Chapter Nine

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I don’t know what got into me, no i lie, i know, i punched her so hard she fell over backward legs up and i started beating her. She tried to defend herself but hell hath no fury like a Zulu woman humiliated. in my anger i told her how i had to suck that dirty dick because of her and all she can do is laugh. i told her i never ever wanted to see her again. I was hurt. here was a girl who was supposed to be my sister when i was here, a girl from home who i was supposed to trust and now she was throwing me under a bus. Yes i should have seen the signs already but I had been naive in believing that all this was all good fun. She ran out of my room and for certain i thought she was gong to call security. Now i was scared. what if they threw me out of this place! Goodness this was only getting worse.

That night I cried to my parents and told them i needed to move out. I told them how my phone had been stolen and I didn’t fEel safe. I told them that I had to walk to school so I wanted to move out of cbd. As I was the first one into varsity from home they were worried sick. I had also never been away fro home so they could understand my genuine fear. My dad came on the phone and said he would make a plan for me I shouldn’t worry too much. I told him I would rather come home than stay here. I threatened to come by bus if I didn’t move out of here and told them UNISA was a definite option. I knew that would get their attention and keep it! At that moment I felt like a whore. I had done things that were depraved and I couldn’t comprehend. Tomorrow is school and I had to go register. With the way I was feeling I didn’t have the power, the will nor the energy to go there. There was a knock on the door and for a moment I wanted to ignore it. I was worried it was the police or security. The person wouldnt let up.

Eventually I went to the door. It was Ayanda. A friendly face at least. She immediately saw I was crying and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the truth so just told her it was my first time away from home so wasn’t handling it well. She called me a big baby and invited me to her room. We watched movies and slept in her bed. They say things always look better in the morning but not for me. That Monday morning it rained properly. I had no choice but to go on campus and because i was a first time student i couldn’t do it online. My mood hadn’t improved much to be honest hence the weather was not helping. Fortunately Ayanda had a car which made it a bit better for us. Rain always makes a black man look gloomy and on campus it was not any different. The campus was huge. Comparing to my old school it was gigantic. There were so many people and for some reason i felt i belonged. This is why i had applied here, this is what i wanted.

Remember on the day one when my dad dropped me off on the first day he had gone to Mondeor to see a friend of his. We shall call him uncle Rodney. My dad called me and said that he had found me a place to stay. he was rather excited because he said the place would be for free as Rodney owned it and that on Wednesday I will be moving in. True to my dads word uncle Rodney came and picked me up on the wednesday and took me to my new accommodation. Let me describe him real quick. He was possibly in his late thirties and was married. i deduced this from the ring on his finger. He spoke a lot and for an old man he listened to a lot of hip hop. My dad in comparison listened to maskandi and gospel but here we were in this mans Q7 and were listening to drake and lil wayne. The building was not far from my old place. It was a big brown building which was written Milpark. He said he knew someone there who was looking for a roommate. I was so glad to be moving out of my old place. I had only been there for a few days but I had seen so much in my five days in JHB I needed a fresh start. Milpark for those who dont know is behind Wits close to UJ. The room was in the sixth floor left at the elevator. Here i could start afresh and make proper friends. Uncle Rodney came and picked up my stuff and i left without saying bye to S. I owed her nothing. I remember when w were downstairs signing in there were these two guys that looked incredibly familiar. They stared at me just as much as I stared at them. My uncle then did the pirates cross handed sign and they both did the same. That is when i recognized them… they were pirates soccer players!

My room mates name we shall call N for N really is the first letter in her name and i must say she was the prettiest girl i had yet seen in jhb. She was a dark skinned xhosa girl with nice curves and short hair. No expensive weaves this time. She came downstairs and helped us take my things up. It was just bags so it wasnt much. My uncle said there was already a bed because the place came full furnished. He had decided not to rent it out this year just keep it as an investment. When we got to the room it was a two bedroom apartment complete with lounge bathroom and kitchen. It was definitely a step up from my old accommodation. Now i was at peace. I immediately started doing up my bed whilst Nel…. I mean N and my uncle were talking in the sitting room. i decided to go thank uMalume wami for really uNkulunkulu ambusise!

Walking out of my room, to my left leaning on the kitchen counter was uMalume wami blessing N with his tongue down her throat!

*****The End*****

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  1. aggg weitsi yang neh immediately umalume oo leaves i would pack back my belongings nd catch the 1st bus back home.if ever u are still alive shame u are brave n i clap alota tyms 4 u,these malome nonsese mxm r bullshit n to think they nt even our real uncles n we jst say dat to respect them nxa

  2. Lol ay no Zulu girl I guess U have to things on your own now..Usubone lukhulu phela lana ayngeke #JoziMaboneng

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  4. So yhis place is for free that means u have to keep it a secret that lomalume is shagging your new room mate so daddy does not suppose to know otherwise u,ll loose this place aah girl from one trouble to another mos

  5. Well atleast u r far frm trouble ppl lyk ‘S’ though we dnt knw wt culd happen nxt…eish da story is quite interestin

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  9. Hhhayyi instead of things getting better they just get worse by the minute and it hasn’t even been a week since you’ve arrived in Jozi…very interesting though…

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  13. So i guess its true wt dey say bwt life in da big city neh lol n da big city neva sleeps n jst dis story alone got me thinkin bwt intersections u knw da HIV/AIDS chain lookin at her few days in jozi n da things she has done nt 4getin her sexual encounters bck home in mooi river gud God i cn only wonder bwt hr status.Thanx for opening our eyes dis is nt only a good read bt its educational too

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