Chapter Seven

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I never got to formally introduce myself when I began my tale. My name is Thandeka Mkhize but my friends out there call me Kboogie. I am I.65 in height light skinned. I have a size 32 waist though I sometimes I swear it manifests itself as a 34. Yeah I know as all girls do its got a life of its on. I am not very churchy but I was brought up right with rules and what not. I grew up in Mooi River but I guess you already know that. I know all the boys want to here this part I lost my virginity in my grade 11 to some loser who cheated on me with my cousins friend and yes my cousin knew about and never told me. Boy code he said in his apology after I found out.  By the time I went to university I had slept with two guys and yes that sounds sluttish to some but count how many people you have slept with before you judge. If you have more than 5 in five years then I guess we in the same boat. I know having a rugby team under your belt is the new normal but I am a small town girl 5 is a big number. I am the first to admit that although I am not a liker of things I often lead myself into trouble and temptation because of my curiosity. I have gotten drunk a few times but never passed out. Its kinda hard to do so when you live at home with mum and dad. Mum I am sure was a detective in a past life though because she always seemed to know when you did something. Its like she worked on CSI or something. So yes I was good girl most of the time. The most mischevious thing I had done hitherto was jump the fence and go to a party three houses down my street. I failed to calculate that the noise at the party would make my mum not sleep needless to say she found out and I was dead! That was in my matric and this being KZN you not too young to get a beat down from your parents. So when I was sitting in the back of a police car do not underestimate how completely petrified I was. I was not in handcuffs or anything but as we walked down the stairs two policemen in tow I knew I was in shit. I was as good as dead and if my dad heard about it I was coming home. Imagine without even setting foot on the hallowed turf of Witswatersrand! I am sure I had just broken a record! I was terrified.



When we got to the station I just felt as though the world was watching my shame. One of the officers there asked my officer if I was one of the foreign lovers and the other people laughed. They dragged in a drunk man who clearly had pissed on himself as they sat me on the desk in a closed room. One officer who was possibly in his late 40s with a big stomach was the one tasked with interogating me. They asked me about my whereabouts last night and I told them evverything. You know how on music videos they talk about snitches, well I was the biggest RAT of them all for I spilled everything that I knew. I however neglected to mention the 5k of day one because of the little legal stuff that I knew I would have seen to be holding drug money. Other officers kept on walking in and passing deragotory comments about foreigners but I just kept quiet. This was neither the time nor the place to preach equality. He then told me that I will be arraigned and will sleep in the cells. Tomorrow they will get me a lawyer and put me in front of a judge. He also told me if convicted I was looking at a minimum 7years. Alone, confused and scared I kept on crying saying I did nothing wrong and I wasn’t even there in the first place but he wouldn’t hear of it! Someone came in to call him and he left for about ten minutes. When he came back he went back to the questions. He asked me how I knew G, and P and what S was doing with them because this was not the first time they had seen her with them. The officer kept on saying because I was in the car in the first place I was guilty of the crime. He said they were going to fingerprint and what not. Because I was a minor below 21 he was also going to call my parents. By now I was crying again. He asked me if I had money for bail if I was convicted. I cried some more and nodded yes. He then said something then stood up and told me he is taking me to the cells. We took a long passage and eventually we ended up outside. I was a bit confused then he made me an offer. He can make this all go away complete with the testimony he had been given by S about being in the car. I immediately told him I had money thinking of that 5k. He told me that he didn’t need any money but if I gave him a blowjob there and then outside behind the station I could go and this was the end of it. One time offer!!!


Why had God abandoned me?! What would you have done if it was you?


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    1. eqinisweni nami, I would have done it! I mean, your law degree is at stake! MOST OF ALL THOUGH, IS THE PARENTS. DALI, I’m from KZN myself- Pietermaritzburg, Iknw hw it iz- u wud hav been very lucky to even make it back to kzn with both ur eyes open! Imvubu ayidlali!

  1. Jail cell, getting into sh*t with your parents who will kill you and then ask you to pack your sh*t and come home, without even getting a chance to get that degree Vs Blow job… Ai, I’m sorry but I would give him the BJ… Eeeeeeuuuu… Desperate calls I guess!

  2. oh gosh i cant stop reading this though i need to sleeo…..its getting more interesting, honestly i dont know what would i do hey

  3. Ok that’s it. I’m hooked!!! Wow it gets interestin every chapter.. Lol that policeman tho (X_X) poor thing!!!!

  4. OMG!!! Dis is gettin mo nd mo interesting…. I guess I wud have taken his offer, wouldn’t want my parents on 2 b on my case

  5. Tough situation there Kboogie……u r in deep shit gal…..I really dnt knw wat I would have done If I was in ur shoes…..jus pray gal nd take t frm there!!!

  6. No man!! You can’t be arrested for being in the same car with the offender! Yes, you can be questioned but not sentenced! He he he! This is how cops take advantage of young naïve women in this country… _sho!_ everyone needs get informed about the law and how far it stretches or else you’ll find yourself in this situation! Hahaha! And these cops know how terrified these poor girls are of disappointing their parents back home and so they threaten them! _yhoh_ ja neh!

  7. Every girl who knows nothing about the law, respects her parents and is carrying those kinda dreams would do the BJ…next-chapter «anxiously»

  8. Hell no a BJ for what?
    It helps to know you right, beside you are going to study law yet you can’t get yourself out of this. Change your career plz coz your won’t be able to save your clients. This was a practical test and you failed

  9. Eyuuuuu a BJ bby… I ws nt gona slp in sum cell n get my parents called, only bein 2days in Jozi. I ws gona suck da lyf outa its*lol

  10. Lets not lie and say we would not have given the police officer a blow job, rather that than a criminal record!!!

  11. Now this is serious i wont have gave him a blow job that’s it and take him a video or record him for prove if he ever thinks of betraying him so that if i go down he also goes down this is a bad world we are leaving at full of bad people

  12. Iyooh I pity u shameee, u were in a tough situation… I hope u did wat is best for you, well da story is really hot !It’s (02;53 am) nw I’m off 2 da nxt chapter.

  13. Parents will be angry and disappointed but they’ll get over it and will eventually understand when they hear the full story and still love me. There’s no way in hell I’m sucking a big old policeman’s dick just to free myself from a cell. Rhaa what if he doesn’t keep his promise or even worse, he video tapes me sucking his dick…Sies nxa…whats wrong with man these days?

  14. eqinisweni nami, I would have done it! I mean, your law degree is at stake! MOST OF ALL THOUGH, IS THE PARENTS. DALI, I’m from KZN myself- Pietermaritzburg, Iknw hw it iz- u wud hav been very lucky to even make it back to kzn with both ur eyes open! Imvubu ayidlali!

  15. #eyes wide open….uhmmm to face my mother and father in a cell or to suck some mens volovolo…???? #suicidal#….ehlapantsi gal run away as fast as u can

  16. Police men are corrupt just like drug dealers, there you are scared and he dicides to take advantage of you. Hai tjo our help will only come from the Lord I tell you.

  17. I would have told him to ‘F’ himself considering that he has nothing to charge you with. You’re not an accomplice and you weren’t caught in the car or in possession of narcotics??? (I’ve watched way too many cop / lawyer shows)

    Poor Thandeka…Jenny comes to Joburg! kwenzeka kanjena ke if uthanda izinto

  18. Ya one moment things are all bright for her as in the previous chapter and all of a sudden a simple blow job makes her ask “God why”…..come on gal its just a bj now….lmao

  19. Whay is a Blow job anyway, I would do it to get out of trouble with my parents, obvously I vane been in Gauteng for Just less than 5 days My Mom will die of chame, so Blow job it is, eeeeeeeewww!! Wonder if he washed it properly.

  20. ‘m sure she learned her lesson nw… Yoh i cn understand Y she cried that much, 2 sleep in a cell is something ‘m scared of, I knw that every1 cn be clever but whn is tym u get arrested u r no longer a clever… Ke a tseba ka nna I ws once early got arrested cz I didn’t pay 4 my speed tergat yoh I nearly fiant!!!

  21. Being older nw I wuldnt gv the guy the blowjob! Parents will hv to understand gore S is the one that asked u to join n u were not part of the shenanigans bt happened to be with the wrong ppl @ the wrong time. And as for the officer, I tell him I will put on statement that he made an offer of a sexual favour for another. Plus u neva knw if u gv him n still holds u up in the cell. I doubt the above preceedings r correct for Thandekas arrest.

  22. I wud have tld de police man 2 go fuck hm slf…jerrrrr dis police increase de rate of crime*pissed*

  23. Hell no! You are innocent untill proven guilty! Being held on custody doesn’t mean you have committed crime.
    If u give him a BJ u r committing a crime too, should you be cought you are about to face two charges!
    Stand firm know were you stand

  24. What the …..? Serously? What happened to our justice system? Do police really do that? That is sick! *infuriated at that police man!* they also had no right 2 arrest her. Shame man! Poor T.


  26. Okay this is getting more think of how I disgusted yew feel after hearing da word imagine doing it,agg rather sleep in cells than dosing such!!#disgustedEvenMore

  27. Il do it n go to my rum Dan spending 7 years behind bars. N dis beside u did nothing wrong dis guy waz taking chances

  28. Damn WTF now that’s reali ISH!!! I’d cry my eyes out hle, policeman wud let me go, no matter what!

  29. Oh noooo… This is a nightmare… The tjings we put ourselves into witout knowing … Hai sana mna I wudddd cry to to kingdom come… Veri interestin thou

  30. Go for the job Grl but in case you done nothing the policemen have no case against you but for asurance go for the loli pop

  31. This is rather a somewhat taboo topic thnx for writting abwt it bcoz all we here is hw beautiful life is in da big cities n nt hw ppl change who and wt they r jst 2 liv a glamorous life

  32. Cecrifises!! Wonder if he even tOok his bath and wash that dirty dick of his ,but then what can you do when scared and terryfied and not wanting to ruin your reputation!!things we do when desperate and ineed uf help

  33. 2be honest with you I wouldn’t have done it but for only 1reason only, it could be a trap!!! But head I head an insurence that after giving him all will be over oooooog peeeew what’s that with

  34. eew!!! You dont know this man or where he’s been with his privates,..but just give it to him! Worse things will happen in prison within those 7 years!

  35. ths gyv is crazy,hes asking lot from the poor child,mxm i bet she gave him what he wanted i mean its not really worth calling her parents,she hasnt even registered at school.poor girl

  36. Zulu girl ufile ke wena, uyihlo uma engezwa ngalesi sehlakalo ungumlotha emlotheni. Damn, just give the poor guy a blowjob.

  37. K desparate tyms cl for desparate measure I wud do a 5min BJ den aftha go to de nearest doctor for treatment so my mouth does nt rout

  38. God did not abandon you,you are the one who abandon Him by your peer-pressure.
    If i was you i may record that part and open a case

  39. I can’t believe you can lie to us so well…. Damn this can’t be a true story. My word… You have
    Kept me captive to your lies… I wanna hear more, please go onnnnn!


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