Chapter Four

Now like I said I didnot grow up in a village. On the contrary I grew up in a small town. Had Dstv and all the perks people in big cities and flushing toilets etc don’t even get clever on me. I was also on the verge of getting my license using my mother’s old tazz so I was well off compared to many people. As I said from the beginning my family was not rich we were ok. I had been to malls in PMB and Durban but walking into Sandton City was like walking onto another planet. In KZN our white people are Indian and in Mooi River that statistic is even worse. Sandton City was packed with mostly white people. I suggested we go to Edgars the black woman’s heaven and she looked at me as though I had farted out loud in front of my father in law. She quietly and calmly said that Edgars will be for another day. I couldn’t help but ask myself what the fuck is wrong with this girl. Back home when you came out of Edgars with bags all your friends commented about on facebook. That didn’t happen often to be honest maybe birthday and towards Christmas. Every now and again my parents would buy me something but those were necessities not luxuries and yet here I was in Mecca about to indulge. She made sure to point out that we only shop in boutiques this way all the clothes we got where once offs. Problem with Edgars was that whatever dress you bought a hundred other people had the same dress. In a boutique the dress was yours and yours alone. I saw this absolutely gorgeous dress in one boutique which I fell in love with almost immediately. It was a leopard print dress and back home leopard print was all the rage. When I got excited and showed her she shut me down so quickly. Leopard print was ghetto and absolutely ugly. It’s a Durban thing where girls even buy leopard print shoes and underwear she warned and this wasn’t Durban. Again she made me feel small. Come to think of it in club I don’t recall seeing any girl in print. Eventually we found a dress. I was too scared to even comment but fortunately she jumped up and down for me telling me how awesome it would look on me.  I had to agree though it was gorgeous. It was a white dress with gold trimmings. I walked up to it and the material just flowed through my fingers. This was quality that much I did not doubt. I searched for the price tag and hidden somewhere it said R1800. S then said wow its so cheap its under R2000. I BEG YOUR PARDON. There was just something obscenely wrong about buying a dress that expensive no matter whom you are! I told her defiantly that I will rather go buy 3 dresses for that amount. The white sales lady came to us and said hello to S by name of which I was completely ignored. They spoke like old friends before she casually said I wanted to try it on. Again I felt stupid. I didn’t even have a say in my own fate. I felt as though I was like a sheep being led to slaughter. I tried on the dress and the saleslady and S showered me with compliments. Again my hair haunted me in the mirror. It didn’t sit well in this dress. Again I felt poor, dusty and backward. She paid for the dress and we walked out. “You wanna buy three dresses” she laughed “slow down dear you are moving too fast?” Did she just say slow down? How am I moving too fast when I am the one tryna budget?

Tonight I was told that there was a major all white party at a house in a place called Benmore also here in Sandton. Moreover it was going to end in a pool party. Entry ticket was a bottle of Hennessey and a the invitation card. How fancy I thought! That’s why we had bought the white dress. I also heard that some celebrities would be in attendance. This was going to be super awesome. Being from Mooi River a celebrity was someone we only saw on tv. I am sure if Vusi the news reader came Mooi he would be mobbed as a celebrity. I wonder if anyone from Generations would be there wow that will be the ultimate! When i got back to my room I cleaned up a bit as it was in the same state i had left it in the morning. My mother and her neatness would die if she walked in her shem! I was so excited I must say when I was taking my shower. Let’s do inventory here, I had been in Johannesburg now for a full 24hours. Already I had 5k and a dress that was worth almost 2k. I had been told always that jhb is the city of dreams and to be honest so far it was. Tomorrow I was going to do my hair and if anything I most likely will do it at one of Gs salons so it will be affordable. Monday I was registering for my law degree. How then can one say that things were not falling in place for me?

It was already nine o clock. We were going to buy take out on the way there so had had a chance to it. When I shop I don’t get hungry. Maybe its cause the clothes fit better when your stomach is not full. As for the white dress I looked divine. At exactly 930 S was at my door, this girl really knew how to keep time. She was wearing a white short cat suit which exposed her thighs with black stiletto boots. Stunning I tell you. We walked downstairs and the security whistled as we walked past, perv! Gorilla was not there this time. It was one of the friends we had met the previous night at club in a four door BMW 6series cabriolet. I couldn’t help but wonder if he also cut hair like G. Thank Goodness it was warm outside. S hugged him like her was an old boyfriend something I didn’t linger for I had figure already that S was a bit flirty and touchy. His hand grabbed her ass when he hugged her. He shook my hand instead something which I was much appreciative of. In the back seat was a brown paper bag with three bottles of Hennessy (imagine this was my first time seeing it live). We drove to his place first were he said he wanted to pick up something then headed to Benmore. When we got there was a bit of a queue but again like yesterday we waltzed right through. Coming out of the car someone bumped into me and I turned as she said sorry…


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  1. “she looked at me as though I had farted out loud in front of my father in law” LOL girl yu’ve got a huge sense of humor this is fun reading on!!!!!

  2. Hahahah! That’s why indians behave like white people when they hit Jo’burg, expexting us to kiss ass! Hah! And you’d find an Indian ten times darker than any black man behaving like a white man… Though there’s nothing special or wrong with being white… But you know how it is mos… Tltltllttl

  3. If it wasnt fo Kaya Fm..i’d be aslip ryt no! . Jst have to read chapter after chapter none stop since chapter 1…fortunatly im nt working tomorow.

    1. The book is very interesting – nobody is perfect when it come to writing English besides that’s not the point here. This is not his final work and this is not for sale. The guy was just writing for the fun of it. Nobody blames or make nasty comments about you when you write – lol, on ma way , cuming nw, nvm – so come on loosing up and appreciate the creativity.

  4. hahaha i cant stop reading this book/novel lol ai i am loving it, n i am at work, couldnt care less. and to hell with the spelling grammar, so what!

  5. Lmao…Hennesy ( imagine this’ll was my first time seeing it live) #oh u killing me# off to chapter five.

  6. Lmao…Hennesy ( imagine this was my first time seeing it live) #oh u killing me# off to chapter five.

  7. Yoooo I’m so hukd mooiGirl u nyaupe 4 sure u are easily getting me addicted can’t stop wana see the last page means akulalwAaaalaaalaAa *djSbu’svoice* I’m dead waiting4 my unveiling big ups love the sense of humor 2 hell ka spelling you not writing ur law exam la

  8. Eyoyoyoyoyoyo is 3oclock in de morning and I jst can’t stp reading dis book,zulu gal o bosso ya di bosso

  9. Hilarious! Just can’t reading. “the burbly one herself, Babalwa” are you talking about our “black barbie”, getting more curious. Off to the next chapter.

  10. Yah thats interesting, i dont think i will sleep now the way you put your things together, i still need to read more

  11. Wow, this is interesting, the more I read the more I get a clear picture of a big city like JHB. Bare kega Mma ga a mpone.

  12. Wow pretty noted that this S gal has connection! Hahah for the poor zulu gal hahah drama awaits! Seems that that things will go down that aka “babalwa” is known by them!

  13. I can’t wai to tell people abut this new discovery of a book! I kid you not I’m sold – hook line and sinker! Authors a genious I love the use of language (except for a few spelling errors and one confusig passage thus far).

  14. kakaka i hope when you are in that dress you feel like you are a celeb n when that perso bump at you joh

  15. Woooooow,classic stuff lmao iyoweeee!As for “Leopard’s Prints” joke.

    @Miss Grammar Teacher-Im sure u’d know the final work will be edited neh.Just calm down & don’t try to kill our vibe.We hearing none of that.We are hooked!

    Thanks writer!


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