Chapter One

I was not born poor but I cant say I was born rich either. My parents are both teachers in Mooi River halfway between Johannesburg and Durban. Its a beautiful quiet little town where nothing much really happens except for the occasional memulo (for those who don’t know its a coming of age ceremony for Zulu girls), weddings and yes funerals. Funerals are the order of the day as almost all girls from here who moved to either Johannesburg or Durban seem to die mysteriously. Those who do not die, thank God, bring back their babies here because they say life is too expensive and fast to raise a baby there because they never seem to want their babies. Funny enough these girls when they come back they all seem so expensive with Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian weaves that I am told are worth five thousand rand a piece. Is Peruvia a country by the way? They all have designer bags and shoes I don’t even see in Drum magazine. And their lips have so much lip gloss it shines from a mile away. life must really be expensive ke! The grandparents go around with their grandchildren with pride but we all know the shame it brings when your daughter brings home a fatherless child for this is KwaZulu Natal after all. Yes I do not stay in the rural parts of it but its still deeply cultured with rules and traditions that go deep.

How can I describe the sensations that swamped me when I passed my matric and Wits accepted me to study Law. We all grew up seeing long queues at universities for students looking for space and here I was receiving mail in my post to say come hither daughter of Shaka you have qualified. I was scared and excited at the same time. I had even received a full scholarship and all i had to do was maintain good grades. Yes I knew it would be tough but I had come this far why stop now. My parents though excastic for the fact that I had passed did not seem to share the same joy I had for me to be going to Johannesburg. For a moment there i thought I was not going to be allowed to go but eventually my mum convinced my dad that i had been raised right and I would not bring home a package or some foreign guy he allowed me to go. I promised them that I would not become a statistic like other girls for I was smart and ambitious.

I didn’t get residence but through one of the girls who stays in my neighborhood I got a place in Braamfontein. She told my parents that it was really convenient for school was a mere ten minute walk in an area where 80% of the people are students. She neglected to mention what the rest were. I was leaving in South Point. Both my parents escorted me to school the day I moved in. My dad drove his Chevrolet Cruze and i preferred it because it meant i could carry more things from home. My dad had refused for my mum to make me a packed lunch because he said it would make the car smell and besides times have moved on. My mother was insulted by that comment and snapped at my dad who just walked away as though he had not heard her. She did however insist on the cookies she had baked the night before and that I didn’t mind because  my mum could bake like a woman possessed. I remember leaving home and getting onto the N3 highway. For some reason I felt I was victorious, I was triumpant, I was on my way to the city of gold and the world was my playground.

My mum had insisted that my dad drive a hundred after we drove past an overturned Roadlink just 20km out of Mooi River so you can imagine how long the trip was. Fours hours later we were driving into Jozi City baybee. I updated on Bbm status that I had finally arrived in the city of dreams of which the girl that had arranged a place for me to stay responded by asking me when my parents were leaving because she is taking me out tonight. I wasn very outgoing but considering that it was Friday why the hell not. My dad being my dad had decided that they will help me settle in during the day and drive back around seven when the roads were empty and most certainly my mother would fall asleep. This way he could break all speed records getting home. He had refused to sleep in Jhb because tomorrow was the big derby Chiefs vs Pirates and being a true bucanneer the game started at 10am the following morning with a braai at his friends place. I told my friend, lets call her S for in future she would prove to be a snake and a slut but that’s a story for later, i told her if its after 8 then we could go. She laughed at me and said “Akekho ophumayo ngemuva kuka 11 sesi lol Welcome to Jozi”. I laughed and my mum asked me why i was laughing but i told her it was a private thought.
I checked in and S came to welcome me in. My parents were happy that she was there to guide me. My mother called her my big sister for at home she was such a decent child and had been the head of our Sunday School  and Youth Choir. I am Methodist by the way. When she walked to greet us she was wearing a Maxi skirt. Dignified to meet my parents. After two long hours i couldn’t wait for my parents to leave for they were nagging. My mum did my bed, unpacked my suitcases everything for me. Now she was the one worrying and fussing whilst my dad was impatient. An old friend of his from Mondeor had called and said he must come say hello so he wanted to leave. So 7 o’clock became 5 o’clock and we said our goodbyes. I wont lie i actually cried because this was the first time i was away from home. i wasn’t crying because of fear more out of excitement and anxiety at the same time. S laughed at me but reassured me that she had gone through the same emotions. She took me for supper downstairs and we had Kfc. Its right at the foot of my building how convenient. Around 8pm my mum called saying that they are driving home and i told her that i will be going to bed soon because the trip had worn me out. We said our goodnights.

At 1030pm S came to my room to check if i was ready. I was wearing my hip-hop outfit (trend back home), skinnies with sneakers etc. You know the teen high school uniform for going out. We all look like lil Wayne wannabes. Looking at her i felt stupid! There she was in a short ass white dress that was so tight i felt it would tear. Later i would learn it was the JHB night uniform and it was called a freakum. We are the same height but in her heels she towered me making me look even smaller and more pathetic. She laughed and said we are not in Mooi River anymore I will have to change. I told her I did not have any such clothes and she said don’t worry i will hook you up. We are cousins after all she said and told me that will be my story from now onwards. I readily agreed because my naivety had shown just now. She went to a room and came back with yet another short dress. I have worn short dresses before but i felt so naked and exposed. I could feel the fresh air go to my privates unabated  and thank God for my matric dance they had taught us how to walk in heels. I just looked expensive. I had a weave on which back home we commonly call “razor” you know the one which short and is flat but curly at the back. She told me that by the end of the week this must go because here it was called “kasi weave”. SHe told me to rather stick to braids or my hair if i didn’t want weave. i was an eager student and dint wanna look rural so i absorbed it all. I asked her where we are going and how we were going there. She told me not to worry…

At eleven she got a call and she said lets go. When we got outside I was stunned. I am not a car person but outside was a white E63 AMG waiting for us. I am not stupid i know what that is. its more expensive than my house and four others on my street combined. I was so impressed by the calibre of friends she kept. Couldn’t wait to meet them or maybe i thought to soon… Out stepped this man old enough to be my father with muscles everywhere even on his head. S ran and jumped on him happily and he said in one of those accents you hear on AfricaMagic “I see your cousin has finally arrived… hi … I am Ada Orunu but everyone calls me Tiny!” i think i blacked out for a second there for i could hear myself in a distance whisper

“O God!”


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  1. I’ve seen it. I lived so close to every detail of that which is being described in the story that I can’t help but feel a connection to it.

    This blog is a revelation of what goes on (what has been going on and what will continue to carry on) in the midst of journeying through to build ones future in a new environment, away from the grasp of our elders who have been “protecting” us from reality.

    The blog spills on the silent truths of not only Joburg, but every notorious area where you bound to find a flock of insecure men perverting on naïve children, who yearn for affection that their parents never gave them.




      1. Damn, this a true story! I admit that generaly i can tell the next chapters in my own version, but since i got my mind on this i want to read more… Can i read the second chapter olredy?

  2. Woman your book is insane I’ve just read the first chapter and I’m commencing to the next one as in now, I’m a guy I thought it was homophobic to read but wow I’m intrigued and stunned woman Publish a.s.a.p. King

  3. Mmmmhhh wow this is a very interesting story, I can’t wait to read more. These things are happening everywhere and its good to see that its coming out there and teaching the next generation who still need to think about there future and make decisions when they get to a stage of going to university. Absolutely loving this!!!

  4. im desparately trying to get chapter 33 upwards please beautiful people,im going crazy without reading can anyone help me with the link ive tried so many times to access it from the link ive been given with no luck it keeps saying url not found,anyone who can help me please id really be grateful…….King regards Andy

  5. I read the whole diary, it truly is an interesting books and warns the teenagers who like experimenting, helps the realise that in life everything you do has consequenses

  6. how do u get chapters from 33 onwards….. I rilly enjoy this great story if ever u wna take it on moving pics m yr man

  7. OMW……lmao….ay sana!!! Wat a ravishing story….I’m intrigued….can’t wait 4 chapter 2….

  8. I was going through City Press and saw something about Diary of a Zulu girl but as tired as i was, i just paged. Today, while watching Tv, Noeleen*spel* on 3 I saw your interview and felt proud and inspired, decided to go through your blog and *wow* I wont sleep before i am done with all chapters to date. Keep up the good work.

  9. Oh shiiiiit. At first I was like!!!!! Can’t this end already. Now as I get to “AMG Daddy Muscle Man” I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    This is mad sick.
    😉 🙂

  10. Oh wow!!all o that is true…u get to jozi n u start seeing things n ppl 4 what n what they really r!

  11. Oooow,,poor zulu girl i cant wait to hear wt happens next lets hope tht god will save her frm all ths nonsense..its a nice story indeed

  12. this is really good, Can u just give us a chapter a day so that we don’t go crazy, checking this blog every five minutes like one does with the fridge at home…

  13. Girl u going far…dis is just amazing,would love to see ur diary published and stored in some book shelves waiting for me to grab one copy….

  14. I salute u man dis is a gud piece its so interesting n I gotta tel u wen my friend 1st emailed it 2 me I read chapters 1. 2 three n I cudnt stop .I cnt wait 4 chapter 60

  15. This is just too awesome! Mxm I don’t get why I had to hear about it this late. Azishe ke, next chapter!

  16. That’s really not a good start, she won’t get anywere at the rate she started her jozi life

  17. This really doesn’t look good, the way she started her new life in jozi, I really feel sorry for her

  18. Mhhh im already hooked, its almost like im watching “intersexions”…jumping for chapter 2

  19. You such a phenomenal writer,I can not put this book down.I’ve bought expensive books and went through the whole ‘book club sessions’ and so forth but never had such thrill,Laughter,wittiness,humor to say the least.My goodness! So I finished this book but am going through it again,Yep again.Its worth it 🙂 I can’t wait to see your work live on t.v and international..Yep international.Thank you for keeping us hooked 🙂

  20. Its very impressive hw u articulate the story the languages and such detail. Are you creative or just plain crazy?? Anyways, dish out all that’s in your head. You sure have too many conversations in your medula!

  21. Your stories are very exciting, they leave one in anticipation of what is still to come. thank you for sharing this with us, there are a lot of routes that you could have gone in ensuring that you put your book out there but you chose to use this blog. I hope that you are also getting as much as you are giving. May God bless you.

  22. This is lovely and interseting,” accent from afica magic”…I like I like can’t wait for next chapter

  23. if this ever becomes a documentary PLEASE MAY YOU CONSIDER ME FOR S’s ROLE. meant to be!!! lovely work.

  24. I think I was one of the first people to read this. you are very good. even though you need to mind some minor spelling mistakes. nevertheless from a foreign guy’s perspective I can relate to the Nija guys even though I’m not nigerian. it kinda inspired me to write something not similar but in the same vein but with a foreign guy as the protagonist,,as in a foreign guys point of view. I was very surprised when I saw you on 3talk I don’t watch that it was by chance and turnes out the Author is a guy. Big Up man. much RESPECT

  25. Wow this book is interesting, if there is a movie coming on this book I just wish to play a part on it.

  26. The name of the country is “Peru” and people and things coming from there are peruvian.

    Indaba emnandi! 🙂

  27. If you live in Joburg or Pretoria (like me), it is very easy to fall into these traps. I used to judge girls; those dating men for money, those have “friends with bebefits’,those wearing skimpy numbers,those dating married men etc…though Im still strongly against these “habits”,I dont judge anymore for at some point in my life I was one of these girls.I mean not as extreme as these two (no married men nd sex for money)…i am from PTA after all lol.Jus nje the clubbing in tiny outfits,being bought expensive drinks and riding in cars who’s names I cant remember. First years, this life is NOT as glamorous as it looks, and I know many girls who have become slaves to their habits.Thanx Mike for a great read.

    I’m also from a small town, in the Eastern Cape though…but I assure you,we’re not as backward as TV will have most people believe.We are probably more conservative than these big city people thou

  28. Well I must say! Da story is quite interesting…it really motivating. I like wat da writer has said! De best story indeed!

  29. She kills me when she say “I am not stupid i know what that is. its more expensive than my house and four others on my street combined.” #I want more

  30. Can someone advise please. Is this blog in a form of a complete book. Does it have chapters of the story of this Zulu gal who went to Joburg, written in sequence, or how does it go exactly. I am in it for the first time. Went through chapter 1 but cannot seem to find chapter 2 anywhere, Instead there is something called confessions of sugar babe part 1, which I have also read but cannot move on to anything after that once again. How does one read this thing from chapter 1 to 2 and so on? I have even used the search engine to find chapter two but it told me what I am looking for is not here. Would it be that the old chapters are erased and do not exist anymore as I see on the right hand pane the list only starts from chapter 57 or so.

  31. Read the whole chapters in one night,,I been waiting for the next chapter like every 10min,,,,I want more on both books,,please pkease kunini silindile

  32. I am shaking with delayed fear for I can feel that am getting to know the reason why my clever daughter never made it to Year II of varsity some ten years ago.

  33. I would love to be a part of the tv series, should that materialise. What a story. Im beyond hooked. *Applauds Mike*

  34. Hai no I was only told of ths blog today by my lavng brada inlaw I knt put ma fone down n been neglecting hm hahahahhahahaha u good Mr ill gve u dt

  35. I really enjoyed reading tis blog 2 chapter 64,I can say I felt like it was my past life,cause I have been the but I was not in university,I was working as a contract sales lady when I met my baboon Nigerian guy I was 20 year at the time hi was a doctor,dan come 4 more 1 by 1 I was hooked by the money I was getting 4 em at first it was nice cause I always tolled my self its fine cause they ar not drag lot shame I was lost.

  36. Ayeye don’t let the parentals get ahold of this…it will be bye-bye varsity. Nnete ya baba banna, onwards I read

  37. HI Gal

    i love your work, its a pity i will be fired caurse i had not been working today since i started reading your book last nite till now

    good work

    wish to see this as a tv drama some day

  38. Wow wow wow wht a story I dnt lyk 2 read bt ds hs grAb my attentn. Jst heard abt ds diary started rdng t bt hey d wae its so interestng, cnt wait 2 read d next chptrs n get 2 hear wht xctly happened 2 d Zulu gal. So wsh dt t cld b publshd so dt most ppl cld get n opportunity 2 hear abt ds t z realy so interestng big up 2 d wrtr. Mayize ku sabc ntwana 4 nabanye dt cnt access d blog

  39. This right here is the cold hard truth, something which happens to a thousands of young people who leave their homes for better livelihoods in Gauteng and the moment they get there they forget why they went there. It’s not just about girls but boys too.

  40. lmao to accents you only hear on africa magic, what a good read keep it up, m joining the party late but hey i am happy to have joined in

  41. I jst started reading this last night June12th,and already on Chapter 30. I’m hooked-amazing writing! Its crazy how one way or another,we propably all relate to the emotions or incidents occuring. I love this!

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  43. I’ve experince that on my 1st year @ tertiary in 2005 with that accesent guy hay but now I’ve changed but never wore mini skirts

  44. What an interesting story as much am joining the rest late but this should serve as an eye opener for young females with the friends they make and keep

  45. Well that was Short,but still informing. By the way the Country’s Peru,not sure if someone had already told ya. Anyways,uhm. Shout out To ya for actually taking yo time to write this and inform these girls that can’t wait to hit the Big City(yezwa Tee?0_o). So yeah…

  46. Wow I kept on reading the book , I’ve shared the info with my mom and I was listening to your interview you such an inspiration to young ladies out there.we,ve seen it happening this book is very informative and I hope it will be an eye opener to all “amantombazane” big up …….I so want to read more and more

  47. ÿoh this story holds a great meaning I tell you I’m enjoying it and I’m telling all my freinds about it ! Keep up the good work

  48. I personally think this story is filled with negativity. Good stories about women who have beat the odds are not being told. What about the successful women whose stories are not being told? The strong women who survived serious rapes and run away dads? The women who have made it in life and can afford the Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysians. And its Peru not Peruvia its in South America. I think the problem with South Africa as whole is that we concentrate on all the negative issues and publish them for us the youth to read. The youth thinks its cool even though they see the consequences and proceed to emulate and live these stories.

    1. With all due respect to your opinion, there are different genres. The stories of strong women are being told. This is closer to reality than anything I’ve seen before and it’s incredibly funny. Not everything on life needs to be taken seriously all the time. Yes, I hear your concerns but this is an exceptionally well-written blog and it deserves acknowledgement for that.

  49. This is very interesting, 1st chapter tells you more already it make you want to read more and I am going for it..

  50. Wow Mike, this is amazing, well written and definately intriguing! Looks like i won’t be putting it down! Was worth the wait! *smiling from ear to ear* u never dissapoint.

  51. That was well written but very bad ending really ,the writter should hv atleast added 2 paragraphs then end it ….bt twas good though

  52. Is it possible to get chapter 73? Coz I’m really struggling to go to chapter 73, and worse I can’t seems to take my hands of this diary its a wow, and thanx for opening our eyes that ” we don’t have to be jugmental” abt everythng dat revolves on our daily living, anythng can happen anytime anywere…….

  53. I laughed when I first read this but I read it again and ja I’ve been there too, I’ve seen it as well.some get traped and some manage to get away of that life but that’s the real world.so much has happened back then but I’m glad I went through it coz today I’m a stronger person, I’m more wiser and I know exactly what I want in life and I’m working on it.My God wouldn’t brought me this far to leave me.

    I thank God for being by my side when the storms took place and for you being by my side I overcomed it.

  54. Alright my first chapter , nathing i have’nt seen , my Love oooh meaning friend suggested this blog too me ..

  55. Eish………..bubomi sana……..as much as i have’nt read other chapters, i’m looking forward to more

  56. i read ur blog seating at south point clifton heights entrance and theres no better place 2 witness it all as u see n read about it,proud of this blog as it creates awareness for our sisters.keep up the good work.

  57. Damn Woman! Dis book is too awesome, damn ECSTATIC can’t wait for the 2nd Chapter!!! I must say big ups, all cups should be given, for the great work!

  58. I just read your letter,being a rural girl I can relate to it! It must be our mission to educate our people about the life outside our farms,it can swallow you if not careful! Thank you

  59. It’s the best time to make some plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy.
    I’ve learn this put up and if I may just I desire to counsel you some interesting things or advice. Perhaps you could write subsequent articles relating to this article. I want to read more things approximately it!

  60. Its so nice to read, I like style its written its real still so interesting abt to get to chapter 2 done with 1.

  61. she went from excited and plunged down to ”what am i getting myself into”. Ja ukuthanda izinto lol

  62. I like this book n what i think is a real story,Its so nice to read, I like the way they written it, is so interesting abt to get to chapter 2 done with 1.I want to read more things approximately it!

  63. Wonder uphelelephi wena,maybe u also got urself oga.but tanx 4 sharing d story with us,we’v learned sometin on it.

  64. I really like this blog, it helps teach us about life, things which we girls come across as we grow. The pressure we get from our peers. I would like to state that Thandeka your the BOMB

  65. Am speechless can’t believe its a fiction, am looking forward to chapter two I can’t wait keep up the good work my sister…….

  66. Wow, this is breath-taking cause really this is not just a story but is life that we experience each and every day. I wish the author of this book can start to implement work-shop to all the rural areas girl so that they must not be the victims of the big Cities. I can’t wait to read up to the last chapter.

  67. I went through the entire diary last night. Only noticed that it gets updated. I thought it was complete. Please publish the end product soon.
    The story is very captivating and it draws you closer to the realities of a life lived by so many young women.

  68. Lol..out stepped a man old inaf to be her daddy wid muscles all ova his body, and even on his face…..

  69. Very interesting story indeed, I wish to read more. It happens all the time that we forget where we come from and our morals nd dignity when we get to the big city. I have a feeling ur story has nd can still touch many lives

  70. Hi just heard about the book i read chapter one and i loved it i wanna knw do i get da other chapters??????waiting impatiently….

  71. tjoh! honest and sad truth ne , this is an eye opena to the young peps who thinks they re in control of their lives yet they not

  72. This is really wt happens wen we leav home b it 2 study or work n hlf da times we are victims of such lifestyles if we are nt careful of da company we keep or if we feel da need 2 fit in2 a particular circle.Thnx 4 puttin out der so more girls cn read abwt life in da big cities

  73. I am in desperate need of this book………Iv been going crzy for days looking for it…I dnt hve words bt from this chapter im amazed

  74. Are friend of mine told me ages ago “what the hell I been strolling basically doing nada danm this is great”

  75. That was very mature of u to post something like this.

    This is really happening in real life and we can’t ignore such issues as the foreign men are out there in search of naïve girls to use them for unorthodox events in the likes of sex slavery, human trafficking e.t.c.

    This is an eye-opener for the young ladies out there. Don’t rush things, everything u want in life will happen all in good times. Stay safe and be careful.

    Can’t wait for Chapter 2. Well done! 🙂

  76. Many have lived through the similar experience. It moving coz many of our sisters have lost focus and identity.

  77. i was listening to Gagasi fm and i had about this book called diary of a Zulu girl and i told myself that i have to read it. i started from chapter 1 till 2day i cannot stop reading ,keep them coming u doing a good job. i never enjoyed reading before but this book says read me,read me lol and i,m loving it….God bless u.

  78. Hello guys. Iam doing a research study for my Honours and using this blog as my case study’ if there is anyone who would be willing to do an interview regarding the blog please let me know. This is my email add: zondosithabile@yahoo.com

  79. I’m no longer positive where you are getting your info,
    however great topic. I must spend a while learning more or figuring out more.
    Thank you for wonderful info I used to be searching for this info for my mission.

  80. wat a good diary of reality ,cnt wait for the next charpter dear. Girls man the are human too pytro shows no matter what love is love and neva change inner feelings.

  81. i’m not a fan of books but a friend recomended that i should read this book damn i’m so glued to it and i cant stop its very interesting and i must say big up to you sir im now a fan of your creativity and you style of telling story

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    thz z rili stunin guyz, kip up tht gud wrk dude………………………………

  83. Wow!!! This year (2013) was my first year in varsity n I got 2 say I’ve seen things like this happen. Chapter 1 just wowed me, I wait 2 read more.

  84. I’m impressed nw dis I’s wht I wud call a relate of de lyf todaes youth girls are going thru humps up to diary of a zulu girl

  85. i’m just sooo mad about this book….i really wish it was in a form of a movie…anywho,i don’t mind it being a blog as well 🙂

  86. tjoo guys i really love this book i just cant stop reading .you are really a great writer .i love it

  87. this is so trueeee…… and I’ve seen this happening… but I must say that really this book will be a very useful tool for all those who move to joburg… they must consider reading this and making a full note of everything so that they wont end up being like this too….. lets just share this with all of those we can

  88. I was hooked from the beginning. I can’t wait to read more. Hmmm…. ngaze ngayidabukela ingane yabantu…. lol ‘kasi weave’

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  90. I love ths book and I wish the Department of Education can let’s you distribute your books for all South African Skool,chapter1 its very interesting and open my mind,,,Good Book All The Best,,And I’m looking forward to be party of this book as an actor

  91. Boring, sounds like a story I’ve heard or read already. The one thing thats making me look forward to the next chapter it’s how the writer plays around with the native language. Well done! Reading right along…

  92. So much love for this diary, and ke thina from KZN relate to most of the things here, like our strict fathers😂

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