Chapter Sixty

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With the dates given there were only two likely suspects. Umalume Rodney and this Fana character. The doctor left and I asked her which of the two it was. I will be honest I was dreading the answer to this because either way she was screwed for both men were married. She said that she was on the pill contraceptive but on the weekend she went away with umalume she had a slight flu so was also on antibiotics. She had used a condom with Fana and there had been no accidents whatsoever for it was one shag and that’s it. With uMalume because she was on the pill at his insistence hence the whole weekend they had used nothing. Why would she need to worry as she had been on the pill for a long time and never missed? But how do you get pregnant on the pill? And how do you get pregnant from a man whom I thought could not make babies if anything Benny had said was true. I knew that yeah there is a slight possibility of it but why would it affect her. I googled it and right there it said antibiotics don’t give a shit what’s protecting you they kick even an oral contraceptive out of your system! Damn! Lesson learnt. It really was uMalumes baby and this was a disaster. She asked me to leave her alone she needed to think and begged me not to tell anyone. I left her room quite dazed and confused. Now again I was carrying a big secret of which I had to decide what to do.

I grew up being told that having a child was the most ultimate gift anyone can ever wish for. It was way more than even a blessing for did the bible not say go out there and multiply. I grew up being told as a girl when you have a child you are complete and you have served your primary purpose. I grew up seeing how much even the wildest person calmed down when they gave birth. We have all watched an animal show on TV at some point in our lives. We have seen a scene were a lion stalks another animal’s offspring and regardless of numbers the mother will try fight back. It’s really sad but against all odds even animals protect their offspring. That is the love a mother should have. That is the society I grew up in. I don’t even think it’s a small town thing its universal. With that said why then did I feel that N having this child would be a disaster and the worst thing that could ever happen? Why was my thoughts inkling towards her getting rid of the child? It wasn’t my decision but I knew she would ask me for advice eventually. Would they kick her out of the flat knowing she was pregnant? My aunt may have been a woman scored but could she go that far? My uncle, the coward that he is, will he deny the child? Would Ns parents even find out and if they did would they say she must come back home?

I decided to go look for my aunt and uncle but they were still in “talks” with N’s parents. I told them I needed to go to Campus Square and it was close enough to walk. I needed the fresh air anyway. I didn’t even look for Python and Gorilla for I was so shocked by the parentage. It was as though that baby was mine. From Helen Josephs, Campus Square is about 500m away corner Kingsway Drive and Beyers Naude. On your right you pass UJ. There is a colourful residence you see called Bastion and you walk down further your reach another residence called Sophia Town. Half way in between the two residences some guy started talking to me. He was clearly a student, even had his student card dangling on his belt, wearing a sky blue cardigan in 25 degree weather. He looked perfectly harmless. Much as I wanted to be alone I was not really a fan of walking anymore. I mean since I came to Jhb I had always had someone with a car to pick me up. Moreover these parts were a bit dangerous even when streets are full because of muggings. He was welcome company. I told him my name was Sandra of which he said he was Bone. I asked him what that meant and he said it was his nickname. I told him politely that boys with nicknames were not attractive of which he said no he was Tebogo. Eish I don’t know really. Why does every South Africa boy (you can’t call them men honestly) think having an American toned nickname would make girls find them more attractive. Come on now! I only know America from tv and most likely so do they so be more original at least. See why I don’t date boys and rather men! It’s childish. Nonetheless he walked me to Campus Square. I must say minus the nickname he was the sweetest guy ever, funny, witty and even his humour was clever. You know when you are having fun time flies. Forgotten was N and her drama, malume and their issues, Gorilla and Python. It felt good to be just a girl. He offered to buy me Chicken Licken when we passed it and I laughed at myself for thinking “He can’t be serious” as I declined. Funny thing is I love Chicken Licken… Who doesn’t! He walked me all the way to Milpark and this guy stays at Kingsway.

I really enjoyed his company. I invited him up so he could set up some programs on my laptop for me. He noticed my name on the computer and asked why I had called myself Sandra. I was so embarrassed but laughed it off. He had his modem on him, a small black box, and he connected it to my laptop. I can’t remember honestly the last time I had met a normal drama free person of the opposite sex. Moreover a guy who didn’t try hit one me within five seconds. How do guys think honestly? A girls needs to be charmed and won over not this machine gun macking. Being suave and having swag is God given and 99% of you boys don’t have it. Stop trying to be lil wayne and talking funny to impress a girl. You look like an idiot. And I maintain “halla” is not a word and even “heita” sounds better! Do I look like Chomee to you when you say heita! If I don’t then i don’t look like Fantasia either! Tebogo was different and refreshing. Immediately I was putting him in my friend zone. A lot of guys don’t know this; we know you are in the friend zone from first day we meet you. You might have other ideas about how things should go but we take one look at you and we categorize you accordingly. Tough neh!

He set on the couch whilst I chatted away. I heard the key turn in the door which was odd. With N gone and malume and aunty Lynda at the hospital who could it be.

It was Benny!

And from the look on his face when he saw Tebogo sitting there he was not happy with me, him or us!

Please no new drama!

***The End***
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (facebook)

Question: Is it important to you after your break up with a guy who drives whether or not your next guy must have a car?

Dear Readers

Remember two days ago I mentioned Bokang who needed help with a mental institution in QwaQwa. Thank you so much to those who responded. I am happy to announce that today some very powerful people are visiting the institution and meeting her to help. A lot of people responded and to those I say blessings come when you least expect and yours will come in abundance. Friends, blog readers, brothers and sisters, if we stand together we stand for something. Never forget that. Thank you so much for making a difference.

Mike Maphoto

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  1. I think as a girl it’s pretty hard to down grade. Once u get used to a car ul find it hard to date a guy that walks. Our bar must just keep going up n not down.

    Thanks for the good book, please continue..

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Ma-Zet !!! In life u can’t go backwards, got to move forward. Either u maintain or upgrade ur standards ::))

  2. What a day to start my Africa Day with an African story, Thank You Mike for the good work can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. N must abort the baby
    Benny must just be strong besides he’s still in high school
    And this Bone/Tebogo character sounds so interesting and charming! I love guys who take their time to make a move on a lady! Such charm…

  4. Not really nna i dnt mind as long as i lyk him i mean everybody starts sum1. n a car is nt dat important really. bt mike this charpter was too short hey

  5. I’m an addict,you’ve really got me back to reading and I must say I’m even enjoying my books @ school.keep up the good work

  6. Woooooooh finally she got take to take a break from all the drama,let’s just hope BEN 10 won’t become lunatic,THANKS MiKEY,but m gonna lose out on some of the chapters due to the EXam!saD!!

  7. Lol, I tell u ryt now… Tebogo is Benny’s son… Ahh ahh ahh *claps once*
    Mike u nvr run out of drama thou hey…
    Lol… To answer ur quiz… No its not nb… Wat is important or shud b is the person n not his belongings.

  8. Iyh0o0o!I knew N was preggies with malumes child.. What is she gonna tell her parents?gawsh I just can’t wait for the next chapter.. Things are getting m0re interesting

  9. Lol ouh no… Here im thinking benny is one of N’s men . Kwaaaa. *hides* its ben10… ahh he must just go skip sideways ahh

  10. Good stuff, when can we expect the next chapter, cz am totally hooked every five minutes I always look for another chapter, :)

  11. Some girls love em lil wayne wanna be’s. Some don’t. Asifani. Ok I liked the character building and scene setting here. Improvement

  12. It is nt important. Its abt u finding sum1 better wihout the flaws your previous guy had, sum1 that wil love u and make u realise your worth

  13. I’m so happy that through your story telling you are also opening a space where help can be found , for that I take my hat for you Mike!! God bless you. I really can’t wait for the TV series, let us know if u need actresses :) !

  14. I think its hard dating a guy that doesn’t drive if u’ve had one that drives for a long time buh then u gotta keep in mind that it ain ur car deal with it,,,walk till u buy your own buh its nice having a bf. Thanx for a great chapter yet again

  15. Shame Thandeka got too much drama lol glad I’m not her! Answer to ur question, I’m not a big car fan so I’d date a guy without a car, there r taxis hao bathong!

  16. Thank you Mike. Everytime there’s a new chapter, I stop whatever it is that I’m doing and start reading. Keep the chapters coming.

  17. To answa ur question I dnt love for wat u hv bt for hu u r,y I gt d feeling dt Tebogo is Benny step brada since hs nt malume,s child,N must kp d bby n I think dt wher d truth is gonna cme out abt Benny

  18. Men can never go backwards sexually, and women struggle to back track in lifestyle… Adjustments aren’t easy when you’ve become accustomed to it all

  19. Yhuuuuuuu Malume is in s****t, hey this is becoming more interesting Mike…Thank u.

    2 ans ur question: being in a relationship is nt abt materialistic things, its abt havinh a man who loves, respects and appreciates u. So to me it doesn’t matter I can settle for uNyawuza

  20. I think Tebogo is going to be Thandeka’s real bf that she loves very much,he seems sincere and with good intentions even though he might not have as much money as Gorilla and Python =(shem

  21. Lol so now Benny is answer the Q:oh well it is not important but it is kind of difficult 2 adjust 2 walking or taking a taxi wen u were used to being driven around…next chapter please!

  22. Loved your description about children being blessings and protecting them no matter what. Before I had my baby I never thought I would feel this way . But once that baby enters the world , the motherly feelings are overwhelming .I’m also glad that they investing the hospital . Thanks for making the world beter . I’m your biggest fan !

  23. *yawn* benny mst take a chill pill he’s stil a small boy nd as for n she mst kip dat baby or maybe give it up for adoption… *cnt wait for da next chapter*

  24. I like bennie I don’t know why but the effect he has on thandie is just too ”love” for me I would like to hear more about the two and hope thandeka can stay outta trouble for once and just focus on school no drama nor neli……:
    NB if u gonna comment and say am 1st what the point of that rather not comment that damn irritating

  25. Material things don’t matter to me,I just want to be loved. So,car on no car if he has my best interests @ heart,it’s all that matters to me!

  26. Okay thandeka must ask benny about the story about his father not being his father again .. And see if mom cheated ot he can’t have kids totally

  27. If Benny is nt happy 2 see tebogo there i wonder hw he wil react wen he sees python nd gorilla, he shud just concentrate on his matric exams nd leave the sferb to ferb *kikikikiki* As 4 me i’ve never been proposed(shela) by a pedestrian in the last 6yrs

  28. I just find it strange that females always expect guys to give them good life,why can’t some strive to own this car & give a guy a ride! So that when he leaves u, ur life remains the same except that he has left!

  29. Interesting read it keeps you glued,,,bt I can’t help but feel the chapters have now become too short!!can’t wait for chapter61

  30. Dude you need to make these chapters longer even if it takes you 3 days to write a single chapter its cool cause this short paragraphs are not cutting it. Nice work though

  31. It is not important..@ the end of the day a guy is not his car…he cud drive a merc and be a total douche…so no absolutely not a prob if I want a permanent ride I shud damn well get my own.

  32. when i was in vasity i dated guys who didnt have cars cause the places i was mainly at were for pedestrians e.g vasity, campus squre, bree taxi rank. then i started working and had a car it just happened that i dated guys with cars cause i was mainly at places where you needed a car to get there e.g work, melrose mall, car wash. so nje just know your leugue and stick to it ngoba ukuphapha nobufebe abusizi. now cause i have a car there is no chance i think i would end up with a guy without a car ngizobe ngihlanganephi nje naye bakwethu!

  33. Wow honestly I must say ur too good,@ some point I thought the owner of this blog is a femail to my suprise ur a male…plz don’t keep us waiting to long 4 the next chapter…

  34. Benny’s got it bad, he wants Thandi! Tebogo is really not gonna get it, he’s too good- good guys are no fun; especially for varsity chicks. Which ever way this pregnancy blows up,it’s not gonna be pretty for umalume and aunty. As for the question. There’s a huge difference between a bf and a sponsor/ minister; if a girl is dating someone because of some material thing they have then he’s a sponsor. If a girl really likes someone, it won’t matter if he drives a 2-series or uses his God-given 2-series, his feet. Kodwa ke it’s hard downgrading when ur used to something.

  35. Benny’s got it bad, he wants Thandi! Tebogo is really not gonna get it, he’s too good- good guys are no fun; especially for varsity chicks. Which ever way this pregnancy blows up,it’s not gonna be pretty for umalume and aunty. As for the question. There’s a huge difference between a bf and a sponsor/ minister; if a girl is dating someone because of some material thing they have then he’s a sponsor. If a girl really likes someone, it won’t matter if he drives a 2-series or uses his God-given 2-series, his feet. Kodwa ke it’s hard downgrading when ur used to something.

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  39. This is not a cliff hanger…. FYI escaping the friendzone is possible n Ive done it MANY a times…. hahah

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  46. N akayeke, imuhlulile dis game… Bakungu Benny yena doesn’t he have sum homework 2 do, if not akayodlala nezintanga zakhe…

  47. N akayeke, imuhlulile dis game… Bakungu Benny yena doesn’t he have sum homework 2 do, if not akayodlala esigangeni nezintanga zakhe…

  48. Benny’s gonna have to dzeal, Thandeka’s a big girl now. As for N she layed her bed and must now lay in it. I can’t wait to see what “job” G has for T, she must still be naïve to think it’s a legal job..she grown but she’s still got Mooi River dreams in her head. Loving the story, man…man.

  49. Wow !Benny is about to be a man, hes about to see what happens on the other side of the world without parents. I wonder how is he going to handle this one…
    I cant wait for the next chapter…
    PS!When I saw u in 3Talk I couldnt believe it was so excited even my friend whom wasnt interested on the blog whatsapp me to look at u. Keep it up Mike.

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  52. I met a man two years my senior last year and we had an instant connection. I will go as far as saying I met that elusive ‘one’.

    When we met, he was a high flying PR man with his own place and, yes, a car. I was a recently promoted receptionist still using public transport. I also lived at home with my mother who happens to be a domestic worker so technically, it was not home but her workplace.

    Three months after my infatuation with ‘The One’ had blossomed into a breathtaking love affair, we were involved in an accident and he lost his job.

    In January this year, we moved in together to a cosy little flat we now call home. I pay the rent and take care off all the bills whilst he avidly searches for a job.

    Yes, it is difficult and at times we hardly get by. Through all that, I respect my man and believe in his brilliant mind. I see how it has affected his self esteem but I go out of my way to make him feel loved and valued.

    My point is that material should not affect the depth of your loyalty. We women are especially guilty of trying to better our lives by jumping in the sack with a man who can provide. At which point do we stop selling ourselves to the highest bidder? If you treat yourself like a commodity, don’t be surprised when men try to buy you!

  53. Ai mina I can’t go back to a guy who doesn’t have a car… I’m already used to being driven around when I need to, when I need to

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  55. Wow why is it that we as women don’t think of buying our own cars but we want a man that’s driving no question about it. What has happened to our ambition, we listen far to much about what society has to say. We are too judgemental.

  56. a guy must have a car, its a must…I still leave @ home n I can’t invite every new guy I meet into my mom’s house… say he came to see and it starts raining where are we gonna run to ???? As for Benny he must go kiss his white virgin , cos that’s how far he will get with her and let men have some cookie

  57. All i say is,big up man.. And to answer ur question, depends on the next guy i’d meet,u myt find ur ex has a car and was xap but new guy doesnt have a car but 2wice man ex was or ever will be. So its nt alwys abt upgrading but yes sumtyms showing ex tht u can do better than him is needed t just show he is irriplacable and with a better man lol

  58. Eshe uBenny doesn’t have a right!!! He should just sit down!! Bone is my type o’guy though. A car is not an asset but it sure makes life easier…hence I would find a way to buy my own, not wait on some dude to have one in order for me not to walk.

  59. There’s something about your blog that makes one go back and relive their tertiary memories. And as for Python bathong, I think I’m worried of what he might demand in future out of the poor girl.

    *waiting anxiously for the next chapter*

  60. It is important because as a girl I’ve gotten used to certain luxuries and convenience, more especially if he lives far from me… I don’t do sleep overs in new relationships so if there is no car that would mean we can’t chill till late cos I have to catch a taxi and we can’t even stay out late together

  61. Tjoo uN is in the deep. I like uBone. Charmer. Its about time T plays with guys her age. Ayeke ooGorilla noPhython. I wonder @Benny’s reaction? Answering question: problem is I drive&pay mi own bills and wud never b able to date someone that does not drive. A car nowadays is no longer a luxury its necessity. Its even worse when staying at the suburbs. Public transport system not good. And the dude can’t be taking a cab each time he must cum visit me, he will pay an arm&leg. Or wud i hv to pick him up?….. Tjoo hayi ke that’s too much admin the picking up. Still enjoying reading the blog and I also like questions at the end of the chapters.

  62. can’t wait for the next one the suspense is killing me *cant deal* , as for Thandeka hhai she needs a drink kikikikikikikikikiki #Gr8 job Mike a thumbs up bra#

  63. Car or no car it must be based on true inner feelings / connection and understanding … Assets/liabilities really do make life easy …. I respect a lady who love or date some-one for who he is not for what he drives.

    Some claim to keep the standard up ( benchmark ) it’s not that it’s just the fear of what will friends say!

    Good read ….

  64. would u have ask me this question in tertiary I would’ve said a pedestrian guy is a big NO , I’m now working done with my studies and do not have a car as yet , YES I would date a guy without a car as much as I have dated guys with cars however I wouldn’t date a guy without AMBITION btw a car is a depreciating asset so it looses value everyday but yes its convenient to have one but that for me doesn’t make it a foundation of a relationship it really is a bonus if its there.

  65. Thanks a lot for writing the blog,gav me perspective as a mother dat I need to talk to my kids n not be my like ma parents n b quiet abt life.I’m a no1 fan.

  66. To answer your question. As long as he loves me im hapy. I love him 4 what he is, not 4 what he has. Did 60 chapters in 2days, your work is realy great. Atleast I got rid of the exam strees. Big up!

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    I can relate with T,i categorise guys on day 1..i’m worse cos i make him aware of our friendship. I don’t believe in friends becoming lovers…

    Benny is harmless..atleast it was nt Python..mmhhh!!!

    I don’t mind dating a guy who doesn’t hv a car as long as he forgets that i hv a car..m nt a chauffer..public transport for us..sizonethwa sobabili uma lina esithubeni

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  69. ̃o.O
    ahhhh madoda , this is just too much , won’t blev I read it 3day hooked… I want mooooooo , I need a fix 4my addiction is too deep. Thandeka thoh ai cha, all the best man ya just too talented or rada gifted hey

  70. Wether or not he has a car does not mean anything…lots of guys now buy fancy cars and still live @ home or better yet a shack. People shud learn 2b together bcuz they enjoy each odas company and truly have feelings 4 each oda. I 2nd dat comment that “why don’t women own cars and give a guy a ride when needed”…|| Thanks Mike :-)

  71. I agree with that friendzone thing its true us girls! We automatically know these things but lately I’ve been having doubts as to if I made a mistake putting some of my male friends in the friendzone…Answer to your Question:it does when to me because for every guy I date I want to upgrade myself so its unless going from a guy who drives to a guy who doesn’t have a ride but generally to me its not about the material things I JUST WOULD WANT A GUY WHO IS BETTER THAN MY EX•••

  72. My ex had a car and I was good with that. My current boyfriend doesn’t have his own car but I do genuinely like him and our relationship is good so its ok. If he was to end up as an ex then my next boyfriend SHOULD HAVE a car. If not. I don’t want him

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    As for Benny… He must just chill and finish high school and concentrate on the white. Girls tha he is dating …

    Love all of you for the comments

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  76. Lol..#deathby ‘do i luk like Chomee’…Benny shud just knw his place,besides he has a girlfriend,ryt? And as For Malume he mst jst go get himslf a bottle of jik klaar. Cos if hs wife dsnt kill him, N’s parents will, regardless of d fact dt they were both wrong.

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    Lee u know nothing about life baby,u stl need to learn! Zintle can teach u a thing or two about life!

  79. This blog has opened my eyes. For an 18 year old who’ll be going to varsity next I am pretty damn naïve. Being a girl from a small town I was amazed by all the glamour of varsity and the bid cities up until I read this. Thank you Mike, this should be recommended to all those who are yet to go to face the world out there without the protection of our parent. Once again great work and thank you for opening my eyes.

  80. Im wondering how uMalume will react thou. Awwww N is facing big problems at such a tender age, this should teach us something bloggers….

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  82. I used to be afraid to dive into php, but gave it a shot after reading this. By no means genuinely really like WordPress’ comment system. Many thanks for that tips to get me started out.

  83. Forget the baby drama… Or the mini sidetrack Benny stuff ( seriously, its no big deal) he’s just a kid and a one-time-shag- temporary fix… What i need to know is what Thandeka’s new job is… I have no idea what sorta work Gorrila could possibly proposition her with.

    Also at the very end- does she end up with the soccer player? We seem to have forgotten him.

    1. Lol not forgotten dont worry. The story is evolving and building up. Her job will come. Remember when people are short sighted they fail to see the fine print hence why they get into trouble. they jump at every opportunity without thinking. thats Thandeka.

  84. Its just too much for 1 person to handle that by him/her self it shows how strong and motivated u are and special some ppl don’t thnk of others but thmslves……I’ll really appreciate to c wat wil happn nxt big up!!!!!

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  86. This is very intresting story 2 read in a day,i has brought a light in my life as we tend to wana b like dis ladies,weaves,make-up bt da truth is jst be urslf nd u ll c life wont be complicated like dis….but big up maan……

  87. This blog has been an eye opener to many for I for one know I ran my mouth and alomst half of my school is reading it _*

    I love how ur writing is constructed because throughout the book I felt so attatched. You made it very easy for ppl to relate, I can say that through reading I became Thankeda, because u clearified all of her thoughts I felt I knew exactly what she was going through I lived her life just by reading u created an image so vivid that I was so deep in thought and felt I was right there in her presence.

    I feel I have grown from Thandeka’s choices and mistakes (I’m only 17) I can see my life unfolding in a positive direction. They say ppl learn from their mistakes and I’m learning from the mistakes Thandeka did which I experienced through thought.

    I was so excited when I read at the end of chapter 7 (confessions) that there was going to be a tv series. I plead u do not exclude Thandeka’s thoughts for this is what got me too attatched and determined to read further. We like to see things from her perspective so that we understand what drove her to make certain decisions.

    May I pose a geniune question: Did u not finish the book because the was a TV series yet to come and u felt it would be less interesting if ppl knew the ending??

    I have to give u full credit for Thandeka’s unforeseen character of attracting uncountable series of unfortunate events and yet the content of the story remained so tact and did not seem as though it was fiction.

    I think it’s only fair I took this very chance to bow down in gratitude of appreciation for ur work is legendary. More lives are yet to be changed for the better I pressume.

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