room and make sure it all finished there and he mst not throw his tendromz afterwards. Unfortunately ma mom never believed ekushayeni but I think it a gud lesson, for a teenage at school infront of other kids is so humilating bcs kids commit suiside in our days, personaly I wuldnt punish my daughter so much but instead wud have sit her dwn and talk abt this bet u the thruth wud hv cum out and I wud hv gave her gud advises, I mst say ths both blogs are eye opener in diffrnt ways!

  88. great story, easy read and very interesting… But kutheni ngathi ubhaqwe msinyane nje unontombi? Suppose have to continue reading….

  89. rite now I hate your mother,,, u know our moms used to embarrass us infront of every1 while other parent never did that to their kids *angry* I promised myself I will never do that to my son no metter how angry i can be

  90. Yoh all that punishment and you didn’t even sleep with the man!! Parents are soo quick to think about their reputation that they neglect to consider how their actions will affect their kids, further even their relationship with them. They should direct their anger at the Sugardaddy for abusing a “poor little naive girl”. Can’t your mother see that you are the victim here?? I guess that’s why they often say that “beauty is a curse”

  91. Yo! De mother is so cruel,yet she call herself a christian,she shuld hav punished de daughter at home,not at school in front of everyone.if she(daughter)commits suicide,will she live with that for the rest of her life,that she killed her own daughter?

  92. Yoooh as previously said this girls mother and mine were cut from the same cloth stru. I got tears just reading this. Long gone yes, but that part of my life taught me a lot. Shane poor darling.

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  95. Hai, I got the link yestaday late n I must say I haven’t slept , I cnt seem to put my phone down I keep on thinking what will happen and the way you end each chapter just kills me more,,,,,big up really love it..

  96. At least you see Nelisa facing consequences of her actions immediately instead of like Thandeka who seems to easily be saved by all these people around her. It’s sad though, who do u turn to in this situation. Will it just push her closer to the sugar daddy. Let me read on

  97. Ayi, u knw I can relate 2 ths story but wat made it worse its Nelisa reading Othello and this girl is my age and to say we were the first matric group to read Othello since 2010. Keep it going am hooked shem!

  98. The trouble u go through because of this “sugardaddy” thing,seems like wena u went for “Saltdaddy” coz there is nothing Sweat “sugar” about this…

  99. Lol heeeh nw remembering being caught wth ma b.f who ws 2yrs older thn me by my mom estratwen, it ws a nightmare! Hai shme mhan ngiyaku zwela ntombazana! So saaaaaaaad.

  100. Conservative parents, how they like pastors to come and pray, as if pastors water with holy water! Let’s move on to the next chapter!

  101. Conservative parents, how they like pastors to come and pray, as if pastors wash water with holy water! Let’s move on to the next chapter!

  102. Yoh! I was once slapped around by my dad in the presence of my friends and boyfwend,DRaMA*sigh* but luckly it ended there,this mother calling the pastor! OMW id dig a whole with my fingers to hide lol

  103. I for 1 happy that she got caught before having to sleep with this older man. N shame feel sori for the pain she’s going through nw

  104. Ai the mother too brought the attention in a way people will think she is not rasing her kids well…it was going to be better if she did that at home,because all this was going to be known by the family only.

    Anyhow BIGUP MIKE…it would be nice if this was a story was being brocasted on tv

  105. I do not drop many comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here Confessions – Chapter Eight | Diary
    of a Zulu Girl. And I actually do have 2 questions for you if you usually do not mind.
    Could it be just me or does it seem like a few of the responses look as if they are left by brain dead people?
    😛 And, if you are posting on other sites, I would
    like to follow anything new you have to post. Would you list of all of all your shared pages like your Facebook page,
    twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  106. No man but the mom is wrong… How will she feel mese ethukwa omakhelwane ukuth she raised a slut…mxm i do not condone corporal punishment shem…she is wrong

  107. N was wrong but her mother is a bad parent how could she do that to her child, one thing for sure N is not going to learn anything from her mistake instead she is going to be worse.

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