Chapter Fifty One

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It’s funny that even though I had slept with Benny I felt shy to stand in the nude in front of him. He just stood there and stared at me as though he hadn’t seen all this before. I quickly grabbed a towel to cover myself. He commented that he hadn’t noticed that I have a birthmark on the small of my back. I remembered then that when we had had sex it was in the garage in the dark. He actually hadn’t seen me naked. I almost said made love but doesn’t that phrase just eek you out “make love”. It sounds tacky and desperate. I chased him out of the bathroom of which he refused and said first he must show me how to balance the shower. He told me that even for him it was tricky at times. He took his sweet time doing it because his eyes never for a moment left my now beet red body. Remember I am quite light so when I blush there is no hiding it. He eventually left and went somewhere. Finally I could shower in peace. I prefer baths to showering because when you use a tub you can lie down and soak yourself. I have always felt no matter how hard you scrub in a shower the soap does not always go in all the right places. I started thinking of all the things that had happened on this rather very eventful day. N was in hospital and she really wasn’t looking good. My aunt had been arrested before the doctor had given us the diagnosis so I had no idea how she was. My aunt was in hospital and again we had left before we knew whether she was coming home or not. Maybe I am bad luck after all as my uncle had said. Much as I had fought back everything he had said was true. Ever since I came to Jhb there had been a lot of drama in his family. I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been my fault.



After my shower I went to my room. I could hear Benny watching tv. I doubt he would sleep tonight. As soon as I got there my phone rang. It was my Nollywood hunk, Python. He told me that he had heard that my aunt was in jail. That was so humiliating. Immediately I started crying and told him everything that had happened. He listened attentively and did not say a word. I kept on asking if he was there just to double check because the line was so quiet on the other side. I told him all the things that they had said. I told him the story of N and my uncle. He called N stupid and that she had deserved it but I cautioned him. N in spite of her faults was my friend after all. It then hit me that I had never told him that she was in jail so whom had told him. I asked him and he said a friend in the service had told him. No need to guess who. It was that cop who took the statement. He told me not to worry. We didn’t speak much further after that and hung up.


I didn’t know Benny was listening in to our conversation at the door. Kids! As soon as I hung up he budged in angrily asking me how I hadn’t told him that his father had been having an affair with N! He had heard everything that I had said. At first I didn’t know what to say but eventually I told him that it was not my story to tell. I told him that when I had moved into the flat I had inherited a situation that was bigger than me. I reminded him of when we had first met that he had accused me of being with his dad so how could I have told him this. He just looked stupid. I know as women we always say we love a man who cries. We say it shows he is in touch with his feelings. Bullshit! Men shouldn’t cry. Its scary and as a woman you don’t know how to react if he does. Benny just had tears in his eyes and let them roll down his cheeks unabated. My beautiful Ben 10 was crying. What I had told him had really hurt him! Had I crossed the line? What was he going to do now? I could see his chest heaving up and down with what could only have been anger. The more he cried the more my tears started knocking wanting in. I couldn’t help it, I too started crying. Whoever said a man crying is hot O BOLELA MASIPA shem! Translate that pshhhhh! Now that we were both crying we looked stupid. Eventually it was him and not me who pulled the other into their arms and consoled them. Amazing hey. My darling Benny!



I think trouble follows me around where ever I go. We started talking. He said he could sleep because he was stressed about his mother. I was not sleepy either. He made cappuccino and I had hot chocolate. We decided to talk about anything that could get our mind off things. He told me a lot about his family that I didn’t know. He told me that he wanted to let me in on a secret. Eager as usual I encouraged him to go on with his story. He told me that he suspected that his dad was not really his father. At first I didn’t quite get what he meant for I doubt it makes sense to you as well. He said he had once overheard a conversation between his aunt (the same one who had dropped us off) and his mum that had suggested that. He said he had not clearly heard all of the conversation but he was certain that his aunt had said to his mother that it was not her fault that Rodney never counted back to went she got pregnant because he would have realised it would have been ten months and not nine. You know that debate on who lies more men or women? Well men tell a lot more lies that women but it is women that tell the lies that matter. WOW! Now that was deep. Benny said he had never gathered the courage to ask his mum the truth and its something that constantly weighed on his mind.


Eventually we both slept there right there in my bed. And no we did not have sex. Remember last night i came with no clothes to change.  Was wearing just my panty with no bra under the gown i had taken from the guest room. We all know that gowns dont sit properly no matter how tightly you tie the belt.


I don’t know what time it was but all i heard was someone clearing their throat in the door way. It was loud enough to startle both Benny and I to be jolted out of our slumber making us look guilty. He was is his sleeping shorts and my gown was wide open in front for my aunt, uncle and the aunt i had met yesterday to see me in my full glory bare breasted even!!! Somehow i had lost the belt whilst i was sleeping!


We were dead for sure!



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  1. I find it irritating dat she mentions she has light skin all de time like it puts on some kind of pedestal, lyk she is somehow superior!!#africans hate their Africaness stru#

  2. Still can’t get the fact that this is all a white man’s product around my head… You are brilliant my white brother (and the zulu girl inside you.) hands down.

  3. @Amu !!!!! Finally someone that shares the same sentiment. The characters only claim to fame is her “light-skin” – put simple, she’s niggerstock!

    Niggerstock – self-loathing non-whites brainwashed by Eurocentrism into perpetuating white supremacy at the expense of denouncing African roots.

    And this goes out to all of those folk who intentionally breed with people for superficial reasons, like fare hair/ lighter skin. Start embracing your blackness! Fok!

  4. @Amu & Infamous B: I noticed dat too bt ke i understood it differently. I think she is merely reminding us to create a picture in our heads. I mean she is black so when she states she was blushing soon we wil be saying,”how can u blush u blck mos” & where they were mostly “mpofu” gals @ dat house party i think lapho uzama ukusikhumbuza how da dark skinned foreigners like to be with da lite skinned gals, not ngoba ephakhamisa ukukhanya kwe skin sakhe. Bt come on…..society is like dat. When umuntu exoxa indaba they do emphasize,”engasampofu amantombazane akhona with these guys abamnyama”! ……..bengisho nje.

  5. Descriptive writing you morons. She wouldn’t have to outline that part if it were a visual tale. It is written hence she’s giving a detailed description. I suspect yol r dark skinned n r feeling insecure about yellow bone raving about her lighter skin. Brainwashed my sexy ass

  6. Tjo amazing writting hey *takes of straight cap*.. Keep it up man :-).. Lol bout the skin colour thing angisho umtana bantu uyakhala ngo N?? And N be dark in complection but she fine!! Don’t be insecure bout anything man nawumuhle umuhle noma unyama get ur sexy on or go 2 nip tuck uyeke ukutefa lolol..

  7. Ahhh daimn what a masterpiece, Mshoza in intensive care (N) and Benny being a child of imfebo. This is some real shyit! Props to the writter this was an awesome read.

  8. My beautiful Ben 10 was crying.mmmmmmmmmmmmm.I can imagine!!!!!! I love this Gal! Lesson 4 young ladies…… Sooooo glued everywhere I go I’m reading….. Wooooow!

  9. if you read carefully you’ll see that its a reminder so you can understand when she says “we” light skinned blks blush u can see, u can’t hide it unlike dark in complex ones. Stop being jealous go bleach urself if u dark nxa

  10. Ah bt smtyms le wena thandeka!! Thts js plain stupid…wear a t shirt, vest, smthn fo God sakes, I mean u sleepin in yo aunt n uncle s house tuu…u myt say its bad luck bt I beg to differ, its like u js blindly throw yoslf into these impossibly stupid situations n wen u get into trouble its bad luck! Haibo hee ee man! Love the book tho

  11. Amen! Kereke e tsoile,phutheho e ka leba hae! Demet *she says as she holds hands over head and drinks another glass of water to shoo sleep away*

  12. “I didn’t know Benny was listening in to our conversation at the door. Kids! As soon as I hung up he budged in angrily asking me how I hadn’t told him that his father had been having an affair with N! He had heard everything that I had said.” “Kids!” Dankie girlfriend kwaaaaaaks.

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