Chapter Twenty One

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Just when I thought I was out of their lives they had pulled me right back in. I had told you earlier that Ayanda was to be the nicest person I had ever met. When we left I told her what had happened. She couldn’t believe me at first but I told her how Python was a friend of S. Oh by the way S is short for Samkelisiwe. I think it is not appropriate anymore for her to remain nameless. I also told her what they had said about her weave being fake. I thought she was going to demand that we go back but she laughed saying no one can tell the difference so fuck it. I kinda felt bad about it but she insisted there are bigger things to worry about in life and this was not it! Oh… You are waiting to ask about how my hair looked? I told you earlier that I am quite light skinned. Well my hair was brownish in colour and it made me looked mix race. Maybe I should get contact lenses and long fake nails. That I was certain would complete my metamorphosis from a worm to a butterfly. A black butterfly. Although I felt beautiful I felt a bit fake for this was not me. My parents if they met me on the street I doubt they would recognize me. Even the way i walked I felt had changed. Where before I had trod now I glided and even Ayanda laughed at me. I just don’t know how to put it i just felt good.


I know I looked good and I never wanted to lose this feeling. There is a reason now I know why all those girls with expensive hair always look so confident. I couldn’t help but notice that even the calibre of losers that stared at me had changed. Wow all because of hair! Yeah the common street urchins still whistled but now guys in cars worth mentioning were now hooting as I walked past. Manje abantu ngek basacabanga ukth ngiphuma emakhaya. Bengaz kth bano mona n lokho kungi jabulisile. As the salon was close to South Point, Ayanda and I had walked there so now we were walking back. It was my first time back there since I had left. It felt odd entering the building now considering that i had left it in tears. Moreover walking back in I looked like S now the very person I had despised for looking like this. I felt as though i had replaced but quickly told myself that i had not slept with anyone to get this. I didn’t ask for their money, they had given it to me willingly. I was determined not to give up my cookie to them and besides because they had been with S what would they want with me. We chilled in her room for a while and also went to see some of her new friends. It was a good afternoon all round.


When I got back to Milpark N loved my hair. She kept on touching it saying wow I must have a rich benefactor because she had already seen the laptop box now this. I quickly reassured her that it was not like that but she would not buy it. I was worried she might bring it up with my uncle which might somehow get back to my parents. How does a girl who gets 1.5k pocket money afford a laptop and r5000 hair? That’s a conversation I would never win but at the same time i told myself my uncle had no leg to stand on considering his own shenanigans. She had something to tell me though that was bigger than my hair. My uncle had come to see her and they were going away together on a weekend. I could feel my happiness sink at that news. What the hell was this man thinking? He was making me look like an idiot now. How can he come take his mistress, my roommate who was 20 by the way knowing that he and I were like family? Was it time I reported to the grownups what was happening? There was a problem though with all this. With the new hair and laptop I felt pissing off N or my uncle would eventually lead to questions I did not care to answer for. Was I in too deep? Help? They were going to Mpumalanga and they were going to go shopping she said. I asked her what she would do if Juju called and she said that my uncle knew his place. Low point! A grown man knowing his place yah neh. She told me that they were going shopping first for she needed some lingerie. I guess this is girl talk but TMI I told her. I don’t think she was affected by what an awkward position this puts me in. She helped me set up my laptop as well gave me loads of music. She was really excited about their weekend away for she spoke about it right through. Even when Juju called she didn’t speak to him as long as before and when she came back it was back to my uncle. I noticed that she didn’t listen to House or kwaito which was nice. I hate those. It was my turn to get a call and guess what, it was Benny. He was just calling to check up on me since I had been so quiet. We chatted for a bit then eventually we hung up.



I got a text on my phone whilst I was on the phone.. It was from a number I didn’t know.


“We are having a memorial service for Samke and Alex (my cousin) on Saturday afternoon. We will be honored if you come say a few words about her. P and G”


What to do now? Before I could even think straight another text came in


“Let me know if we must send a car to pick you up”


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    1. Nothing nice here I guess these are wolves in sheepskin about to devour her………watch this space. And the drama continues

  1. They must sharv their fake sympothy where the sun doesn’t shine.thay never showed up@tha funeral now this???like realy nw

  2. Gal wooo weeee!!!da shopping,laptop,new hair u diservd it after dat stress u went tru n yes u ddnt sleep wit any1 2 get it even thou I feel dey will come bck 4 it by enjoy dat moola gal..eish it sad day u dnt knw wat 2 do wit yor Malume sagga so I wish u won’t get dragd in it wen tings get messy…iyyyoooo ayike uP n G naboke beqala bazokungena kanjalo cc bt u hv 2 go 2 dat service*flip on da page*

  3. I would advice u nt to go there dear, n as 4 benny he seems so caring n adorable .. So stick 2 hm n put out g n p out of ur life. It’s for da best. Flip nxt page

  4. Hell No! Take a meter taxi. You have money, the taxi will drop you there and wait for you untill you are done. You going to drink and you gona have to end up sucking P or G or anyone else who speaks in that Africa Magic Accent! Lol

  5. Haibo cc you digging your own grave la hawu. First it was 10ks then a 5ks weave and you think they won’t expect anything from you mmmmmmmmm you in way too deep honey

  6. noooo watif they’re trying to lure her into a trap..anyway she doesnt need to go to a memorial, she’s been to the one they had for S

  7. The memorial invite is killing me! Hahahahaha, so nigerian, soo typical! Just the way things are falling into place! OMG Thandeka … I can’t put my phone down for one second! Your story, my life! I feel you Girl! I feel you 100%!

  8. You didnt have his number on your way back from “S” funeral: You sent him a text after you got the R5000 envelope…. Now you got an sms from him, but you dont know his number??? This is bound to get interesting.

  9. And it’s 1:35 am still glued as my friend has told me to read this book, just started it today but already in charpter 20. No sign of shuting down my laptop…Lord have mercy on me for I have work in the morning….”clicking next chapter”

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