Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Three

Before I continue I think I should make it clear that I don’t think there is any teenage girl who doesn’t have a sugar daddy story to share, many are just too ashamed to come out with it. Most of us have done things that we are ashamed of hence why we don’t talk about them. A sugar daddy moment is not about sex but about an occasion where you allowed an older man to do you favours and usually in return for something. Yes some girls show off saying that they ate his money but he never slept with him but cut the bullshit you did enough to have hurt another woman sitting at home waiting for her husband to come home. Being young and aware of yourself makes you bolder than your average woman. When you are young and beautiful you tell yourself it is not your fault that his wife got fat and boring. You tell yourself that you didn’t go to his home to get him on the contrary, he came to you. Yes you are scared of getting caught but the money that comes with it more than compensates for it.

I never got a chance to send him the call back he had asked for because as fate would have it we got load shed that night before I could charge my battery. I fell asleep before the power came back. That week was rather busy. I said earlier on I was in a transport. In all honesty I didn’t want some old man with a big car picking me up from school especially someone whose daughter had gone here recently. I keep mentioning Siyanda. She went to school two years before us. I knew well enough because we shared the same transport to school. I can’t say we were friends but we were cordial enough to have a chat every now and again. When she passed her matric she went to Rhodes I think. That’s a lot about her in any case at this moment.

Things have a way of shaping themselves when you have someone with potential to overtake your current boyfriend. That week Thabo was super sweet. I remember I found him waiting for me at the gate every morning. My birthday was a week and a half away so he said that for the build up he was going to do something nice and sweet for me until the big day. That was like 9 days away was he crazy? It was sweet though and the teen in me recognized that. Everyday true to his word he had a surprise for me. He paid extra attention to me and at times even carried my books. It was awkward at times but extremely sweet. I loved his attention to detail. It made me forget about Siyanda’s father for I was back to being a teenager again. The week ended pretty fast too because I had a smile every day.

On Friday night Siyanda’s dad sent me a message. I remember I was watching TV at the time and it just sent shivers in me. I think it’s obvious to say I was crushing on this old man. I know Thabo had been sweet and all but I wanted to experience other things. All along I didn’t like attention from older men but this one in particular was getting under my skin in a good way. The message simply said Good Evening. You know with us young people our greetings are more in line with hip hop or tsotsi. That’s what we call modern. He was so formal that for a good hour I was not sure how to respond. Eventually I replied. He asked what I was doing and if I could come out. I told him it was risky but I could try. He said he was going out with his friends so we should make it late this way my parents will be sleeping. The nerve! You know when you chat to someone via phone you have all this confidence. That was me at the moment. I was in control of the situation. I told him my dad sleeps around ten because there were PSL matches on Fridays. He asked if my parents checked up on me when I was asleep of which I replied LMAO. He asked me what that meant. Awkward! Who doesn’t know what that means and worse how could I say “Ass” to an old man. I explained as best I could without using the word. I told him also that my parents trust me so I shouldn’t worry.

He arrived around 11. I was already sleepy by then. I made sure i didn’t buzz him or sms him so that in future i could make him pay for his tardiness. I had obviously never jumped the fence before so I did what I had seen on TV. I put pillows under my bed covers to make it seem like someone was lying there. It was my job at home to make sure that the doors were locked. My dad always said it taught me responsibility. Moreover there was no alarm system at my house so getting out was pretty straight forward. My gate was not electric but it had a locking mechanism that was pretty smooth so didn’t make any noise. Once or twice I had gone outside late at night to meet time by the gate on his late night parties so I had a bit of experience. I had never however actually left though. He was already there by the corner with his lights off. He was not driving the Jaguar but a BMW X5. He stepped outside so that I could see it was him which was not necessary for I knew the car. He told me that he thought I wasn’t going to come out but I told him that as long as we don’t take too long. We drove off.

We went to the park in a neighborhood close to ours. Have you even seen cars parked randomly in the middle of nowhere during the day or even at night? I can bet you anything that its people having an affair because why else would you park so far or so randomly. Whenever I drove around with Thabo (that’s when and if his parents gave him the car), if we saw such a car parked like that we would drive closely to see who was in it and what they were doing. I had seen enough to say some things are meant for the bedroom.

Guess what? I had become that girl in the car, parked under a tree at a park and what’s worse a police car had just pulled up behind us!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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  1. Wow I won’t judge her cos we all knw we once dd smthng like ths….I’m a fan already, nice 1 hey

  2. God the suspense is killing me everytime I see a new chapter I get excited only to crave for more at the end of it………please keep them coming

  3. Iyo hai, I’m hooked. I even wake up early in the morning to just check if there’s soomething new nje

  4. We can’t judge 4some of us hv similar stories 2these. Gr8 story telling nd u knw hw 2kp us in suspense nd begging 4smore.

    1. u ryt gal. These thingz have always been there. Iam 50 smtng and have my own sugar daddy story which only needs a skill to tell

  5. Lol ai pitty some of us never had experienced the sugar daddy saga, this was intresting dnt make us wait for chapter 4 for such long tym like this one toe.

  6. Writer Mike Maphotho o nketsang mara!!b damn! U r so talented! Confessions hmmmmmm! This is going to be good

  7. Omigosh, m getting addicted again. These blogs are like a drug and I can’t get it enough, lol. Keep ’em coming…..

  8. Old men and their twisted fantasies. How do you date someone who’s so young! Hai. Even us girls, allowing such things to happen. Then when you get older, you ask yourself why certain things are going the wrong in your life only to realise that your actions have a way of catching up with you!

  9. I’m loving your stories, they are so real and I can relate. Maybe you should make this your day job, waiting on you to write the next chapter is killing us.

    p.s I have an interesting story to share, could write it, but u tell these stories so well. halla if u interested……..oh its about bikerboys!

  10. Gripping stuff I love reading your posts, one can definetly identify with it. I’m a woman and have gone through my faor share of drama with men so I’m not reading this with intend to judge but to learn. Thank for daring to tell stories some of us bury deep and hope no one ever finds out about it.

    Do Your Thang Gurl!! ;)..

  11. Lawrd! I think you are telling my story sir…hahaha…I had an affair with a (39y/o) married man when I was 18y/o!

    Gosh, 15 years later and the thought of that guy still gives me goosebumps (the good kind)…he always smelled and looked soooo good….and his speech was ALWAYS so well -polished…yhuu bandla!
    He was the hottest guy I’ve ever met nje and so sophisticated – and yep, we did the whole random parking at dodge spots…LMAO…Germiston Lake was our fav. spot…mara these suiker-pa’s always bring the car with more “room” when they plan these random things neh – mine always came with iX-Trail with tinted windows when he wanted to get freaky…lol 🙂

    Sheem, thinking back to the younger naïve me…goodness gracious…I was a hot-mess nje…no weave, no braids, just iphondo with a “side waterfall” fringe…and to make matters worse, I was a “big kid” – size 40 at the age of 18…eish! *hahaha*
    wow, ended up having an affair with that guy for solid 5yrs…he hooked me up with my first real job and my first car…paid 50% of my tuition fees (I chowed the money my parents gave me for the fees – the younger dom ‘me’ of course…nxa)…he even invested in a mini-business I wanted to start when I was at Uni. And he showed me loads of places yena yaz’ – accompanying him on his business trips in and around SA became a norm when I was living at Res in University.

    Yhu, Mandla was good to me sheeem…married or not, old man or kanjani – that guy nicely paved a way for me when it comes to my education and career. I now have a successful medical practice and it’s all thanks to him 🙂

    ‘Til today, I don’t know how we kept it such a highly guarded secret qha – my parents and his wife never suspected a thing…maybe it was because I never shared any details with my friends and we met faaaar away from our neighbourhoods…*pheeew*…that guy was hot maaaan!

    1. Hi Lol,

      I can relate though I never got far bcoz my mother found out almost 2 weeks into the relationship and she beat the shit out of me. im grateful for that bcoz I would’ve ended like S in diaryofazulugirl. I was never interested in brothers from Africa but was greatly interested in corporate climbers.


      1. @Gobsmaxed: I know hey…most people will scream “statutory rape”, but that guy was my voice of reason and always had my best interest at heart – he always told me ukuthi “mina I won’t be going out with an illiterate. I’ll pay for your tuition fees and you better not fail or else uzong’badala back with interest”…hahaha…deep down, I think he really loved me yaz’ (age and marital status aside of course)…surely a guy won’t ‘build’ and invest so much on “i-snack-attack” the way he did with me?

        Wanna know something else? He has since become i-benchmark when it comes to my potential boyfriends…which is totally insane nje, considering that I haven’t seen him in ages!

  12. Take me bk mike toe…plz do xem…..very intrstng braH…u jst keep on dng it good#i like#…….

  13. Ke gana ya gore all teenagers have one sugar daddy story 2 share I know dont yoh ke tshaba malapa a batho..a bitter wife will beat the hell out of u we saw ka diary of a zulu girl how the sweet aunty turned in2 sum1 else when she found out her husband was cheating with a younger girl
    Good one nevertheless

  14. that is true “married man like parking their cars at shady places especially at night” talking frm experience. and i must say also dat its also true dat every teenager has a story 2 tell about sugar daddies a.k.a married man.

  15. Hey writer,I disagree I never had a sugar Daddy,never…I never had the urge to hv one da though of an older man was creepy nje bt I was not judgemental either we all have choices.. Only God judges

  16. Lol so far i relate a lot with Siyanda’s dad + the Scenario with the Police.

    If i had to add chapter 4,everyone would be shocked at what i have done naboLOLIWE(Teens).
    Only GOD knows how truely sorry i am about that

  17. well not every teenage girl has a sugar daddy story to share, Some of us prefer dating our peers. I am not so tjatjarag

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  19. So i’m married and now 30yrs and i have this 20 year old that i rejected 2 yrs back when she told me she was in matric and repeating it. As soon as she finished she kept on sending pls call me’s and eventually i ended up taking her on. She is now 20 and i’m also guilty of parking in the night for a quickie. This girl surprised me with a Bj few weeks ago when she said she is on her periods, eish mara…

  20. I like the story, yes! But I strongly disagree with what was said. I am a 21 year old girl and never have I had a “suggardaddy moment” and I don’t appreciate the fact that in an effort to normalise or de-scandalise what u r doing, u making it seem that every girl does these. Interesting story, just don’t make generalsations like that. Myt give people the wrong idea

  21. Please tell me if there is a hard copy or even soft so I can buy and read more #i’m glued to this first 3 chapters and trust me I need more then that #super intrigued

  22. Wow! what an interesting read! can’t stop reading. Hey, keep it cumin!
    This stood out for me….”Most of us have done things that we are ashamed of hence why we don’t talk about them. A sugar daddy moment is not about sex but about an occasion where you allowed an older man to do you favours and usually in return for something. Yes some girls show off saying that they ate his money but he never slept with him but cut the bullshit you did enough to have hurt another woman sitting at home waiting for her husband to come home”

  23. Wonderful! I’m loving the read! However on the contrary I don’t have a “sugar daddy” story to tell. I’ve always had a very high self esteem and I’ve known my worth since forever by this I simply mean I’ve always had the nerve and confidence to tell older “married” men to leave me the hell alone.
    … As I continue with reading

  24. @LOL: wow. I also think dis man did feel sumthing 4 u. He saw potential & im glad he had a good impact in ur lyf, angakudli nje.
    Mina i ask myself….what da hell did we talk about coz being a gal in high skul i didnt knw mch bout business conversations & all, yet we had conversations. I think i made him feel young & alive.

  25. Mike u should have started with this book finish it before starting the Zulu gal one. Ur writting skills are awesome. Love it

  26. Errrrrrr nah, not every grl hs had tht experienc with sugar daddys, m 23 n hv neva n I never will, a married man nogal hai bo sum of us respect ppl’s marriages. Anyway its alwys a great read mike. Syabonga. U good!

  27. Wow! Dis gal is deep…everyline is interesting, Most of gal hav sugar daddy’s story 2 tell bt w turn 2 gv a piece of cake wen we share…we dnt gt into details…

  28. Bcoz ol of this is true n happening for real, em even scared of having a child for I will not b able to protect them frm themselves! Lord hev mercy…

  29. Its really funny how I c traces of myself in these girls evn though its nt that extreme, good job Mike #addicted

  30. mina am scared of sugar daddies shame…I do get men asking me out..and sometimes i get tempted but anything with a car and money…i try to get away from…just always see death or aids coming..just me

  31. Wow…now what I call a diary,representing almost every chick. We’ve all did smthings that we so ashamed to tell

  32. Wooow, woow, eix dis story is intersting yoh, though kese tsene bo gare, amo gonna get ma slf a copy, daaaaaamn

  33. Joh! Mike I got busy and lost out on this tantalising book maan I’m in inlove Mara you’ve got talent shame thanks will mke sure I finish all the books

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