Chapter Ten

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Now here I was standing there! They didn’t notice me at all. His hands were on her ass almost lifting her by it. I quietly turned back into my room and just stood there. Maybe it was me who was conservative and unevolved. Let’s be honest even when I was back in Mooi River two of my friends dads had made a pass at me and one had spanked my ass when I was walking past and his daughter was not looking. True I made it a point never to go that house ever again but it was disgusting and flattering at the same time that ALL men think you are hot. I was not in this situation and I needed to mind my own business! The men had given me a place to stay, for free at that so whom was I to judge. I didn’t know his wife and even if I did his business was his business. I wanted to laugh. For the first time today something funny had actually happened but I could only stifle my giggle into my hands. At that moment he called me by name and I jumped a bit startled by it. I went into the room and he told me that he had to live but N would help me settle in. He called my dad and said I was settled but I think that was for Ns benefit for I felt she was sizing me up to see whether I was one of his playthings. When my dad asked to speak to him and I put on my respectful “ubaba” voice I could see her ease up a bit. With that he left and I was left with N. Awkward moment I tell you. I wasn’t sure what to say.


Fortunately she wasn’t uptight. She then said “you saw us kissing didn’t you”. You cant imagine the relief that went through my body when she broke the ice. I nodded yes looked at my feet a bit uncomfortably but I couldn’t hold the laughter in. At first she just stared at me and started laughing too. She apologized that I had been witness to that without warning but I am sure even with warning I would still have laughed. She then said kudliwa mali kudliwe muntu and explained how suga daddies were super cool because you can chow their money for six months and they won’t even want sex at all for all you have to do was play with them and kiss them and act all luvie dovie  wit them. Its like they were deprived at home. She explained that she reckoned that with most men their wives took care of them but didn’t entertain them. Wow this girl could talk hey but that was ok for me as long as she wasn’t S. Who was I to judge wasn’t I the one who was on my knees at the back of a police station sucking someone!




I had some unpacking to do and this time my mother was not there to help me. We ordered take out and she chatted away whilst I packed. She told me that she went to Milpark Business School just down the road and was doing Human Resource Management. She was in her second year and originally from Bloemfontein. A xhosa from Bloemfontein. She even laughed when she said it but explained her parents worked for government. She asked me all about me and my experiences. I liked her. She told me she had a boyfriend outside of uMalume and what I looked startled she said I shouldn’t worry he knew about him and in fact encouraged it because he said it will make her not emotionally dependant on him. We laughed at this though I wasn’t sure why. Its almost as though he sensed we were talking about him (her boyfriend) for he called her at that moment. I have never heard a girl so loving on the phone. She told him about her new room mate how much she was so cool and called him everything from baby to sweetheart in what was an hour conversation. I couldn’t help but wonder if this really was the same girl who was being kissed in the kitchen. I learnt that he is from Polokwane where he is a lawyer and they hadn’t seen each other in two weeks. Its weird but I felt she genuinely loved him. Eventually she stood up and went to finish her conversation in her room where I could hear her giggling like a school girl in love. It was around that time my mother called me. Now every kid knows her parents tone on the phone and can tell whether they are happy or not. My mum was calm but clearly unhappy about something.


“Did you move out because you had a fight with S?”


She asked me. Wtf


“No mum why would you even think that?”


“I had a call from S and we spoke for an hour”


I felt my heart sink at that moment. What had that bitch told her? Oh no!


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  1. Although I am not a fan of such senseless and shallow drivel, I must say that you are good writer and should consider developing your skills.

  2. Lol its true when they “meno masweu polaa a tshega” shame S cnt b trusted she is jst a snake nje. As for ur uncle…

  3. Hayi ngiyavuma,I’m hooked…I’m one brother who isn’t tht much into reading buh now I’m hooked…

  4. I’m not sleeping today this story is very interesting…. Yoh yoh Hai ntombi ka Mkhize Ubonile eGoli withing a few days

  5. jah it seem LIke you are recovering well and N is a gud friend who explain her self and tells wats true live,bt S is a destroyer

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