Chapter Twenty Three

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I am a strong believer in the notion that there is nothing more important in the world than family. No matter how rich or poor, educated or illiterate, ambitious or a bum family must come first. My parents though not romantic from what I had noted had built those values in my siblings and I. I don’t think I had told you earlier, I have two little sisters. I could not for a moment imagine life without both our parents. When my aunt had first said that she suspected an affair I had all these thoughts running through my head. It was scary and real. When she said that I could just see what it meant to her family and that scared me! I did not want to be in that car at that moment. I felt my face would betray my secret but she was too focused on the road to notice the pain of my deceit. I have called other people S for snake and P for python but in all this who was the snake? I was in the middle of everything so did it not make me a snake as well. I told her that I did not know what could ever possess her to think of such. She said a woman always knows. Even when there is no proof a woman could always sense. She had been married to this man for almost 20 years now and never in all this time had he been so meticulous when he packed for a trip. Normally she had to chase after him but this time around had been different. She said she had been racking her brain looking for other signs but so far she had nothing. Something was up though. I didn’t know what to to tell her. I didn’t know whether to confess everything I knew or just hold her hand. When we got to the house it was just us so I had nowhere to hide. I felt though that it was unfair that she was placing on me. What could I do whether it was true or not? No matter what I might feel I am just a child only turning 19 so what advice could I possibly give her. My view of men was getting tainted by the minute. You know when you are young you have this vision of a big white wedding with a perfect man. You have this vision of you having a big house and kids. Looking at all the women I had met so far my dreams were fast changing. I didn’t want to end up like these women. Men were merciless regardless of whom you are. My aunt with her beauty, wealth and education was after all just a woman like you and me. What was the difference between Gorilla and my uncle? Absolutely nothing. He used money to lure S and now my uncle used the very same means with N. Gorilla might be foreign but his dna was exactly the same with that of my uncle who grew up in KwaZulu Natal. Had Bill Clinton not gotten a blowjob under the table when he was president of the most powerful country in the world. I hear all this girls that say they will rather marry a white man but with the example I just gave its clear that as long as it has a dick it can’t be trusted.


As usual there was wine in abandon. She offered me a glass which I gladly accepted. She was fast becoming my favourite aunt this one. For someone who was going through a crisis her composure was remarkable. I would like to call it strength but I am not sure for it could have been defiance towards her situation. She was tipsy in moments but I think it was because of the emotions. Within moments she was telling me all her fears and some things I was not supposed to hear. She told me that she had worked so hard in her marriage and was not about to lose her husband. She also told me that she had made sure that he had always been happy and what not so it would be a shock if he cheated. She didn’t want to become yet another statistic and she vowed to make her marriage work. So far so good I thought sarcastically. I made supper and she went to bed early. I decided the best thing to do was tip off N that my aunt suspected. No, I had not chosen a side. I had to warn her so that they don’t make a mistake which will hurt my aunt more. Hopefully this will make my uncle wake up. Instead I think the call backfired for he called her and was the most romantic man ever as my aunt would later tell me tomorrow morning all forgotten and forgiven. According to her he had asked via phone if they could renew their vows next year. Imagine that!! Men are sleek… Sies! Speaking of sleek men, I could not help but think of P. Last night he had been sweet and gentle. I had enjoyed his company so much. Imagine a sweet, good looking guy who also seemed to have money. I remember I had liked him the first night I saw him at the Hennessy party until he had… At that thought I remember why not to like him and dropped the thought.


As I was getting ready for bed, tipsy also now thanks to my aunt my phone rang. On the other side of the line was Samkes mother. I was shocked she didn’t even have my number so she must have asked my mum. I don’t mean to sound mean but I felt as though S was refusing to die for at every turn there was a reminder of her. I greeted her mum with politeness and respect, tried not to be too sad either so as not to remind her of S too much. I told her it was a welcome surprise and she said we hadn’t gotten to talk when I was at home which was true. Then she asked me about school and what not. Small talk. I could hear there was something big she wanted to say so I waited. Eventually she said that when they had been going through Samke’s belongings they had discovered she had two bank accounts. The one they knew and sent money and another. In it they had found r153 000. Stunned!



Then she asked me the following…



“Wayenga lali na madoda khona ezothola imali eGoli?”


****THE END****


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  1. Yeah, what the heck does that mean? I ddnt comment on all the prev chapters but u got me hooked, nice read indeed.

  2. I love this but I hve to post some constructive critisism. It would be nice if you edited the chapers before posting them. I have come across a lot of grammar mistakes which can be a little off putting.

    1. @Lesedi,I truly understand your constructive advise,however,we must think about how he,the writer started (is a HE by the way and he is Pedi/sotho and studied at UCT) writing.It was not meant to be this big and he as just laying around,but as it develops im sure he will eventually edit and turn it into a book

        1. And on top of that this is not an english class. I think one should just read and forget about grammer some of us understand what he says.

  3. Thandeka has been in Jozi for how long???? How the henk is she to know how S made her fortune???? Aaaaii mama khuzeka bo

  4. If you know your english is very good then u’ll understand what he is trying to say. Had u listened on kayafm u would understand when he said he is using his phone to write the story he even writes while walking so whenever the bug to write something he goes for it. so u can imagine there is no time to go back and check the spelling grammar so use what u know to understand what he meant to say or stop reading

  5. “As long as it has a dick,it cnt b trusted”kwaaaa geez ilyk dat.Mr I must say u can write.I’m totaly glued 2 ur blog

  6. awu shem thandeka u have a lot on your gal,reali why do u hv 2 lie 4 ada ppl jst not 2 break their laved ones i.e ur aunt n samke’s mom,yah neh wen uzobulawa yi deppression b4 g&p make a move on u

  7. The Lesedi and Mo are DARN! nauseating some of us! If u have a grammar problem, y’all should start writing ur own diaries. He was writing while shopping in the mall, nevertheless English isn’t our first language. Darn! go play teacher outside…

    Flip next chapter please!!!

  8. I actually think the grammatical errors are intentional. This is supposed to be a young girl’s DIARY, it’s informal, people (especially teenagers) hardly pay attention to grammar when writing in their diaries, you write what you like, how you like it. The writer probably wanted to bring that out.

  9. Yeah i agree with Lesedi. Not to be rude but I also noticed a couple if grammar mistakes. Nonetheless, it’s a good read. Im also really hooked!

  10. My! my! My! Oh my! This is jus great. So this gal was smart enough to save.

    As for the grammar teacher COME ON! Its a blog. Written from a phone.
    Flips to nxt chapter..

  11. iv bin introduced 2 ths book ystdae i fell asleep reading it nd whn i wokeup i ws on it again T u r rly good gal….#on to th next page#

  12. As long as it has a dick it can’t be trusted.true dat but pity we can live wit it or without it….next page

  13. I hear all this girls that say they will rather marry a white man but with the example I just gave its clear that as long as it has a dick it can’t be trusted. Mmmmmmmmm true dat Gal……

  14. he lesedi….ningazosibhora. U don’t like to see people doing bud stuff. We r not the so called white class. There r no many errors here, u read u understand so what?????? Cumon pls

  15. @Lesedi…Just go to hell with ur
    “constructive criticism” yamasimba. Jealously is killing u. If u don’t understand the story, just get away! No one is perfect. Not even u “Chapers”, what is that?

  16. ‘As long as it has a dick, it can’t be trusted’ ai! I die! Started the first chapter around 19:00 and I can’t stop.

  17. Gal don’t fall for P remember what thay got you in. What a question from Samke’s mother. *rolling to the nxt chapter*

  18. Lmao hayi sum1 give dat gal a bells!!!! She was a hustler I tell u high class prostitute…shiyele umnden wakhe ilifa#boss

  19. Wow thandeka I am a zulu girl too and I can’t help it but feel if I took a chance to go to JHB, I wud be experiencing these types of things… Even in durbs I still attract wrong PPl imagine Jozi… On to the next chapter… By the way the lace bonding you have will be getting it on my Bonus lol lol No P for me…

  20. O gosh, you know this thing is fiction but I feel like Thandeka is a real person and I just want to shout about all the things she’s gotten into and how she deals with them! Gosh I guess it wouldn’t be easy be dealing with soo much drama and craziness but gosh man, no-now she’s warnin uN?! Ai man this lady..o gosh I just see trouble coming her way, and a lot. Life..

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    Use what you know to understand the story so called gramma teacher wanabeee. Next please thandi!!

  22. @Lesedi u wrote “chapter”wrong nt dat u dnt knw english,u made a mistake..Imagine writin a 100 nd sumthin page book, hw many wrong spellings u wud write…All m sayin is dat giv a guy a break..Alslong as we/u undrstand wat he is saying!!M loving dis tale,can’t stop readin

  23. Seriously ! Whats the worst that can happen now ? S surely has left a mark on your. About your uncle,a man can really play a woman’s emotion, period.

  24. Thandi should just stay out of it..should just say she doesn’t know coz now she has to elaborate everything..hee and she shouldn’t fall inlove with P yooooooooh eish :(

  25. You are an amazing writer hey. Fuck grammar its a diary for crying out loud! I’m meant to be studying for exams but I’m sooo glued to this, and I blame my friend for this… Keep it up my girl, you amazing!

  26. I just gave its clear that as long as it has a dick it can’t be trusted lol Thandeka you make me laugh

    R153 000 yoh Thandeka will go mad from now thinking that she can do the same amount, you betther stop fooling yourself while its too early.

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  28. i have started reading the diary yesterday but i’m addicted already. Lesedi let me address this with your own language Bagolaile waphapha lerata go correcta batho unnecessary. Take a broom, fly to hell i will come with the fork to fry you well

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  30. So much money? Samkes mother should spend the money or give it to charity and stop opening a can of worms, yoh! Uyaphapha! Even if u knew that S slept with men for money, but I think it wasn’t your place to tell her mother , *hands placed on the head* haaaibo

  31. Oh, so the writer is a he? I thought it was a real girls diary. So in other words the book is fictional? I’m so behind, forgive me.

  32. A brilliant piece indeed! Loving every bit of it but language barrier…You tend to write some bits in your native language with no translation! That’s no fun to read for those who do not know your language! Would very much appreciate it if you would consider translating. Thank you and have fun writing more for us to dwell…

  33. wow … U definitely have got me hooked to book. I have picked up on a few grammar errors and was wondering if it was on purpose since this book is abt a zulu girl dairy and I sure if one reads my dairy or anyone’s dairy u are definitely going to find errors here and there. I think it makes more real,un edited/untouched. Like I found her dairy…I love it.

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